So um you can actually fly this drone with the controller that comes included, um or you know your your smartphone just by downloading the snaptane mate app. So we’ll test them both out today, we’ll go ahead and start off with the controller, and the main thing is: is that whichever one you do want to fly with you’re going to want to turn that on first, so the first thing we’ll do is we’ll. Go ahead and add our battery to the drone we’ve gotten everything charged up so to add it it’s really easy. Just go ahead and line the two grooves up here with the grooves on the drone and snap it right in and you’re good to go. So go ahead and we’ll set the drone out in the landing zone. I’Ve got a little dirt patch over there, because you don’t really want to take it off in the grass we’ll go set it out over there and then turn it on. So now that the drone is on we’ll go ahead and turn on our controller, just like that you’ll see it starts with this red light right here: flashing to connect the controller to the drone, you’ll actually take the left, joystick and push up and then down. That’Ll connect it and then you can click this calibrate button right here, that’ll calibrate it to the drone so um, i don’t know if you can see it in the video, but the drone’s lights have gone solid and that means we’re ready to go so the first Thing we’re going to try: is this auto takeoff and landing button here, so we’ll go ahead and take off as you can see, it’s really reactive.

It takes off fine. I really like that. Auto takeoff button let’s try the auto landing real quick lands, perfect um, so we’ll go ahead and let’s just give it an actual test out here. So take off. Let’S see we’ll go forward and, as you can see it actually, uh goes really slow at first because it starts off on the lowest setting so to change the speed use this button right here, click it once that’s, medium click, it twice and that’s as fast as It goes and now let’s see so now you can see it actually goes much much quicker, it’s, a really reactive drone. Um i mean considering the price, i think it’s a great drone um, the price does go up and down, but at the time of filming this video, it was around 50 50 bucks, i believe, maybe 60, but i’ve seen it go up to around 90. So it just depends on when you buy it, but for the price it’s a really good little drone it’s great for beginners um. It does come with two cameras, so it’s got a 1080p camera forward facing and then it’s also got a camera below uh pointing straight down for whenever you need to help with landings and things like that. So yeah i mean just my very first impression of flying. The drone is that it flies really really well it’s super reactive, um, let’s, see so let’s just check out some of the buttons.

So here on the controller, you can see this light button here, if you click that it just turns the lights on and off. Um we’ve already gone over the takeoff and landing. So you’ve got an emergency stop if you click that it’s just going to land where it is we’re not going to click that right now, because we’re testing it out we’ve got this circle fly button here. If you click that um it’ll fly in in circles, so um, let me move it over here. I’Ll move it back a little bit. Let’S see so we’ll go back a little bit so that way, it’s in the frame when we type when we try this one out and we’ll come up so for circle fly, you just click it and it basically just flies in circles. So um i’ll unclick it because the wind does push it around it’s kind of windy out here. So let me start off over here, so you can go with the wind. A little bit come up a little higher and click circle fly and there you go. You see it just flies in circles, which is pretty cool whenever if you’ve got like the video turned on and when you’re flying with just the controller, you don’t really get the video feed, but you can actually connect your phone with the controller as well to get The video feed and, in fact, let’s go and try that out, because then we can test out the photo and video button.

So to add your phone, you basically just snap. This open go ahead and download the snaptane mate app from the app store and i’m just going to turn on my screen recorder really quickly. That way, i can add that to the video, so let me get that turned on so the screen’s recording so to use to connect your app. The first thing you’re going to want to do is actually go into your settings and you’re going to want to connect your wi fi to the snaptane a15 wi fi connection. So, as you can see here, it went ahead and connected. So once it’s connected just go ahead and switch over to your snaptane mate, app um and while it’s connecting uh and well and then uh click play. So when you click play, it’s, just gon na start with a ship feed here, while it’s connecting then the wi fi is going to go ahead and connect. Just like that, and now you can actually see the feed from the drone. So just snap it into the holder on your phone here just like that and then now you can actually fly with the video feed. So um let’s, see here and it’s got a really really good feed um. You can see our our little lake up out there. Let me get a good view of that, so really really beautiful lake yeah 1080p camera um. The drone may be a little out of shot here.

