Okay, come back to me. Flying selfie, stick Music, good job. This is the new 230 dollar snap pixie its not exactly a drone, but its also kind of a drone, its designed to work with the snapchat app, though you can download the photos and videos and share them to anywhere youd like but heres. The really unique thing about the pixie you dont fly it its autonomous, which is kind of scary, but also kind of nice. For someone like me, whos been scared of learning how to fly a drone, but its also pretty limited and oof. The battery life lets see how this thing works. There are two cameras on the pixie. The one pointed at the ground is used to stabilize the drone and detect your hand aka its landing pad. The camera facing outward identifies where you are and captures better than hd video flying the thing. Couldnt be any easier. You set it to one of four flying modes: hold it out, so its at eye level check for the green, ready, light and press this button. It takes off, and the software then tracks the location of your head and body. So it knows where you are and when to come back to you, the pixie wont fly higher than about 15 feet up and 30 feet away from you just watch out for the trees. It doesnt have obstacle avoidance. Oh no in the app you can set the length of recording up to 60 seconds per clip so back to those four flight patterns hover because well it hovers reveal because it reveals more of the scene follow because it is supposed to follow you im over here.

Come on and then theres orbit as it orbits around you, the quality is eh its fine in bright light, but everything looks grainy and compressed also theres, no microphone. So no audio is recorded at all. For this video we used a microphone and synced. The audio afterwards is this thing on, but the pixis small size has some big downsides. Ive been lucky. If i could get one battery to last, more than three minutes of flying, which was often just three to four flights. Snap says you should get five to eight flights with the default flight durations. You can buy extra batteries for twenty dollars or this dual charger with two batteries for fifty dollars, then theres the fact that the pixie weighs less than a quarter pound just a bit more than a bag of actual pixie sticks i used to eat. So many of these as a kid, the issue with that lightweight wind snap says it works best when wind speeds are below 7 miles per hour. Speaking of safety, while the pixie is very small and flies very low, its still technically classified as a drone in the u.s. That means you need to abide by the national state and local laws. I passed the faas recreational safety test and checked its before. You fly app before flying in any location and if you dont want to deal with all that, maybe just fly in your house be safe. The footage is recorded on the pixis internal 16 gigabytes of storage and will send to your snapchat app when paired via bluetooth.

In the app there is a new, auto crop tool which takes the pixies native horizontal video and automatically crops it vertically for posting. You can also do all that fun. Snapchat stuff ive had a lot of fun, taking snaps with this little thing, but it doesnt really do much more than take photos of you and, in that way, its not really that much more than a glorified selfie stick. In fact, another company called air selfie is just leaning into that idea. The air neo is even smaller and lighter than the pixie, which means i know you hate the wind. You hate the wind, you tiny drones hate the wind. The 150 air neo will start shipping. In a couple of weeks. The snap pixie will start at 230 dollars, but will only be available online in limited quantities so yeah. I guess this is becoming a thing: easy to use autonomous mini drones that follow us around. Just dont go out in the wind or without a fanny pack, full of batteries, theres.