So today we are going to be taking a look at this snap, tang a15h. Four axis for the foldable drone, all right rated ages, 14 plus and up foldable has voice control photo video how to hold one key return. One key take off landing headless mode, 360, flips, emergency, stop and trajectory flight. All right, it’s a photo joint man and it’s resembling you know who man it’s a real like mavic, looking style drone. You know and we’re going to take a look at this guy today. So without too much jabber drawing let’s get this guy out of the box and see what comes in the box, get these batteries charged up and go for a fly now. I have not taken this thing out of the box yet so this is definitely definitely a first impressions right here for sure so we’re going to give the uh gander at it. At the same time, i know some people like unboxing some people – don’t i’m, just mingle in this box right now, but uh i like to do them because i like to show what you get in the box. A lot of people i like to see the batteries when i see when i’m trying to find me a drone, i like to see the unboxings, because i like to see the what batteries comes with it, what kind of charger you know the specs on it. So you know me myself, i don’t mind unboxing, if it’s not too long, and i try not to make mine too long and too much jabber drawing.

I try to just give you the gist of what the quad is about and when what comes with it and that’s, pretty much it man, so let’s get these guys aside. Look at here so there’s, nothing else in that box. So here are our contents. Everything seems to be packaged really well, we got a uh warranty here. You guys know i probably won’t ever use those but i’ll just toss these off to the side in the box, but that’s nice, that for beginners that they give you these, and these will just snap in easily. These are just those pushing prop guards. You just push them in and you just push this tab and pull them out on each arm of the drum check that out so let’s take this off and everything seems to be pretty simple, guys controller. Here, drone um we have a goodie bag underneath so let’s. Just go check out the remote so of course, here’s our remote control and it’s altitude hold spring loaded throttle. Stick. You got your picture. Roll stick here, joysticks feel all right. You know it doesn’t feel cheap or nothing like that. They feel pretty decent buttons. Are you know, there’s a lot of travel in the button, so the buttons feel pretty good and decent speed. 3D flips everything is labeled. Take off landing lights, emergency stop headless mode, one key return, jogger calibration what they call reset on and off switch, not sure what these buttons do here, because they’re not labeled, so maybe they don’t do anything.

And then you have tuning, which is also known as your trim, which means if the quad is drifting off to this way, you could trim it this way. If it’s drifting forward, you can trim it back if it’s dripping backwards, you can trim it forward. Just kind of keep the quad to stable stabilize in the air, but you shouldn’t have to do too much trimming unless it’s a real windy day. As long as you reset the calibration button, when you first take off all right – and now here is our fpv phone mount is where you’re going to put your phone at and pull that up and that’s going to hold your phone and should hold a pretty large Size phone so it’s, not too bad, and then you have the battery bay here and i’m. Pretty sure it’s gon na take two double a batteries. I don’t have my screwdriver screwdriver on me right now, but i’m pretty sure it’s gon na take two double a batteries. Is what that looks like right? There guys all right, so i will go back over what batteries it takes once we get out for a flight with this guy, if we are able to today, it’s super duper windy. So at the time of this taping i’m, not sure this is going to be an unboxing or if it’s going to be an unboxing and a flight. But you know i will try to get the flight in if i can, for you guys so let’s.

Take a look at the quad it’s, a real um mavic mini ish, looking quad or not mavic mini it’s, actually larger than the magic mini i’m. Sorry mavic, ish, mavic ish, looking quiet check it out. Real nice have some leds up front here, have a we have our lens protector right there, so we can take that off and should be yeah. I should be able to take the lens protector off and look at that it’s, a pretty decent sized lens for 720p check that out, and that is adjustable. So you can’t adjust that check. That out. I like to leave my mine facing straight forward, so i can get a horizon view: that’s a pretty decent lens guys and pull it out the arms you want to fold out these bottom ones. First, all right and you want to fold out the top ones. Next, okay, so there we go there, it is. We have our very mavic resemblance looking toy gray, quadcopter, all right, really nice little blue designs for accents on the arms. Have some nice like white accents on the blades so, like i said, leds up front here leds. I believe on uh right here like each front motor pod here, and i believe you got leds in the rear. Yeah leds in the rear led right here and led right here. Battery bay is underneath there’s no optical flow on this one. So just got your battery bay, there slide your battery in and you should be good to go, have an on and off switch up top.

