It’S not really a that’s, not a mountain it’s, a hill Music old man going snowboarding Music i’m, not used to like real snow tyler bailed. So far, the fx3 is really fun to film. With this, this is the filmmaker first sort of mirrorless camera. I mean they’re they’re, putting in their cinema lineup, so it’s a cinema, camera it’s, a very small, very powerful cinema camera, but uh, i would say it’s more like a mirrorless camera. That is, for the first time sony’s at least filmmaker. First, i thought the a7s 3 was filmmaker first, but this is filmmaker first, mostly because of the way the body is. I love the handle and i love the lcd screen that flips out. Actually thanks. Tony i’ve i’ve learned how to snowboard since the since the fall. It’S good yeah, Music sony sent us something. What is this spell proof? Coffee mug, that is handy, i’ve spelt coffee in my tesla thanks tony, i think you beat me thanks sony. This is actually pretty nice. We got ta use this on the hill on the mountain, so essentially the fx3 is is basically like the a7s3, which i’ve loved that’s. What we’re using right now steph? What do you love it so far, it’s where it’s warming up to me, you’re warming up to us i’m warming up to it, i’m sure it’s warming up to you also. Basically, it is a sony. A7S3. The guts are exactly the same.

We got full frame beautiful image, 4k up to 120 frames per second 240 1080. Now they have s city tone colors, which they also did add to the a7 s3, so that’s, a double yes, colors. Look super good out of this thing. The biggest difference is this body. It is very different from the sony a7 s3, and this is a filmmaker first camera. They basically did this cage free design where you don’t need a cage anymore. They have these quarter 20 mounts on top no evf anymore, because i don’t know: do you ever use an evf? They just took that right off uh we got the flip lcd screen still, which is always a win, always a win, and we got wreck lights on the front and back big old record button on the top and the best part is the handle the handle feels. So good in the here you take this camera i’ll. Take this the handle feels so good in the hand. I love this. This, like didn’t, it bring you back to like the skate days of like it was so easy to do like a low follow shot. It was perfect for snowboarding this wasn’t even planned. We just saw snow coming so we’re like let’s go snowboarding, but this was so fun to film, with um and it’s, also very functional, okay, it’s, really nice to hold and it’s very it’s, very sturdy, like really good, but this also has you can do four channels Of audio using this handle uh, the mic doesn’t come included, and what it’s actually doing is that it’s converting the analog signal to an electronic digital signal.

Don’T ask me: i don’t get a password qualifications. We don’t know enough about this stuff, but what i do know is that therefore you’re gon na have less interference from cables and less points of failure. You’Re not gon na have a cable breaking it’s, translating your analog audio through here into the camera electronically that’s. All. I know you also don’t need the handle to record audio, which is nice. You can just plug straight in that’s great, i don’t want to always have to have this handle uh, and then we have this zoom lever thing here. I was shocked when that thing worked. I had a prime lens on the camera and i started zooming. I don’t know what uh so it says not it’s invalid with this lens, so i haven’t really figured out how it works. I don’t know how he was doing it i’m, assuming it was some sort of like electronic zoom that he was doing, but i don’t know i don’t know how you made that look good, oh and it has a fan uh. It has a built in fan. So you are never gon na. Have overheating like your r5 let’s, not speak of the r5 and it’s really nice, because you can control it so it’s either always on or it’s on, auto or you can have it that it’s only on when you stop recording. You will never have issues with overheating. With this camera, so that that’s a big bonus, but that but what’s the one thing it is missing.

There is no built in nd filters, there’s no nd filters, so they have ibis, but they don’t have nd filters. I kind of wish it really. I kind of really wish it had nd filters, but you know using an nd filter is pretty easy to put on there versus not having ibis and having to use a gimbal. I would say ibis over the nd filters any day so yeah the same. I do wish, though, that it did have nd filters. That’S, probably the only thing this camera is missing right now, step. Are you gon na be switching to the fx3? If you get me one, i will that’s the answer. Of course, you’re gon na switch it back. It’S, a great camera for sure the fx3 it’s really interesting. This is the first true mirrorless filmmaker first camera that i’ve seen from sony, whereas the a7 s3, even though the guts are the same it’s, still a photographer first camera. You can tell, by things like the evf and just the form factor, and all that this is a filmmaker first camera, even though it can still take those same photos like the a7s iii. Now you might be asking. Is this going to cost me way more than the sony a7s, which is already fairly expensive? Well, depends, i guess what your budget is. This is gon na cost, three thousand eight hundred and ninety nine dollars, whereas the sony a7s, i believe, is three thousand five hundred dollars so about four hundred dollars more for everything that you’re getting with the fan and the body, and then this top handle no mic Included so for some people that doesn’t seem like that much more for other people that could be like make it or break it.

I’M. Just gon na go for the sony, a7s three because i’m gon na save 400 – and maybe i don’t, really need this top handle. But i think for me, i think this is gon na be the way to go. I i’m i’m, probably gon na – buy at least this and pair it with my sony, a7s three and then we’ll see. Do i just get rid of the sony, a7s 3 and just get another one of these, because i kind of need two of these. Just in case things happen things break and then sometimes you need to do this sort of thing where you need to film, and you know two cameras, and that concludes this very in depth. Review of the sony, fx3 great camera. I feel like this happens.