Then there are those that arrive ahead of their time. Welcome to penn medicines, new pavilion, Music, 46 year old, female respiratory distress before pressure is rising. Lets get to room two maam yeah im, trying to figure out what room my wife is good morning, sir hows it going today, yeah im doing all right is the front desk good morning welcome to medicine how to help you hi. Can you tell me how to get to the oncology floor? Please, yes, youll! Take the patient elevator to your right up to the 14th floor. Thank you, Music! Wait! Until you see this statue over here, its incredible theres. All these glass balls youre gon na love it this sculpture is amazing. Would you mind taking my photo in front of it? Oh absolutely, why dont you shift a little to the left exactly just a little bit up to the left, just in that one spot im. So excited to see him today what flavor chips should i get all right? We got a cheeseburger medium rare ready to go. Oh that looks good cash. Your credit hows, your wrath, really good, theres. So much more to see all right guys. This is john crissman date of birth – 118. 1973.. He is here today for a right, inguinal, hernia, repair, Music. Okay, i think were ready to scan a minute and yeah. Everything looks good in here. Music, Music lets take a closer look at these inked margins.

Can you just move it up a little and to the left, yeah thats, perfect, hey chrissy! Did you love this specimen that i left on your table earlier? Yes, Music is Music. Music, Music went extremely well youre doing great.