It is a summer like day in idaho, today, it’s about 82 degrees right now and supposed to get up to a high of 88 degrees today and we’re just in mid may. So it sounds like to me like it’s, going to be a warm summer, but anyway i have a drone for you. Today i have the uh smrc icat 7 pro and yes it’s orange, but no it’s, not an autel drone uh. This is an under 200 i’m going to put call it a bargain drone, and i do have a little bit of a confession to make i’ve actually flown this drone already and had some issues with it. In fact, it literally fell from the sky. On me. A couple times, first time completely power off and then smack down on the pavement the second time it came down at a slower rate, but definitely came down out of the sky uncommanded. So i it ended up. I had some issues with the arm and – and i have glued this arm back together – hopefully you’ll be able to see that on the video it just bent the antenna down a little bit, but everything seems to be okay with the motor and everything so we’re going To try it out again, today, i’m, going to show you that footage from my flight with it the other day right now, let’s go reverse and up now reverse and up whoa well, and look at the drone it’s coming down.

Now the drone is falling from the sky yeah. I don’t know what that’s about the drone fell from the sky again so uh, but in fact it’s still running and it took off again i’m holding the stick down. So you can see from that footage. It wasn’t a pleasant experience and, of course, the first thing you think of when a drone falls like that is a power loss right. Did the battery come loose or something but that’s not the case, because it recorded video all the way down, as you saw in in both cases and in the second case uh, it was weird the way it came down just kind of out of control it. We did have, i noticed in both situations. I had an app crash right before the drone fell now, whether that is related to it or not. I can’t say but i’m out at heroes park today and we’re going to keep this drone well away from everybody out over the park here in case, something like that happens again and and we’re just going to try it out. This is an interesting product. It has. They are, they are claiming. Uh 8k video just found a piece of grass hanging out of the camera there. They are claiming 8k video with this drone. Of course, we know it’s, not that so i’ll have to check the files and see what it actually is and i’ll i’ll post it on the screen, but it’s it it is.

It does claim to be a a three axis gimbal. Now i can tell you from the video that i looked at before uh. It is still a little bit shaky and i definitely saw some jello in it, but we’ll try it today and see how it works out. Uh it’s got some interesting things on it. Like you see this little deal right here, that is for mounting accessories and they show in their literature or on their their advertising, that you can mount a speaker on there, a pa system, so to speak. Uh, you can mount a squirt gun on there, which i don’t know if you’d want to mount. A squirt gun depends on how far it shoots you i don’t know if you’d want to get your drone that wet, but then also they had a a line drop system that you could mount on there. Well, this is on top of the drone, so i can’t imagine you’d be wanting to drop a fishing line around the props but but we’ll see – and i didn’t see any of that stuff for sale anywhere. So so don’t know much about that, but it’s interesting. It is there and then it has some other interesting things. This is also available with a two axis gimbal. So this is a modular camera. This camera is supposed to come off and you can put another one on there, but it does have two downward facing cameras right there.

These two bottom things are led lights, but then i noticed this one has a pinhole camera right there, too, so i’m, not sure what it needs with three cameras looking down but uh, but we’ll we’ll, take it up and we’ll see how it flies. Now the instruction manual on it is uh in pretty small print and it’s, also very, very vague, clearly it’s translated from chinese and there’s some things that just don’t translate so we’ll, probably just kind of have to stumble through it here and in any case uh. Let me see if i can get this guy calibrated and we’ll get it up in the air, and hopefully we have better luck on this flight. So before we get to that flight, i should show you the rc, and this rc is encouraging, because this one right here actually has a wire in it. So it is a functional antenna and the other thing is: it does have internal an internal power supply battery. You charge it with a micro usb port there. The other thing that’s interesting, is the 3 000 milliamp batteries they’re charged with usbc. So it comes with a usb c cable. But in order to charge this remote you’re going to have to have your own micro, usb cable, so you’ll want to keep that in mind, but a fairly simple, remote uh it’s got uh the the. Obviously, you can tell here your your mobile phone mounts to the bottom and then and then the usual buttons here so that’s the speed control right there uh this is uh uh return to home, or, excuse me this one is take off this one is returned to Home this one puts it in headless mode and then, if we look at the back here, uh we’ve got uh a video button, take a picture button and then moving the gimbal up and down right there.