Let’S see we’ll go down a little bit and you can see us flying there so and then the lake behind us really great backdrop background over here, all right so um so yeah um and then now what we can actually try out. Let me get back in the shot over here so now we can actually go ahead and test out the um, the photo and video button. So if you click photo it’s, basically just going to take a photo, we won’t take one of me: i’ll go over here. Let’S get a photo of this beautiful lake out there, so we’ll go ahead and click photo again, it’s going to take another photo there. It goes and it’s going to save directly to your device. Um let’s try video, so we’ll click the video button, and you can see it light up on the screen over here. So now, we’re video recording with a 1080p camera, get a quick pan around with that all right, let’s just slide a little bit more here with the controller, because what we’re going to try next um once we’re done with this, is we’re going to fly it with Just the phone with just a snaptane mate app, which is a lot of fun as well, because you actually get a quite a few more features with flying with just the app and we’ll go over all those features here in just a minute but yeah. If you, you know, if you don’t have a smartphone or you just don’t care to fly it with your smartphone, you can fly it just with the controller that comes included, but yeah.

As you can see, this drone is super reactive. A great beginner drone let’s go ahead i’m, going to land it over here now, because we’ve pretty much tested all the features on the controller i’m going to land it and we’re going to try uh we’re going to try it out with just flying with the app. So when you land try your best to land it in a flat area, you know if you land in grass, sometimes the grass can get in the rotor so and like again, we’re just going to try the one key landing here. Um, you can kind of just get it around three to five foot from the ground and click that and it’s going to land and turn the propellers off. So, just like that, and now basically what we’re going to do to switch to the drone is you want to turn everything off because you don’t want it to still be connected to the controller when we do that, so the first thing we’ll do is we’ll just Exit out of the app all right, we will turn our controller off with the power button there that is off now i’m going to go grab the drone we’re going to turn it off as well and i’m going to swap batteries all right. So the first thing we’ll do is just turn the drone off here with the power button and just hold that until the lights go off, so it is off now we will take the batteries out and the batteries pop out just like they go in so you’ve Got these grooves for your fingernail here just go ahead and pop it out just like that.

Grab your new battery and the batteries charge pretty quick. It takes about 90 minutes per charge and then each battery gets around a 12 minute flight time. So 24 minutes with both batteries, which is really good for a drone of this size and price. So and then you know for the new battery just the same as the other, just pop it in there just like that, and now the drone is ready to go. So i’m going to go ahead and set it back in the landing zone and turn it on all right. So the drone is connected. Now, what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and connect our phone, the wi fi connection from our phone to the drone. Again so we’ll go here. You can see it’s auto connecting so it says connected now. We’Ll switch back over to the snaptainmate app and before we fly with the app. What i want to do is go over some of the controls really quickly from the drone or from the app itself. So if you click support it’s going to pop up here with a menu that shows everything, the drone can do while flying with the app so you’ve got a filter option here to add filters to the drone video feed. You can do black and white and like sepia and really cool um filters, things like that you’ve got music. So you can add music directly to your video feed media, which you can add.

Other different types of media let’s see lens switch. You click this button to actually change between the front facing camera and then the landing straight down camera which we’ll try out here in a minute. You get trajectory flight which basically allows you to draw a flight path on the screen, and the drone will actually follow that which is really cool that’s. A new feature that we’ll go over you’ve got vr mode um, which allows you to basically uh. If you have, you know virtual glasses or goggles that you can use, you can uh use those to connect to the video feed and fly directly with that you’ve got voice command. Um! Oh let’s get headless mode so headless mode. You just basically, if you click that the drone will fly whichever direction you push the controllers, it’s kind of good for beginners. I really don’t like headless mode so i’m, not going to try that myself you’ve got voice control which allows you to control the drone with voice commands like take off land forward back left right, we’ll. Try that as well so we’ve got calibrate which allows us to connect the drone to the controller. Just a more stable connection. You’Ve got vision follow, so the drone can actually see you and follow you around. You’Ve got gesture control and or gestures for photo and video. So what that is, is basically, you can do hand gestures like a peace sign to take photos, and then you can wave to take videos which is really cool, um g sensor mode, which is gravity sensor mode, it’s, another way to stabilize the drone, and then one Key takeoff and landing over here, oh and then on this side, we’ve got the speed, switch, so low, medium high again photo video and then the control sticks which we’ll use to actually, you know navigate the drone so yeah that pretty much goes over.

