So i know what you’re thinking already, why this camera what’s good creative fam, brandon washington here and if you’re brand new to the channel, i shoot on a lot of cinema cameras. I shoot on the blackmagic pocket cinema, camera 4k and 6k. I own the red komodo. I also own the c70 and i love cinema cameras. So when sony reached out to me about testing the fx3 – and they told me that this was their brand new small body cinema camera – i was super excited. But then, once i heard the specs it pretty much sound like an a7s3 which got me wondering what makes this camera different and so let’s start off with what i noticed first, which is the body so first off weighing at just 640 grams. This is sony’s smallest and most lightweight and compact cinema camera that they offer and honestly this might be, the smallest cinema, camera i’ve ever used. Also, this thing is built like a tank having a magnesium alloy body makes this thing very durable and you can feel it when you hold it like. It is built very well on top of that on the actual camera itself, you’re gon na find multiple mounting points. You’Re gon na have mounting points on all four sides of the camera, so that doesn’t just help with being able to attach accessories, but also, if you decided, you wanted to actually mount this thing vertically and do some instagram stories, tick, tock style, video recording you could Do that, in fact, i was actually able to get this camera mounted onto my ronin and be able to do some gimbal shots with it now sure some awesome things have been added to the body, but you’ll also notice that a couple things are missing now.

The first thing, you’ll notice that is missing, is the actual viewfinder which, for me, as someone who uses cameras to shoot video almost 90 of the time, i never use the viewfinder so it’s actually nice to see that that’s gone on this camera. So it’s not something that’s kind of taking away and adding extra height to the camera, for no alleged reason. On top of that, you will also notice that the mode dial is missing from this camera and in place of the mode dial. Is this giant red record button if you didn’t know that this camera was for video, this button definitely gives it away, but it’s, not just a giant red record button, but also when you actually press this button, you’ll notice that it itself illuminates and then there’s also A tally light on the back of the camera that illuminates and then there’s. Another tally, light on the front of the camera that illuminates so pretty much that whole situation where you think you’re recording and then you stop it because you’re not you’re done recording. But then you realize that now it’s actually recording and then you, when you get ready to start your next shot, you press it again. I know you guys have done this before, like you, you’ve done this whole process before i know i’m, not the only one it’s almost impossible to do that with this camera, because it’s going to light up to let you know that it is recording.

Now you can turn that off in the settings if you like, but i like having it on, because i never want to accidentally think i’m recording and i’m not now moving on from the body of this camera. There is one other huge, big difference with this camera that really lets. You know that it is trying to sit into sony’s cinema line, and that is the fact that this camera comes built in with cineto. Now sandy tone is the default preset for this camera, but it is a phenomenal set now i’ve been shooting with cinetone, actually quite a bit recently. If you guys missed it, i did an entire video on the fx6, so i got a chance to kind of test out cinetone a little bit already, but shooting it on this camera has made me fall in love with it. Now there are some major drawbacks with cinetone which i’ll get to in a second, but one of the biggest benefits of cinetone is how good it just looks out of camera, with no editing i’ve been shooting with cinetone on this camera and have been loving, the colors And the way that it looks straight out of camera, which just makes it easier to run and gun and shoot, especially if you’re not wanting to do a ton of grading. Now the big drawback when it comes to shooting on cinetone is with the dynamic range i mentioned earlier, that this camera has 15 plus stops of dynamic range, but you’re only really going to see that when you’re shooting in s log 3.

, you can see in this Side by side comparison that s log 3 is going to drastically give you more dynamic range than when shooting with cineto. Now the cinetone does do a decent job at blooming. Those highlights, but you can see a pretty harsh falloff once you start blowing out those highlights, and i can tell you, as someone who’s been trying to grade this footage for a couple days now. It is really hard to grade semitone footage. It is designed to be done so you’re not gon na get as much latitude when it comes to shooting with it. But it is something that’s nice to have built into the camera, so you can just shoot and be done now. Another big thing that we have to talk about when it comes to a new camera is obviously the quality. Now, as i mentioned before, this camera can shoot in 4k at up to 120 frames per second, and i honestly think that all the footage looks amazing if you’ve seen any footage from the a7 s3, and you thought those videos looked great well that’s, pretty much what You can expect from this camera and that’s because they actually are packing the exact same sensor, that’s right, it’s, the exact same sensor as the a7s3. So again it kind of makes you wonder. Well, why should you pick up this camera and it’s, not just the image quality that’s, exactly the same you’re also going to get all the same autofocusing points as well, so you’re going to get the eye autofocus on this camera, which i can attest.

It is crazy, sticky good, as you guys know, with a lot of the cinema cameras that i currently shoot on i’m used to pulling focus manually and on the c70. The autofocus is kind of lackluster, but seeing amazing autofocus on this camera was actually a huge game. Changer for me, because it was autofocus that i really thought i could use – i mean my comodo has autofocus, but it’s, not really all that great. The c70 has autofocus but it’s. Also not all that great, but the eye auto focus on this camera phenomenal. So continuing along that journey, trying to figure out what makes this camera different than the a7 s3 comes with one huge accessory, and that is this guy. This is the actual top handle that mounts directly to the fx3. Now, if you’re wondering well, can i use this top handle with the a7 s3? No, you really can’t, because the fx3 actually has these threaded holes at the very top of it, and this thing literally attaches through the cold shoe and screws directly in for a snug fit with the audio top handle interface built onto the camera. You’Re actually going to expand your audio capabilities. First of all, you’re going to get two full size, xlr inputs on the top handle you’re, also going to get a 3.5 millimeter jack on here as well. So if you have like some lava layers or a microphone that just needs to plug directly in you could absolutely do that.

