It is a drone and an rc plane stuck together. So if you love rc planes, youre kind of stuck to where you can fly them, because you need to take off and landing point, you know a lot of room. If you love drones, you can fly them pretty much anywhere because they just go straight up and straight down. So this you can fly anywhere because its like a drone when you take off and when you get up in the air, you can switch it into plane mode and it flies around like an rc plane. You can attach a gopro to this and film yeah right up to like a gopro 9. If you want and film if you want theres, also a built in fpv camera in this baby, so im going to take it out of this case that comes with the product and show you whats inside now, the swan k1 does come in pieces, and this is A piece of it here and i want to show you this up close, so let me bring it closer. So, on the very top of this product, you have a pedo tube and you can see ive glued mine, its just to make sure it doesnt come out. A pedo tube is for air speed, so it will check the air speed while its flying and if it finds its going to stall, it will just take care of itself, so it doesnt fall out of the sky.

Next thing is way down here. What is that? Thats, an fpv camera, so its gon na send back an fpv image of where its flying it has about a five kilometer range to send this back so youll get that back on the included remote, and this space up here is for you to put a gopro Of your choosing or any camera that you like that will fit in there and just strap it in and youre all set to go next item i want to show you is the includer remote controller that has a built in display that you can view out in The bright sun, because its a super high resolution bright display on here, let me bring it close here. You can see our remote control normal joysticks. There. You have a few buttons up here: ive labeled them. That is the mode, so you can switch it from drone mode to rc airplane mode, and that is the return to home button. So it comes back and it lands right where it took off on the side over here you have a switch to put it in sort of like when you fly dji drones. You want it in position mode so that its using gps. You can flick this and i believe you can put in manual mode and flight without gps. The antennas on this baby are real and they will shoot an awfully long range. The screen is touch screen and it is an android operating system.

It has a built in battery that you recharge and it will go for an awfully long time. I have charged this the first day of usage and ive never had to charge it again. The battery lasts for a long time, theres a lot of buttons on here that are not used at the moment like little dials and stuff theyre not really used right now, but probably in the future. They might be on the top of the unit right here. Underneath the rubber is your place to charge with usbc, and the cool thing is right over here it says: insert a sim card. A sim card is what you put in your cell phone to get data, and when i turn this on, it actually tells me theres. No sim card or data so ive never tried it with a cell phone card, so im not sure if it works, but it seems like it does alright. The next thing i want to show you really quick is how to assemble this. It takes like seconds to put together if you want to do it fast, if youre not talking so im, going to assemble it and talk at the same time. You can see that on my pieces of this here well, this here product, i have labeled them so that i am not sitting here fiddling around where. Where does this go? What what? What? Because you can put pieces uh mistakenly in the wrong spot and jam them in mistakenly and cause everything to go wrong, so ive designed it so that if i have it sitting like this, then i can look and say hey.

This is the right wing. So this must go here that ones in and this one says left wing so im going to put that one in you can see how easy im putting together look at that were almost done there. We go. It stands up by itself and then you get two other wings included right here. The wing tips this one i wrote left on it and they just snap into place there. We go its snapped in held in place, and this one here says right once again. Ive put those markings on it just so i can put it together, because when i talk, i often lose track of what im talking about ill spin it around this way now a few things you should know about this. This here product can fly out at a 40 kilometer range, but you cannot get all the video and everything back at 40 kilometers. You basically have to use a mapping type software thats available ill put below what its called, and then you somehow get it on this. Here controller this is android, but i havent tried the hookup to the google play store or anything. I havent tried it yet so i dont know anyways. If you put the mapping software on here, you can get this to go out. 40 kilometers. You just pick your points, your waypoints, your mission. It goes out because the battery thats included with this uh will let this baby fly for 60 minutes one full hour on the battery of flying yeah.

So you could have a lot of fun with this. I know ive flown this. Many times like this is probably my 10th flight and ive never run out of battery power matter of fact, a lot of times im like okay, i got to bring it home. This is long enough, but its never low in battery power. When i land it, finally, you just put the props on the motors. They are the type that spin on theres little indentation in the motor, and you just match up the black with the indentation and the silver with the non indentation. The temperature today is like 30 degrees celsius. It is very hot out today, so speaking of the battery here it is, it is square and thick and heavy, and if i read the front, it is 5500 milliamp hours and it does have an xt60 connector. So if you have xt60 connectors on batteries, you already own, you could probably use them to fly in this plane. All right. The gopro im just going to strap in the front right here and then to put the battery in just pull this top off its just held on by magnets. So that comes off. You can see your xt60 connector just attach it. I will say on a hot day like today: theres a vtx in here that sends out the video signal and all drones. The vtx gets very hot, so if this overheats it will shut itself off, so you have to fly before it shuts itself off on a hot day.

