I think sony alpha rumors has been talking or rumoring this camera for the last like two years or so, and it is finally here here is the brand new sony: a74. Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music. Okay, so let me tell you why this camera matters, we got full frame: 33 megapixels its got a flippy screen, its got 10 bit 422 video codecs. The camera feels like a sony a7s3 or an a1 in the hand. So the ergonomics are really nice. We got 4k 60 frames per second, but it does have a little bit of a crop. We got record functions in better spots, quick switch for photo and video here right on the top. We got the sensor from the sony a1 and we got five axis in body. Stabilization focus, mapping and a pretty decent price point, so sonys best selling camera of all time was this one right here. This is the sony. A7 iii. I think this converted a lot of people over to sony and just mirrorless shooters in general, and now we have the next generation in that lineup the sony a74 im kind of holding this awkward. Here there we go before we get into these tests. I do want to announce that my animated title pack is now live, so if you guys want to speed up your workflow with titles in premiere pro, you can check out the links in the description. They are drag and drop fully customizable and they were designed in house by our editor lucas, who is behind the camera right now.

So if you guys want to support this channel, and this review links are in the description to buy that title pack and if you use the coupon code youtube on checkout, you will save 20 lets jump into this review. So the target market for this camera is hybrid shooters. That means people who take both photos and create videos. Someone like myself, alright, so lets jump into some of these photo specs. So this camera right here is a 33 megapixel full frame ill show you full frame sensor here are some of the photos that ive taken with it so far: okay, so the a7 3, the generation right before was a 24 megapixel camera. In my personal opinion, 33 megapixels is the sweet spot. Now i do own the sony a1, which is 50 megapixels. This is like a bit too much for 24 megapixels, if you have just enough and on the sony a7s 3, which were shooting on right now, its 12 megapixels. So you have no room for cropping 33 megapixels is literally the sweet spot, so sony you nailed it. There camera shoots 10 frames per second with af and ae tracking, so 10 frames per second isnt something new weve seen this on the sony. A7, 3 – and here both cameras literally sounds identical. So sony is claiming that the a74 does 15 stops at dynamic range, which is one stop more than we saw in the a7 iii. But i cannot show you any tests, because the file cannot open up in lightroom.

At this current time, because the camera is too new, so youre gon na just have to trust what sony says and theyre engineers, so sony claims that it can shoot 828 raw and jpeg photos before it needs to buffer. So i thought id just do a quick test here. We have 950 photos left on this super fast sd card by the way so lets just lets just try. This buffering a bit sounds like a horse galloping, oh kind of weird eh, its definitely continuous, which is still good its still doing it its not as fast as that initial burst. Should we stop well stop but, like i just stopped it, and it is fully done. Ive definitely shot with the sony, a7 iii and it needed to buffer, i remember, being in a helicopter one time with this camera and shooting photos, and it was like it was buffering. I was like, but this shot right now is amazing. I was like just give me a second im, so old, all right, so lets talk about video specs now, so this thing can shoot. 4K 24 frames per second 30 frames per second and 60 frames per second, but the only downside when shooting 60 frames is that it will go into super 35. So your shot will look a little bit more cropped, so the camera can shoot four two to ten bit now. This is huge. When the sony a7s first came out, we didnt realize how much we actually needed 422 and 10 bit now, when we look at a7 3 footage.

We literally think that this stuff looks like a potato now, if you want to make sure that your image isnt falling apart or you have a lot more room to play with in terms of information and color grading, youre really going to want that. 2. 2 and 10 bit color. The camera also allows you to shoot s log 3, which will give you around 15 stops of dynamic range. Now i dont have a way to test this like perfectly, but sony claims that youre getting 15 stops of dynamic range. We got a brand new h265 codec in here and we have s cineto. Now in the past i actually used to give sony a lot of like beef because i was like who cares about s cinetone, but in the last couple of months, weve actually really adapted. As cineto into our workflow, because what we realized is that when we started trying to color grade all the s, log 3 footage just really slowed down. Exports really slowed down playback and what we realized is, if we just bacon as cinetone, which looks really really good. It just makes our workflow a lot easier, so having a cinetone can be great if youre pumping out a lot of videos, the camera does have an improved internal microphone over the sony, a7 iii. So to show you this here is the sony. A7 iii. Here is a quick test of the internal microphone on this camera right now, sony a7 iii: this is the audio quality out of the sony a74.

Now my personal preference is that you probably wont be using the internal microphone youll mostly be using it as a scratch track, or in a pinch. I think you should always be using a shotgun when you can, especially if youre recording audio. So this. This is the audio out of the sony a74 with the shotgun microphone attached to it. Moving back to this microphone, the only thing that were missing from this camera is that we dont have 4k 120 frames per second and full frame. 4K 60 frames per second, which is something that we get from the sony a7 s3. Now something i do want to mention is that the sony a7s 3 was designed primarily as a video camera. The sony a74 is designed as a hybrid camera. It shoots both photo and video, so i think you can understand why theres a bit of a compromise there. Now. I think one of the big things that a lot of people are going to be curious about is, does this camera overheat and the short answer is yes, it does overheat when i was shooting in 4k in the highest quality video. I think around 15 to 20 minutes is when i started to notice that the cameras overheating light came on and then eventually the camera actually just shut off itself. Now this isnt always going to be an issue if youre shooting quick clips here and there, but if youre going to be shooting in the highest quality frame rate for long periods of time.