Also you’ll notice that sony does have their boom microphone installed on this kit. But you can actually take this microphone off and put your own boom microphone in here, because there’s a whole little clip mechanism here and you can put your own microphone in plug it in via xlr and be good to go and not to be outdone by the Camera body, of course, on this thing, you actually are gon na get three additional threaded holes. So if you wanted to attach your monitor directly on here, you absolutely could now. This is not the only way to get professional audio into this camera. On the side of this camera, there are actually three additional doors, and one of the doors at the very top is going to give you your microphone input. Now this is a 3.5 millimeter microphone input like at the top of the top handle, and you also are going to find that there is a headphone jack right underneath it next to that you’re, going to find a full size, hdmi port right here, which is fantastic. I hate micro, hdmi ports, full size, hdmi, ports, all the way every single time. So i love that that is here, but then you’ll also find at the bottom down here, a usb c port, as well as a multi use port, and this is not just a normal, usb c port. This is just like in the a1, where it actually can attach directly to their xperia pro cell phone and be able to get 5g connectivity directly to this camera.

So if you wanted to use this camera for live streamings, you absolutely could by connecting it to their phone now. Just because i know some people are gon na ask about these doors. They are fantastic. I absolutely love the doors on the side, there’s. Only one major problem – and that is i mentioned this thing – has a full swivel screen with the full swivel screen. It does run into the door when it is completely open. So if you are using this camera for like audio or wanting to monitor headphones, and then you try to open this guy up and turn it, it does run into the door which is kind of a big bummer. That is one thing i do love about. The a7s3 is that the microphone port has its own door, so you can have the mic input going and still be able to swivel the screen, but on this one that’s just not the case: okay, okay, i get it. I i can still hear you asking me. Brandon, this is awesome, there’s, a lot of cool new things about it. Clearly, it’s a more video focused camera, so there’s some things that have been changed, but why this camera and – and why now i mean let’s – face it. The a7 s3 for a lot of shooters, myself included, was about two years behind when we really wanted it. I mean we were waiting on that camera for a long time and when it finally dropped shooters and sony shooters around the world rejoiced, but now, just a couple months later, we’re getting this the fx3.

It is a part of sony’s cinema line, but yet it shares a lot of similarities with the a7 s3, so here’s pretty much how i can break this camera down and really kind of help. You know who this camera is for so first, this camera is clearly built with video first and secondary for photos, unlike the a7 s3 that’s kind of a hybrid camera. This camera is built for video, first and foremost, everything about it. It’S designed the tally lights, the record button, everything is designed for video now sure it can take photos and it’s going to have all the photo modes that you would expect to find on this camera and that’s awesome and there’s a mode button for that to allow You to navigate through that system, but this is not a photographer’s camera. If you’re a photographer, you shouldn’t pick this up. You should really be looking at, maybe an a7 s3 or an a7 iii or an a c3. What is it i don’t know they have a lot of cameras, but you should not be considering this as a photographer. This is a cinematographer’s camera other nice little video features that have been added on here is your wide intelli servo toggle right here at the front. I mean this is not something that most people probably are gon na use, especially if you’re using some of their prime lenses. But if you do find yourself using one of their server lenses boom, that’s built in there for you to use another big reason.

Why? I think some certain people should consider this camera is, i mean there’s, no short of rumors talking about sony’s brand new drone that has been announced, and i think this is probably going to be the perfect camera for that drone system, with it being so lightweight and Having all the mounting points, also having the ability to connect via 5g and be able to send that signal back over to a controller, i think this is going to be the perfect camera for those systems and then, lastly, when you look at the line of cinema Cameras, not the alpha series, but the actual cinema cameras that sony has been releasing. This is pretty much the last one to get released. They started off high with their venus cameras and then you have the fx9, the fx6 and now, of course you have the fx3, and this is going to be a perfect pairing for anyone, who’s already shooting, with the sony fx system i mean now. You have an amazing low cost, relatively speaking b camera, as well as a potential crash cam for cinema shooters, and this is going to be able to fit in a lot more places and because this is using the same system as the fx6 and the fx9. Now you have a camera that you could throw on the side of a car or put inside of a car, and you know it’s going to match up well with all the other cameras you know, i know the big elephant in the room is that this camera Does not have built in nds, which is something that i would love to see in this camera and also with it.

Having this giant fan on the back. Well, i say giant fan it’s, not a giant fan, but it’s noticeable, it’s actually fairly quiet, but you will notice the vents on it, which makes it less water resistant, but with having this fan built into it. I really wish that this camera also gave us some more specs like. Maybe it could shoot 6k or 8k because it has the ability to handle all that extra heat, but it doesn’t and with these little things missing from this camera, it still makes it very difficult to say: should you buy the a7 s3 or this camera, the fx3 And so here’s pretty much what i would say if you are a video shooter, 100 video shooter you’re, not a content. Creator you’re, not someone who’s trying to you know, take some photos here and there and those type of things. I would say that this camera is the way to go, knowing that you still very well could take some photos, but if you are someone who is still trying to take photos, you’re more of a content creator instagram that kind of stuff, the a7 s3 is still A phenomenal camera with the addition of the audio handle. This is going to be massive for video shooters, because audio is so important when it comes to shooting video, and so that is the reason why this camera, in my opinion, is more so slated for those who are looking at video let’s face it.

It’S, a polarizing camera i’ve had it for a couple weeks and been testing it and trying to figure out what makes it really different and it’s a really hard question to answer. But let me know what you guys think about this camera. I personally think that is an awesome camera. I love it. I love shooting with it but i’m, not gon na. You know sweep it underneath the rug it’s fairly polarizing. Let me know your thoughts down below and maybe we can have a discussion about it thanks.