Weve got the hollistone hs710, so lets crack it open and see. Is it any good Music? So a 250 gram drone from holly stone now its 4k, so hopefully its gon na give us some decent images. Now it isnt stabilized, but it is dampered, so well just have to wait and see if that actually pans out. The proof is in the pudding, as we say in the uk, now its got brushless motors thats. Definitely a tick youre. Looking at prices. As i look today, 186 pound 99, but do shop around as these tend to go up and down all over the place, but prices are coming down being that this is not a brand new product from them. It takes an sd card youre. Looking at 23 minutes run time, this one came with two batteries, so thats a nice decent level of run. Time 600 meter range more than enough for a drone of this size. It has had tap and fly, which means you can draw around and it will actually go in the app that you have to download, never tried it well. Give that a go. Follow me thats. Definitely one worth checking out because thats one youre really going to use. If you want to actually walk along and get it to track after you and things like that, point of interest could be another one, especially if youve got like a car or a boat or something, and you want it to pan around but still face the thing That youre, actually looking at so on opening the box youre presented with this its a little carry case and quality wise.

Its fine, no issues at all. Obviously now most drones that youre going to be taking with you will come with a nice case like this. Then you just unzip it, and what youre looking for is that everything can be fitted in nice and easy now youre presented with this im guessing this is more of a transportation. It would have been nice. This is just a piece of foam im guessing it would have been nice to have something a little bit more substantial, but im guessing youre going to toss that at some point and just live with it like this. So what do you get well in? There is the actual controllers: now you can fold these out to improve the size for your handling, which actually works really. Well then, you have your aerials that you put up then in here, is where you actually pull it out and thats, where your phone goes once youve downloaded the app from holly stone. Uh takes two extra aaa batteries in the back of that you probably want to have good rechargeable ones, but if youre carrying some of these one thing thats nice about this – is if youre out and about its not a proprietary battery that you need to charge. You could just take a few spare ones and if you got in a pinch, you could buy some new ones, so thats not too bad. Actually, the quality feels pretty good in the hand, no issues there.

So you have your spare battery in here and the other battery lives in the drone, while its in this pack, you just remove it out here and its in its storage mode. You just pull out the arms push it down and then that will actually open it. I hope that will actually open it up for you and then youve got your full drone to turn it on the battery is at the back. You just press and hold youll, see the and then it basically turns it on and then again you get all your flashy lights up in the top part of the bag is where you store other little bits and pieces. Like the manual you get two little charging cables, so you can charge the batteries simultaneously. I did like that that was kind of nice. Then you get your manual, definitely worth a read before you mess around with it, because you cant really wing these once youve got a bit of experience, youll kind of understand, but each drone has its own starting procedure. So you need that then theyve included some extra blades for you, props, whatever you want to call them now, youve got to make sure you fit the right one on the right side as they rotate in different ways. So you get a few of those thrown in as well and thats pretty much what you get in the box. So taking a closer look at the transmitter.

Well start on the right hand, side youve got the gps thats just to turn it on and off. Then up the here, you have the home button pressing that will actually bring the drone back to you. This is the on and off button here then youve got an emergency button here. Holding this down for three seconds will actually kill the power to the drone. The problem is, if thats up in the air – and you hold this down for three seconds – the drone will plummet from the sky. Then youve got your take off and land button over in this corner. On the top, you have a button which takes photographs. If you press it once it will just take a photograph, if you press it and hold it down, it will start filming. If you then press it press it down again and hold it, it will stop filming on this side. Youve got your basic rates. Youve got your high and low rates. If you want the drone to be more powerful and move faster, you can actually press it down and set it to high, which will show up on the screen at the front here, its all pretty simple stuff. One other thing i found on the transmitter, which i really liked after reading through the manual is, you can actually adjust the angle of the camera in the drone from the transmitter, the top wheel here as you roll it left and right it will actually pitch the Camera down or up like that, the other side doesnt actually do anything its just sealed on this one.