There is no sd card with this guy. So here is the look of the quadcopter all the way around no sensors or nothing like that. Okay. So, but pretty still, i think i paid like 40 bucks for this guy, something like that. 40 50. Bucks in that room and it’s pretty sharp, looking quadcopter i’m digging it i’m digging. It go ahead and set the quad copter off right there to the side set this remote off to the side. So you guys can see that and then we’re gon na go, and so you have your instructions on your instruction manual here. It is seems to be pretty well detailed in english, nice and uh legible, so yeah instruction manual. There also looks like we have a nice like cloth back carrying case to put the quadcopter in, so you can fold up the quadcopter and put it in this nice sized bag. It has snap tan on the back vision beyond imagination. That’S, pretty cool check that out there that’s nice, you get a little bag with it. So let’s look. We got a oh of batteries here, a couple batteries two batteries and i can’t really read. I can’t see what they are. Oh here, we are that helps right there. There we go, let it zoom in let the camera focus in camera, focus focus in it’s, a 3.7 volt guys all right. The camera is not focusing. I don’t know why trying to focus in it’s a 3.

7 volt 800 milliamp hour battery there. It is 3.7 volt, 800 milliamp hour battery. You get two of these so slide in, like so and there’s. Our leds check that out. Wow, nice leds all the way around red in the rear white up front. You got a white one right there, all right, let’s turn it off pretty nice and you get two batteries. So two 800 milliamp hour batteries and last but not least, you got ta, get a full set, uh propellers to change on each arm and, of course, the screws and the hardware for that, and also your little charger here and it’s gon na be a barrel hole Charger that goes into the pin and the hole of this so you’re going to charge that guy yet see where it says: charge that’s, where you’re going to stick your charger shouldn’t take too long to get these batteries charged up guys. Hopefully, we should be able to go for a flight. This is the snaptane 815h and see you guys outside okay, guys so i’m set up to go. I got my phone and the fpv mount here on the controller, all the buttons are labeled on the controller, so there’s really no need for me to go over the controller you got ta automatically take off automatically. You can turn on and off the lights emergency. Stop the motors reset button is to calibrate the gyroscope you’re, fine tuning and trimming so speeds and flips on the shoulder buttons.

Everything is labeled, so let’s go ahead and turn on the quadcopter light. You’Re flashing, okay, let’s go ahead and turn on the transmitter. Do it up down, finds it now we’re bound to the drone? Now we have to get into my phone and get into my wi fi settings and connect to the wi fi of the actual drone. Okay, so get into the wi fi snapchain and already connected snaptane a15h is what you want: the wi fi and then the uh app for this guy is the snapchain air app so connect to that guys – and here we are snapchatting a15h that’s – the model that we Want and we want to click on function display, so there we go. We have fpv feed guys with the snaptane a15h is on my screen right here and we’re gon na go ahead and just start the recording right now through the app so i’m gon na click. On a recording in three two one start, it again hold on three two one: okay recorded and started whatever all right, so we should be able to just take off, but before we take off, we want to calibrate it. Let’S hit the reset button lights, flash that we have calibrated on the level surface and we’re going to go ahead and just hit. This take off button, all right, so she’s already getting blown by the wind there. So we already know what direction the wind is blowing and i might have to switch speeds already so yeah the wind is blowing from behind me.

