You can control it by voice uh. You could actually fly it with these little tabs. Let’S see. This is how you pull them out, so you could fly with them or without them. Okay, there. It is they just basically snap in so guys, i’m gon na show you how to basically download the app to control it by voice and show you all of these controls, so let’s get started. So what you want to do is you want to go ahead and actually search for snaptane and then download snaptane mate app. So, in our case, i already have the app all we got to do is open it up so over here, it’s asking you for the gps. If you want to allow it so let’s go ahead and actually allow it, and i guess we just go ahead and allow everything. So the reason you want to actually allow access to your photos because it does take video and you could record some videos so before we begin, we want to go ahead and actually open this up. We could put our remote inside right here like that. Right now is we’re gon na first power on the drone, so it is powered on, and so we got the tutorial here so looks like i was actually in a flight mode. It just makes it look kind of like a game uh over here. You got all of these things to control here, so you got filter music, media lens switch, let’s, see trajectory right, uh, no trajectory flight, vr mode, headless mode, voice, control, calibrate more than right here.

Speed switch, photo, video control, stick on and off, and then we got one key take off and landing. We got g sensor mode, we got g for photo and video and we got vision and follow so let’s go ahead and actually do this. So we’re gon na hit play. We got ta connect with wi fi, because my profession drone it connects to wi fi. So we are basically connecting to the to the drone uh to the drone’s wi fi, and it has connected so now. We’Re gon na go to this drone menu and let’s see if this actually will allow us to to play it. Okay, now we’re prompted with this an update mate. I would like to find and connect to devices on your local network. Okay, so now it’s, actually showing a full battery, which is great, oh and look at that, and the video camera came on so let’s go ahead and actually put the drone that way. Um you could see the camera uh let’s see i just adjusted it slightly up. So let’s see there’s, also gesture control hint uh. The effective distance between the aircraft and the hand is about 1.5 meters police operate in an indoor or outdoor wind environment below force ii. The control effect is uh released through the phone performance. It is recommended to use iphone 7 or you know above so we have iphone 8, so we’re good. So i guess uh here’s, the camera like now, i’m recording now i’m, not recording this just took a picture, so there it is uh, so it actually saves the picture.

I don’t know what this thing is. Oh, this is, this is a speed, so it’s got 30.. So what is this here? Uh the effective, follow distance? Okay, so that is follow. So we could actually test that distance and i think the app just crashed so let’s go ahead and actually hit play again. Looks like that video uh came on right away this time, which is great Music. Well, obviously, with with the way the joystick is i’m able to control it, so we’re going to select that to make a stick, video, so speaking, video right now, let’s just go ahead and fly. Okay looks like i was already facing so guys. I want to show you how to control your drone using your phone. Of course, i don’t know everything about it, and this is a learning experience for me. As a matter of fact, just to get uh this working, i had to kind of close the app a couple times and, of course, in order for this to work, you got to make sure that you connect uh your snaptane a15 uh through wifi and then, of Course, your camera will work in order to actually record with your camera just hit that right there. It starts recording here’s one button takeoff, so let’s try this again. So this is a one button takeoff and it’s been kind of weird like there. It is starts flying so i guess right here you could you know you could control it.

Let’S get this up Music. I must say: it’s not easy controller like this, but uh. It does work so i’m, trying to now land Music, so it’s, actually not recording me. So i’m gon na go ahead and land it by hitting one time and now it has landed so let’s. Try this one more time. I think it’s a good idea to pull the remote up. Then you touch that one button start starts flying and to land. One button and then it lands, so i want to test the functionality of this drone actually following me, so this is the functionality of it Music, so guys now, i’m gon na try to uh fly it by actually doing this one button control. So i got the button up it’s not doing anything so let’s try to hold it so i’m holding it. Nothing let’s try to hold it again, so it can be a little bit tricky. Okay, i see, i don’t think it’s gon na be flying because our battery light is too low, so i do have one more battery, so all we got to do is pull this one out like this and install another one. I do like how these batteries are, because it’s actually really easy to install them to install them. You want to kind of put this little tab in the middle, then slide it forward. So let’s try this one more time, i’m, going to turn the drone on we’re gon na need to open snapdane, i’m gon na put play and then wi fi there.

It is so now it’s actually connecting to it. So sometimes when things don’t work just turn everything off, i actually have to remove the battery plug that back up all right. So now that that is connected, um we’re gon na open up the controls right here and let’s see. I should actually be seeing a video camera here. Uh that’s not happening so i’m gon na shut the app off and open it back up again there. It is so now it’s, actually working so there. It is, and we’re going to open up the controls. We’Re going to hold the takeoff now it’s taken off now, we could actually steer so let’s turn this drone around so it’s kind of like having a remote in your hand with the phone so we’re, not even using an actual remote it’s, basically it’s on the table. There so there it’s flying right there and let’s fly forward. Okay, so let’s try to climb down a little bit and let’s see i’m gon na turn around so guys. I found another type of mode, which is this little mode right here. You turn it on and that little icon appears. I mean this really starts making your drone like this. You could just control like like a like a steering wheel. Thank you so see i’m kind of like tilting it forward and that’s how it is so now. I just need to figure out the gesture controls so it’s kind of like a steering wheel if you want to churn it, but if you want to fly this way, you could just do this so i’m, trying to figure out how to go up or down.

I guess also you could use like your your hand, to try to do this, and that would like this now. I want to do gestures so it’s, actually taking that picture all by itself. Okay, it looks like the battery is done guys. There is a gesture control and this drone does do like flips and all kinds of stuff like that, but it’s a learning experience out of the box there’s. I guess there’s going to be a lot of reading. As usual. I really don’t do a lot of reading. I try to pull stuff out of the box and start using it i i’m going to land it normally. I think, when somebody’s buying a drone like this for 100 it’s more like you buying it for a kid and if a kid cannot pull out of the box and start using it, then it’s going to be a lot more difficult because you have to sit down. Explain stuff but i’d say this: drone is definitely usable out of the box, especially if you’re using the remote the remote makes it a lot easier. Now, if you have a phone well, you could have an app and you could control it with a lot more capabilities, but i’d say for 100. Everything that it does just you know just for the fun of it just to try to go through. All of these features and just try to use them – i mean it’s well worth it.

I mean look: it’s got a camera on here. You could really have a lot of fun with this drone, so i had two batteries. I think i’ve been using it for 15 minutes on each battery i’m. Sure i’ve been here 30 minutes or more just trying to mess with this drone. Here so i’d say the battery life is pretty good, but i think two is plenty. It does have plenty of flight time, but anyways guys. If you want to check this drone out check it out in the description below there’s going to be a link, you could do all the reading up on it see if you could figure out how to control it with gestures or how to control it with voice, Because it is voice controlled as well.