How could we forget, i dont know you ever forgot my birthday? No, we didnt forget your birthday. We just thought it was tomorrow. That means you forgot well make it up to you. Well make it up to you. How are you gon na unruh, with my birthday? Oh, were gon na, give you the best birthday party ever like uh, with a cake and confetti baby, go get a cake with confetti uh yeah. Well, give you the best birthday ever so lets start with your birthday dinner. Where do you want to go for your birthday dinner, taco bell, taco, bell, yeah! I want a bean taco from taco bell, all right, thats, easy! All right lets go to taco bell Music! Thank you for choosing taco bell. What can i get her for you today? Uh, just one second: what do you want jeffy? I want taco, okay with beans with beans, yep, just beans, only beans and shell, okay and dont. Forget the hot josh dont. Okay. Can i get a taco all right, thats, one crunchy taco? What else for you? In hot sauce 182., please dont forget the hot sauce. If you forget the hot chocolate, i swear. Im gon na im, gon na steal the taco bell shop, theyre, not gon na forget the hot sauce, all right, good. All right, jeffy just sit right here and eat your taco bell, because i think mommys almost done setting up your party downstairs all right.

Daddy everythings set up marvin everythings set up yep, so you got a cake. Yes with candles, uh, huh and confetti yeah. You got ta, be me jeffy language, whats, wrong. Jeffy. Those efforts forgot my hot shot. Jeffy stop saying efforts. No, they forgot my hot sauce, daddy. They didnt forget the hot sauce. I told them like 15 times well, its not in there. Well, can you just eat it without hot sauce? No, i wanted hot sauce for my bean tacos. Do you know what that means? Theyre gon na get their taco bell sign stolen, were not stealing a taco bell. Sign jeffy! Yes, we are no were not jeffy. Lets just eat your taco and look theres a cake downstairs lets go block the candles. No, i got ta go steal, their taco bell. Shine. No jeffy lets go blow out the candles on your cake and celebrate your birthday. Come on and then we get to go steal the taco bell showing surprise its not a surprise, because you already told me about it: jeffy look. She got your cake and plates who emptied a paper shredder all over the table, its confetti jeffy, its fun, wait. So fun look: jeffy were gon na sing, you happy birthday, then youre gon na blow up your candles and then well get you whatever you want. Okay, happy birthday to you, jeffy we werent done singing all right. The first thing i want for my birthday is everyone.

Whos watching this video to go ahead and hit the like button and hit the subscribe button ill wait. Did you do it all right great thanks for my birthday present everyone who didnt do it? Has no friends jeffy? What do you really want for your birthday? Well, what i really want for my birthday is the taco bell shop jeffy, we cant get you the taco bell sign. Well, they ruined my birthday, so im going to ruin their business by stealing their sean baby. We have to go get him. The taco bell sign. Marvin you cant steal the taco bell sign its illegal jeffy. We cant get you the taco bell, sign one birthday, honor im gon na keep screaming. Until i get the taco bell, shawn! Well, get you the taco bell. Marvin, you better not come on. Jeffy lets go with the stupid sign all right jeffy. What part of the sign do you want? I want the big bell and the one that says: taco all right, im gon na get a ladder, lets go up there and get it all right. All right, jeffy theres, your taco bell, sign best danny, amber martin, you didnt well its the only thing he wanted for his birthday now teach him for forgetting my hot josh. How did you even do that its called a drill, mommy and a ladder? Why well? We forgot jeffys birthday and i felt bad, so i thought you know if we got the taco bell, sign hed, be happy and isnt it worth it to see that smile on his face.

What are you gon na do when they notice theyre, not gon na notice? Everybody knows where taco bell is: they dont need a sign. Oh youre, gon na go to jail. Im, not gon na go to jail. The taco bell has like a billion dollars. They can just buy another sign, thats, not the point marvin its wrong. What wrong schmom? Breaking news: okay, someone has stolen the sign off of a taco bell and no one can tell what restaurant it is. The police are holding a live press conference now lets go to that thanks goodman, as you can see from this picture here. This is a taco bell, i think see. I dont know because theres no sign out front because somebody stole it. You know so restaurants have signs in front of them so that you know where youre going. But now nobody knows whats going on customers keep coming into the taco bell and theyre ordering baconators thinking its wendys or something and the workers dont know whats going on either theyre in there trying to make big macs with burrito supplies its chaos. So listen up. Whoever stole that sign were coming for you, oh no marvin. I dont want any part of this illegal activity im leaving for a couple of days what baby no come back jeffy. What are you doing? Oh im, just polishing my brand new taco bell shine. I love it so much. Well, you better love it, because now the cops are looking for us help me jeffy.

