24. 105. Music. All right were here, looks like its going to be a nice day, its cold right now, but you know its almost winter so time to get the bag packed and then were going to see what sort of stuff we can do with this lens, which im excited About this is going to be a really great location, well see how far we can go along the shore – tides going out low tides in about a half an hour. So this is our best chance to walk on the shore. Well have to come back to the woods on our way home today. That also means we got to go down there. So, Music Applause, Music, well that didnt last long, but now were just going to keep hiking through the woods, find the path or maybe just follow the shoreline Music. So the reason i got this lens and a reason you might want to consider this lens its a really great all in one lens and anytime, i can take just one lens means: i save a little weight and this lens being that has optical image, stabilization built In a few other things, a nice amount of reach 24 to 105 makes it really an ideal all in one lens to hike around to take with you. If you only want to have one lens for me, thats a big deal because of weather because of weight, its just nice im curious to see how the optical image stabilization will work and how the image quality is Music.

Music. 24 millimeters is a little tight to be able to handhold and vlog like this, but its not bad, and if you put it on a little tripod like i am right now, then you can get away with it. No problem, but a big reason. You should consider this is optical image stabilization when paired with active stabilization in the sony bodies or ibis. If your body has that its fantastic, because you can get away with handheld walking shots like this and not really worry about whether or not your shots are going to come off usable Music. So in checking out some of the photos so far im pretty impressed the image quality is great. It definitely improves a tiny bit when you stop down 5.6 to f8 in there, but not much even wide open at f4 at 24 millimeters. They even just look great theyre, sharp all the way out, tiny bit of vignetting, but not bad at all. The cool thing is too: you can get a pretty close focus distance with this too, which gives you a little bit of a macro capability now its not like some of the lenses that tamrons been putting out, but it is very good and can give you some Really nice results, but one of the main reasons that im excited for this lens and ive been excited to try it out and why i spent 1200 of my own money on it is to be able to get that extra zoom range up to 105 millimeters.

So im in places like this, sometimes you want to crop in just a little bit or zoom in a little bit and get a little tighter shot of some of the mountains or some of the surrounding area and theres. Another reason i wanted a little extra zoom when im doing these sorts of things. Talking to you and filming myself, i like to be able to put myself at about 35 to 50 millimeters on the camera and what that does. Is it compresses the background? A little bit and gives you a much more realistic, true to life, representation of the size and the scale of the landscape that im generally out filming and testing these pieces of equipment in so, for example, this is 24 millimeters nice im about two feet away: uh Two and a half feet away from the camera able to talk to you, the microphone, the shotgun mic on top is able to pick. You up pick me up really clearly but notice. The background the mountain seam a little further away, because im right up in the forefront so were gon na put it down to about 40, something something ish millimeters. Now the difference is im about three and a half, maybe four feet away from the camera. But as you can see, the mountains got a lot bigger in the background compared to me now i could stand even further away, but id have to use a different microphone. It is really nice to be able to do this and get a little bit more compressed background, which you know brings the more true to life of what you see when youre standing in these places, and it just i feel like gives a little bit better experience.

Overall, so lets check out the difference between 24 millimeters up to 105 millimeters and what you can do with it as a telephoto lens for photos and video work theres. Some pretty good subject matter around here to take pictures of Music, so Music. So, while this lens is a little heavier than other lenses on the market, the fact that you can only take you only have to take one lens with you to places like this really makes a big difference and the fact that it has optical steady shot to Assist the obvious in the camera and the active steady shot in the camera makes a huge difference, especially when youre shooting handheld, which i do a lot because of places that i go. I dont want to carry a lot of stuff with me and that little bit of extra stabilization makes a big difference both for video and photo mode. As you can see here, i was able to handheld shots and take it all the way down to a fifth of a second which is pretty slow and plenty to be able to slow down water and make waterfalls. Look like what youve seen, but not only that when im filming a handheld running gun type stuff, it really helps to smooth out everything that i do with my hands. Any movements i make, especially when im on uneven ground and the big difference is when im shooting in 4k 120, which the a7s3 can do really well.

It gives me just that little bit of extra stabilization when active, steady shot is not available in 4k. 120.. Now, if youre shooting 4k 60, you get the added benefit of active stud shot, steady shot, which gives you a whole lot more smooth footage, but it just the optical, steady shot, really does make a difference in your handheld footage, which it makes this a great lens To pick, if youre going to be out just with one lens and running around another reason i picked this lens up is because, when im out doing stuff like this, in not great weather, it is weather, sealed and so having an all in one lens, that is Weather sealed with a weather, steel body, like the a7s3 means i dont, have to take a lens off out when its really really cold, when its raining, when its snowing or in dusty locations. Anything like that it keeps the camera body safer. It keeps the lens safer because im not switching out those lenses. Occasionally, i probably will have to take a couple of other lenses with me, especially when i start doing more astrophotography stuff here in just a little bit. But for now this lens has been excellent and even with the aperture at f4, i can use it in pretty low light situations, because the sonys have such great low light performance. Now one thing thats fantastic about this lens. If you pair it, especially with the newer sony bodies, is the autofocus system, it grabs your face, grabs your eye and the autofocus motors work really well to track you right through a scene regardless of whats going on around you.

You get great solid, autofocus, thats, very fast and very accurate. A nice thing about this lens is, it does have the auto focus manual focus switch built on the lens, as well as turning steady, shot on or off. So you can turn off any sort of stabilization on or off really easily, and it has a programmable button. One thing a lot of times we think about at f4 is that we cant really blow out the background, get out of focus background or get that depth, but with 105 millimeters, which is what the lens is at right now you actually can. It depends more on how close your subject is to the camera as opposed to how far away the background is from you, and i found that f4. Actually, i really like f4, its kind of a sweet spot for really good image, quality – really nice sharpness, but also to give you just a good amount of separation of your subject from the background now, obviously, the closer i get to the lens at 105, the more Blown out the background is going to get. This is a little tight and maybe a little uncomfortable, so lets go back to a regular view. This lens gives you some really good control over your depth of field and another really big thing that ive noticed about this lens, as opposed to say my 24 millimeter g master, which i love and its a fantastic astrophotography lens, but theres a lot of focus breathing On the g master lenses, this lens has very very little focus, breathing, actually almost none, which makes it excellent for be able to do some focus, pull some rack focusing, and it just gives you a lot more options for what you can do and as a running Gun lens that makes it really nice, especially if youre shooting yourself like i am now where you dont want to have to have somebody checking everything out for you now fourteen hundred dollars.

This is not a cheap lens. You can find it on sale for 1200, maybe 1100, depending on the sale, but it isnt a cheap lens. But if youre going to just buy one lens to put on your camera, you want it to be good quality, to shoot everything and to be very durable. Now, on my way out hiking, i did slip and fall on the camera on the lens. Nothing was damaged, thank god everything still works, but it is a testament to the build quality of the lens its built well and will handle a lot of abuse and certainly a lot of weather situations, because its weather sealed from sony. And, of course, if you want to pick up this lens, there are links in the description, but i would recommend you wait until its on sale for 11 or 1200, which it does frequently do throughout the year. Now, if you want to see other lenses that are fantastic for sony, full frame, cameras, click or tap right, there ill see you in that video.