Thank you very much for tuning in to your outdoor adventures, im mario, your host for your outdoor adventures, uh todays, video watch. It stick around uh its gon na be a little bit of a lengthy video were gon na cover. Three drones. Uh were also going to take them outside and do some flying test them out and see how they go. This is a journal picture for myself and these two drones will be given away. You need to stick around for the video to find out what youll need to do to join in, for the giveaway they are going to be free were going to test these out ive already charged batteries. I did not go through the whole setup of breaking them down whats in the box and doing a whole opening on the box. Real simple, this sky rider um. It is the x 31 shockwave. I picked it up at home depot uh. This was pretty much ready to fly out of the box. All i had to do was attach the four legs and the four propeller props uh, the snaptane a15h uh got this for a black friday. Deal were going to take this out, for a spin were going to do a test run with it, and then this one will be given away as well. This one is not bad until its a little bit sturdier than this one feels. The only thing i did was attach the prop guards on this as well.

All the batteries are charged well, be dropping four double a batteries in here for anybody thats tuning in right. Now i do appreciate it. This is going to be on youtube as well later, so, if youre tuning into the youtube video. Thank you very much. My name is mario and welcome to your outdoor adventures. I do appreciate you sticking around in the video and for our uh previous viewers and current members. Thank you very much for being here always appreciate the support for our new members hope you guys stick around and new viewers. You like something stick around as well uh when this hits youtube. Dont forget to hit the like subscribe and the notification bell. Just that way, you guys see when i put out the new drone videos and new outdoor videos uh. Once again, this one is going to be the drone that ill be keeping for myself, and this is going to be the snaptane 5 of the sp500 snap same 500. This one i like the way they built the case im, not a fan of the parts. So far, this controller, it just feels like the the biggest piece of loose plastic, its super light, and it just it feels like if i drop this on the ground one time its going to shatter into a million pieces, thats kind of plastic it feels like, but The drone itself im not im a fan of the drone. We did go ahead and charge battery for this one as well lets go ahead and, and then this one is also foldable uh.

Just so you are aware, the camera quality on these. These are all beginner drones, so the camera quality on these is not going to be amazing, uh. The reason were doing this is because we have a bunch of members that are interested in getting into drone flying. This gives you the opportunity to crash the drone and learn and get comfortable with flying before you actually go ahead and upgrade to a bigger drone. All right so looks like the battery for that just slides right in and then it clicks into place and were done with it. So worry about that one after wartime. I say that Music that feels weird there we go that feels much better, all right, so batteries. My four double a batteries – i put one moment guys sorry for leaving the camera ill, be right back all right, so we got the four double a batteries we need for the controllers. We are going to take the skyrider x31 out first one moment. Let me hit that light switch again. This video will be edited at a later time to go ahead and look like a better video for those that are tuning up on facebook live. Thank you very much. I cant see the comments kyles running the camera for me uh, but i do appreciate you all being here and i will reply to the comments later on. So once again, the x 31 shockwave skyrider. We will take this one out first and of course, of course, i didnt bring a screwdriver down with me to put batteries in, but one of the boxes had it so the controller for the skyrider.

This one just takes simple double a batteries. The battery thats going in the skyrider you can see this battery. It is tiny youre. Looking at a 3.7 400 milliamp, the drone is super light, so that gives you the opportunity youre going to get about 10 minutes of flight time on this drone for the cost of the drone and there we go so for the cost of the drone, its not Bad um, this is typically, i believe, i want to say its a 60 drone uh. It was on sale right now at home depot uh for 29.99 for the black friday sales. So it was absolutely worth it all right, guys um so were going to open. The garage behind me were going to head outside and kyle is going to run the camera for us, yep and then well come well come back in and ill grab. The other drones. One at a time um now some of these do have the opportunity uh to allow you to go ahead, see there. We go its already trying to run on so we turn that power switch off uh. Also i dont hook the camera ill. Show you how to hook that up here in a second, so you just slide this little battery in i was not. I thought i was gon na break this uh case when i first opened it so it just. It sits on a hinge and then just slides into place, make sure your cameras connected now were not going to be doing.

