Usually from teachers and parents whats the best drone to buy for my son, daughter, nephew or niece well, this is harder to answer than you think its got to be safe, fun and relatively easy to fly, and it needs to be cheap so that you dont end Up spending loads of money on something that might get broken or just lost, and you dont want something that will trash your fingers, ornaments or anyone in the house. You also need something that teaches a beginner how to fly and deal with the orientation of controls, and the problem is theres loads of cheap toy grade drones around so finding one that fits a bill is a bit tricky, but i think i found one and its This h823h mini drone from snaptame in the box. You get the drone, the controller and an instruction booklet and theres a set of spare props a usb charger for the quad, a screwdriver to get the guards off. So you can change the props and even some spare screws in case you lose one of them. One of the first things to notice is that this is a fully enclosed quad. These guards on the top and bottom mean that your fingers are safe and you can bump into things without breaking props, which means youll keep flying for longer, and the drone battery is fixed inside just under here, and you can charge it with this usb charger. Thats supplied you dont, get any batteries for the controller.

Youll need three aaa cells for that which just mount under here now. The great feature which i think makes this very suitable for kids is altitude hold when you first start playing with drones. The two things that are the first to master are orientation which, where the controls are around – and you tend to get too much throttle pumping, which means a beginner, is constantly over controlling the throttle and they keep slamming the quad into the ceiling or the floor. And if you dare to go outside theyll, lose it over the neighbors fence within about five minutes with altitude hold you dont need so much control of the throttle and you can concentrate on moving around and orientation on the controller weve got the normal sticks in mode. Two with throttle and youre on the left and roll a picture on the right – and these are the trim controls here and this one turns on headless mode, and this button here is the one key return which ill show you later on. The top here is the auto, take off and land button, and this one over here does absolutely nothing to get started. Its pretty easy. Just turn the quad, on with the small switch at the back flashing, led just to tell you that its on turn the controller on and push the throttle, stick all the way forward and all the way back and the quad will beep to let you know that Its done then just hit the auto takeoff button and off.

It goes and its pretty steady, much better than most ive seen, and you can just whizz around really easily to land. You can just throttle down or hold the auto land button and it lands on its own. This means, if you dare to fly outside and the wind gets the better of you just hit the land button and it will land by itself. If you press the left, stick you can cycle through the rates. Weve got slow medium. Three beeps is fast press again and youre back to slow rate, and if you press the right, stick down this arms flip mode and then you just move the stick in any direction and it will flip that way. That goes to the right. Try that again and that flips front to back headless mode means it doesnt matter which way the quad is facing and the sticks always work the same way so when youre in headless mode. If i bring this, stick back to bring the quad towards me, itll come back this way, even if its that way around it will come this way, so orientation isnt a problem. So basically, if you go backwards, it will always come back towards you, and this is okay for the first few flights. But if you want to progress and master the swap sticker orientation when the quads facing you practice without headless mode and the one key return will start the quad flying back to you.

So if you take a lot, this way just press headless and it will come rolling back, not a problem Music. So this is a great little quad for playing safely with indoors and learning how to fly and its great for kids and big kids. You wont damage anything and it wont break the bank and its fun to fly youll get about five six minutes flying time before you need to charge the battery in here, and i dont recommend flying this outdoors. Unless you really know what youre doing its extremely light and small, so it just gets blown around even by very light winds, and you can quickly lose sight of it. To be honest, im surprised how much ive played with this annoying everyone, while theyre trying to watch tv.