This is the SM RCS 30. Now before we get started my dog sleeping beside me here. So if you hear some snoring that's hurt okay, what is the SM RCS 30? Looking at it, we can see that it is it's, a mini phantom style. Look drone but what's special about it, folks its brushed motor drone, but what is special about it? It includes GPS system. Ok, this is a GPS beginners. Gps drone includes GPS for automatic return to home, on command, on lots of signal and on low battery. This will come back and land, so it's lessens the chance of beginners losing the drone. Now the drone is advertised with a 4k camera. What that? What I see here folks is it is a video is recorded. Actually, 1080p camera it's a 1080p camera, but it will take stills from that 1080p and using its app, it will interpolate that app or those stills into what they call 4k 3840 by 2160 pixel interpolated still photos with this camera. The camera is also advertised with some type of electronic image. Stabilization I'm, not sure what that is, I haven't seen it and just jiggling it here in my home. Maybe we'll see how well the if this does have some type of stabilization when we take it out in the field to fly, it will see how steady the video is from this drone, but I have not personally seen it. They also show some type of image shown that this might be a mechanical gimbal.

It is not, you know, it's, just a still camera, but notice the 5 G on the side of it. Now this video is not recorded to an SD card, there's no SD card slot on this drum. So this video is transmitted to your phone using 802.11 AC Wi Fi. Now, not everybody has 802.11 AC Wi Fi before purchasing this drone strongly recommend that you verify that your phone has 802.11 AC Wi Fi or you will be disappointed when you not be able to use the app, because you want to use the app for the advanced Features of this drone I'm going to be talking about those a little bit later. Okay, I mentioned a camera 1080p images or 1080p video is transmitted to your camera or to your phone via Wi Fi, along with the 4k images, takes a long time to download those images since its star plating it to 4k. So keep that in mind. Don'T just goes snap snap snap, this won't do it folks you're gon na have to wait about 10 15 seconds between photos to download these photos. Now I mentioned the brushed motor, so these you know eventually someday will fail. You will need to replace them there's a lot of generics out there. I believe these are eight millimeter motors, like I haven't opened yourself to find out, but one thing I do notice is: is we have high pitch propellers? Okay, hyper high pitched propellers are good for providing a lot of lift.

However I've from experience. I'Ve noticed these type of propellers usually create a lot of vibrations too, so, hopefully, that electronic image stabilization will come into play to reduce vibrations of this from this camera. When this thing is in flight now it is powered by this big three 2's battery three point: seven or seven yeah, seven point four volt: 1300 million per hour battery. With this battery you notice it has a red jst connector, so you can use other 2's with red jst connectors in this, but it's a generic battery, so you should be able to find replacements for it and it pops in the back end here and this battery Bay is pretty large for that to accommodate this big battery, so this little commentates smaller batteries, if you're, if you happen to have a bunch of generic batteries with you to charge this 7.4 whole battery you're, provided with this wall charger plug or this plug, you can Plug it into your computer, which will take a long time to charge that big battery, I recommend using a foam wall charger to charge it and expeditious Vader. Okay, if you get a full spare set of propellers – and you also get a set of prop guards – I got them on just for display purposes when I take it out to the field to fly. It I'm going to remove these, because these do do great flight performance, especially if there's any wind. These act like sails in the wind and also act like Christmas tree ornament hooks.

If you end up in a tree, your drones up there permanently. If you got these on there, so keep that in mind: let's go over the controller and what it can do, supposedly the fpv and control fpv ranges is a. This is predicted at 500 metres. I find that hard to believe but we'll see when we go flying it tomorrow and along with control range of out to a thousand meters using the control on, but let's go for the buttons of the control or the controller. Miss lists up to put your smartphone in notice. There is no LCD screen with this. Just the illumination there to tell you that this thing is powered are not powered and to turn it on. You do a quick press to turn it off. You do a long press to turn it off. The button is on this. This is your rates. Button for adjusting the speed of the drone then go faster. This button here on the upper right shoulder is your photo vote, video button, quick press to take a photo and a long press to start the video and always remember to stop that video before turning off the drone or you will lose your video okay, it'll be Corrupted so you always want to remember to stop the video recording before turning off the drum these buttons on the left are for calibration. Only this is for gyro calibration under the gyros. If you're going to be flying an optical flow mode, since your altitude hold mode I'm, sorry you can adjust turn or adjust the gyros by putting the drone on a flat level surface and pressing this button down to hold it for a couple seconds to calibrate the Gyros to help maintain steady, lay the level flight.

