So it has the feature of throw and go. You can have the drone in your hand and throw it, and it can just turn itself on and go and it has the feature of 360 flip. You can do it on either way. You can do it front. Flip back flips left flip right foot and it has an altitude hold one key return like take off like there is one key for takeoff and landing. You can do takeoff for safe takeoff and um safe landing. It could land on its own and then other mode is a headless mode. One key return. Speed switch speed, switches that there are three speed modes: one is the there is a very low mode, a medium speed mode, the highest speed mode, and it has a feature of circle fly. It can fly around you, so let’s go open up the drone. So here is a user manual here’s the drone and here’s the remote and let’s see what things this drone has. It has a usb clay, usb charger cable. Then it has two spare batteries and for sparrow rotor blades, and for removing for your for your own. For your old blades and screws for the blade and a screwdriver okay, now let’s take a look at the remote, so the remote has an on button, and this is the one that i told you to take off and auto landing. So when you press this button, when it’s on the ground it automatically takes off slowly and when it’s up in the air, if you want it to land safely, you need to press this and it’ll land safely.

Then these trimming buttons that will trim when you’re going right, left, yeah and the speed button. It has three modes and the emergency stop it’s. What it’s like it stops when you’re like gon na crash into something? So when you press this for a long hold time, it will stop emergency, stop it’s not going to safely land, but it’s, just going to drop and another is the headless mode and then the 360 flip and for the um the circle around you mood um. You need to click the speed button for just press on it for about two seconds and it’ll go around so let’s test it out the speed button and it’ll go 360 button flip button. Then then i’m gon na do a backflip left side right side front. Okay, i’m gon na put the um emergency, stop button, yeah that’s what happens when it comes time, and then this is the auto takeoff button. So this is the other takeoff, so i mostly prefer from doing an auto it’s an auto landing button, because when i did the emergency stop, you saw my drone went falling instead of landing safely. So i mostly prefer this button because it’s kind of rough when it falls yeah it kind of took a minute to try to recover, but this is a pretty good drone. I, like it yeah hope you liked.