Now I spend an awful lot of time in the field playing with new technology. I fly drones. I put clips together on those and I love exploring other high tech gadgets like action cams and when I'm out in the field, testing I'm, always looking for ways to improve my experience, trying to find a way to do something a little bit better. A little bit quicker, maybe a little bit safer and in the case of action cameras these are on pretty much every shoot. I do and I find myself constantly frustrated with the way I charge them and the way I transfer the data from the action camera to my phone or to my laptop. So I've spent a lot of time with the team here trying to come up with solutions that allow me to charge them quicker charge them a little easier and transfer that data between devices a little bit simpler. So what I'm going to talk about today are some of the drone valley solutions we put together to help you charge your action camera faster when you're out in the field or when you're home and to help you get the data off the action cameras to your Computer or to other devices, so you can preview it and share it with friends. So the first thing I'll talk about is charging cables. Now, normally, you would charge your action cameras with a straight through cable, like this we've come up with what we're calling a power flex cable, which is a much more durable cable that has a nylon exterior that's really got good, tensile strength to it, and it terminates In a USBC connection, with a full sized USB enya in the end now this is the standard connection you use to charge both of the Osmo devices, as well as the GoPro devices and it's a pretty hefty cable.

So if you need an extra cable, the power flex cables are ones that we've designed we've built an extra strain relief on both ends, and the cool thing is we've made this as a universal cable kit, and what I mean by that is, if your device charges Over USB C you're all set to go, you can plug this into your charger, plug this into your camera and start fast charging the device. But if you need to use this cable for something else, maybe you've got an older camera or a Sony camera that uses micro USB or maybe you want to charge your iPhone. You can't really do that with a USBC connector, so included with this kit are two adapters, one that will convert it to an apple connector and one that will convert the USBC to a micro USB. So with one cable, you can pretty much charge everything you want. It'S a portable device and if you have one of the newer style chargers that uses a USB connection on this end, we also include an adapter that turns this USB a into a USB see, so you can actually plug it into your charger. You'Ll have a USB see in this and that you can convert to anything else. You want and that's sold as a universal cable kid we put that together, because I got tired of getting out in the field and always finding that I had the wrong cable with me and I couldn't charge my action camera or my phone or my tablet.

When I was out in the field, so the universal cable fixes that problem for you now. In addition to that, a lot of times I'm in my car and I've got a bunch of devices. I have to charge they're sitting on the front seat and I find myself moving the cable between devices. Now, of course, I can bring an extra 12 volt adapter with me, or get one with two ports on it and plug two different devices in, but then again, I've got to have two sets of cables and bring those along with me. So we came up with what we're calling a Hydra cable, which is essentially a USB a connection on one end with three different adapters on the other end. So this particular cable has got three USB see. Connections on this end, which means with one power supply in this end one car, charger or home charger. I can charge three devices at the same time now. This is perfect if you're using the GoPro series or you're using the Osmo series, because all of these charged with USB see, but if you've got other devices. We also include the same adapters. I talked about a minute ago, so you can convert one of these to an Apple another one to a microUSB, and we include that other adapter that converts this end to a USB C. So, whatever car charger you're using our home charger, this cable will allow you to charge up to three devices.

At the same time, the only drawback with a hydro cable like this is with a straight through cable. If you're trying to quick charge of devices, they can negotiate over a single cable, a triple cable like this can't negotiate, so it won't quick charge. But again, if you're plugging these in in your car and you're off doing some driving between locations, you can charge all your devices at the same time, so it's really easy to use. If you have a car, adapter, now I'm going to brag a little bit about this one, this is a drone valley, car adapter. We built this to be incredibly powerful. It'S got a USB a in one end and it's got a PD in there as well. So there's two different ports on there, the USB a will quick charge, which means you can use it with all your devices. The PD will also quick charge devices like your Apple products. So if you plug that in to your car, you turn that power supply on I'm simulating the car here with this power supply. I now have three USB C connections that are all alive at the same time, so I can actually charge all three of these cameras. Simultaneous on the front seat when I'm driving between locations and if I've got one of them charged Ivan USBC. I can just pop on this Apple adapter and charge my phone or my tablet and if they need an older camera like this charge, I can pop on the microUSB on another connection and have, at the same time, USB see a micro and an Apple connector.

That can charge everything so it's a really universal cable. Now the challenge becomes, if you're, using something that doesn't use a USB C connection. Like a lot of the Sony cameras, the drift cameras, a few of the other cameras need micro USB. So, in that case, we've got a second cable. We put together. That'S got two micro, USB connections on it and one USB C connection on it. So this cable gives you two micro, USB connections and one USB see it again. This comes with that same set of adapter, so you can charge your Sony camera your drift camera, anything with a micro, USB connection on it, and you can convert this third one if you need to into an apple or another micro USB. We also have a universal cable, and this one comes with three different ends on it that are all fixed, so this one has a USB C, a micro USB and an apple connector on it all the time. So this is the Universal cable that you can use with anything, so you can use it with your action cameras you're following your tablet's anything you want to charge your game consoles and again, you'll plug this end into a cigarette lighter or a home charger, and the Minute you do that this end becomes live, so I can charge at the same time an Apple product, a micro, USB connection into USB C connection. So it gives you a universal cable, that's great some charge, multiple devices, the other thing that's really nice is, if you have a bunch of people in your family that have different devices.