This button here is for calibrating the compass, since this is a GPS drone. All GPS drones require compass calibration press this button. Then you do a few horizontal turns to lights, change, color and a few vertical turns with the nosed appointed onto lights, change color. I will demonstrate that in the field exactly how to do that. So keep that don't worry folks. I'Ll show you how to do it again. You got the onoff switch here. This button here is for altitude old mode. If you want to turn the GPS off, you can, if you want to fly this, is a sport zone just and fly it wouldn't in altitude, old mode? You can turn off the GPS by pressing that button and fly and help the to hold I'm, not sure. If you can turn it back on, though afterwards you go down to do by pressing it again, but we'll find out tomorrow or we go flying, it does have automatic takeoff automatic landing which you activate by pressing to this button. The here you also start and stop the motor before that automatic takeoff and landing by down and out on both of these sticks like so that starts. The motor center also stops the motors. So once you start to burners, then you press that on my takeoff button and then drone will take off. It does have headless mode which you activate by pressing this button here, and it also has automatic to return to home by command by pressing this button error.

Press that button, the drone will come back and land where it took off. From now I mentioned it uses the SMR C UAV app as available on Google Play and iTunes again. That app requires 802.11 AC Wi Fi. But with that app you get to use fpv. You can view fpv, also record your video onto your phone along with providing advanced flight control modes of circle. Me follow me optical. Follow me also this you can do both gps. Follow me in optical, follow me and finally waypoints. It also has gesture control, so you can do automatic photos and videos by doing this type of signal in front of the camera it's supposed to take it off a photo. And if you go like this in front of the camera showing the palms up. That will start the video and also use it to stop the video. If you want to do it just using gesture control, I don't recommend doing that. I recommend using your photo buttons, it's, more reliable okay, so that is this SMR cs30 drone gps drone for beginners let's, take it out in the field and see how it flies. So I hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101, here with the SMR cs30 yacht and one of my favorite flying fields for this today hope everyone still practicing good social, distancing, okay to get this into the air, we got a turn or not, and there Is an onoff switch by the cord that goes to the camera? So you just press this off switch to on and we have solid blue lights all around, putting it on the ground and then turning on transmitter and then doing it up that on the transmitter.

And we should be bowed. Okay now we want a first thing we want to do is compass calibration and before that let's take a look at those lights. The lights are rapidly blinking right now, all of them rapidly blinking, but we're gon na press. This compass calibration button here and now only the blue lights are blinking rapidly in the front. So that means we got to do several turns clockwise. Until the red lights come on, red lights are on. Okay and the blue lights are solid it's, because I did this compass calibration at home already so it's doing it quickly. So now we put the nose down like so and turn it until those lights change to solid, so compass calibration is completed. We are actually just about ready to fly, so the next thing I need to do is connect my phone's Wi Fi to the drones, Wi Fi and then open the app so hold on folks. While I do that, okay, this is the SMR see you AV app available on Google Play on iTunes, so the next thing we got to do is hit begin and we'll see if the fpv video shows up – and it does now before we take off. I want to show you one other thing: this camera you can adjust the parameters of the camera, see in the upper in the middle of the screen up at the top. That looks like the Sun, let's adjust that and we are outside let's give it more contrast.

Not too much but right about there that's, just the saturation I'm gon na lowering the saturation just a bit and maybe raise up the brightness a bit and hopefully that'll look good and if it doesn't, I can adjust it once we're near I'm. Gon na hit save that's the new settings. The reason I'm doing this yesterday did it was too dark for my preference, but we should be good to go here. Let me move here. I don't like that that orange doesn't look right. Actually, let me lift the drone up and take a look see what we got here around area, maybe that's a little too too bright. Let me lower that brightness down a bit so I'm going back into this, and lowering the brightness down and down to 55 let's say that and hit save let's. Try it again. Yeah that looks better. Okay, so let's put that back on the ground. So we should be good to go now. One thing before I take off notice that I labeled the return to home button and the reason I did this is yesterday. I was flying this for review and I actually hit the altitude hold button there confusing so, and this drone almost flew away of me because it was drifting because I didn't know it was an altitude hold. So I recommend labeling that return to home button until you feel comfortable also because you might make the same mistake I did yesterday, so we were ready to go first thing.