So uh yeah, i mean you, know, functional little remote and it does have the lcd screen with telemetry on the front, and i got to tell you. I always appreciate that. I guess i always also want to point out that it does come out with a with a nice case, and i i always appreciate that when i notice these bargain drones typically do that they come out with a pretty good case, and that is handy as heck To keep everything organized, so i wonder sometimes why they don’t do that in more expensive drones. Okay, this time i mean it, let’s uh let’s, get this guy in the air and let’s just see how it does so. One of the things that i discovered with this drone is you need to turn on the controller first and then the drone, and it will connect if you do it. The other way around it doesn’t seem to connect so i’m going to turn the controller on right. Now and that button is right down here a little bit awkward, if you already have your phone in there like, i do and there that’s on. So let me fire up the drone so uh. I heard a beep there on the controller it connected uh, almost immediately. Almost as soon as i fired up the drone – and we have telemetry already so the first thing that we’re gon na do is uh put the drone into compass calibration mode, and you do that by uh, the left stick down and out and the right stick.

Uh up and out and so let’s spin it around and see what we got, and so we heard a beep there that tells us we’re good. So now we’ll stand it on end and we got another beep there. So we know we’re calibrated uh. So the next thing we want to do is uh fire up the app and, let me start a screen recording here that way you guys can see what i’m doing with the app and so uh. We want to check and make sure that we are connected to the drone and we are wi fi xm, gps, 5g, whatever so yeah i mean i i’ve connected to it before so it automatically connected to my phone and another beep there. I think it’s telling us it got enough satellites. So next thing we want to do is do the gyro calibration and that is exactly the opposite. Uh this stick up and out, and this stick down and out – and we heard a beep there, so i’m going to say, that’s, probably good and then let’s open up the app and this uses the h fun fly app there’s. Another app with a very similar name called the h fun pro, so you don’t want to get them confused and then the other thing is i’ve. Seen like i looked at quad copter 101’s video. He had the two axis gimbal version of this drone and he was using a completely different app.

Now i scanned the qr code in the manual to get this app so and it’s asking us yeah we’re, going to use cellular data that’s fine and we have to check a button at the bottom. We the bottom, that we agree to their privacy policy that’s, always fun and uh yeah keep a distance of three meters or more we’re going to confirm, and it does give you a little bit of a tutorial here on the page of what everything does. But then look at that we’ve got fpv already so that’s, always a good sign, so let’s take let’s go into the that is uh. Well now that is interesting. We’Ll uh we’ll take a look at that later, so it looks like that’s for our intelligent flight modes. I i never. I didn’t get a chance to look at that earlier when i was in there and that’s those three lines in the top right: let’s click on the gear in the top right that’s what i was kind of going for and that’s our settings and uh yeah. So it set it for 600 meter limit we’re not going to fly that far and 120 meter altitude limit we’re not going to go that high, so we’re good to go camera is aspect ratio we’re going to leave it on original let’s turn stabilization on. I you know, you never know hd photos, we want uh, not image, flip so i’m, going to leave the rest of that stuff off.

