If you want to get into fpv break into the world of fpv drone flying. This is going to be a fun one, because this is a brand new product from flywood is called the nano baby its around 99. To start, you can also get a transmitter as cheap as around 50. ill, put some links down below for a full setup. If you want to grab one of these, so yeah 99 dollars will get you started. It has an spi receiver on board, so you could bind it up to a radio and flag close proximity. If you want to fly it out longer, you can also do elrs on here and you can do tbs crossfire, so you can send this little guy way out there. It is so much fun to fly this little thing and its around 20 grams. Its way underneath the faas registration thats required, and it has brushless motors it – has a carbon fiber unibody frame with a 1s 450 im getting around six minutes on this little beast so lets. Take it out now lets do a little bit of freestyle, ripping with it and lets just have some general backyard fun with this little guy, because man, a hundred dollars, can really get you a lot these days so lets go ahead outside now. Lets fly one of the worlds: smallest nano micro drones. Here we go Music, Music, so Music, all right. My friends welcome back from the flight test.

This little guy flies pretty good and its only 23 grams without the battery. If you add the battery on there, looking at a 1s 450 from all line were going to get up to 36 grams, total takeoff weight way under the 250 gram limit by the us faa. So that is going to be awesome for flying indoors or outdoors. I mean look at this little guy. Is this not like the coolest little micro, quad youve ever seen uh? This is awesome. Little dead cat carbon frame. It looks like two millimeter unibody on the bottom with that tpu mount down here. This is nice because the all line batteries that im using these are the 1s 450s. They can get you in upwards of eight minutes uh. The way i fly, i get like four minutes because im heavy on the throttle, so it slides in there just like that. Just barely fits a 450., the 1s 300 milliamp might fit in there kind of loose, but i think you could make it work, maybe put a little piece of foam in there. If you want to fly freestyle thats the way i would do that, but the cool thing is that this is a backyard ripper. It took some hits. I mean i slammed right into that bucket full speed. I tried to power loop like 15 times that little arch in the backyard – and i just couldnt, get it to do it. One of the reasons was that this battery is too heavy for a good hardcore power loop.

It just doesnt have enough power at the high end of the throttle coming back around that loop to be able to make that power loop under that little arch. So that was unfortunate for me, but you know i tell the truth in my reviews so that you guys know whats up and if you want to make this a little lighter, you can get the elrs receiver thats on the banggood website. You can choose from the spi fr sky built in receiver thats. What that means on there and the other selection is tbs crossfire. So you can make this go way out there on the tbs crossfire, and this is the box that it comes in by the way. Look at that guys not like super tiny you get inside here. You also get some extra hardware and check this out. This is the els receiver and i didnt put it on there because im not flying any kind of super long range. But if you want to go way out, there get one of these elrs modules, and this is the new hot in micro fpv right now, because people kind of its kind of like an alternative to tbs crossfire – and i mean check this thing out. It is super super tiny and it has an automatic bind so um, pretty cool. You just go into bind mode in your radio and it links up automatically no button on this one. So you dont have to push the button like on the xm plus right here.

You got to push the gold button and then you bind up now also on here guys. We have lets just get right to the roses. Shall we my favorite thing about this aside from a great camera and a great aio flight controller is drum roll? Please 250 milliwatt vtx, i mean come on. This is what weve been kind of waiting for for a micro for ages um. I know theres some tiny nano vtxs out there that you can get. They go up to 400, but a lot of these bind and fly ones. They come with like 25 milliwatt to a 100 milliwatt max that ive seen recently so for 99 bucks youre getting a 1200 tvl camera f4 flight controller, a 250 milliwatt vtx one here and around eight minute flight time with one s 450 and a carbon frame. I think thats pretty good and what i like the best about this one is that it doesnt have ducts. The ducts drive me crazy. I i love tiny loops and theyre great for indoor. You can bounce off the door and things like that this ones better outdoor ripper than indoor ripper honestly, but i just hate ducks – are you with me? Ducks drive me crazy um. I like to be able to have all this free air flow here and i just feel like the quads fly better without the ducks uh same thing. For this three inch, cinnamon whoops, the ducks drive me crazy because they have wobble and tumble and thats when the flight controller has freak out because theres a lot of air pushing on those ducts.

So this is nice and it flies more like a smaller micro like fpv brushless, fpv micro. So i think this is a great release from them um. I would suggest using these 1s 450 milliamp batteries, these all lines right now. These are the ones im using exclusively, and these have been working great for me, so you can check out the link down below ill put some of these down there and ill put my radio of choice for you, guys, which is the jumper tea light. This is the perfect pairing and ill try to find a link to some sky zone goggles if youre starting out in fpv grab. This bundle right here. This is the bundle to go for get yourself four or five of these batteries. This quad, this radio and some skyzone goggles and thank me later guys, come youre gon na youre gon na love it. This will bind up to spi, fr sky receiver setup. So if you go on the banggood website, you look on there. It says: spi, fr sky click on that one and you can bind it up in d8 or d16 mode, so ill. Leave the links down below and dont forget to comment on this video guys because were giving away an awesome, awesome, x8 femi mini and thats around a 400 4k three axis gimbal quad with gps returning home and all the bells and whistles. But thanks again for subscribing to my channel guys and uh yeah get in on that contest were gon na were gon na release that winner in, like a day or two very close to winter winter time, guys winner winner chicken dinner guys im justin davis, take care.