You don't have to worry about carrying an Android device, cable for that guy and an apple cable for your daughter. You have one cable that you can throw in the backseat from your car and have them charge all their devices at the same time. So it's a pretty cool product. In addition to that, we also came out with an audio cable because a lot of times when you're using action cameras like this you've got a lapel mic on and those lapel mics tend to be very short cables. So you always have to keep that action camera within about three feet or four feet from you, because you run out of cable between you and the action camera and the lapel mic. You'Ve got on so it came out with a really nice heavy duty. Six and a half foot audio extension, cable that's got a TRS connector on this end, so a three conductor, cable in this end and a female in this end, so you can plug this into your action camera. This end, you plug your lapel mic into, and it gives you another 6 and a half feet of distance between you and the microphone. So if you're, not you a wireless setup, this is the perfect way for you to stand back from your action camera a little bit and get that perspective you're. Looking for now, there are a lot of cables in the market that look like this. Actually, there are a lot that look like this as well, but the team here at drone valley spent an awful at a time, testing engineering fighting with the factories to get the best possible cable we could put together and this one's different, because it's got double shielding Inside which is really important, if you're gon na you know send audio over a cable, because if you're not shield, it really well you're gon na pick up a really big hum that's going to show up in your audio.

So this is shielded. It'S got strain relief built into it. We use metal connectors on the end. A lot of them are plastic, they're, not gon na last, as long and it's a really reasonably priced, cable, so that's a great way to extend your audio cable. Transferring your data we've come out with this 4 in 1 memory card reader, so it's, a micro SD card memory, reader, where you can slide the micro SD card in from your action camera. On this end, you can plug it into your computer with a full size. Usb a – and it also has a USB C and Apple connection and a micro USB connection on it as well. So once the memory card goes in there, you can plug this into your phone. Your tablet, your home computer, and immediately transfer copy, or even view the files that you've recorded so it's a great way in the field. If you've got a tablet with you or a larger screen to sort of check the video you've taken with your action camera on a larger screen to see if you've got the shot you need or if you have to go back and redo those shots. And again, these are really simple devices, but they're all built by the team here at your own Valley. The last thing: i'll tease you with these products aren't out yet, but we've got a battery bank coming the end of this month. So this is a 10000 milliamp.

Here, our battery bank, we were so proud of this product and you'll be able to get this on the website sort of towards the end of the month, but it's 10000 milli, amperes it's, got quick charging to the bank and quick charging out of the bank. Very few banks like this, you can trick to quick charge the bank. This one's got a USB C connection on the top and a micro USB on the side. So you can quick charge through either one of those charge it up really quick and when you take it out in the field, you've got a QC connection here, where you can do QC 3 charging to any of your Android devices, as well as a PD delivery. In the center, so I can charge an Android device and an Apple device extremely fast off this battery bank. In addition, I've got a standard USB connection over here, USB a that will charge the three amps so it's a way of taking power with you in the field to charge of all your devices. At the same time, the last product I'll talk about is a home charger. I mentioned before about a dual port at home charger. We have a drone valley version of that comment. It'Ll probably come at the end of April, beginning of May but again it's a dual Porter product, it's, extremely powerful and it's got QC connection on it, as well as a PD connection. So with this, you can charge two devices at the same time again an Android quick charge, as well as a PD Apple device, at the same time, at a really high current rate, so it's, a smart charger that'll determine how much current the product needs and adjust.

As needed to you know fire that current at that device, so these two products aren't out yet you'll – see these very soon on the website. But right now we have all. The cable kits have talked about the four in one memory card reader and the audio extension cable and again I love putting stuff like this together, because when I'm in the field, as an engineer, I'm, always looking for ways to make my day a little bit easier And and sort of get everything done and done quickly and safely. So these cables came on to the labs here at drone valley and we're, really really proud of the products we put together so that's pretty much it for today. Now I've got links below. If you want to go check all this stuff out, we appreciate any business. You threw our way again. You might be able to find some of these products all over the web, but they're not going to be drone Valley branded and our products we stand behind those. So if there's ever any questions or problems down the road we'll be here to take care of them, we're based in the US we ship every day and we'll, get it to you faster than Amazon. Well, so thanks a lot for watching. I appreciate all the subscriber count' that's been coming in over the last couple of months. You guys have really been supportive of the channel and we're getting a lot of great comments and suggestions for future products, so keep those coming and that's pretty much it for today.