It had gesture control that i don’t really care about and app flight, and it just tells you about you could change to you. Could reverse the the gimbals if you wanted to let’s, take a look at other and that gives us our firmware package, etc. So let’s get out of that and let’s see if we can take off and, as i recall, that’s both sticks down and in yeah that fired it up and look at it. Move around looks like i’ve got a i’m gon na shut it down. Yeah, the the uh, the prop in the front, uh well drone’s, facing away left hand arm it didn’t spread out. Okay, i manually spread them out so let’s fire them up again. Yeah that’s a lot better and let’s go ahead and hit take off on the controller. Here right here this button and look at that, you know that’s pretty smooth and i mean it uh. I guess it’s sinking a little bit we’ve got a little bit of wind right now. Let me turn it around and as i’m yawing, the drone is sinking so i’m going to manually pick it up here and let’s, bring it over that’s me bringing it up here. Getting a little bit of altitude let’s bring it in just a little i’m. A little nervous about bringing it too far in okay, i’m gon na and it’s sinking. Let me rock it back and forth, so you can see that gimbal and you can see that gimbal is uh working in the roll axis there and i’m gon na give it a i’m gon na pitch it backwards real quick, and we should see that gimbal uh Uh draw or excuse me, the camera drop a little bit on the gimbal, so there we go so that gimbal appears to be working correctly and uh.

Let me uh, let me lower the camera down here, a little Music well that’s too much it’s, uh it’s. I think it’s easier to do that: camera in increments uh, but anyway, we’re in low speed mode, but we are going to do a very uh, simple dronie here, we’re gon na be real, careful and slow and that drone is just sinking on its own and moving Around i’m, not touching the sticks, but uh let’s go reverse it up now: reverse and up and i’m trying to do it. Uh very slowly here and you know i’m having to mess with the controls a little bit to get it straight, but but that’s okay, so let’s stop right there and we are at a height of not quite uh, 15 meters and we’re about 50 meters out so I’M, going to i’m going to just be happy with that for now so uh let’s, just uh we’re, just gon na fly it around a little bit here. Let’S bring it back towards us and let’s see. If we can pick that camera up – oh holy cow, look at that boy, i’ll tell you. It goes from one extreme to the other. So so i guess that you have to just kind of punch the button, because if you hold that button it it’ll kick it right up and down so there we go. That is uh. Now you know kind of vaguely the rule of thirds and i do see on the camera.

We’Ve got a little bit of fisheye effect, uh and uh and i’m actually uh. You know it doesn’t, look too bad on fpv, but but we’ll see let’s bring it forward. Here, and that is full stick forward and we’re getting up to about four meters per second, which is pretty good yeah. I mean i don’t know what happened before. It seems to be operating. Okay, now, i’m, just gon na fly it around here a little bit. So you guys can kind of see how that camera works and i’m going to pick up the gimbal just a little bit more. It kind of seemed like it kind of dropped a little bit on us, oop that’s the wrong direction. Yeah that’s, probably better isn’t it – and you know there is nobody out in that corner of the park. Let’S just go out that direction i’m a little bit like. I said with the experience i had yesterday i’m a little bit nervous with this guy, so we are out about closing in on 100 meters. There’S 80. 90. 100 meters we’re pointed straight at the drone. So there is right at 200 meters i’m not going to go any further than that let’s uh let’s turn it around we’re, going to go to the drones right and it’s taken the command, so we’ve got to we’ve got control. I had to move the stick. A little further than i thought i would to get it to yaw around here, but uh we’re going to go we’re going to go kind of the opposite corner over here well and there’s there’s a little bit of lag.

I let off the stick and the drone continued to yaw so i’m going to say, that’s probably lag and fpv let’s see if we can get it back, just a little yeah and i am not yeah it’s not responding to uh commands right now that i can See so i’m going to hit return to home and let’s see if it comes back to us, i can see the drone and it appears to just be hovering there so i’m going to walk towards the drone and see if i can regain control let’s keep walking. This area, this direction, Music, close enough to the drone uh that we that it that it it took, that return to home command, and i see that it doesn’t uh change its vector, and i am going to stop that. If i can yeah – because i didn’t – i it’s kind of you – know i’m kind of close to that tree and i didn’t want it to fall in the tree, so i’m walking back towards you, so uh here’s. What i’m going to say about range as i would stay within about 150 meters and i think they they advertise like a control range of like one to two kilometers or something well, it’s, not that so i understand, but we did get control back there, but i Did have to walk towards the drone to do it so let’s uh let’s bring it down here and i just realized.

