This is the s5c uh. You know another one is altitude, hold wi, fi fpv! You know drones but flies pretty good. Lets. Take a quick look at the box, as you can see his s5c says 14 and up on age, but you could definitely fly this if youre younger than that its pretty easy to fly and it flies pretty good and it comes. It comes boxed so nicely that almost was tempted to do an unboxing just because its really nicely packaged inside of here, which is not that uncommon for these drones that you come from amazon thats, where snaptane sells these, i believe mostly on amazon, so lets go ahead And take a look at the drone some more and it has a 720p camera you can tilt. I mean you probably want it all the way up, but you can tilt it upwards. Some too, as you can see, which is nice so youre, going to end up filming the nose of the of the quadcopter, so that may not work too well. Otherwise, you know you can eliminate. You know. Looking at the ground. A lot is pretty common with these drones. It has three rates and the highest rate has a lot of pitch, so you know its altitude hold. It tends to dive bomb a little bit, so you dont always want to fly full pitch. You know going forward in the highest rate you have to attach the landing gear and i didnt put the little screws that come with it and do it yet so you can just pop these off, so i would recommend you actually secure these all the way down.

So that the legs couldnt fall off, like i said its a 720p camera and the video is, you know its its okay, its about what you expect from a wi fi fpv uh quadcopter, though it does use a micro, sd card, thats, a big plus. That way, you dont have to worry about drop frames that are so common, because this does the wi fi fpv feed to the app is actually really choppy. It froze up a lot. I mean i was only flying it out of my driveway from my garage when i was doing a little flight. While i go to test flight and it it freezes up quite a bit more so than i would like to see, but at least for the sd card i didnt have any dropped frames. I was actually finding this in the snow. It was snowing really hard, but it wasnt a lot of wind and you can see it didnt even get it hardly wet and it was snowing really really hard it had. It flew pretty good in it. It does 360 flips pretty good, also theyre a little bit big theyre, not super tight flips, but it does a good job on the 360 flips. The yaw does increase with the rates, so you know it will increase, but it has a pretty quick yaw. Just to start out uh, probably a little quicker than id like to see in the beginners mode. You know the lowest rate it has.

It comes with two lipo batteries. Okay, you can see, i pulled the landing gear off. They were just fine flying around and landing, but, as you can see, a hard crash would pull these. These will probably fall off. So you want to you know, secure those with the screws that come with it. It comes with two lipo batteries. One was inserted in the craft: another was in a bag for a spare. These are uh 550 milliamps. So pretty common sized um similar x uh the x5c, i believe, and it uses the uh little micro lossy connectors. So these are pretty common connectors, so you can charge up two batteries and get yourself a pretty good flight. I got about six and a half minutes flight time. I didnt get real exact uh flight time. I was going to see going by the video clips that i recorded the lvc, i think, was around 30 seconds. I saw it flashing, it has. It has red lights in the rear and blue in the front, well confirm that during the flight review, but i believe thats what it was, and these red lights in the rear will flash. When you begin recording with the controller to the sd card, it also records it to the app whenever you, i believe, when you press the control. I believe that whenever you press the controller, excuse me the app. It does also initiate the recording on the micro sd card, but i would always recommend using the controller just to be safe, now, heres, the controller it comes with this over the top of it gives you nice labels, so you dont have to even look at the Instruction manual, except that you need to see that you do need to look up, that the gyro calibrations down and out or down and in they see you can do either way.

Ive never seen that before another unique thing about this, as im sure you can see is the sticks. Ive never seen this before you have. The sticks are not on a level playing with each other. You got one up here and one down here, but honestly i didnt really notice it too much. It feels a little bit awkward, but once youre flying it, didnt really bother me. I wasnt sure when i saw that thing i dont know if im going to like that, but it didnt bother me and it seems to be made out of a nice plastic. You know its not real cheap, its got your pitch and roll trim here. This is your auto, take off and all landing. This is your one key return. This is your emergency motor stop, and this is you to initiate the recordings with a quick press takes a picture like i said it also makes it do it to the app too. If youre connected to the wi fi fpv app now long press does a video recording your top bumpers, this is your 360 flips in the direction you want to flip, and this gives your three rates on top here, your low, medium and high, and, like i said It flies pretty good and not even the highest rate, so it tends to dive bomb a little bit. A very small power button here for your power takes three aaa batteries. Your phone of course, goes up here on top and its kind of unique it has this little blue snap, like you, pull it down it snaps in it does not use a screw, which i like some of these, come with the screw, its a pain to grab A little screwdriver and attach you know, take it out just to access it to put your three aaa batteries into it.

It also comes with prop guards. If you wish to use prop guards, i dont usually mess with those, but if youre a beginner thats, not a bad idea, it comes with a full set of spare props. A phillips screwdriver took a couple of extra spinners on top. Here comes with your usb uh charging cable. You know this is going to take you know an hour or so to charge up these batteries. I didnt mention that while ago and i used a multi charger, i have for another one its just. I want to charge both of them, so i did not use a stock charger, any little extra screws and screws to attach the landing gear and the prop guards um. It comes with. You know a pretty decent instruction manual with a bunch of different languages, but one thing i did like is a little card from snaptan. They stick in here. This is pretty common with these amazon drones tells you. Basically, if you leave your experience with them, you can get a multi charger similar to what i used a micro sd card or an action camera. I dont know if you get to choose one or if they pick it, ive not asked them, but uh. Definitely something to look into. I think that little action cam would actually be really cool to get my hands on id like to have that um. I think that covers everything you know its 720p microsd card fly is pretty good and it comes with two extra bat.

