Three, so the version three had um. We had like a fit plus one driver in it. Uh it was unregulated. It was using a um, a cree, xhp, 50.2 3 volt led in it, and it could only um. It could only sustain about 600 lumens um, and this one here has got a boost driver and its got xhp 70.2 um, and it is able to hold uh 1100 lumens. So its almost twice the amount of uh twice the amount of lumens that its actually able to um to maintain, and it is really good to see so um im just doing a quick, uh, quick overview of my um. My reviews now of me talking, i was just getting too much with the editing uh, taking it way too long, and i just need to get things done, quick with the amount of lights that im getting when this channel is growing, as it is more companies taking Notice so see it then youve got the lanyard attachment. Uh sophomores are usually quite a sharp edge to it, but because the surface of the tail cap here um, you just dont give that on this one. So this is just a bit of knurling on this. It does add um a bit of grip to it, but its also, i believe there just to give it a bit but better look to it. So the the build quality is um, you know, standard sofa and build quality is quite good and then the anodizing and the finish is pretty good.

I havent seen any issues on it at all. So moving up here to the switch youve got just the battery indicator on here. Quite a um, i was going to say a good feel to it, but its not really uh its a bit mushy quite a bit of play to it um. I prefer like the rubber switches um, even though they do, you know, wear out and you have to replace them. I dont really like these too much um, but yeah. So yeah youve got the um orange peel reflector. Here this is the 70.2 and cool white. I would like them to see, hopefully see um warmer tint options later on as uh around 5000k is more my preference um, but yeah so youve got the um usb type c um charging built and charging here. The x has a power bank as well, and it supports um usb c to c charging no problem but yeah. So this is the just the beam profile. This is the other thing that i dont really like on these um xhp 50 and 70 model leds. Is that here in the center you get a nice uh sort of white hot spot and then out to the edges its can be a bit of a greeny, yellow, normally a yellow corona, and then it spreads out into the the flood where you get a bit Of a purple um hue to it and thats known as the the cree rainbow um, and you can kind of get rid of that um a bit with an orange pearl reflector or some diffusing paper that you can put over the glass.

It really helps with that. But yeah, so this is just a quick uh look at the operation here: clickfun click for off um hold from off. As the echo um, then youve got uh while its on hold so through the levels and then youve got three clicks. You get a strobe four clicks from on that goes through to change between smooth and stepped and smooth ramping here, um and then from off one two: three four well get you the lockout and then, while its off. This is another feature that ive added is five clicks. Will change the switch indicator from on flashing and off so one two, three four five thats on just uh, so you can find it in the dark one: two, three four five yeah so thats, quite nice for them to add um. So a lot of people requested on the models that have the anderl firmware on here. So just a nice addition theyve got but yeah. This can hold 1100 lumens. It doesnt appear to want to step down below that on youll see on my graph is coming up that on the turbo on the turbo, its stepped down to 1100 and just coast along there and reach 57 degrees celsius max, and just you just want to step Down further on the high graph, i tested it in slightly cooler weather and it was Music once it had stepped down off the high it steps down 50 degrees celsius and when it got to uh, when it got to the 1100 lumen stepped down there, it fluctuated A bit it jumped sort of up and down Music and then after it had gone, it kept increasing in temperature over the 50.

It just it just stayed at the 1100 lumens um, but if you are using it in um in a place uh. That is its quite cool, quite a cold place and it dips, if it dips under that 50 degrees celsius. After that initial temperature step down at the 50, you will start seeing it like a roller coaster throughout the whole graph and theres something soph and really need to improve on its been on their models um for uh years and if they cant do the job properly. In their coding they need to get rid of it and just have it so that it steps down and then, when it cools down, you can manually bump it up. Otherwise, it kind of kind of ruins it a bit um but yeah its a very good light. Otherwise, a very good improvement over the previous version. Yes, ive got the the the graphs that ive talked about and then ive got my camera beam shots as well as the drone, and i put it up against the um, put it up against the science guy p25.