I haven’t been recording this whole time. So let’s start recording now yeah. Okay, sorry about that, we got recording let’s, bring it down Music and it’s. You know the drone actually handles pretty good that’s me yawning it around and there we are right there. Okay, so i’m gon na take a chance and put it in high speed mode, and it looks to me like we’re at about 50 battery, although it’s kind of hard to tell if you look at the, if you look at the app it looks like it’s halfway Down, if you look at the telemetry on the controller, it says it’s full so anyway, i’m gon na hit that button. So we should be in high speed mode. Let’S go reverse it up now: reverse and up and it’s definitely more powerful, and you know i’m going to tell you whatever that problem. I had the other day with the power loss. You know it’s not exhibiting any of that behavior right now, so so that’s good let’s let’s bring it down and let’s just fly. Fly it around here a little bit i’m going to point it a little bit towards the parking lot and we’re going to go full. Stick forward and let’s see what we get for speed. It is moving right along yeah about six and a half meters per second. I didn’t want to push my luck, so let’s go full reverse again about six meters per second i’m.

Just a little bit reticent to you know as i’m near boy there’s a lot of lag in these controls. I’Ll tell you i had my. I pulled the stick down to descend and i had my eyes on the drone and it’s amazing it. It took a second for it to take the command so so let’s try let’s, try moving forward again here and we’re going to go full forward in high speed mode and it didn’t do anything uh. So maybe we, how far out there are we we’re about 63 meters out there yeah? Oh there, it took a yaw command, it’s, not let’s. Try that again it didn’t take a command from the a pitch command. Okay, we’re, going to try it one more time. I’M. Going to pitch the drone forward there, it goes and again about six meters per second, so it’s, not like a speed demon or anything that’s me bringing it down let’s see if we can do kind of a half circle here, boy i’ll tell you the the problem Is there’s so much lag in these controls that it’s really hard to to smoothly control the drone? You know i was trying to do and it’s it’s doing a little bit of a circle. There let’s see if it calms down that, tells you that it’s uh that you could have a compass issue, although, as you guys know, we did a compass calibration let’s bring it in front of the camera here again.

Well: let’s kind of calm down; okay! So what we’re going to do? Let’S just fly it around in a little figure. Eight here and i’m i’m telling you, the the uh it’s it’s a little bit uh that there’s enough lag in the controls that it can be a little bit difficult to to kind of uh really do fine, fine work, you know and look at it and it’s Diving right now that is uncommanded by me and then, as we yaw the other way it picked up, and you can sigh see i over yawed there be just because there’s so much lag in the controls. You don’t know it’s difficult to tell how much control input you’re putting in and as it comes to a stop it sinks down there a little bit and we again it’s hard to tell how much battery we have and you can see it circling there which, like I said often that can mean a compass calibration and let’s see if it calms down yeah there it calmed down. So i think we’re, okay uh. It wants to access photos, yeah, we’re, gon na allow access. It just gave me that just randomly there, oh, it probably had to say it probably finished one file and had to save it and by the way there is an sd card in there too. So it is saving to an sd card and the video that you’re. Looking at now will be off the sd card, so uh let’s, see well looks like we’re down to about 25 percent battery, so let’s uh, let’s back it off and see.

If it’ll go into return to home and boy. Oh boy, i’ll tell you what it it likes to move around. Oh yeah, i mean i’m telling you it’s uh there’s, so much lag in the controls. When i hit the up, stick there it uh it took off and then then i let go and it kept going up. I mean it’s, really laggy, so let’s see here i’m going to go back into low speed mode to be on the safe side. Here i i keep wondering if it’ll go into fail, safe return to home with the battery. I will say this though uh yeah i’m having better luck, flying it in low speed mode. I was in high speed before and uh yeah it’s it i’m having better luck. Flying it in low speed, let’s bring it in again and we’ll do some more of those figure eights. I i you know. I just think it’s important uh to show you how this guy flies so let’s see if we can yeah there’s still there’s still a fair amount of lag in those controls. I mean you can do it but uh. It is uh it’s difficult to know how much uh uh stick movement to to make because there’s just so much lag and i’m pointed directly at the drone. That’S that’s kind of a disappointment, because you know, if you’re, trying to get a shot. It’S really important to be able to control the drone.

