Now you see me review it about a week ago and when i had it out for its first flight, it was pretty windy. So it’s a much calmer morning here today, it’s kind of a good morning, so we’re gon na go for a quick flight with this and yeah do a follow up. Basically, because i felt like it was very windy, the first flight, so it unfolds out it’s a real nice. Portable drone has foldable props, foldable arms, no optical flow 720p camera up front and you can’t adjust it. So you know check out my uh first unboxing. The first flight, if you want to know the specs but we’re just going to go for a quick flight of the snap chain, real quick and i also plan on following up with a night flight here in the coming weeks. So turn the drone on let’s go ahead and power on the uh transmitter door up now binds it so you see, the lights go solid there and we want to go ahead and connect to the wi fi. You know of this guy, so let’s go ahead and connect to the wi fi let’s. Do that uh snapchat a15h let’s go ahead and connect to that so it’s connecting the app for this guy is the snapchain air app guys. So here we are make sure you have the a15h and you want to click on function display all right guys. There we go so we’re going to start the recording now starting recording now now recording started all right guys so we’re going to just take off yeah it’s much better day, see what this camera looks like at an a15h.

You guys Music. So here we are in. First rate let’s go full forward and first rate that’s, four full on the sticks. First rate flyer, like i said, she’s a little cruiser she’s, not a speed demon but it’s. The first right here, it’s, really like no wind right now so it’s, pretty much perfect to fly right now: it’s, full, full, fort there’s, a flip first rate. All right let’s go ahead and go to second rate, second rate yeah, so you did notice. You did increase a little bit in the pitch in the second rate, check her out come on back. This way bring her on back this way. I really like the way she looks for flight second rate there’s, our yaw okay, let’s go to third rate, so this is full on the sticks in the third race, like i said, she’s, not a speed demon at all she’s, just a cruiser. You guys cruise on along all right not doing too bad, though okay, all directional flips flips, are working really good. Yeah man let’s go ahead and stop that recording. So we got something safe looks like my wi fi feed is actually frozen. You guys yeah wi, fi feed is actually frozen and that’s pretty much typical in front of my house. I got so many wi fi connections and wi fi interruptions it’s crazy over here that’s. Why i usually go to the back and fly and fly in the field where i don’t get as many interruptions, and these little cheaper quads tend to do better when they’re, not, you know in a congested neighborhood as such and have to deal with so much wifi.

Yeah, my app is completely froze right now, so that’s a bummer, so i don’t know how much of that recording you guys got. It said two minutes recording, but i wanted to take some photos. Let’S get a close look at it. Definitely a nice looking bird huh Music. Let me see if i can back out of the app and get back into it, maybe because the app completely froze i’m trying to get out of it and maybe reconnect function display, while she’s flying i’m trying to get back all right. So i think i’m. I’M. Back all right, i’m back guys, so i had to back out of the app and reconnect to it to get some type of um to get back reconnected, which is a bummer. The wind is kind of a little breeze is kind of kicking up. I want to go ahead and uh take a photo. I took a photo while i was getting blown back come on over here: yeah we’re, in a high rate, so the wind is coming from behind me: she’s, actually flying directly into the wind right now. Music, as the little breeze starts to kick up, let’s go ahead and start another recording, so we got the recording going since that first one froze up. I don’t know how much of that first one we actually got like. I said she’s getting a little touchy here, because we’re so we’re in the neighborhood now we’re, not in the back, where it’s not that much wi fi to get these wi fi quads tend to get a little bit touchy here up front because, like all of my Neighbors have wi fi, so she tends to get a little touchy there, but not too bad, though so we’re out of flip.

So our flight time must be getting close to nil quick morning to fix, though, with the snap pain, a15h guys definitely had to pop out on a much calmer day. For you guys, like i told you guys, i would and get a flight in so yeah it’s. Not letting us flip anymore and that’s, usually an indicator of low power come on back this way, she’s flying pretty good, though i need to bring it down see if we’re flashing. I can’t tell for flashing that because, like i said it wouldn’t, let me do any flips, but i think this transmitter actually beats. It actually beats when uh you’re you’re in love, you’re in lvc Music, see your boy, drones and dogs on the camera, man. What up yo, ah yeah, definitely a little toy grade: mavic ish, looking birds, we getting some flight in with the joker man on a beautiful spring morning, so they say you get about 10 minutes of flight on each battery. This guy came with two. It came with the dose and i’ll say i think i’ve been pretty much getting that 10 minutes got a car coming got a truck coming, look out for the truck you see it going down. The street yep see the truck going on the street first yeah man she’s doing really well to be honest, she’s flying really good there’s our flashing lights, guys stop that recording, recording, stop bring bringing cc’s flashing snaptane815h bring it on in hit the land button good flight.

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