I wanted something to fly in the garden or like indoors when its pathway, because i cant fly my six inch nozzle like in my garden um but yeah its a really fun thing. I i had it for a few weeks now. I have flown it quite a few times: um yeah and im gon na review. The specs hope it flies do some flying at the end of the video yeah and go over some stuff, its a really nice drone. So to go over the specs um, you know its pretty straightforward, that has a gadex vista unit. It has the polar camera, the cadex vesta polar camera, the nano version so its a smaller one. It has a smaller lens, but i mean the video quality is still pretty good yeah and then it also comes with a all in one esc: flight controller, a forkboard Music. It has the singh 5000 kv. 1303 motors. You know when you go full throttle. It makes quite a bit of noise but its kind of all right, so i got this drone with a couple extras. Let me show you so basically i got an extra frame. You know if i crash this thing and something might break or then i can replace it, but i, i think its quite difficult to break this frame um. You know you have to fly really hard into something. You know, unlike a wall or something, but still i think it would be fine.

Then you have the canopy. You know also an extra part, because why not? Then? I also got like a bunch of extra props, which i think is unnecessary, because you know its. They are protected by a duct um, so breaking those props is kind of impossible, but yeah just in case, and then i also got this thing. I wasnt sure at first what this exactly was for, because you know ive never seen people um get this part with the drone, but apparently you can. Let me show you its basically like a small, thin carbon frame part. I thought it was from another drone and that iflight made a mistake by shipping it with this drone, but you basically can bolt this on like this, so we had matches with the motor screws, and i guess the thinking behind this is to give it some extra Strength – and you know it weighs like basically nothing so i havent put it on yet i might in the future, but i really dont see the point of it yet so yeah you get this extra with some screws and then yeah you get some. You know some extra screws a battery pad then, like a small and 90 degree, usb mini usb adapter im, not sure why they give it, because you can basically just uh plug it on a cable and then it will be fine. I think the thinking is that if you have a 90 degree that you can set your drone like this like level and level out your drone, if you flash the uh betaflight from firmware and when it ships you theres already a battery strap on it.

But its oriented, like the other way like this, so your battery would be like this like in length um, but ive noticed that isnt really quite nice because with the battery lead its just flopping around and the um balance. Lead will also be like on the side and ive noticed its not so nice for flying. So what i did is just uh turn the battery strap around so its basically in the length of the drone like this, so not on the width, and i can show you so basically, when you strap it in like this. So all the yx will be behind the drone um. You can basically plug it in like this, and you dont have to worry of getting any cables and the props so yeah its. I think this is the best way to um to mount your battery on this drone thats. What ive noticed at least yeah, so they claim this drone weighs around 85 grams. So yeah lets lets test that okay, so right now its weighing in at the 87 grams. But i guess thats with the rubbish battery pad and the lipo strap thats a little bit of weight, and i also got this drone with the full sand lipos, because apparently these are the lightest ones. You can get and theyre basically made for groups like this. So i just got them with with this drone, because saving on weight makes the flight characteristics a little bit better.

These should weigh in at like at like 50 grams, okay, so yeah thats its pretty close. So in total you get like a drone that weighs around 140 grams, which for a whoop, is actually quite heavy, but you have to keep in mind. It has the cadets vista units and and stuff, and it actually packs a lot of power. You know its um its not like uh a 1s drone or something it is its still a focus drone yeah. So those are the technical side of things i mean not really technical, its just an overview regarding build quality. I have some remarks, but i think its pretty well made um. You know the modic wires are a little bit. You know yeah they. I think they could have done a better job to maybe deduct these. But i guess, if you want to save on weight, you know we have to compromise something um, but yeah. These cables should be fine, yeah and overall, its pretty nice, its a really nice drone, its its pretty solid um yeah. I crashed it a few times, uh. The only problem is when you crashes and grass or like a bush, you get like all the grass and debris like right into your stack, which is uh yeah its its not so nice. You just have to be a little bit careful uh with like wet grass. So we dont short something out, but it should be fine, its yeah just something to look out for so lets.