Welcome to my review. Uh today were gon na, be reviewing the holy stone. Sp. 500.. This drone is the cheapest gps drone i could find in canada at least and were gon na put up to the test. Today we will be using follow me mode circle, me mode, waypoints mode and were gon na be doing a quick range test, return to home test and camera test. It does have an sd card and it is a brushed motor drone, so were gon na see how it flies. It does have a high voltage uh battery at about 7.4 and it does cost less than the hs 110d, which is surprising. So uh were going to be putting this thing up to the test and, if youre asking why im wearing a mask outside its because i dont like my face okay um, so lets just get – lets just get started: alrighty everybody so uh! Next, what you want to do is you want to connect to the snapden sp500 wi fi network. Okay, looks just like this and im already connected itll, say no internet connection, but thats completely normal um, but yeah. So just connect to that and youll be ready to go next. Youll need to download the snapden nova app youll, see it on screen right here and ill. Have the link to download in the description below and make sure you press the s. P 500. Dont know what the s p 500 plus is, but it works the exact same in the app alrighty, so were in the app right now, and it does say that there is comfort compass interference.

So what you do is you hold down the compass um button in the app and it will put in the compass calibration uh. You do compass, calibrate it anyway by turning it any way: uh clockwise, im, pretty sure, uh or counterclockwise. I dont know what im doing right now and then the same thing but vertically and its calibrated and its ready to fly so its in gps mode. You can always turn that off. If you want um but yeah so were just gon na give it a quick flight, a quick return to home test and uh yeah lets hope for the best. So lets take off Applause, so it is actually staying pretty still. There is a faster mode on here to make this thing faster and im not going to be testing that out right now, but yeah so lets just do a quick return to home test. It looks like its working great right now. I did do a small mod to make the wi fi go a little farther. I dont know if thatll actually work or not, but you know it never hurts to try. So uh were about 112 meters out right now, so so lets start a video lets start a video by pressing perfect and we should be videoing now now lets press return to home button and thats it um. Something really cool about. The return to home here is with holy stone. It doesnt turn around. It just comes straight back, but with this one it actually turns around just like a dji drone.

So if you like it turning around when its on its way back um, well it does it um. So let me just land this thing quickly. Its gon na do great. It does have an sd card, so the final sd card footage will be shown. Of course, while i do this um so uh in settings, you can change it so im, currently not in beginner mode, but beginner mode will limit everything and it wont allow it to go too far, which is always good for beginners um, but i always like making My flight distance far were gon na, be doing a range test, of course, so yeah uh, it is a bit windy, so just want to keep in mind with that im gon na put this thing into double speed now and uh well be doing a quick disconnection Test for the wi fi, so stay tuned for that lets. Just do that quickly. So all right im not screen recording this simply because well, i dont feel as if i need to, and it does have gps, but it does drift still, which is a bit annoying, but its the best. It can do, and i respect that, so i still got connection to the controller uh, the drone itself. It seems to be pretty far and im just waiting for it to disconnect it is in return to home mode now it disconnected and its on its way back. So i am unsure, if it actually disconnected from the controller or if it just comes back home once the wi fi is gone.

Because honestly, i cant really tell to be completely honest um i did do like. I said a mod which allows it to go a bit farther, but im unsure exactly what it does, but its on its way back home now so thats always awesome, im pretty sure thats, just because its in low voltage, though right now um but yeah so were Going to be just playing around with this battery and yeah thats about it, alrighty everybody uh, so right now i will be doing a circle me test its a pretty loud drone. So let me just bring this thing back a little bit um, but yeah. So lets just try circle me. I know it doesnt track you like your actual body. So let me just see what happens here. Point of radius uh ill do 10 meters. That should be fair, so its going out to 10 meters start surrounded and it just circles. Um yeah. You do have to be near like the actual area. Otherwise it does this, so i can just walk towards it more or run towards it more and itll get me in frame, but it doesnt actually like do the thing with your body, but this would be a nice type of follow me mode like look at that. It does look pretty cool, but it isnt the most accurate when it comes to everything um, but it is very nice uh ill ill, stop it for a second ill start.

Recording and ill do one right now: um, okay, so lets record lets uh. 10 meters. Point of radius – and it goes back 10 meters and it starts to surround but yeah overall, it is a pretty good like surround like i know, yeah it doesnt track you. It would be nice if it could, but again were talking 80 canadian for this drone. So we cant expect too much, but look at that thing go its like a nice uh type of follow me out in the way to be honest and it just kind of continues to circle um. Of course you can cancel it just by tapping it just like that and it cancels itself well but yeah. So very easy now lets try uh follow me mode so with gps. Follow me im just gon na put it up a bit and back a bit just like that so yeah. I know its actually no thats a little much thats a thats a little too much um. So with the with this, it doesnt track your face. Unfortunately, i really wish it did, but thats okay. It does come down hard for some reason, after like its weird but thats. Okay, all right so im just gon na bring it closer and im gon na start following me mode uh, this tracks, your phone. So you can always just put your phone in your pocket or something and let it follow you um, but im just gon na keep it on the controller.