You know i keep thinking we’re going to get that that returned, that low battery return to home, but so far, not and i’m kind of wanting to keep it fairly close in here, let’s uh let’s back it up again, that’s full stick back and boy. You see it move from one side i mean it is. It is difficult to control this guy then, as soon as i let off the stick, it kind of goes into that circular movement again uh, but but you know, like i said before, it stops eventually well trying to pick that gimbal up and that’s. You know that’s again those controls you just are a little bit nervous about hitting those controls. Let’S go straight up and boy, i let off the stick and it kept going up for for quite a while. After i let off the stick, like i said, i’m right now, i’m i’m trying to see if we can get it into into low battery return to home. But no luck so far, which i guess maybe is not a bad thing. It means we still got battery, but, interestingly enough, i don’t know if you’re going to be able to see it. If you look on the lcd screen here, it alternates that little battery symbol in the top right alternates between uh, tx and rx, and if you look at uh, tx, it’s or rx, it’s still uh, showing that it’s got a full bat here.

It is finally went to to low battery return to home, so let’s see how it does and it’s coming home. Pretty quick and it is uh boy. Is it doing the it’s doing a big circle yeah? I think i’m gon na see, if i can, if it doesn’t, calm down yeah. This is bad because it’s not i am just pulling the stick down guys because it is uh. It was not responding to stick commands and i couldn’t shut off i’ve kind of got. I’Ve got control over it now. Well, we almost hit the pad there uh, but uh i’m gon na tell you that emergency return to home was not pleasant because i couldn’t cancel it uh. At least i tried to cancel it, couldn’t get it to cancel, and the drone was really uh really doing. Those circular movements uh, which anybody that flies can tell you that that often is a compass calibration issue. So let me stop recording, while i think of it that way we don’t and hopefully it stopped recording that way we don’t lose a corrupted file i’m going to just for the fun of it start recording yeah. I think i don’t know it’s not telling me. I tried to start recording on the controller here. Yeah and anyway, just went back to the main screen so hopefully that we don’t have a corrupted file: okay, i’m, going to shut it down and i’m going to put another battery in it and i’m a little nervous.

But we’re gon na try some of the uh uh intelligent flight modes. Okay, i’ve got the drone fired up again so uh so let’s do another uh take off here and uh and we’ll see we’ll see if we can do some follow me or some other things. I’M really nervous about it because, obviously earlier we had some control issues with the drone. If anything, weird happens, i’m just going to shut it right down, so let’s go ahead and hit takeoff on the app so we’ll we’ll fire up the motors down and in and then we’ll hit uh take off on the controller and it takes off pretty good. As you can see, let’s see if we can uh get that gimbal down here there we go that’s, not bad. Is it and uh and we’ll turn it around and, as you can see as i was yawing, the drone was going falling towards the ground we’re. Not getting any of that circular motion, of course we did another compass calibration, so okay, i’m, going to walk out into the field with the drone here we’re going to go out there aways because there’s a problem, i don’t want it anywhere near anybody. So uh, you probably won’t, be able to well shoot i’m gon na. Take this camera with me, i’m gon na take the gopro with me and we lost the screen there, as you can see, for whatever reason. Don’T know why let’s uh let’s back the drone up.