Are you? Okay? No daddy, im stuck. I think my legs are broken. This is the worst birthday ever. Please get the shine off me. Okay, ill get it. Oh jeffy. Are you sure your legs are broken? Yeah yeah, dont touch them? Okay. I need you to call a doctor. I cant call a doctor jeffy because theyre looking for the people who stole the taco bell sign – and i call a doctor, theyre gon na see that were the people who stole the taco bell sign and what are we gon na? Do i dont know 315. 360.. 317. 318. 319. 320.. Wait a minute its today, jeffys 18th birthday is today im rich. I just got ta get out of this stupid prison. First, all right time for me to use my sexy charm to escape hey there, big boy but shut up inmate, trying to figure out who stole this taco bell sign. Oh my back is killing me oh well. I could give you a back massage if you. Let me out of this cell. No, no! No! What if you escape oh come on, i wouldnt do that. I love it here. I got my own bed, my own toilet, its paradise. Oh, i do really want a back massage, okay, fine ill. Let you out for five minutes to massage my back, but then youre going right back in your cell. Okay, all right! Now i let you out. I really need you to get between my shoulder blades because thats, where all my stress is okay, i knocked them out.

Im free, oh damn, they still jumping all right jeffy. I wrapped your legs in paper towels. It kind of looks like a cast, but they still hurt daddy. Well, if you sit really still and keep your legs straight, eventually, theyll heal straight thats how that works. I dont know jeffy im, not a doctor. Well then cold one, we cant call her doctor jeffy because of your stupid birthday gift its illegal. Oh, oh, no, whos! That wife is the cop today look ill handle it. You just stay right here: dont make any noise! Okay, all right, if its the cops im gon na, say what taco bell sign: yeah, thatll work, hello, surprise! My legs hurt so bad: oh jeffy, its mommy. What are you doing here? Well, todays your 18th birthday and mommys gon na get paid todays, not my 18th birthday, its my 17th birthday. Nice try jeffy, but ive been counting the days in prison. Now come here, huh the find my fugitive app says shes in here somewhere. Oh my god, marvin. What happened to you jeffys mom? She hit me in the face with a mallet – oh my god, so she isnt here help me with jeffy. Come on lets, go upstairs upstairs yeah thats, where your son is uh. Oh hes, gon na see the taco bells like uh. No lets not go upstairs; they can come down here. Can yall guys come down here? What are you talking about lets go.

Can i help you uh just dont. Look this way. Okay, whatever dont come any closer im gon na bonk them nancy whyd you escape from prison what its prison it sucks. What do you mean? Oh yeah, i guess that makes sense, but why today well todays jeffys 18th birthday and im gon na inherit all his money? Well, actually, hes gon na inherit his fathers money and then im gon na take his money, but im still getting the money. Todays, not jeffys, 18th birthday, its the 17th birthday. No, no, no, no ive been counting. Well. No actually, today is his 17th birthday, and i know because its also my birthday, oh damn it yeah everybody sing, happy birthday to me: happy birthday to yous, happy birthday to yous, happy birthday to you, brooklyn god happy birthday to yous. Thank you. That was very nice. What willie? Oh okay, nancy seriously! It actually is his 17th birthday. Oh well, i guess i messed up must have counted wrong. Its okay ill just break out next year. Yeah you go ahead and try that what are you doing over there wait wait a minute. Is that the taco bell, sign god, damn it? Okay, who stole this uh? It was nancy! No, no, its! Not me yeah! It was you. When you came over, you brought the sign with you. No no, it couldnt have been her. She was in jail when it got stolen. Oh youre, right, okay, im gon na take her back to jail.

Then im coming back over here, come on. Oh no jeffy! What do we do? Oh, no, daddy get in there! Congratulations: you just added five years to your sentence. No! No! No! Where did i go wrong? Well, 17. Okay, so jeffys 18th birthday is next year and next year, im gon na get you jeffy all right, shes in jail now whos next to go to jail. Who stole this sign all right officer? Look its my sons birthday and all he wanted for his birthday was a taco bell sign, so i stole it for him for his birthday, really you you youd, commit a felony for your sons birthday, but thats actually really sweet. I wish somebody would commit a felony for my birthday. Oh cheer up, i bet someone will commit a felony for your birthday. One day really do you think so hold on. I got an idea. Hey jeffy theres, two parts to your taco bell sign. Do you think we can give one to the police officer Music Laughter? He hadnt been taco earlier? Oh, oh god! Oh! Oh! Oh jesus! Oh okay! It smells like ass in here. Im.