Take the cover, put it back on and the magnets should lock it into place. It should be secure there. We go its nice and secure, so this is going to talk so hang on wheres my camera, so this is going to talk to the remote controller and well get all set up. Itll, be pretty simple! All right! So, im just going to check on my screen to make sure that the telemetry is coming back and right now i dont see any telemetry. So that means this here. Drone is not talking with this here remote at the moment. So the way you fix that, because ive had to do this many times, is you power this off and you power that off and you let them start up again and they will talk to each other. So, im going to do that now, power you off and power you back on. Okay, second, try! The hq fly, app is starting up. I see it yet now it says its working. It says hey before you take off check these things. This is good. One thing i want to tell you is that the very first time you get this here, a drone plane, do a compass calibration because its not set up for your area. You only have to do it once ive done it once already. You have to spin it three times one direction three times the same direction but holding in a different orientation and then the third time, a different orientation and again in the same direction, all right.

So what i have to do now before you can take off. Is you have to calibrate the pitot tube so that it knows the wind speed is at zero, so im going to hit this little icon? That says calibrate all right hit the calibrate button. It says just put your finger over the top. What this is going to do is going to set the air speed to zero. I look at my screen. It says in calibration pretty soon its going to say done or its going to say calibrate it. So i wait for that complete it now. It says the next thing you have to do is you have to please the drone by blowing into it. So here we go and it says complete it so were all good here. Ill just show you on the screen what it says there we go. You kind of see it there, you see, i held it and then i blew into it and they both say complete it and thats. What you want now youre ready to fly so ill. Show you this on the screen as well ill bring it close. Hopefully you can see it theres, my map, you see that blue thing in the center. That is the drone. As long as you see a map of where you are in a blue thing for the drone, then your home point has been recorded also in the top right. I only have nine satellites that usually goes up to 14 or 15.

, so well, wait till that goes up a little bit and finally, let me get this again, so you can see it in the bottom here. Let me see down here is your fpv view? If i hit that then thats an image of the drone looking up at the cloud so im going to get out of that, go back to map, you can watch your flight on the map or put an fpv view. Your choice, all right, its super hot out. So i got to fly it now to fly it just pull this left joystick down and over to the right, like this motors will start lets. Look at the motors there there and then push the joystick all the way up to go up in the air there. We go lets. Take it way up Applause there. It is way up there, so it will just keep going straight until i tell it to turn there. We go im trying to hit full velocity while im going up – and i think were hitting pretty much max airspeed. Now, im, almost oh im pretty far away pretty far away im, almost a kilometer away from myself and uh. So there we go and then now what im gon na do is whip it around and im gon na bring it back at full speed lets see coming back to me now, unfortunately, i found the heat outside to be too much, so i brought the swan back And brought it down for a landing now.

Dont worry because i have a lot more swan video coming up so stay tuned. Let me get this out of your way there. You go Applause all right. The next thing i want to show you is some flights ive taken this out flying it many times different places in the evening, and let me just show you a little bit of video of those flights check it out. All right, ive got the k1 pro over. There the wind has died down, i dont know if i could show it on this camera. So let me just look at here im going to put the map on there. We go so theres my map, you see all the squigglies. So on my map, you see this big red circle. That is the geo fence i set. So i want it to stay within that. So if the drone ever lost control or went out of control, it cant go beyond that. Geofence, the red circle, all right everything looks good lets start up the motors there we go and im going to take it straight up, im just going to stand over here all right, so in this mode it uses a lot of battery powers but its hovering there. So i can do little things like yacht there. We go pretty sweet and you can go side to side that way and back towards me. Try not to chop yourself and then, of course, you can move it backwards and you can move it forwards, its a pretty decent thing and of course you can take it out full blast there.

