So in the meantime, while i wait the final few weeks before my strike is lifted, let’s do some reviews that i’m, pretty sure will be under 15 minutes so sml. Last time we spoke about sml. We talked about the school project claimed by many to be the worst sml video of 2019. Simply put i disagree, i don’t like the video and it does send a bad message of grinning and bearing the crappy behavior of friends, but compared to some of the later stuff we’d be getting. I don’t think it’s that bad. If you want to ask me what i think the worst sml video of 2019 is look no further than jeffy’s drone. Why well i’ll tell you as we go for now, let’s just get started, so the video starts out with jeffy wanting a new toy to play with q is a convenient toy commercial that jumpstarts the plot? What type of toys do you want? Are you bored? Do you have no toys to play with then you need to buy a drone. You can fly it around everywhere and it’s super cheap it’s, just 75 payments of 19.99 buy it now. I’Ve explained in a previous review how i don’t like commercials conveniently playing at the right moment to kickstart the plot, so i won’t go on for too long here. However, what i want to say is: this is probably one of the worst cases. I’Ve ever seen. Jeffrey points out the tv like he knew the commercial was about to play before he even played.

I know this is a plush video, but some kind of logic is needed to justify that happening and we’re, given nothing anyway. Junior comes in and wants to play with jeffy, so they get the idea to make jeffy fly with the drone in an admittedly pretty funny scene, although that’s, probably because of the way the puppet is when attached to the drone anyways after a little while mario spots, Him doing this and tells the two they need to go outside if they want to play with the drone so that’s what they do, we’re expecting a pretty smooth and easy flight today, uh it’s gon na be the smoothest. Actually, this is going to be the smoothest and safest flight. Anyone has ever had i’m gon na say that right now, that’s a guarantee from me. Your captain and you already know what’s gon na happen, that’s another issue with this video. The jokes are incredibly obvious and it doesn’t help that the punch line to this one is given almost 30 seconds after the joke, and it also doesn’t have that the actual joke goes on and on and on and never stops like. We get it. You think the flight is gon na be smooth, but it won’t be smooth, just move on already, so the plane goes down and jeffy and junior go inside what’s wrong jeffy. What are you trying to say? They have a question. What if a flying didn’t have wings anymore? Would it be called a fly or would it be called a walk because you would be walking everywhere? It goes.

What yeah kind of like the airplane outside doesn’t have wings anymore, so would it be called a walk too jeffy shut up? The news is coming on right now hold on. It seems important. Okay, let’s ignore the fact that if you couldn’t tell that he was implying that he was the one to cause a plane to crash, you are either deaf stupid or both. And let me ask another question: how would you know if the news was coming on before the news rock, whatever not important, so we find out that the plane crashed in a cornfield and goodman blames brooklyn t guy because he was driving the plane because every character On this channel now has the iq of tissue paper. His logic for making this statement is that, if you crash into something with your car it’s your fault, which makes no sense because the plane crash was caused by an event that could not be prevented or controlled. This event was caused by an outside party. This event was spectacularly unlucky and one nobody could see coming, and i don’t know if this is this: is that important, but the plane literally lost its entire left wing? Also, the cause of most car crashes in the united states is because of distracted, driving, that’s important too. If i was driving a car and i crashed into something – it would be my fault so since he was the pilot of the plane, it is his fault, ladies and gentlemen, so anyways after a little while broken tea, guy shows up to mario’s house naked.

Why he’s naked is never explained, but whatever mario gets a diaper for him and he starts crying. He then explains that he not only lost his plane job but every single job he had. Despite you know this, i landed the plane safely. Nobody died actually considering that fact wouldn’t he be held as a hero, instead of being labeled as the worst scum on the earth. So finally, after tons of jokes that don’t land, we see that the news come is coming back on and we see that they’ve gotten new evidence that it was supposedly broken. Guy’S fault. We have an update on the plane crash. We have received the black box data recording of the conversation that the pilot was having in the cockpit as the plane was going down. Let’S take a listen, mayday tower 1 4. This is doritos loco tango. Bravo, i’m missing my left wing and engine. We are going down. We are currently in a downward vertical spiral to a mach 6.. If anyone could get a picture, that’d be pretty lit for the documentary they’re going to make on this i’m going to alert the passengers to brace themselves good afternoon. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. If you look out the left side of the plane, you will see that we don’t have a wing if that’s not already obvious. That is a problem. I don’t understand how exactly this shows that it was brooklyn guy’s fault, as it shows his reacting to the plane crashing and how he was trying, although very poorly, to calm everyone down.