So all weve got left to do now is take it out and see how well we get on right lets get this modern drone in the air. Now its a one touch affair. All modern drones are these days and it does exactly what its supposed to just takes off and hovers now. This has got gps, so it should be rock solid and, on a day like this, with almost no wind it is, it will sit exactly where you place it right lets, take it for a bit of a spin now. The first thing that jumps out is the camera quality, unfortunately, is not that good. I was a little bit disappointed in this. As for this price point were starting to spend a reasonable amount of money. Now it seems to be that the drone technology and the drone quality itself is great and thats where the moneys been spent, but you would think a good camera is not that expensive and a high frame rate. Now this is a 4k camera and i must admit its very washed out frame rate, not the best and, as you can see, all the colors are muted. I have played around to try and improve the image quality, but i couldnt really get anything better than what you see now now. This is a full push were going up as fast as the drone will take us, and i was reasonably happy with it. The drone itself performs really well, yes, its brushless and the battery life is fantastic.

It feels like youre zooming around for ages. I took both batteries with me and i only needed to use one full battery to get all the footage that you see here once you get it nice and stable and settled down. You can get some reasonably nice images, but if you turn into the sun or the light reflects off of the camera itself, it just cant really cope with it. As for the range i didnt have any issues, i could run around this whole field, no problems at all and the drones well out of sight being that the size is so small, so you have to use the feed on your iphone. The problem is that youre standing out in the field with bright light, seeing your iphone is not the easiest. The app itself worked. Fine was pretty easy. Its just the little icons are quite small when the sun is shining on your iphone. I now did a full push again so thats to give you an idea of the sign of climbing speed that you can get. I did like that. You could adjust the camera position from the transmitter. That was a nice touch, but without the gimbal, its kind of limited. Obviously, you have to fly very smoothly now im going to try the point of interest feature, so you just select it in the app and then it should have you in the center of the image and then it should pan round uh yeah that didnt work very Well, i played around with it for a while, and i did get it to improve im surprised.

The app doesnt have like a center on it, where you click on it and actually pick a point. It couldnt really make it out with the sunshine either, but it kind of recovered towards the end i played around with it a little bit more and it is usable. I wouldnt say its a feature: youd never use, but you just got to mess around with it. For a while to get it to actually do a nice pan next im going to try the follow me where i line myself up in the middle of the field, and then i set it and then start walking away from the drone, and it should follow me Along the path Music again, i tried this feature a bit now and again, and it was a bit hit and miss it kind of worked sometimes, but not other times, im, not sure what i was doing different but uh here it actually starts to follow me in A minute again its a feature that is handy but dont expect amazing precision. It did work, but it did sort of wander around the image a little bit Music. What im doing now is a single button land where ive just pressed it and told it to come in and land where it is again super easy to take off and land these drones and, as you can see, perfect no issues at all, and i didnt have To adjust the joysticks in any way, then we can just reset it again, press the button and well get it to launch again with just one click or maybe two Music.

So now were going to push the drone and see how fast and how maneuverable it is and its to be fair, pretty decent. Obviously, when you fly it like this, because it hasnt got a gimbal. Well, you maybe just kind of go out the window, but, as you can see, if youre pushing it fast in one direction, its okay, Music, Music, Music, the app started giving me the warning that my battery was getting low. So it was easy enough to bring it into a hover press, the button and it lands all on its own, so whats. My final thoughts on the holly stone hs710. Well, the build quality is fine super happy with it all folds up nice and small that you can carry it with you without having to lug around a massive box but theres. So many like that now is that a killer feature, probably not battery life is excellent. I i was really impressed, especially when you get two in the box, and you get two cables, so you can charge them both at the same time. So from a flight point of view, youve got a lot to play with now. The main achilles heel for this is the camera and i think they kind of let themselves down a little bit, because the drone is so good. Yes, its no racing drone, it does feel a little bit heavy, but if you set it to the high rate, you can actually get it to zoom around quite well, especially as its really supposed to be just a camera platform.

But the image quality not overly impressed myself. So if i was going to give any feedback to them, i would say definitely look at improving that camera, its a bit of a surprise being that the cameras arent exactly the expensive part when theyve done a lot of the hard work for you anyway, comment below.