com im here with my buddy craig coker, and what do we have here dude? This is air peak s1 from sony man, the sony airplane good to have you. I know man weve been connecting for a while now ive actually known him for years, because history wise were not going to get into that, but weve kind of both been in this space. This drone space, for almost i would say near the beginning, as far as like the consumer side of things, i know you were actually probably in there longer than me, but weve been in there for a while with you know, even before the whole dji, the phantoms, The 3dr uh quick background if youd like, if you can uh just about that history about you, know your your time in the space yeah sure absolutely well. Ive been in the drone industry for about 10 years now, ive worked with dji a lot of the drone manufacturers, helping them build their own units been a photographer for probably about 20 years now, always just so inspired and and passionate about photography. Now we have air peak, you know this is something you know where 10 years ago, everything was do it yourself, and now this is so plug in and play. It has features that hasnt been in the drone industry for those that havent seen this. It was announced what about id say what three years ago right? Was it balanced? Maybe two, two three years ago, um it was in the pipeline.

People been talking about it uh, you know, building a drone from the ground up, especially with a company that has never built it drone. They wanted to really get it right, give a platform to somebody that can start from the beginning or be the professional doing tv commercials and movies and stuff. The main reason why i wanted to look at this thing is because, of course, im a sony shooter shooting all in sonys, so the ability to be able to plug almost plug and play my existing camera was one of the biggest reasons why this thing, i think, Sparks a lot of content, i mean a lot of content. Creators are kind of moving into sony in general. Well, everything here you see is proprietary to sony, except for the gimbal okay. Now this is a grimzy gimbal grimzys been around for a while. They know stabilization really well um, so they decided to partner with grimzy on that and then build the whole platform and focus on the uh important things of flight, its usbc, just one cable right from the grimzy to the camera, which that allows video feed camera settings Is there is there a max capacity? I mean theres, always a mass, but what what have you been flying besides this one, how big of a ive been flying the a1 as well? Okay, so the ones that i really like most is the a1 and the fx3, and the reason why i dont necessarily go to a7s is because the fx3 is quite similar to it with low light capability and everything are you able to im, assuming you have full Control on your on your remote to adjust all the settings, all exposure and everything through there exactly and thats and thats one of the solutions that sony has, that hasnt necessarily been in the drone industry right you cant, plug in and play a sony alpha camera to Another um aircraft, because you dont get that connectivity that integration of what the camera has here: the settings, the iso, the white balance, the aperture, the shutter and all that stuff.

So its right at your fingertips when youre flying flight time, depending on the payload youre. Looking at roughly eight to 12 minutes, okay um depends. You know on the glass that youre running theres the gms that are like a pound heavier than these, these new primes that they have. I honestly love these primes theres, a 24 40 mil and a 50 mil dual battery for redundancy. Thats, really important for a heavy lift redundancy is super important. They have a lot of great things in the flight controller. There is the integration of of the alpha units that we have and uh the fact that you have very low uh light capability rather than if you, if you look at the inspire even on the x7, if youre pushing 800 iso youre going to start seeing some Noise right, i could push, because this is dual iso. I could push 12 800 and still have a very solid picture. You have a feature of hot swapping yep you can land swap out the batteries and take off. The other thing is, is you can essentially do that with the gimbal as well, because its hot swappable? So if you had multiple gimbals? Okay, just like that, no multiple, gimbals and uh different types of payloads. You can easily land the bird yep swap out to a different payload that way, youre not adjusting this thing and just drop it back in exactly you. Dont have to balance it or anything.

So thats really great for high productions, obstacle avoidance. It looks at every direction. Its got upward, downward back front left right, and so it senses a voids, and it also has um potential for new updates to it. Okay, for, like smart shots and things like that, that people will really utilize. This is nine thousand dollars for the unit and then uh two about two thousand for the gimbal. Okay um, your own camera. What are we talking about with propellers yeah, 17, inches uh? Again, proprietary: this is uh sony from the ground up, theyre, quick release, exactly just right there and twist the motor, which way does it matter or well, and its metal to metal all done by sony. So what are we using here? So there youre going to have an ipad yeah. The only thing that is not sony is the ipad. Okay. I like the uh the ergonomics of this uh back piece right here. Yeah exactly grips, i mean like something something so small. Look at these guys. These grips in here your hand just fits nicely in there, and i think even small touches like that, and you have your c1 or 91c one c4 c3c4 right here on the back. I can hold it with one hand because of that grip yep, which is really good. Okay, on the very top, each fully full size, hdmi out full size, hdmi usb to usbc, you said, release date is already out there.

They have shipped a couple units already more than a couple. Obviously, but weve been getting great feedback so far people are liking. It a lot of photographers love. It track. Uh legs yep retractable legs so that when you do dual operation, yep um its a full 360 view, perfect uh, no obstruction there, which is great and the great thing is. We have the front camera right. So you have operator one operator. One can go off that front. Cam and operator. Two can go off of uh the actual camera exactly and within the app you can switch the fpv to uh camera around. So you get a full view: um sweet yeah. So i cant wait to show you what the app is capable of theres a lot of cool settings in there. Well with that said, what do you think lets get this up in here? Go for a flight lets. Do it i like it lets do it. What is great about air peak is the ability to uh, take it out of the box and get it up in the air within just minutes is your landing gear. Then you got your gimbal. What i like to do with the gimbal is before i get to set or the airfield i like to have it pre balanced and ready to go. So when im here, i just click it in thats set ready to go so they eject in individually, which makes it capable of hot swap features.

Black propeller goes with the black top youll, get a confirmation noise from the drone and were up and running already. That was just seconds after turning on the aircraft. Telemetry is at the top here camera battery. All this distance altitude speed, you know whats great, about air peak piloting app. Is that its an easy transition from other pilot apps to this one? Here we go Music and you can see its pretty stable, not doing anything its holding altitude, its doing everything perfect. It really allows the pilot or content creator camera operator to focus on what theyre capturing, rather than worrying about what the aircrafts doing. What im gon na do is a quick pullback from here and three two one: three different modes, theres standard velocity and adding mode altitude hold um theres, also the ability to change those parameters depending on what the pilot likes. So you can change your expo um and your stick ratings and and all that great stuff, i can also turn off visions, positioning and braking. So the difference between this setting between standard and velocity, how it pulled back slower now, youll see how much faster it is. So the flight charistics are much quicker in this mode, uh its rated 55, but in the app it says 67. So it is possible to go quicker: Music, Music, Music, uh, Music and there it is guys the new sony air peak huge. Thank you new, craig uh. This is definitely something that weve been talking about for a little bit im, so glad that we were finally able to connect.

Thank you very much, and if people want more info on this thing, like you said its already shipping or its already out there uh, where can people get a little bit more info on it? Well, you can get all of your info or even buy on the sony website. Um. You can even go to places like b, h or c arent already following im, going to leave craigs info down below awesome content, creator photographer multiple genres, not just drones. I mean youre on a huge tesla hes in the teslas uh. I believe its like from where i charge and some other you have a bunch of other. Oh, my racing account ill leave them all down below if youre, if youre, just a tech nerd like most people are following me, hopefully are uh. He has a bunch of stuff online that you guys are going to want to follow so ill. Definitely leave all the info down below thanks again for coming out. I appreciate the demo. Oh yeah.