The uh live stream from the drone just yet. I wanted you guys to be able to see just the drone in flight and see if we had stability or or what it did um, but these also give you the opportunity to fly using your phone um. You have theres a phone app, you can download. We are going to want to go side to side, so we can get that out of the way, so this just got the little battery. I dont expect this to have much range. I believe they said it was like a 300 foot range. If that, which is perfectly fine, were just going ahead, this is mainly a toy, a learning opportunity, so we got one and one shouldnt have to do much besides take off. If i have to run back and grab the controls, i will and we should have speed flip okay. There we go so getting this one started. It was just a matter of turning it on turning that on going down and going up, and that sets it to calibrate the motors and then popping both of the controls down and out starts. The starts the propellers and lets see what we have whoa okay. So we already know that it needs to be adjusted right off the bat Applause. We will do some pitch back Music, Music im, trying to get it to turn around and come at us and its like until i get until i can get the pitch in the yaw that it really wants to just keep flying forward Music, so Music.

So this ones gon na have so im gon na have to play with this a little bit, but obviously it does fly, it does respond. The wind is grabbing it. We are dealing with about eight mile per hour, winds, Music, trying to get down here. So we can land it Music, big wind blast, and there we go all right. So the x 31 shockwave skyrider uh im a fan for the 30 cost. It is definitely worth it to go ahead and learn uh. You do have your roll, your pitch, your yaw. So you can go through and do the settings. Obviously we did not do ours, yet we will be going back and doing them afterwards and getting adjustments uh well see how tight we can actually get the flight on this, its, not gps, its a wi fi. Only so youre gon na have movement around its, not gon na lock in place, but weve already done better than i expected on the shockwave so now well, grab the other drone parking, the street Music for 30 bucks. It seems like a good start, yeah absolutely im. Definitely happy with this drone as a uh as a beginner drone to learn with all right guys. So next we are going to be taking the snaptane, and this is the ah15 um. I think that name is just funny. Just me, Music and once again guys do appreciate you tuning in hope, everybodys having a good thanksgiving holiday weekend and how many viewers do we have right now, five, all right guys.

Thank you very much. Do appreciate it uh when you guys get the opportunity to as well. Do me a favor and um always remember to hit that share button on one of the videos just get it out. If somebody watches it great. Hopefully it brings them in uh, but i always do appreciate it, and this is going to take three triple a batteries isnt that interesting okay. So this one actually has im going to see. If i can find three aaa batteries, real quick feel free to go ahead and talk amongst yourselves, Music, Music, um, Music, okay, guys im back! Thank you very much for patience to appreciate it and im out of breath. Im gon na have to grab a couple batteries Music. I wish they wouldnt ship them with the power on that would always be nice. Okay. We are off on that controller that back in now, this camera does have the uh avail. The option of going up and down on the camera, so thats gon na be nice youll be able to go ahead and look around uh, obviously its still not your three way gimbal. So your camera quality is going to be shaky Applause and voila. We now have a drone put together now: snapchain ah15. You will see you already have built in for your phone. If you want to attach your phone and use your phone monitor on there, um im, not a fan of the fact that it does not have extended antennas.

This is still going to be a limited range flight on here as well. Anybody know where the power button on this thing is: oh right there on the top duh. If youre looking for the power button, thats right here there we go all right, we should have were connecting now. Oh, i wonder if this is one of the ones you have to calibrate. First nope, we should be good all right guys, and this is the same. Take off as the last one weve already got a more stable flight very happy with that. It actually stopped pretty quick guys so, like youll, be doing up coming backwards and then let go when it comes to a pretty good now. This is dropping when i dont, so its got like a lag in the control, but this is still nice and smooth and fluid yeah. I like this drone a lot better already guys 100 compared to 29, though right right, theres, a huge difference compared to their price. Absolutely but yeah this one just flies so much smoother, so much nicer. Now this one does have the options you have the headless option to move around youve got the circle fly. The follow me um its got an auto takeoff and auto landing. You can turn your lights on and off so okay, thats, nice, so yeah you can turn your lights on and off and save some battery there, but guys yeah, i mean from for the most part, were still dealing with the wind we had before very stable, and This is fighting against wind guys, so i mean were not doing bad at all.

Music Music yeah see thats that that lag lets. Try something different here see if this helps out were gon na hit land on here and let the auto land do its thing. Oh there we go land and it shuts the motors off automatically. Okay, and now we will do the s p 500. So this one is also going to be a giveaway guys. John david said he wants that one and he also said landed on your nose im. Just glad they havent crashed yet all right, so that takes care of the snaptane ah15 uh. Once again guys. These two drones are going to be the ones that there will be a post up for the giveaway. It will be a separate post um, but i dont have the instructions on how to go ahead and get entered in this im. Just happy that we were able to go ahead and give this one away. It has not been crashed and we know that it flies. So congratulations, whoever gets the snap game and finally, we are going to try the sp 500 um, not sure what to expect out of this drone once again, im not thrilled uh. The control is set up man. It just feels like it gets on a break. So once again for your monitor and then see now heres what worries me, because these are the hands all right – i guess theyre supposed to be the antennas i dont know like you would think the antennas are up here.