All of the functions from the controller let’s go ahead and click back and then, when you’re ready to fly just click play. I missed it. Click play it’s, going to start with this ship video here as well, then it’s going to connect you’ll, see the video feed from the drone directly and now we’re ready to go so the first thing we’ll do is we want to open up the controllers over here And you can see the light does come on on the drone. That means it’s connected we’ll, open up the top menu and then we’ll click the auto take off. You may have to click it twice. It’Ll go ahead and take off just like with the controller and, as you can see, it’s just as reactive as the controller um, so we’ll go um left, i’m, sorry right left and we can go up and down so yeah it’s really really. Actually, i think i prefer driving it with. You know the app over the controller, so it does start off slow again on speed, one um, oh the wind’s, picking up here. So if we want to change the speed, you just click the speed button to medium and then high i like to fly on high. If you’re a beginner, you may want to start on low but yeah. It starts to fly around just like normal. Just like the controller um great great video feed, let’s uh let’s get a view of the lake over here again ooh.

The wind is kicking right now, but this is actually good test for the drone, so even even in the wind um, even in a strong wind, the drone does do really well so i’m happy with that all right let’s go ahead. I hope the wind dies down. So we can test some of the functions. It is a beautiful day out here, so i thought i’d get out here and test the drone out today. Let’S see so this is the filter. If you want to add filters i’m not going to do that right now, music, um photos, let’s, actually try. Okay, let’s! Try the camera switch so right. Now the camera is forward facing i’m going to push it up a little bit and fly it forward. We will turn on the camera switch now it’s face down so uh yeah it’s, a pretty cool, pretty cool little camera switch feature there we’re going to go ahead and switch it back um to the front facing camera there we go, let’s, see um and bring the Drone back down into the shot here there we go all right, so let’s go ahead and test out a few of the other features. So let’s try trajectory flight i’m, going to bring it up a little higher let’s see and for trajectory. You just click this button right here. It’Ll give you a zone over here to draw in i’m just going to draw a circle, and then you can see the drone flies in a perfect circle.

Yeah trajectory is really cool. Let’S go and align this way open a line that way. Yeah trajectory is really cool, and this is one of the newest features for snap change. Drone so i’m, going to turn that mode off now let’s go ahead and fly over here, all right uh, so that was trajectory let’s try. We i don’t have vr glasses, so we’re going to skip that one um calibrate. We know how that one works let’s go ahead. I want to try the voice command so i’m in a good landing zone, so let’s try that out. We’Ll turn on voice commands land. That’S super cool: this is one of my favorite features. Okay, take off move right, move left, move forward, move back all right, i’m gon na turn that off yeah that’s a super super cool feature that’s. Definitely one of my favorites um, all right so we’ve already tested. You know the speed over here. Let’S see we’ve got photos so to take a photo. Basically, you can let me i’m gon na turn it over here, because i’d rather get a photo of the lake let’s, get a good shot to take a photo. You just click the photo button. There takes it there. It goes it’ll save directly to your device. Let’S. Try the video i’m going to turn on the video feed from the drone. Now all right, so the video is connected. Let’S get some shots of the beach over there all right i’m going to bring the drone back down a little bit all right.

So um i mean yeah it’s been a pretty successful test flight. I would say: let’s check the batteries. It does show the battery down here. Um we’re getting kind of low we’re in the red, um yeah, so we’ve got a few more minutes, i’d say with it, but overall um. I really do like this drone, especially for the price i’d say i’d say this is a great beginner drone for pretty much anybody of any ages. Let’S get a let’s get a little bit closer here, get one last quick check of it. Quick view. I mean. Oh, the wind’s, picking up again it’s still fighting it’s fighting it wow the wind’s really getting it, but the drone does well so i’m, just fighting it a little bit here. Yeah. This drone is great and that’s. What i in the video feed is, is also really great. Oh, let me turn the video back on yeah. The video is also great, but um yeah, i mean, as far as the little toy drone goes i’d say. The snaptane a15h is definitely a great choice. Um. It is available on amazon, like i said, the price changes i’d say in between around 50 and 90 bucks, so it makes a great gift, and if you, if you like it, i have left a link for it in the description below you can go ahead and Click on that and it will bring you directly to it on amazon, they’ll ship it right to your door, um, so yeah, the battery’s getting low.

You can see the lights starting to flash i’m gon na go ahead and do the one key landing here and land it all right and that’s pretty much it for this video i’d say that was a really successful test flight and again, if you guys do like This video, please feel uh, go ahead and smash that like and subscribe button we’re trying really hard to get to our first three i’m. Sorry, 5. 000 subscribers. We actually just crossed 3 000 and hopefully we can get to 5000 by the end of the year. So yeah with that said um until next time.