So i’m, walking out into the field you guys aren’t, going to see much because i’m, just kind of holding the gopro uh under my arm here. So whatever you’re going to see is uh the screen recording let’s start recording. I forgot about that let’s oops and look at that. The app crashed again don’t know why that is and that’s when i had problems before was with that app crashing okay, so he started recording. So you should be seeing a video from the drone now and i’m going to get out in the middle of the field here, because whatever happens with this guy, i don’t want it to be anywhere near anybody or anything. Let me see if i can hold the camera up there, you can see the drone hovering up there. Okay, let’s take a look at that menu here and i see an icon up there that i don’t remember but let’s click on that uh and let’s see looks to me like there’s, a uh there’s, a a an orbit function, so let’s try that so we’re gon Na go clockwise, uh and let’s just see if it’ll start here, we’re gon na confirm and the drone is backing up and what is it doing, yeah it’s starting to orbit sort of so how you set the center there i’m walking to the center of it, but It is orbiting and it’s doing actually a pretty good, steady orbit. Let me uh, let me get the gopro on it here.

Well, it’s kind of moving around a little bit this the center kind of changes uh but uh, but it definitely is doing an orbit here and you can see it there on the gopro, so i’m gon na call that a wind. Now the question is now: how do we stop that? Okay and the uh looks to me like, on the left hand, side i’m going to click on that little icon and we canceled it yep just clicking on it canceled it so that’s good! Well, that actually worked out fairly good and uneventful, which is what we want so now i’m going to drop the camera down down a little bit and we’re gon na try see if i can yawn over just a little camera down one more notch and let’s. Try follow me whoops, that is that’s, that is uh. I just clicked on uh z, oh that’s, okay, that’s, another way to control the gimbal. Sorry about that guys! Uh! I just ran into that one accidentally, so i’m gon na go ahead and click on the three lines up in the corner there and i’m going to click on that icon, that’s kind of, on the left hand side what looks like the little man running in the Drone and let’s see what it does is about two meters well it’s it’s, not that it’s not too far away visually selected. The red frame is more than eighty percent of the area of the humanoid yeah, okay, i’m gon na confirm and let’s so it’s uh.

It moved let’s see what it does see. If it follows me, please select: okay, let’s, try that again, Music and it it went right over the top of me and turned around. So it says you need to be within two meters, so let’s bring it back. So this is what i’m telling you uh why you would want uh to make sure there’s nobody around when you’re doing this, so let’s bring it forward again we got a young man walking across the park here. So i want to make sure we are. I mean i’m seriously i’m, not confident enough of this drone. I want to be way away from everybody, so i’m going to take us out of that. Well, let’s see so it says two meters, so i probably need to be a little bit closer. Two meters is, is a little over six feet, yeah, and so it exited well yeah and it went back to the main screen yeah. I don’t know okay i’m, going to try this one more time. So let me back up. I thought it had me. I don’t know: maybe it needs to be a little higher let’s go higher. If i read that correctly, it said two meters right so and we’re def we’re further than that now so we’re, not even getting that blue screen and my cam my iphone is heating up. Where it’s kind of to the point now that it’s kind of hard to see anything okay, i exited follow mode there we’re going to try it one more time.

If i read those instructions correctly, it says you need to be within two meters, so let’s try that again so we’re going to confirm that i just want to make sure that i had everything, correct and we’re about two meters away so i’m, going to try that One more time and what happens is the drone is just yeah it’s, just almost right over the top of me now and it’s lost me, so let’s try it again it just Music yeah. Now it seems to have me. Okay, maybe i wasn’t moving around enough before so let’s uh it’s, a little weird you can. I mean the drone is right behind me, so i don’t, i don’t trust this guy enough to uh. I don’t know if i particularly like it following me around i’m, going to turn around and see if i can push it backwards and you can’t it won’t push backwards. Let me try again here: okay, so it’s following me: i’m walking backwards and it’s uh it’s doing a follow, but let me tell you: two meters is awful close, so i don’t know how useful that is. We are going to we’re going to exit that and let me tell you with this drone right over your head: it’s, nerve, racking and it’s right. On top of me, i don’t trust it enough okie dokie! I i apologize like i said, it’s hot out here and my phone is heated up and it’s it’s hard to see uh this controller uh, so there’s there’s a there’s, an icon at the top.

