Mr collier take point: okay, going in going left, left click, uh ive got doorway far left side right. We might be able to access the access corridors and make our way to the bridge is to read anything on com still or is it still blank? No nothing here, bounce of static, again, nothing, legible, airlock, here going into a corridor all right lets go lets warm up, guys, coffee, everyone right, uh on your sixth round, a lot of fallen prey and the corridor yeah plenty of glass as well. We got casualties looks like take headlights off for a minute. We need to keep it stuff operational. There you go right, krakato, open, please we can write, corpse, stairwell heading up, doesnt, look like theres any signs of hostiles there we go. Why did you have to say that or because we only run into hostiles when elevators are involved? Everybody knows this its the formula well, try and make our way up to the top deck i mean the deputy elevator is actually working. Currently i mean the stairs is currently having a bit of trouble here. Yeah they are okay, oh im, okay, all right tripped and fell over handrail there, hes dropping it. Oh this guy just made it out. It seems to be the top seems to be. Oh, no. Thats, not the top all right, its quite a long stairwell. To be honest time, be careful, ah right, minimal rocket fire here. Please try not to do any talks.

We dont have damage as well. I know the ships already damaged were going to blow out a bloody conduit whatsoever, so be careful. The walls i dont see anything, i think, is it: where is it coming from its coming from the ceiling, apparently get down, get down, yep its upstairs whats it doing up there? I dont know upstairs where um there are some. I dont know there are some stairs over there, though eyes on eyes on firing through a hole in the ceiling. All right move for me well, move this way well, cut it off come on lets, go on your six. Have a stairwell here! Theres you guys whats! Your flooding, okay, im gon na put an open level um. This is not. This is not the bridge lets keep going up. I wonder what the total casualty count is because there seems to be a lot of dead people here. Yes, well all non essential personnel evacuated with the expedition forces, so theyre scattered along the planet. Currently, oh okay! Well, i made it down yeah! Well, yeah, with the party weve been having yeah, we havent gotten any other signals. Yet right ive made it to deck one or deck two. I think i have some actual signs around here. Oh god, its like a firing squad, creeping reloading, oh its down, but its not here, yeah its definitely not dead, grinder moving in no yep im moving into. I just take the other side.

It might be a bit more yeah max thats, a lot watch, your crossfire guys watch your crossfire, protect my consoles, oh its jet packs around here. Is that also you why loading taking shots stay behind the fire line, pulling back, pushing straight up green, green, green? All right so give me the area please. This past ceasefire area is secure. Sir excellent doctor time start accessing whats left of previous systems recover the black box and any other data. You can yes, admiral, no survivors, thats, odd. None of the bodies are the main command crew, either, where the hell is captain dawson and commander cayenne. We should have found him by now could have evacuated beforehand. Well, perhaps the remnant have taken them. Both options we can consider without any evidence, were stuck admiral captain over here. What have you got lieutenant these systems? They appear linked to the drone base. Someones clearly activated them, but the system is unresponsive, its like its been hijacked, hey lieutenant. How about the timers work? Yes, sir, are you thinking what im thinking the drones have taken over ships systems? Yes, exactly that only a few individuals actually know the extent of this project. Captain majority of us are objected to it ill, put money on admiral haask being involved. I mean youd, be correct. Intelligence is a prickly and deadly game. One were now caught up in. We need to grapple this situation and get into content of audible high command as soon as possible.

Specifically, we need to contact grandma williams. Something is going on out here. Original orders are suspicious as well. Im telling you that admiral we have the data weve got all that we can gather from the systems. Most of the primary ship systems are offline and damage beyond repair shes not going to be able to fly again. You think id have thought the split in the middle would give it away. Doctor well said: admiral weve got movement, looks like drone forces, are moving up towards the bridge, ill download the data fully and we can analyze. It once were back at the city, admiral roberts to captain myers tevin were gon na need that pickup asap copy. That admiral well begin our approach as soon as possible, stand by for extraction all right, f1 move it. We need to get out of it pretty quickly. Lets make our way to the aft landing pad. It looks like captain marvel since the transport also wow, that wall just got owned. Oh wow right back down to the stairwell, it should be two decks down and we should be able to access the corridor to arena main landing pad. Oh lets jump up a very package that drone is definitely dead. Oh god uh. It should be yeah lets see. Next down here we go excellent heres, something wait. Is it this one nope its? Not this one long deck deck? Next, stick one more one more down the next door.

