I just got done reviewing the snapton sp510. Actually, the snapdragon themselves asked me to do a review. Hopefully they’ll keep doing that for me um. So we have the sp 500 full ball drone with gps. Of course it has an hd camera gps mode. It does wave points. Of course it has circle mode. Follow me gestures. The rest are pretty much standard. One key takeoff rth has an rth function for those, if you’re not familiar with that it’s. Basically, when your drone goes back to you wherever you set it up, of course, it has atti mode. I believe that means um. It utilizes the optical flow sensor, headless mode well, it’s foldable. It says that’s about it really on the box um. The one thing on snapped in it doesn’t give you a case, but the box itself is somewhat of a case even comes with a nifty little handle right here, so let’s open it up and see what we got. Okay before i’m, going to open the box um. I believe this design is based on the zuo drone that i did a review earlier on um the zerocrate makes um a drone with 4k 2k 1080p and, of course, 720p, and it varies in prices. I did that review. I believe their designs are very similar if not just a slight modification let’s see all right, let’s see. Oh it’s, sealed right here, all right, let’s, look at the box of wonders right here.

Shall we all right? Let this turn this around, for you right here come to the manual and, of course it has that usual standard activate your 12 month. Free warranty snapped in always has that manual. It comes with spare blades. This unit comes with two batteries, which is a great plus, and these are the prop guards and again these are actually identical to the vizuo um prop parts that actually reinforces my theory. Okay, oh i see it looks like these is the charging cables so apparently so they give you three chargers: they’re, all micro usb. I believe these are two for the battery and i believe this is for the remote pull this out. That’S your typical snap, 10 controller. They just change the the knobs. I guess let’s charge it right there. It falls out here and your phone attachment here. It is interesting to note that they did get rid of those fake, um fake antenna, they’re, not there anymore, which is good other than that. It looks pretty much identical to all the most of the snapchat controllers and, of course, we have the drones up that’s a very light drone. Okay, these are brush motors, so it’s a good sized drone it’s bigger than it’s relatively big. As far as price range goes. I actually purchased this unit for 93 dollars, so it’s somewhat in the same price range as a zero 4k it’s a literally. This is pretty much identical in all honesty x.

I don’t see an optic flow sensor, that’s interesting now, i’m. Looking for an sd card slot that looks like an sd card slot. The visual looks like you had an sd card slot, but it does not this one that actually looks like a legitimate sd card slot. Right there, which is a great plus and there’s a battery that’s, where you charge it using this snapchat on it, says: snapton got two eyes right there and, of course, a camera. I don’t, i believe this gimbal much like the battle shark, the vizio. I believe this is manual but let’s see. Does it have a charge? Okay, it’s on. I think i didn’t even have to push anything hmm all right um, since this is, i believe, this base again this basis, but based on the brazil battle shark. I’M. Pretty sure this will take off right now immediately there it is Music Applause, all right, Music, Music do do Music, hey guys. We just finished piloting this drone um. This is a snap 10 sp 500. Now to be confused with sp 510 um. I don’t believe the numbers are consecutive i’m, not quite sure how to designate it, maybe it’s possible to use the same os, because this is a 510. This is a 500. The only similarities. These two have in common from what i’ve seen personally is the operating system. They use the same os so make um, basically the same os they’re from the follow me and everything.

In fact, their behavior is very similar. Um let’s get with that um let’s first let’s start with the most important thing now arch function, you’ll hear me: um mention rth a lot and for those of you just i’m starting to watch or start getting into a drone. Our cage needs to return to home and it means the drone has an ability to come back to where you set it up, set it up, meaning where you compass calibrated where it took off and everything now rths um are different for every drone um as a As a general rule, a very loose role, anything basically 60 dollars and down they don’t have an rth function. Most of them do not meaning if it flies away, it flies away, that’s why they call them a fly away. When you lose a drone bit flying away. It’S called a fly away now: more mass drones like this one and the snap 10 510, the 500 mavic and the other drones i’ve reviewed. Those drones do have an rth function, most drones. I said most 80 and up have an rth function, now there’s different kinds of rth functions. For example, if you have a mavic, it has an obstacle avoidance system. Some of them do basically when it goes rth or if you’re piloting, if there’s a tree in front of it, it has an obstacle void system if there’s a tree in front it’ll stop within two meters of it and then encircle around it now that’s, not that’s.

A very rare feature: now, if you have an rth that usually you can set this up through the settings and you can set it up manually too. Most of the rth function of the drone is basically you have to set up. It will basically fly up to a certain height and then usually around 100, well, no probably about 30 meters or so, and then they’ll fly to rth and land same thing. With this um, you do have to set up the height for the rth function to somewhat function properly. Unfortunately, from the sp510 and this one, when i use the rth functions, it did not, they both did not go to the desired height of rth, meaning i had it set for. I believe i had it set for 200 feet, but both units did not go 200 feet. They just basically flew wherever the altitude is, which means when i push rth. This was flying around three meters off the ground, just basically barely over high of humans and cars. It basically just flew towards rth at top speed, and i had to like basically well watch to see if it’ll do anything last second and then not to do sudden piloting maneuvers to make sure this thing. Doesn’T collide because the sp510, the sp500. Apparently, when you push the rth button, it will, regardless of the height you had to set rth for these units anyway, and they pushed rth. They flew straight towards where they were set up, which means no avoidance, no collision avoidance, no obstacle avoidance, no change of height.