That has a picture of a controller. I wonder if that means that it will follow the controller let’s, try that yeah yeah so it’s going to follow the phone so let’s back it off a little bit and let’s confirm and it’s kind of uh doing that circular thing – and i don’t know i i Am so uh? I can’t really see my screen right now because it’s dimmed so much, but you know what it’s following me but it’s following me at a vector. Let me see if i can straighten it out yeah. No, we got some kids walking up here. So i am going to take it out of this mode, so i cancelled the following mode on it and, as you can see, it’s kind of circling a little bit, and i have some gentlemen that are really close to me here. So we’re going to get it way away from them and you can see the drone is doing a little it’s starting to circle. So you know what guys discretion is the better part of valor we’re going to land this baby, hey, okay, the smrc icat 7, pro with a 3 axis gimbal. You know i always uh. I always try and be as positive as i can about these products uh. This one i don’t know if you’ll be able to see it there. It says the future is now on the front. Well, if this is the future, uh i’m probably done with drones.

I just got to tell you so i guess you could take from that statement that this is definitely not my favorite drone. You know, starting out with the experience i had the other day, with it falling out of the sky and and then of course, i was able to uh to glue the arm and and repair it right there uh and it you know it flew okay. Today i mean it’s, not the most stable drone in the world uh, but unfortunately even doing a compass calibration. It seemed like the longer end of the flight, the more unstable it would get. It would start that circular motion that is endemic of the the the they call it a toilet bowl effect where the drone does not have a good uh compass reading so uh, you know that’s an issue uh and then just a tremendous amount of lag in the Controls i mean it made it really hard to fly it smoothly, whether it was even in sport mode or not uh. So there you go and and when we did the low battery return to home uh, i literally was watching it come home and it really started that toilet bowling and i tried to take it out of rth and it just was not responding to controls. I finally pulled down on the stick and i was able to get control back. It started descending and you know we got it on the ground and, quite frankly i was relieved because you you know you just never.

You always want to make sure that the drone is in your control, and i did not feel that way. So so then uh being the brave man that i am, we stuck another battery in it and take it out and tried some of the intelligent flight modes. It did in orbit uh, you know it was. It did an orbit, it was kind of hard to see where the center was and the center of the orbit kept changing as it as it went around, but it did do an orbit uh and then we tried the optical follow me and we finally got that To work, i think what i was doing wrong to begin with there is, you have to be moving immediately and it’s got to be within two meters of you, which is pretty close. You know that’s about seven feet away, something like that. So so the drone is pretty close to you and uh, and it just was a little nerve wracking having having the drone that close, but once i started walking just as soon as i highlighted that blue box and it turned red, then it indeed it did follow Me uh, so you can’t argue with that: it it worked uh and then we did the the uh. The follow me function where it follows the gps on your phone and, of course, you guys couldn’t see anything on the video, because the the drone was looking away from me.

It followed me, but it was at a kind of a sideways vector like that. So i don’t know you know that’s not going to do you much good either, so i certainly wasn’t going to get into waypoints or anything like that. After the experiences that i had there so listen, i am not going to recommend this product. I will put a a banggood affiliate link down below banggood did send me this drone for review uh, but uh. You know unless you think, maybe that i just got a defective one, which is possible uh, you know it’s possible and but bear in mind. You saw the video of where it hit the pavement, so could that have affected it inside and caused problems very possible, so it could be that i just have a bad one – i’m, not so sure, but but anyway i will put the link down in there. So uh you know, i hate that because i always like to be able to find some good things to talk about with a drone and and this guy they’re, just really it just isn’t, just not it’s, just tough, so uh, so i’ll leave it at that. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like, this kind of content, uh, please consider subscribing to my channel.