I have owned small hd products, since the dp6 came out that i used for my 5d mark ii and many other cameras. Small hd was always very innovative and fed us filmmakers with all the features we were waiting for, for example, the teradek transmitter built into the monitors or the red control in the cena 7 and indy 7.. I have two of them, one for the red helium and one for the commodore, and i love the features they have. Since we were so happy with small hd monitors. We were looking for one of their bigger screens, so we found the small hd cena 24, which has a great size because we want to use it in various scenarios. First of all, in the editing suite to have a true column, monitor the waveform and scope tools. Also come in very handy while editing and color correcting footage, but not only while editing. We also use the monitor and tools on set to get there. We put the senior 24 in a great case from small hd, where the monitor fits in and all the accessories. I, like the feature that we can leave the monitor feed on the monitor while packing it into the case, so we can switch very easily from an editing suite to a c stand on set Music. The cena 24 is a great client monitor with all the accessories. We need for that, like v, mount or gold mount dc out for the terror, deck mounting points for accessories and a c stand mount Music theres.

Nothing missing on this monitor small hd even have a sun hood for it for brighter days when we were on drone jobs, the ceno 24 is a great monitor for the pilot and also again for our clients to watch the footage Music. We also use it in other scenarios like live streaming. Its great and compact monitor due to its 4k resolution. You have a full hd resolution for preview and program in the multiview.