Whoever got that evidence. Clearly, didn’t bother to actually listen to the recording properly brooklyn. Guy asked mario if he can stay for a while until he gets his spirit back, then we get a ton of crappy jokes about brooklyn guy, acting like a baby, both literally and figuratively. After a while, we see who replaces every job brooklyn guy had, which is every job. They both get into a pointless argument, and the doctor leaves we’re rendering this entire scene completely pointless like a lot of the stuff in this video. But then mario turns on the news and we get the biggest reason. I wanted to review this video breaking news: okay, a new update on the plane crash situation, the pilot brooklyn t guy is not to blame. We have new information developing that a drone was flown into the plane’s jet turbine, which caused the wing to come. The off science is truly amazing, ladies and gentlemen, so the new person to blame is mario he’s, the one who purchased the drone and registered the drone into his name. This is the biggest problem with this video, this story and what the news claims to be correct. Make no sense, goodman blames mario for the drone flying into the plane and says he purchased the drone, but we would never actually see who mario got the drone from or even how he got it so i’m. Just let’s try scratching my head at what evidence he has to prove this, because he never states how he knows this.

What are you accusing him just because he doesn’t pay his bills? It’S all just a big leap in logic, and if you want me to buy this, then you need to present a reason why goodman suspects, it’s, mario look i get. This is a plush, video and sml is known for not taking plots too seriously, but you have to at least have a little bit of logic within your story, so i can buy whatever premise you have let’s bring up a few scenarios. Goodman could have been selling the drone and basically lied to the news about brooklyn guy being the one to blame and gotten fired from every job he had. Brooklyn guy could have been the one to sell the drone and then went to fly the plane and had a crash because of the drone, but for some reason did not come to the conclusion that it was a drone’s fault and wasted 15 minutes of this video’s Run time mario could have ordered the drone online, but oh, no somebody somehow found out. He did this and then miraculously reached the conclusion that it was mario’s fault despite not flying the drone or someone could have spotted jeffy flying the drone. Despite nobody else. Besides, junior and jeffy being in the area at that time and saw the plane crash because of it but decided to pin it on mario, because they somehow knew mario was the one that bought the drone. Despite the fact he never once flew it, and mario had nothing to do with jeffy, causing the plane to crash any way you look at it.

This ending is dumb. You cannot reach the conclusion. It was mario’s fault when he wasn’t outside when the plane crashed. Nor was he responsible for crashing the plane because jeffy flew the drone, there’s, absolutely no logic surrounding this ending, which makes it seem incredibly stupid and forced, and it isn’t, like anyone asked how he knew about mario purchasing the drone or why he blamed mario for the Plane crash, despite having next to nothing, to do with jeffy flying the drone into the wing nope. No one asks that they just accept this and mario almost goes to jail at the end. Let me back up for a second and ask another question: how did anyone know that the drone was the cause of the plane crash is for a camera on the wings? Did someone go to report it to the police or along company after the crash and if it’s, the second thing, which is probably the only way i can see them? Knowing the drone was the one the cause of the plane crash, then how did anyone reach the conclusion that mario was responsible? How can you convince me that sml still tries his hardest to entertain his audience when we have stuff like this? That was barely thought through and another thing that makes this stupid is that again we find out that they got information, that it was a drone that caused the plane crash, meaning if anyone in the airline company or the police force or detectives or anyone anything found Out that it was this drone that caused this, then they probably wouldn’t have blamed brooklyn guy in the first place and rendering this entire video completely pointless.

This is exactly what happens when you don’t think over your stories. I know this is for kids and it’s supposed to be wacky and silly, but this this kind of stuff that i’ve been saying for the past four minutes now is exactly what someone should be thinking of when they want to write something like this. They should be checking over their videos, time and time again to make sure it has the barest bit of logic surrounding it. I mean come on. This is basic stuff that this video is getting wrong and when you have nothing, but this obnoxious fluff that wastes time in the videos, it should be pretty obvious that these are problems i can go on and on, but i only have 15 minutes. This ending is contriving i’m done with this video brooklyn guy gets his job back. Jeffy gets no punishment and we end on a crappy lesson. This is the worst sml video of 2019 and i’m done here. Join me for whatever i’m reviewing next time – and i hope you guys have a good rest of your day. Music. The jeffy puppet is now on sale. So go get yours today at