Yeah, i dont know! Well, they couldnt have lifts in here. Could they there we go well? This is emergency access, so i guess so. I think my levels probably are offline right gather with me. Okay left joining up. Oh lets, take it down theres a second cover. Oh, i think thats, what reloading reloading? Oh god watch where youre crossing hey im the medic jack. Can i please make that go away? Oh, i think weve got quite a lot anymore. Well, its done stan right. Everyone else. Uh comes to colorado. Everyone else move up with me: coffee moving pipes, most uh, so i think that i might have blown the drone through the floor, so thats uh, i mean you did its time for bowels of a ship there, goodbye double time, watch out. Weve got enemy forces up ahead. We need to clear this lining pad. There come out. Oh crap theres, like no cover containers here, oh watch out, theres a lot of firing burnt launchers. Take those transfers copy. Oh god, i got ta reload holy cow yeah. Oh captain myers is about three to four minutes out copy. Oh god, there are so many contacts on the left reloading the rockets. How does this thing go? Does this thing go in the front of the back? Oh there we go. Oh god, i missed quite drastically reloading oh whatd. I get for p90 right now, theres, something a bit more accurate christ, all right, moving up, thats what i mean, oh god, the puppet was gone.

We need to give us a kind of sniper rifle and get him high up somewhere. Thatll be lovely. Have you have you still got those explosives, uh im not suggesting blowing up a landing pad? Please, oh theres, a handful theres a massive hole in it and on there its contacted on the stairwell to the left there you can blow that up. Oh god, oh my god. This one of them is absolutely eating. Moving left theres, no one behind the record. Yeah moving around the wreckage right, yeah theres, two around the back of it im starting the stairs to be fair, hes, definitely dead. Okay, guys, i think, were good theres, one more left all right. Well, we just killed the punch. Take one thats right, loot them yeah! Thats faster, we still got, contacts approaching were moving up. Uh negative stay here were waiting for transport. Yeah should be about two minutes out now, theres one right here, castro yeah just take one off on them. I do feel bad for anyone caught in that first rocket. I tired, because that was oh yeah straight, like literally straight into the transport bay and just pulverized anything there. I mean weve not been able to stay. If we go back to the ship, but drones can be cooling off of it, so lower decks will compromise the hell right now until we scan the data we dont know whats happened here. As i said earlier, those things should not have been activated.

Okay. I think i got gatling turrets on on this. One. Have you got hang on, power is damaged. Batteries are non existent: okay, okay, yep turrets around im on yeah, this ones off uh. Do you wan na see if i can switch on? I would like to i think, the power plant on this things just gone uh. No, no! The reactor is the right stuff, oh its just not powering okay time to hack away uh hello. There we go into the bowels of the ship good stuff incoming reloading firing, like one nicely done. Oh hes, coming down another one online. Take him out need to stand a little bit missed, ah great reloading rockets on the side as well, one on the side, its online. All right, i want to hit. Oh god, we got to take a fight over here. Whoa, ah, keep dodging my rockets all right. Okay, taking manual control strike one theyre flying around. We dont even rock lunch over here Music hes coming down in the bay watch. Yourselves look out, take cover yeah, i mean he looks dead inside there staggered line, nothing gets passed, weve got more of them on the way, sir mars come in. Where the hell are. You admiral drone units are on deck, four theyll be on our position any minute. Now we need to get out of here. This is turning into a tight one for sure admiral. I believe you old stage youre welcome gon na agree more.

We have a date and lets get the hell out of here: Music. Music.