This is something you should consider and make sure that you are taking the opportunities to cool down this camera. That was a little bit of like a red flag in my personal opinion, because one of my big beefs with the sony a1 right now is that it overheats. So when i am shooting two camera angles, i really have to always keep in mind that im nailing the take and or i dont leave – that camera on for too long. So is this something that sony will be working on in the future i dont know currently, but through my experiences with this prototype camera right now, i did experience some overheating, so there have been a lot of advancements in the focusing system for the sony a74, which Actually pulls a lot of the technology from the number one camera in the sony lineup, which is the sony a1. So up. First, we got real time. Autofocus for human animal and bird bird focus mode bird focus mode bird focus. We got 759 phase detection, auto focus points which gives you 94 coverage on the sensor. We have improved, auto focus speed and we also have improved auto focus accuracy in low light. We have touch tracking for video and after using this camera for a few hours, the responsiveness of the screen in terms of when youre touching and going through the menus is really great. So this next part is actually really interesting. What we have here is focus breathing compensation, so let me explain what focus breathing is essentially when you have something thats focused on close distance, and then you rack focus to infinity distance.

What youll start to notice is that you start to see a zoom on the edge of the frame here, but if we go into the menu system and we have a compatible lens, we can actually turn focus breathing compensation on which just means that your video clips Will look more aesthetically pleasing this next feature is arguably my favorite feature that they added to this camera and i hope they will add this to the rest of the lineup. So this is called focus mapping. So if we just turn this on here, youll start to notice that we have a bunch of colors. So when your image is in focus, there will be no colors around the part that is in focus, but if its blue, it means that youre behind your focus and when its warmer colors. It means that youre in front of your focus. This is kind of similar to false color, but instead of exposure youre using this for your focus and some just general thoughts right now, one of the things i always hated about the sony a7iii were these just little. These barn doors that just like this dangle here and then this ones, cracked now like these things, just broke all the time. You only had a small hdmi out of this camera, which we always broke cables all the time now on the new one. We have better doors, theyre, just better quality. They lock in place. We have full size hdmi, you have a headphone jack.

You got a microphone jack. You can charge this with usbc in terms of the cards. We got cf express type a and we have a normal sd and the second slot allows you for just normal sd. So the upgrades in terms of the functionality are just great, i remember being on the briefing call when they were talking about this new camera and the moment they mentioned that this had a flip screen so important and i know thats important for hybrid shooters, because a Lot of you out, there are probably shooting vlog content or youre shooting talking head content. I just bought the sony a1. The fact that this is not a flippy screen and this camera is almost ten thousand dollars. Canadian is such a disappointment. This actually makes this way more appealing, so the flippy screen is absolutely huge in terms of something that i need and on the spec sheet that i have for this camera. As of what is it today, october 19th, at 4, 46 p.m, est we are looking at a price range of two thousand four hundred: ninety nine dollars to twenty seven. Ninety nine dollars. Why am i so bad with that all the time? Even if this does fall at twenty eight hundred dollars usd? This is still such great value. I think that price point sounds actually quite fair. This, on the other hand, sony a1, 8, 500. No, no, all right. So here are my final thoughts.

I think the big question for a lot of you right now if youre looking at this video is, should i upgrade from the sony, a7 iii and the short answer is yes, i think weve seen a lot of substantial upgrades on this camera. It just feels beefier but, more importantly, the video features on this camera are what is going to make it stand out at the end of the day. If you are shooting video this, just this just doesnt hit the mark anymore yeah, you can shoot great things with it, but you will notice a substantial difference in terms of video quality in terms of photos. I think you will be happy that you have those extra megapixels and it just feels better in your hand. At the end of the day, the ergonomics just make a bit more sense. If you guys want to support this channel and this review, you can purchase my title pack and you can save 20 if you use the coupon code youtube on checkout or if youre actually interested in buying this camera. I will leave my affiliate codes down below. If you guys like this video, please press like it actually makes a difference, subscribe and hit the bell to be notified for future videos, and we will catch you guys in the next one and im bringing the cat outros back baby lets go and get one cat Outro all right, luna there you go so how i picked you up once luna pick, which camera should you get luna, which one luna i dont know which one which one do you want? Which one are you gon na pick ooh, which one which one are you guys gon na pick? Which camera is the one that you want and goodbye? What is it? Which one is this one wait wonder if i can like tell Music, okay, wait.

This is definitely a seven three thing. I already know Music wait. I dont know okay well, sony a1 and a74 feel very similar.