Blowing the quad in that direction. That way so we’re in the first rate, and we don’t have too much pitch i’m. Four sticks right into the wind right now: the wind is blowing from behind me and she’s, not really going anywhere. Look at that full pitch in this first rate, so let’s go ahead and go to second speed to see if we can gain some ground now. So this is the second speed we’re still not getting anywhere third speed and it’s about it’s a little breezy you can see the trees are moving. I would say it’s about 10 miles per hour – wind speed out here today, with the gusts of about 13 to 15 miles per hour gusts. So we are flying in a bit of wind right now and i’m full of pitch into the third rate and, like i said, she’s, not going nowhere so she’s, definitely not a win she’s. Definitely not a wind flyer or a wind fighter, she’s a gentle bird i’m. Sure you hear the wind kicking up and we are, in the third rate, guys i’m full stick forward in the third rate, so you definitely don’t want to fly this and too much wind, okay. So the whole time we’re gon na, have to be in third rate on this flight to be even able to fly so we’re gaining a little bit of ground now. Let’S pull sticks that way. Look i’ve got her facing into the wind full full of pits into the wind.

She just really doesn’t gain that much ground. But if i go crosswind she gains ground fly. Crosswind, not a good wind fighter. Guys definitely looks cool, though she definitely looks really cool. Fpv feed is still going nice let’s. Try a flip. Look at her little toy gray. Looking mavic try another flip wow. Okay. Can we do a backflip, wow, wow wow? Okay, now all directional flips with this girl bring it on down. I, like the uh white leds up front the little headlights up front. They look really nice invisible, i’m, not sure if you guys can see them on the camera, but they look really nice to me as she’s trying to make her way on pass to fight through this breeze come on girl. I know you can do it. I know you can do it. Girl come on snap tang snap tang come on, so we just got a red leds on the rear arms, which is nice almost like the cars you got white up front and red in the back, a good orientation of the lights. Nice so i’ve had the recording going. This whole time got about three and a half minutes of recording going she’s flying pretty good right into the wind. I’Ll pull stick forward this whole time into this little breeze, i’m gon na go ahead and uh stop the recording recording stop. If i can get this breeze to calm down a little bit, i might be able to get a photo in.

Maybe guys huh took a photo yep it’s safe, took another photo yep it’s saved come on over here bird, where you going number girl, yeah she’s, not really a good wind fighter, guys that wind is really pushing on her, like i said, it’s about 10 10 mile Per hour, constant and about 15 gusts and it’s not liking this wind at all, but look at that bird all up in your grizzy all up in your fitness, snap, tang, bang, yeah man i’ll, just find it right now to get a little up. Close look for you guys, show you how she looks. Yeah man, not a bad looking quad definitely got ta get out when the wind is much more calm on a calmer day and the transmitter actually feels good. The joysticks feel pretty decent for what it is all right. So we had some recording pictures, let’s go ahead and start to start the recording there we go, our recording started. Let’S fly this bird around let’s go up a little bit; Music. Definitely a cool. Looking flyer. Definitely the sun is blinding me now sun is blinding me snapped, come across that wind now get it down, let’s, bring it down a little bit lower yeah, definitely not a bad looking bird for the price. You know what i’ll pay for like 40 bucks, something like that not too bad drums and dogs hitting you guys off with the bangers yet again, yet again, you guys off with the bangers and y’all know how i’m rocking.

I know how i’m coming kind of keeping her low, so i don’t have to pitch for so much and all you guys see is the ground so much, but i have to pick forward just to keep her fighting the breeze. We do a little low level flying with it now get low low low let’s go low over here over the graph over the dirt we’re low level. Flying your boy drone. Oh, we got flashing light let’s go ahead. Don’T you land on the dirt, got flashlights. Stop the recording so the average about what i think they said about eight or nine minutes on the flight battery, and i think we got about that. We got at least over that at least eight minutes on the flight battery, so that’s not too bad and she’s still holding up. So i want to go ahead and hit this automatically land and she’s coming down wow and shut off instantly, all right guys so that’s the snaptane a15h. You guys already know. I will follow up with another fight with this when it’s on a much calmer day, but for her flying in a bit of wind. She didn’t do too bad and it’s actually a cool looking bird guys. I appreciate you guys for coming and checking me out today. I’M, your boy, drones and dogs. Hopefully you like this video. If you did not check out other videos on my channel man, i got a lot of pretty decent drones, especially some good budget beginner drones.

If that’s, what you was looking for when you clicked on this video man check out my other videos, i got a lot of other drones that are pretty pretty dope but um. As far as this one, i really enjoyed it uh. This is snaptan815h guys. I’M.