Just fly straight through so that’s something you have to watch out for now. This is an extremely extremely extremely responsive drone, like it’s, really fast it’s, really fast, drone it’s really lightweight. I believe this is actually. I believe this is under 249 grams. I believe yeah i’m. Pretty sure this undertone 49 grams, i didn’t, i don’t – have a gram scale um. It is a lot like the battle shark that i read before. In fact, i’m 100 sure they use exact same components. The only difference is the body. The body is different. I believe that’s the only thing different between the battle shark and this plus an actual sd card slot, which is very essential if you want um, smoother videos. I did take videos for the camera and well it’s a great drone for the price. However, there’s one thing and again, if you’re follow me, follow my reviews. One thing i will tell you about the reviews is when to fly the drones and why by when, can you fly them in in high winds? Like you know, high winds, moderate high winds. You know or light wind, no wind. Unfortunately, i love this drone. This is a great high performance phone it’s, really fast, it’s extremely responsive again. This is like a basically a bigger beginner, fpv droner’s dream: that’s, cheap or inexpensive, rather it’ll connect to an fpv goggles, and you can fly it’s, extremely maneuverable, extremely responsive and for for the price it’s really great.

However, the drone is so lightweight again much like the battle shark, the battle shark. I was disappointed in it because of its handling in winds. This one the same thing: it falls on the exact same pitfalls as the battle shark. It can only handle light wind it’s like basically a no wind or a light wind drone, which is somewhat horrible, um, because it’s a great drone, it’s extremely fast, extremely maneuverable. It has like the performance, is great it’s. A great the performance is an equal and the caveat is you have to fly in no wind or extremely light wind conditions, for example, it can’t hold still against any kind of wind. You will see in the video will sway and most of my footage on this since it doesn’t have a true gimbal. Has the one access, gimbal and it’s a manual one. Most of the footage you’ll see it shakes and the reason for the shaking is because half the time i’m actually fighting the wind um same thing. If you see the footage shaking like this i’ll try to see if i can extract the footage of my body cam this body, cam is exactly what that is it’s, actually not for youtube footage. This is basically uh my protection cam when i’m out um, especially for um, you name it most. People act more civil with a live camera running and i’ll. Try to extract the cam um some footage here. I can’t guarantee that um, for you can see how it handles in wind.

It doesn’t do good and that’s. Why? Most of the footage i have on this drone are basically the maximum height i’ve. Probably gone is probably, i would say, five meters and only for a split second, because the wind literally whips it around, like literally um the trick with this drone is don’t. Let go of the controls. Don’T! Let go of the controls, fly it don’t. Let go um if there’s wind. The reason why, if you’re moving forward – and this is not kidding again – i’ll try to see if i can catch the footage of the body boom. If it flies forward and if there’s wind going crosswind against it and let go, it will literally literally go like this and go backwards because it is so lightweight for some strange reason. This is like a giant parasail for the wind. Unlike the the battleship, the battleshark is more steady than this. This seems to be heavier, but for some strange reason the wind just whips it around. So as long as i have controlled the drone as long as i’m telling it to go a certain direction, it’s, not a problem. However, the moment i let go of the controls it’s under the mercy of the wind literally, so keep that in mind. Um great drone, high performance, great everything, i’ll show you the camera footage later just be careful. I would recommend this for anybody and for, if you’re going to give it to your kid, just make sure you tell them.

They’Ll fly higher than 10 feet. If you fly higher than 10 feet odds, are the winds, will catch it and then there’s a small probability. You lose, and i said small probability is because the wind may take it away and when it’s out of range the rth function will kick in. It will attempt to go home to you, however, since the rth, sometimes from my experience, it did adjust its height. So if you say you’re flying at 15 feet off the ground and the wind took it away, odds are if um, if you’re living in a neighborhood odds, are you’ll smash on the side of a neighbor’s house or smash into a neighbor’s tree and that’s it well. It’S a great drone, it does have its fallbacks. All no drone is perfect, especially on budget drones. Even the most expensive, 1500 drones there’s a chance. They don’t come back even the obstacle avoidance doesn’t always protect them. So remember that it doesn’t mean money. Doesn’T necessarily translate to like the perfect drone there’s, no such thing, but for a budget drone, i give it a thumbs up, regardless of its its weaknesses and again, you have to work against strength versus weakness. Its only weakness is basically flying high and again, if this is for for kids, they shouldn’t be flying high anyway it’s against the wall flying high, um, hey! Well, you can’t go any higher than 300 feet. This can definitely go above 300 feet.

So there you go great drone great price. Can’T beat it extremely good performance, just don’t fly in anything higher than light winds, but light winds, lightning drone for the great price. Thank you, don’t forget to like subscribe and hit that bell.