It is a three inch quad brought to you by skyzone it’s, the same sky zone. That also makes some really good. First person view goggles. Now this is one of their entries into the world of pre built fpv quads. So the question is: how did they do well? The dodo 135 is a decent budget flyer, but the design specifications of it might be a little extinct. Okay, okay, i’m, not a comedian. Let’S just get into the full review. Let’S talk about the flight experience, so does the dodo fly well, the real one never did, but the atom 135 does it’s a little ripper of a quad. You know you get plenty of top end speed with the four cell. 1105 3500 kv motors on this, i was really having a blast ripping this thing around. One of my favorite things to do at my particular flying spot is to hit this tree gap and then do a barrel roll, and i had no problems pulling that off. As long as i actually hit the gap successfully and it came out pretty smooth basic moves, like split s’s flipping around objects, power loops – all that it it does it without a problem handling to complete trickier moves, like inverted yaw spins, felt a little sloppier than i Prefer and it’s probably the tune needing a little bit of work. Now the motors also don’t adjust to coming off of high end to low throttle such as, while making a sharp turn and there’s a little bit of wash there.

I would say the noise profile of these motors like how? How does this thing sound, is probably about a medium level, it’s somewhere in the middle it’s this. So this is probably something you could take to a larger, more isolated park and not attract a lot of attention, but it’s still a three inch drone and it makes some significant noise as far as camera quality goes. This is an analog. Video build and the camera is a kedex turbo, eos 2, with a thousand 200 tv lines of detail and a 160 degree field of view. I didn’t really notice any jello or vibrations coming out of this cad ex camera, and the video feed was always clean of that and the atom rc brand 300 milliwatt video transmitter was fairly decent too, and they wired it all correctly. I didn’t see any electrical interference in my video feed at all. You know you might get horizontal lines or extra scratchiness i didn’t have any of that. There was just the standard static blips that i normally receive uh. When i run analog, the video transmitter itself is working cleanly, as i would expect so. Let’S briefly discuss the build quality workmanship on the dodo seems to be just as good or better compared to higher priced quads. I think they did a clean, soldering job. Everything just looks to be in order on this thing: uh durability, wise i’ve, crashed it numerous times so far and i’ve been just finding this thing: how a normal person might do it.

You know i did some risky moves. I missed the tree gap multiple times. I whacked it into a metal pavilion, amongst other, you know little crash incidents. There are some areas of this that i’m obviously concerned about, and one of them is the canopy and the camera, and they do give you two extra canopies in the box, but being that it’s pretty hard plastic, yeah it’s a little flexible more towards the camera end. But being that it’s kind of tough, i am concerned about it, cracking and breaking in the future so far it hasn’t and the camera lens is also a little more exposed than i would have preferred to, as you can see, it’s pretty protruding out there. So if you do end up in the wrong kind of crash, it might break, i checked out thingiverse and there’s. Actually a 3d printed replacement canopy. You can pick up some user created on there that will probably last much longer so when you’ve used up your plastic canopies that’s that’s. What i would recommend getting a hold of to replace it with instead and i’ve, got a link to that 3d print down in the video description below so the dodo 135, and this is with a mini immortal, t installed by me and a crossfire receiver comes in At just about 80 grams of weight dry weight without battery. So if we were to put say a 450 milliamp per hour, li hp battery on there you’re gon na stay way under that 250 gram limits, as you can see, and you’d even have a little room to throw on an insta 360 go or some kind of Camera you’re going to stay well under that 250 gram limit if that’s something you’re interested in on this model hell, you could even run this big fat, 850 milliamp per hour, r line and you’re still under 250, grand under 200 grams.

So, in terms of flight time, on the 450 milliamp hour, li hv from gmb gave me typically around five minutes, but the 650 took me all the way to about eight minutes and although you could run an 850, i really feel like it’s just too heavy. For this guy, better off sticking with these or somewhere in the middle, so to install a receiver or buzzer to the pnp or plug and play version. It comes with a little connector that is intended to wire in over s bus and they left a lot of room in the canopy to put a receiver up in the top. So you shouldn’t really have any trouble fitting it in there and i ran a mini immortal t down the back. Just like this. As you can see, i know that this is not optimal for range with crossfire. Please commenters don’t kill me. I i already know this, but my intention was not to simply go for durability here, since this is not a long range quad anime and it pretends to provide the most protection in crashes by having it mounted on the back and i’ve been happy with the range That this gives me there is no buzzer that comes with the dodo 135. You need to install one yourself. I recommend something small like the vifly finder. They actually make the finder mini, which will be perfect to squeeze inside here, but you can also enable d shot beacon in beta flight, so this will provide audible beeps from the motors when the model is lost.

It’S not gon na be very loud but it’s better than having nothing okay. So in the animal world the dodo is an extinct bird. If you could somehow go back in time, get one and bring it back. You would have the most special bird on the planet. By contrast, the dodo drone from atom rc is well generic. This one’s been out for a few months now for about half a year and interest in it has been really low and i don’t think it’s because it has bad workmanship or build but it’s just because it’s, so generic there’s, nothing. That makes this build special at all in 2021., we’ve seen quads similarly built like the diatone r349, with the very popular f411 mamba stack, and i would even say that it’s behind in its own class, the motors being 1105 3500 kv. This was a popular motor specification. Like a few years ago, and as i said in the flight review, they do offer plenty of top end speed, but the problem with these motors is that the throttle transition from high to low it just it isn’t that smooth and you feel it when you’re doing Sharp turns and corners where you might need to slow down. So you know better types of motors have been made. For this reason, 1408 4000 kv were already being used on models like the diatone back in 2019. So i just i don’t know why they chose to go with this more specification in late 2020 or early 2021, when the atom rc uh started to ship.

But let me just make a couple points here before you write this one off because of what i’m saying as i ripped around my favorite spot, i was not thinking the entire time. You know gee. I sure wish these motors were 1408s or you know if only the flight controller was an f7 and had rpm filtering enabled. I was just enjoying it for what it is. You know just because something is running a little bit of an older design or hardware specs. It doesn’t mean that it’s bad for every application. Now i bring these things to your attention, because i want you to be informed about what you’re getting now at the time of this video there’s, a chip shortage in the hobby and it’s, causing some really high price. Spikes esc’s flight controllers, all that’s, gotten way more expensive and there’s a lack of inventory in some of the more popular brands with some of the newer stuff. But you can nab one of these for around 130 shipped, which is kind of a difficult thing to find. These days, you know for a bind and fly three inch: quad running 4s batteries and an f4 flight controller. Today i think that’s pretty good. You know. Let me also throw this out there, maybe you’re new and you’re just coming into the hobby. You can pick this one up, save some money and instead throw your funds toward goggles or a radio. Those are things that you’ll probably have for a much longer term than a quad.

Anyway, i moved on from my first quad years ago, but i’m still using my radio and goggles today, just something to think about. In conclusion, i think if you’re just looking for a cheap, fpv quad to throw around, i think this is still worth picking up. I would keep an eye on the price and components in case they change drastically and then just go from there all right, guys, that’s it.