I'M gon na do is start the video camera by pressing and holding the video camera button, and we should be recording to my phone in video and starting the motors. I think that I had to do. Actually, I think all I had to do was hit the automatic takeoff button let's see if that's true yeah take off buttons. All I needed to do hey let's turn it toward me. No, I got a slight breeze here today, but what I want to do is get the Sun behind me and say: I feel like my shirt today, folks, ok, ok, we should be good to go one other thing. I want to show you, but before we take off well, I'll talk about is we're flying IDs. The geofence is automatically set to on and I'll show you how to turn that off. When I get back, but let's go out and test the range of this thing. First, okay, going up higher I'm gon na try to make it over to the skate park, which is about 300 meters away. I did it yesterday, let's see if I can do it again, one up a bit higher keeping the back of my phone put it toward the drone going up a bit higher hundred meters away. Now. They'Ve got two distances here: SL and D, nacelles linear distance straight to the drone like it's right in 20 degrees in the air right now and D is horizontal distance to the drone, so they should be close to the same and they are right.

Now is the further you get away: they become closer to being the same. Okay, there skate park. Okay, I made it to to 220 meters clapping it there for a second turn it to the left just a little bit, because I want to go toward the skatepark yeah that's good enough right. There pushing forward again one more time and it's breaking up so that's about our max Ranger about 225 meters. Okay, now this time I'm hitting the correct return to home button and let's see if it actually comes back well, it's, not I won't see the numbers decrease. Oh here we go, the numbers are decreasing now and it is coming back. I see it coming back, let's see how accurate that returned home and landing is come straight back, yeah moving away from the pad, maybe my camera up, so you can see it and we'll see how close it is to the landing pad, but it's the same. It rotates good touch the bed, so let me turn never turn the whole. So the next thing we want to try is the advanced features. Let'S put it back on the pad, and let me stop that video. So I make sure I got that video recording photo actually ok success and saved so that's. The next thing we're going to do is go back into the air again, but before that, let me start the video camera again and then bring or hitting the automatic kick off button, and everybody wants to see follow me so let's try to follow me.

First, let's go out about 30 meters, 20 meters or so plop it there and hidden. Follow me on my controller. It should be activated, let's see if it does follow. Does it? Yes, it does there we go it's moving actually doing a good job seems to be doing a good job. Follow me, let's go a little bit faster let's go the other way show in the follow me now. I got to be careful here. They seat at this ground, so I don't want to step in the bare spots, but I want to go over here now. Okay, so follow me is working we're plopping it there and it seems to be a DJI style. Follow me: where maintains a position from your where you are but let's stop the follow me there. Next thing I want to do is circle position, so I'm gon na bring it over toward me and then hit circle and we're gon na make the radius 10 meters and then hit done and then confirm so it's gon na go there and turn around and start It'S, a ten meter circle, so circle position is working well and I want to stay over here off the bare spots. So that's it circle position. You want a good job as my battery, where is my pose, but two thirds of the way done so let's stop Circle position there. The next thing, of course, is waypoints Waypoint hitting at waypoints and find our position in the world buddy getting with center position and that doesn't seem to be working so let's see.

If I can zoom in manually I'm in the US, not Russia there. I am so it's zoom in this way and it's also zoom into satellite view satellite view coming in zooming in zooming in zooming. In I hit that center position button. You know where location button, but they don't want to do it so we're gon na. Do it manually, like this okay let's, hit a point let's go fly over here then fly over here, notify over here and then back to me. Go right over here and then hit sin sin there. It goes on its way. Point mission. Point number one. One two point number two so so far everything seems to be working on this that's good, waypoints, cool, okay, so weight points works so we're gon na stop that and then bring the drone back and close lowering it we're gon na get closer. Just sync up the camera: okay, FC blag, of course, because this is Wi Fi, but let's. Stop that video, recording and let's take a photo. Let'S try another photo. I hope these are saving. Oh yeah. There we go one more and there that's the photos it could take. Okay, finally, optical follow me: we haven't tried that yet there's a last flow optical, follow me let's press that button and slide the track and see if that actually works, mmm glass, please release reselect. The target it's not seeing me so the optical follow me. I don't know about that one now.

