3 high intensity led in here its also got the textured or orange peel reflector and its got uh usb c, and it supports usb c to see charging no problem from my testing. Youve got the side switch here with the uh battery indicator as well. There is a bit of a little bit of play to it, um just with these switches with the um, where the button is actually built onto the driver, so just a little bit of play in it, but it is a nice solid, uh click to it. Youve got a bit of knurling seems to provide sufficient grip on this um youve just got the little battery symbol there, lanyard attachment, so youve got uh a rear forward, clicky as well with momentary uh. This switch as well um its just bit too risen here. So you cant tail stand it so if they could um shorten that a bit that would be great uh, it does feel um a bit mushy on the switch theres, quite a bit of travel from where it activates for the momentary right through uh just feels like Sort of like a big giant, marshmallow marshmallows could definitely be improved, but um certainly works quite well, as is um but yeah. So this has got a boost driver in here as well. Um and one uh awesome thing that sophen have actually got right. This time is their thermal regulation. It is almost perfect. It was just a small spike at the end but uh for it to maintain almost 1100 lumens for 1 hour and 45 minutes is just amazing, um and thats at an ambient temperature of 18 degrees celsius.

So you will get lower than that, the warmer areas you are living it um. So this takes uh 21, 700 um cell and also comes with a sleeve or adapter for an 18650 for the beam profile on it. It is a really good transition from the hotspot through to the from the hotspot, through to the spill, its very, very even um indoors and around about 10 to 15 meters. There is sort of a yellowing around uh, the corona, but its not noticeable um beyond that range. It actually looks really really good uh its a very, very good, uh combination, beam on this. I really really enjoy it, so the the build quality on this is reasonably good. Uh. There are a few sort of machining marks around the usbc charging port. Here i dont know if you can see that on camera, just on the on the side of it, there um so theyll just put the anodizing over that there are a few nicks around the place where the anodizing is um, rubbed off or um. It just hasnt been applied properly and i just have found you know, being a dealer for sophomore over over quite a few years now that the quality control could uh definitely use some improvement there. So this uh c8l is aimed more for tactical use and thats. Probably why theyve gone with more of a risen switch here, but it has got two uis that has got group one and group two group, one is the general use ui, which is you got um, uh, eco, low, medium high and double price for turbo, and then The group 2 is more for the technical ui, so youve got cycling through the medium and the turbo and ill go over that in a second.

But one thing i i wish was different in the general ui is that you could turn it off and to stand by by the side switch. This can only be turned on and off from the from the tower switch here. It has got springs on the front and on the rear, um, so thats, very good. If you drop the flashlight using a flat top cell, its not going to smash in the um smashing, the positive uh ends like you would get on the other. Some other models that have the solid contact um and then on the on the tail. Youve got dual springs: um and nice um square cut threads uh theres, no issues there uh. The lumens is quite uh disappointing to see its specked at 3100 lumens and i only measured 2’0. So that is quite a ways lower than what theyve rated it at um. But it still performs almost the range of expected at so its big, its three uh 531 meters and i measured 518. So i still still given the range, almost the range that expected um, so thats thats, quite alright, im more somebody that loves to see its being able to maintain you know quite a decent output rather than just high numbers. So for what its performing at im? Pretty pretty pleased with so ill just go over the ui, so this has two uis, like i had mentioned with the group, one being the general use, ui and group, two being the more of the tactical ui, so were in group one at the moment.

So if you just if we just activate the tower switch um, it will turn on to our memorized level um. It also, you know, has the momentary if you, when its on, if you cycle click the side, switch or cycle through four levels, um with the echo low, medium and high double click for turbo single click drop it back down. Uh three clicks will go to strobe. Two clicks from there well go to slsn beacon, but i wont go into that uh for the sake of time. Uh then weve got. If you want to get through to the eco level directly, you would hold down the side, switch and turn it on that way. If you want to get uh instant turbo from off double press the the tail, so it is a very good to have uh to change to the uh tactical ui group, two hold down the side switch, so the tactical ui is always activates on turbo on the Rear switch uh and then youve got a single click, will just cycle through medium and turbo. Double click of the sides which gets you the strobe and then double click again cycles through the slsn beacon. If you, you can still get to the echo level by holding and turning on the side switch as well on this ui um.