It features the widest aperture of any sony lens, while still being sharp and having superb autofocus. The 50 millimeter g master cost. Two thousand dollars is really heavy. At 1.7 pounds it measures 4.3 by 3.4 inches. It has a 72 millimeter front thread and 11 aperture blades. The minimum focusing distance is 1.3 feet or 15 and a half inches its a little far away. In my opinion, if you like doing a lot of close up shots, this isnt advertised as a macro lens, but i find myself filming a lot of details with this lens. So a minimum focusing distance that was a little closer would be really great. The build quality of the g master lens is exactly like. You would expect with g master lenses. It has dust and moisture sealing on the back, a focus switch, an aperture ring that can be clicked or de clicked focus ring and two customizable buttons. My favorite part of this lens, aside from the very wide aperture, is the autofocus. This lens has four of sonys xd linear motors powering its autofocus, and it has some of the most accurate autofocus ive ever seen even wide open at f 1.2 ive been using this lens with my sony, a7s 3 and my a74, and the eye autofocus has been Able to lock onto subjects that are moving around the frame with ease ive loved using eye autofocus and moving the camera around to create some parallax with my shots, something that was pretty difficult to do with a shallower depth of field on other prime lenses without autofocus.

Jumping around or it was difficult to use manual focus while moving at such a shallow depth of field and keeping the subject razor sharp the linear, xd motors do a great job, but the fact that theres, four of them in here is really beneficial, especially when were Talking about video sharpness on the 50mm 1.2 is great. I was nervous that this was going to be a little soft wide open because of that wide aperture at 1.2. This is something that makes this lens so unique. Typically, large apertures have issues with sharpness and contrast, but the 1.2 is doing a great job. With this wide open. The lens is sharpest in the center, while losing a little bit of sharpness around the edges of the frame, but its still very usable. In my opinion, and by f2, the corner sharpness is as sharp as the center when it comes to flares on this lens. It handles the flares pretty well its a g master lens, so it handles like other g master lenses. Do it does a great job at minimizing the distraction of those flares theres, a slight amount of chromatic aberration with this lens as well, but ive only noticed it in the most extreme circumstances, very bright backgrounds and dark silhouetted subjects have some color fringing, but not nearly As much as other lenses, its very well controlled and its only distracting if youre, pixel peeping, in my opinion, the bokeh on the 1.

2 is circular in the center and its more distorted towards the edges. The quality of the bokeh is very clean but theres little to no distracting texture on it. On cheaper lenses. The bokeh will have a little bit more texture and be distorted, but with those 11 aperture blades theres a nice circular bokeh in the center and the only distortion is moving towards the edges. Where you get that cat eye shape. The 50 millimeter 1.2 does have some focusing breathing problems. If you have a newer sony camera, it is compatible with that focus. Breathing compensation. However, there is a slight crop, but with that slight crop, the problem is removed. If your camera doesnt have that feature – and you do a lot of rack, focusing between objects close and far away, this could be distracting. I wish the focus breathing wasnt as much of an issue on this lens, as it is considering its price tag, but if you have a newer camera, thats compatible with that focus, breathing compensation, this isnt as big of a deal, the 50mm 1.2 does not have any Kind of stabilization optically, but you can take advantage of your active stabilization if your sony body has that the 50 millimeter 1.2 is one of those lenses that has such a unique look by being so sharp wide open and having fantastic, auto focus thanks to those four Xd, linear motors, that the image coming out of this is truly unique.

Pairing this with a modern sony body, will give you some great results, especially if youre taking advantage of the focus, breathing compensation and the active stabilization. The 50 millimeter focal length has been one that ive passed up a lot on the past, because its a little too tight to just walk around every day with, but it doesnt show those fine details like a telephoto lens would its somewhere in the middle and the Focal length has always felt a little boring to me, but the performance of the 1.2 and its ability to turn boring shots into something very interesting separating the subject. From the background, when the subject is this close away from another object, is something that is truly unique to this lens, even if youre getting this lens to shoot at only f2 and above the corner, sharpness chromatic, aberration and flare control, all outperform just about every other. 50 millimeter full frame sony lens as it should given its price tag. Thats really. The only drawback of the 50 millimeter 1.2 is that humongous price tag that makes it kind of inaccessible for a lot of photographers and videographers to justify owning. But if you can justify the price tag, it is a fantastic lens that will deliver great results, check out what i learned, comparing the most expensive 50 millimeter sony lens to the least expensive, 50 millimeter sony lens, or this video about rigging up your sony camera.