What does not seem to work? Okay with the remaining power in this let's start the video camera one more time. Oh let's, see if we can get it to do. A recognize hand signals the start. Video start video now by taking a photo yeah that's, not working either so we'll stop that now. The next thing we're going to do is turn the camera back on and actually I'm just gon na go higher and we're fly around we're gon na stay within 30 meters. Because the reason being I want this video to smooth out a bit okay, you know being a Wi Fi flyer, it's, not saving to fpv or it's, not saving to an SD card, and with that mine, the video is going to be somewhat choppy and laggy and To prove that all you got to do really is trying to stay close. Okay, you got distant with the drone and it will become you'll, see, frame, dropping of the Wi Fi video, so that's the big disadvantage of using of not having SD card recording. This one seems to have it and it's working well, there let's come down lower, now turn it around, because the next thing I want to try is: how good is this in maneuverability, here, okay, bringing it back to where me let's, increase the rate so I'm pressing With the right button on the left, here is their third button, no wanted to high rate and low rate so we're in high rate.

Now, if you got a little bit of wind, you can fight that one with high rate, but this is its max speed, though folks, so keep that mine to one downwind max speeds. If it looks like about 1050 miles per hour, so you get wind up about ten miles per hour. You'Re gon na have problems coming down lower, so neat little GPS, drone let's let's go out again one more time going up higher and future. How long is this battery I'm surprised its lasted this long coming back, subframe dropping there again, let's, try that we'll go out a bit again and then try to return to home again so we'll go over here flop it there let's, see it's returned to home and Landing, ok, activating return to home, watching it goes up a bit flies back to its position and returning to home and landing all by itself. What you can do, Music coming on Music touch, the pad again. Oh my gosh! Well, look at that! Gps on this thing is pretty darn accurate. I got to save folks. It really is yesterday when I flew out of range you know with that altitude hold on it. Actually, what does Barry got low? It flew back and landed here. That was the only way I got it back, but again altitude hold on. This is something you got ta be careful again. This is altitude hold. This is return to home. Do not press this button folks or that one that's not return to home either that's takeoff and landing so yeah.

I had problems with that yesterday now the other thing this does have also geofencing, and I want to show you that to hit in the upper air in the upper right corner, you see that green three lines. Click on that turn off novice mode slide, all the buttons flight height distance, all the way to the right return altitude I like to keep it about 16 meters, up that's, good and then hit save don't forget to hit save okay, otherwise it won't take and that I had a problem with that. Yesterday too: okay, that's we're, almost out of battery power, so let's finish this up one more flight. Turning on the video camera hitting the automatic takeoff button – and we are just going to do a low levels around the park, see they just grasp her to see that this field here and I think they're mad at me for being out here, I've seen one of The maintenance men scowling over there, so I got to get out of here soon but we're just gon na fly around here until the battery dies there's GPS. So it does seem to be able to go close to 300 meters. I think it was 230 or something like that is the max distance I got which is reasonable for this. This is a beginners GPS drone, our stabilization, I don't know if it's, really working or not, I think, we're, hitting return to home here. No, I guess I just turned it too hard.

Actually it's got a geofence right now so I'm low battery. Well, how much is that geofence, 30 meters about 30 meters, 35 meters, I'm low battery it doesn't? Let you go any further. So it's got a low battery geofence. I guess that means if we were flying further than 30 meters. This drone would have returned itself his position there. It goes hitting the geofence wall. So if we're gon na fly around within this 30 meter circle he's bumping into that wall in the sky until the battery's dead, we're just gon na stay within this 30 meter circle let's go up a bit higher though then we'll plop it there and just do A slow, rotate, I'm gon na go up a bit higher and rotate. It show the area. Okay, still in return to home, though battery and then low battery return to home, it's lights are blinking notice, all red and blue blink blink coming down and see how, after that, it is this time they're gon na touch the ball. Man, that's a good GPS on this thing. Look at that okay, so this is the SMR cs30 it's a semi cs30 gps drone that actually kind of works. You know it's a beginner's brushed motor gps drone and things seem to work on it so hope you enjoyed. This flight is quite copter, 101 setting out high quadcopter 101. Here again hey. If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right.

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