Just for you know actually nah im gon na im gon na do that so alrighty everybody. So this is just a quick video of me um, you know just using follow me mode uh its again, not the greatest. Follow me mode. I am doing it sideways and it is working pretty well um. So, of course give it that it does work pretty well. Um and it does go backwards like a holy stone drone, but just not as well. It seems it needs a lot of ketchup to do so, and it definitely confuses itself like look. Look at just what happened im still in im still in follow me mode it. It did something weird there um but yeah, so it caught itself and its following again, but it does get very confused. Okay, everybody im at five percent, so im gon na get this waypoints thing done fast, so it does have waypoints mode, which is awesome so im gon na take this thing off and we i just changed the battery. I just changed the battery. I again, i cant tell the difference between the two modes: im gon na put it at double mode. Just in case you know we got to be careful, it looks like uh. The wind is this way, so uh heres. What waypoint mode does so im going to go there there there there and im going to take it up a bit more and upload so now its going on its way as you can see, uh the final video ill show after because itll be better its gon Na take a little while, obviously, but it is on its way there look at that thing: go the wi, fi isnt the greatest right now, but it is doing its thing, so were at the waypoint, and i dont know what the way, what it does when it Disconnects from that waypoint so were gon na have to hope for the best on this one, so i made it to the waypoint it should have like turned by now uh.

I have ive, i have sight right now and it is turning for chillin. Its just kind of doing a disconnecting thing, but i am watching it right now. Uh ill put the final video up. I promise its just. I cant really do that right now, so its on its way back home, it didnt complete the waypoints, because when it connects disconnects, it seems to not do the waypoint so here ill ill delete all these for a second and ill, try again but ill. Do a simpler waypoint because yeah once it disconnects it, disconnects for good. So this this this upload, yes, awesome all right its trying again. Of course you can see it on the map here with the screen: recording uh phones about to die, but yeah. So now its going to that one, it should turn around now, oh unless its going to the first one here, oh yeah its going to that one first forget so its going there and its working well uh its kind of disconnecting, but it is still doing its Way point so im happy and i think its returning to home again dang it disconnected again and it think its coming to home its kind of hard to tell yeah. I know its coming right back to home yeah. So sorry, for that cut off everybody, um were going to be doing the unboxing portion. Now, unfortunately, i wasnt able to get a full waypoint, but the waypoints do fully work.

Ive done it before and it does work well, but you just got ta make sure you cant disconnect from the video um video live feed um, but anyways. So here is the unboxing video. This is everything you get. You get some nice styrofoam looking premium stuff uh! You do get prop guards, i never use them. Personally, i dont think gps. Drones really need prop guards, but its always good for beginners. There are also some chargers in this uh for the batteries theres, actually, three one for the remote and two for the actual battery charger, so thats very helpful in many different ways and yeah. It also comes with two batteries: um, both plastic wrapped 7.4 voltage, which is actually pretty high, but it is understandable, since it is such well a gps drone, which is meant to go high and farther and way more capabilities than normal drones. But it does come with two, which is very handy. It does take about an hour and a half to charge, unfortunately, which is not my biggest fan, um theres. Also a rechargeable controller. You dont find many rechargeable controllers with cheap drones like this, so thats very awesome. There isnt any telemetry, though unfortunately, so if you disconnect from the app uh youre gon na, have to guess basically, but it is very nice everythings very straightforward and it is a handy little handy little remote. But it is pretty cheap feeling its super light and it does feel very cheap, uh heres also the manual that comes with the drone.

You know everything with warranties and customer service and how to fly and quick starts and all that stuff very easy and simple um yeah and next we got some extra propellers extra screws extra tops and i think a screwdriver as well uh. Those screwdrivers are very helpful. Um they always come with a little mini screwdriver, which is awesome. Also here is the drone, its a very cheap feeling, drone um, but it is a bit heavier than most cheap drones. Plus you get a rip off that plastic, which is always fun um, but yeah. So it is a pretty cheap feeling drone, but it does the job again. It does have gps and all that fun stuff, that uh more expensive drones, at least in canada, usually have um but yeah, so thats. The simple unboxing video for today here is a quick night test as well um the night. It does pretty well at night time, but this is about the end of the video i may upload a shorts on a completed waypoint. When i do have the time it is snowing now, so i cant really do that um but yeah. Thank you guys so much for watching im. Sorry that my videos havent been up to quality but ive been working on a bunch of stuff recently so uh. Please spare that um and i hope the best good luck um take care. Please subscribe and uh enjoy the footage i have oh yeah and i dont have any sd card footage.

This is just footage taken off the app um. Sorry about that. My computer sucks anyways. Thank you for watching and enjoy Music Applause. Music Music ive seen things that you wouldnt believe i was lost until i found that im invincible. Nobody gon na bring me down Music Applause. Here we go Music Music. Nobody can bring me down. Music. Come bring me down.