So we have photo video here. We have a speed option for different speeds: weve got the calibration, no signal land and take off auto home, auto return to home and the gps lock on it as well. I dont know if this ones going to make me calibrate, because this one has gps. So one moment, while we flip through this quick start, is what we want and quick start lets see: sp 500 remote prepare the drone everythings good there powered on power, the remote pair, the drone and the remote and compass calibrations. What i was looking for press and hold the calibration button on the controller, and it will do it itself for you and hold the drone horizontally right turn red turn, red turn. Green and gyro. Calibration is the button right here for the gyro calibration, okay, perfect, three or more bars to fly and all right so guys were gon na go ahead and do the calibration on this one real, quick and were going to go see if i cant crash this drone Same deal with the camera on the snaptane on the sp500 youre going to have the up and down camera, it is not going to be amazing quality um. This drone was a little more expensive than the spa h15, its. What we did expect all right, so we are gon na fly through this raw fast and we should have prepare. The drone drone set were not doing the wheat, the props.

So if it breaks thats on me, uh were good batteries in batteries in prepare. The remote were good and pair the remote press and hold all right so and then on do we have lights? Oh, i guess it helps. If i push all the battery all the way in wait until the leds stop flashing red quickly. Okay were not flashing red quickly, anymore, compass, calibration press and hold boom. I know right just wait until the leds stop flashing quickly, which indicates calibration press and hold leds off. Okay, leds are all oh okay, theyre flashing and then so hold the drawers only rotated in the until until the front arms turn red, they are red. So i try this again hold that i dont know its not taking the calibration there gyro calibration. We are going to hit this one so were going to find out guys if this uh actually calibrates or not – and i dont even have i dont, even know how many bars i have uh for a signal, but we are going to find out yeah. Hopefully this takes off well so far, nothing all right. So all right, so theres, my flashlight, all right now, weve got red, slow, blinking, very good. That should be calibrated famous last words. I know right should be that aint going nowhere. That means we got tuned in still three all right. Well, i appreciate you guys sticking around while im trying to figure this out so put the drone on flat server.

Stop flashing quickly, wait for the drone to search satellites and app to check the gps signal ready to take off. So you should have a solid, oh thats, the first problem, okay, so these are supposed to be solid in the front and were not getting solid, see somethings, not right, because i dont have these lights arent flat, the green and red arent flashing to let me know All right try, this again on. I might need my phone for the uh for this one. Okay, there we go so the gps button over here didnt make a difference. I was able to lock in with the gps um all right guys. I have no idea what this is gon na do so this ones actually flying id say the ah 15 was flying nicer than this one right off right away. This will take some calibrating to get used to as well. It should not Music. So this one i mean this one handles good its um. I still want to say the ah15 was flying nicer, guys for 20, less yeah. I think the ah 15 feels a little more responsive, but this will definitely do the job and then we just need to play with the uh camera settings on here and then for our auto landing Music. Okay, so that didnt happen, thats the return to home. Okay, theres our landing and the motors off outstanding. All right guys. I do appreciate everybody that stuck around.

Let me switch this over all right, hey guys, thanks again, um do appreciate you guys, sticking around man um, yes, david, the real estate uh portion of it im. Actually, working with a real estate agent, and once i get my 107 uh squared away im trying to get the sun out of everybodys eyes once i get the 107 squared away, i will be looking in the real estate photography um guys. Thank you very much. I know the uh video was a little bit longer than i intended as well. I just thought it was going to be hey, well, throw them in throw them up and get them out in the air um. So i look forward to it. I will have a post up later on um. This was once again this was just an intro post im going to do some editing out of this. So i have some youtube footage as well guys stay blessed, stay tuned ill. Have the post up well do some more lives. I also have whats up carl thanks for tuning in brother. Do appreciate it um. I also have a 4 000 member uh package that were putting together to go out. That will be a strike fire kit, as well as a multi tool kit. I will see you guys later on. Thank you very much. Mario with your outdoor adventures, stay blessed.