You know two batteries, which is a really big plus. I guess other thing we should mention is the wi fi fpv app, and that is the snaptane app ill put it up here in the screen, of course, its not going to do anything right now without it being connected, but youve got your function, displays which you Press to get into the actual wi fi feed and you can start recording from the app you can also control it solely from the app if you wish, which i would not recommend thats, never going to be as good as using the controller all right guys. So i think that covers everything. So what were going to do now is ill move along now to the flight review, with some flight sample footage so ill be right back all right guys. So i have the snaptane s5c connected with the controller and the wi fi fpv app. I suppose you wouldnt even have to use this app. If you just want to record the video, since you can initiate it from the controller to the sd card, if you just want to get some onboard footage, of course youre not going to know, you wont, know what youre filming, of course, so it does mention notice. This can be really dark, so i apologize its kind of hard to see, but i want to get back in here, its really cruddy weather today and uh. I cant get it to do a gyro calibration down and out just starts to prop, so it does do a quick blink and down an end.

Doesnt do anything at least with the lights. So it seems, like the instruction manual may be incorrect on the gyro calibration. Lets go ahead and im going to start doing a long press on the controller im going to start recording, as you can see the lights down here, im going to hold up just in case i dont know if this is showing up in the video weve got Red and the rear and blue in the front, so that is led light, uh pattern combination and the red blinking lights means that weve got it recording to the sd card and it is showing it here, 15, 17, 18 19 seconds, and it is showing in the App so lets go ahead and well take it up. Weve been having a lot of snow showers today. This thing had no problem flying in that theres, the yall. We are in the lowest rate, its going to really struggle in this breeze lets. Take it up and ill press the uh, the rates button here, theres the middle rate and then lets go to the highest rate. It goes up a little more but its not like. I said its not a huge jump up in the uh. The yaw speed and its pretty quick lets show you that again, heres the uh highest rate lets go back down to the lowest rate. You can see its its definitely increased for the middle rate and the highest rate. Music.

Okay lets do some 360 flips here, while we kind of break in this weather, Music, doesnt flip too bad. I said there is a breeze here from right to left today. Lets do a back flip, another flip to the right, thats pretty good, and i can still see those red rear leds here. Move it up. Those are flashing were still recording were about a minute, but getting close to two minutes here into the fight. I think i got around six and a half that wasnt really accurate. It may be a little longer than that, because i was using several videos i recorded, and there was a bit of a pause in between and im, not sure i got all of my videos recorded um always be sure you stop your recording free power, stuff off, Which i did do for my test flight, but if you dont do that you can obviously lose uh video. It looked to me like it broke video up at five minutes. I had a shorter clip about a minute and a half. Then i had a five minute clip then i had about a 10 second clip right when i landed, and i think it may do that and just to divide up the clips. So you dont lose something which is a good idea. Lets show you here going full speed from left to right here you can see its going to kind of its dive bombing. Its got so much pitch, see that im letting off of it itll just drive it into the ground.

If you do it long enough see, even though its got altitude hold, it just cant, quite maintain that, because the pitch just overcomes the uh barometer, not the barometer so much as the drone just is trying to maintain that altitude and it cant with that much pitch. If you go to the theres an intermediate rate, it does pretty good its losing maybe a pair of altitude, but not much. I got my back to the wind here. The wind is going from right to left and uh, so im trying my best to keep this in view for you guys, but with this wind and its really cold, you can probably see the snow flurries flying by here. Lets just take it up a little higher here for just a moment. I dont get to take it up too high and since the weather is not very good but uh with that, really quick yaw its hard to uh Music do take it up and do a panel shot moving around because its just so fast its really calm day. You drop it down to the lowest rate and do that, but even then the yall, i think, a little too fast for that overall, it flies pretty nice lets do another flip there we go. Leds are fairly easy to see, especially on a day like today. Ive got the camera angled about level or maybe the hair upwards um. You do it. You can aim, you know considerably up like 30 degrees or so but youre going to catch the front of your drone and thats going to look kind of tacky, the wi fi fpv feed.

You know the video looks pretty good to me, but it is very laggy and it does freeze a lot. So i wouldnt recommend trying to fly this by fpv. You know just more to get a frame, your shot. You know since youre, according to the sd card, youre not going to get all that frozen frames and drop frames. Music lets go over here and do an auto landing see how the auto ending works get here, where its a little more level very nice. It didnt even tip over very good lets, go ahead and well take back off again just slide here, for maybe another another 30 seconds, or so were at 5 20. So we dont have a whole lot of battery little flight. Uh life left anyway. Maybe another two minutes because i said i dont know if my flight estimate time was too terribly accurate on my initial test. My hands are freezing its cold flying on us because i got sandals. You probably are seeing me in the video here and a wave just got socks and sandals. I threw on to come out here and do this my feet. Arent actually not cold its my hands hands are freezing out here. You know, wear gloves, ive always found wearing gloves would be kind of hard to fly. You lose that feeling in your fingers. Lets go ahead and do an auto landing here and go ahead and end this, its probably going to flip over in the grass a little bit im going to do a long press.

Stop my video got that recorded to the sd card and ive also got it recorded. I believe it also records your phone. If you want to take a quick look at the video, but the feed to your phone is going to have drop frames, frozen frames and uh. It may actually come out to be that your video on your phone could be 30 seconds shorter than record a video because of all those drop frames on there. So, like i dont recommend using the phone recorded video all right guys so that wraps up the review of the snaptane s5c be sure to subscribe, guys if youre not and click the bell.