We are and you can switch it into airplane mode like this. Here we go im gon na press, the a button here we go and there we go airplane mode. Look at it, go oh thats, fast, so im gon na put on the video feed here. So i can see where its going look at that you can see it in my camera, my gopro camera on my hat. Do you see it theres? A video feed here i dont know if the sun is reflecting getting it so its gone out of my sight. Ive got to turn it around, bring it back there we go Music come back to the school, you see the school out there. Well, i see the school, hopefully the gopro hasnt fallen out. Oh, i see it on the map. I can see my path. Thats, pretty cool all right im gon na see if i can bring it down lower so that we can buzz me and everything else lets come like this theres the field im looking at the height altitude im coming down slowly it uh it does not drop fast. I just want to stay away from the sports fields, so im going to go to this set of trees, ive got it down to 38 meters and im gon na spin it, and there we go now looking at me here. It is ive, got it coming down again, see it going over past the moon and there she goes.

That is so cool, and this thing flies for. Like an hour on the battery, you get pretty tired of buzzing around all right, theres a farmhouse over there im just gon na gun it to the farmhouse go way up in the air. Let me tell you what the height is im going to take it up to 100 meters there. We are at 100 meters and we are going forward at whatever the speed is showing so im heading towards that farmhouse and i think im going to hit the end of my geofence. Yes, on my map im going to hit it any second, i hit it there. We go, it looks like a, but there we go so it goes. You hit the the geofence, so it says im going to return to home and it is on the map, its turning and its coming back, its pretty cool. I wish i could show you this. Its just so cool the way it looks on the map Music. I dont know if you could see this im just trying to show you what it looks like on the map. The blue thing in the center is the uh, the pro the k1 pro coming back and uh. Well its pretty much overview. I think it shows it over top. So if i look up it should be on top of me. Where are you i hear you? Oh youre way up there and shes coming down here.

She comes, i have a gopro looking up at it, Music cut them down coming down and there we go motors are going to shut off and thats it all right. Next thing i want to show you is: what comes in the box that huge wheres that box? I threw it over there, so you get it in a nice packaging box and it has everything you saw me assemble here, plus a few other items so uh. Let me show you what comes with the box check this out here. We have the carrying case that the swann k1 pro comes in. Everything is nicely packed and it is very easy to transport your swan around. In this case, this latest version of the swan k1 pro comes with a controller that has a built in high resolution, touch screen display. It is an android device, so you could probably load other apps the app for the k1 pro is already pre installed. The controller is rechargeable and the battery lasts for a very long time on a full charge. Here we have the main section of the swan and in the front, is a weight, so you would take that weight out and replace it with an action camera all of the wings have a circuitry for connection which makes them really easy to go together. Notice. The brushless motors they kind of remind me of the motors off the dji phantom 3.. Even the props remind me of the old school dji screw on props.

The included battery will get you 60 minutes of flight time as long as youre flying in airplane mode to charge that large battery a power adapter is included, and i will say it does charge up quite quickly and a usb c cable is included to charge up Your controller, finally, a set of instructions are included. Now it is possible to fly the swan k1 pro using the dji fpv system. They have a video on the website im showing it right here. It shows you how to install the dji fpv system or the cadx vista system and then use your dji fpv goggles and fly it all right. Final thoughts on the swan k1 pro and ive had this for about a week and a half and ive flown it. For about 10 times and every time, ive flown it its awesome, the only times i had issues was right when i first started flying it because theres a glitch in this controller, that is not documented. So let me tell you about it now, so you dont have the same problem. I have if you fly it for the very first time and you hit the return to home button as i did here and it lands. If you try to take off again, it wont take off if you turn everything off and then power it on and try to take off again, it wont take off because it thinks its still in return to home.

You have to hit the button one more time. Yep i didnt know that it doesnt tell you on the screen, but as soon as you do that, then everything say: okay other than that i dont have any complaints with it. It seems to work perfect uh, like i said, 10 flights and everythings been a okay, excellent flying and its a joy to fly, and everybody who sees it just loves this thing. They think it looks the coolest its a mavic with wings, pretty much yeah its pretty much a dji drone with wings youre right yeah, you take it long range, you go film, something you bring it on back. It made it landing. It was on sort of an angle yeah its a design for beginners, like theres, no skills necessary, just its gps enabled so it takes off and it just waits for you to tell it to do something all right. So links are below go check it out see if this is a product for you, its very different theres, a lot of cheap products on the market that are not this. This is the best of the best of the best. So this is the one you want and the foam on here this is not cheap foam. I had the guys look at it who fly rc planes and they were super impressed with this foam. They said this is higher quality than the foam they get on their airplanes. It is massively compressed, so its super super strong and very light.

So this thing does not weigh a lot all together with everything attached all right, guys. Hope you enjoyed this video.