Now this is a brushed, a little mini racing boat. You can see it's, not very big it's. Only about a foot look foot in length and here's the controller here, but anyway I didn't really do an unboxing with this one but I'm just going to run it we're just going to go straight to the running portion of the video it's, pretty windy here at The reservoir not ideal conditions but I'm just going to do it anyway, I'm kind of standing downwind just in case we lose connection it'll drift. This way – and I can pick it up – I'm – also testing the cheetah 4×4, but that's going to be in another review that monster truck and that this should be an awesome spot to test its waterproofness, but today it's all about the h 100. Just to let you know what I did was here's the you just opened the top like this. Like most little boats and this one doesn't have an inner cover, it's just this one cover here, and it has a little clip on the end to kind of secure it in. But I noticed that there was a little bit of water possible Inlet in this little. Silicone spot where the the servo slider turns the rudder here, and so I went ahead and just stuffed some grease in there. So that's really all I did to this thing and then you know: it's a it's, a 2 s: 7.

4 volt lithium ion it's, not lithium. Polymer so they're the harder type of cells – and all you really need to do is plug this thing in turn, on your controller, and it seems to not actually work until you place it in the water there's, some kind of little conductive safety measure that they use Anyway, it comes with this little stand and there's just a little toolkit. They don't give you any grease or anything. It just has a little wrench, but anyway, let's just put the stand there fire this thing up and start this review, so we're going to run it I'm going to go through. You know all of its paces. This one also has a self writing feature where, if it flips over, you can just push some controls and it will self write so we're going to go through that too anyway, just um starting it up real, quick here's. What you do so you plug it in make sure your batteries are all charged up now. This is a brushed boat, so it's not going to be as fast as brushless, but I think this one's pretty quick for its size, please just plug that little plug in there and that's really all we're doing inside and then just making sure that this little guy Pushes in nice and tight over this Ridge push it in tight and then just turn this knob to secure it in and make sure that's down, that's really all you've got to do and then you just turn the controller on and it's really actually ready to go.

All you got to do is put it in the water, so we should hear a little beep when we put it in the water let's go ahead and try it. So did you hear that on the controller it did a couple beeps and now it's ready to go so the trimming is actually up here on the right, top left and right trigger that's. Actually, pretty quick needs a little trimming to the right it's kind of hard to make. It turn right, but I'm surprised for a little mini, brushed motor. How good it actually goes. This would be good for like a pool or something you know if you had a decent sized pool at your house. Oh I don't want to go too far. That way I don't want it to run out of range and then I'm stuck a little dropout right. There that's full throttle whoa, and it also has reverse so what we'll do is we'll run it for a bit and then we'll open it up when it dies and we'll see how much water's in here anyway throttle here, see how it turned off, because it knows It'S, not in the water I'm, not sure it's got some kind of conductive feature that has a safety feature so right when we place it in the water. We have our power back so that's, a good safety measure for kids anyway. Let'S just go ahead and bow that winds really going sorry about.

That, may not even be able to hear me, but trimming left and right with the rudder there and then the throttle trim, low and high. You know if it's, if it's going too fast or not going fast enough, you can just click these buttons and that's. Really all there is to it on this one. Then you got reverse you just pull back. You can see a little it'll go in Reverse anyway. That'S, really all there is to it with this little guy let's go ahead and get some speed. Arounds I'm, just going to kind of go full throttle. You see a drop out there, so if you're low in the water it looks like you might it's really choppy for this today, but it's still super fun. Let'S see what the range is like: I'm, going to go straight up, wind and I'm, going to just kind of hold it at stomach level. You know what I mean I'm, going to keep rocking kind of back and forth until I lose range that's, pretty good. Actually, I'm about that's like a hundred feet away. You can't really see it at that distance anyway, so you don't really want to go any further than that, and I still have control on these boats. If you do go out of range, just hold your controller up. A little and you'll get back in range. Okay, high speed run just come straight in so it still goes for how little it is.

Look at that thing, it's fighting the chop, and it really is stand. It stands pretty it's holding its own in the water it's, not flipping over just holding it full throttle everywhere. Whew. That was like a hairpin turn. There turned on a dime seems to turn left on a dime like this saw that, but turning right is a little more tough, probably because the way the still turns good, though just not quite as good, we turn right. You see how it's a little bit slower of a turn try to reverse out of this situation. Oh we're stuck okay, let's just run it till the battery dies full throttle. Now, oh it's, pretty instant throttle response. I hop in and jump in hooked up I'm full throttle, reverse and see. If we can get out of this yeah all right, you can see how the back will kind of go down in the water if you really full throttle it in Reverse. We got out of that situation, no problem again, sorry about the wind it's, so windy, it's, probably kind of hard to hear me talking, but man if I was a little kid, this boat would just give me some joy lots of fun. Let'S see what happens when we flip it over okay flipping over all right. So all you do, is you push all the way forward and then you rock the throttle up and down, and you see how it just flipped itself over? Oh, there goes again so full throttle up full there you go, Soph right, stick was fully up and then I just rocked the throttle up and down in it self rated itself.

So real cool super fun. I mean it. This would be great for a little kid. You know food fast enough and it looks like it's giving us some good run. Time turns to the left on a dying man. That'S awesome let's try to do some left pan turn donuts some full throttle forward and to the left full throttle forward to the right. A little bit of a wider turn, but man it's having a blast let's, just see what happens when we run out of power, it'll, probably slow down and give us enough power to come home. I hope I'm just gon na go full throttle everywhere, tracking back and forth yeah. This is actually more fun than some of the bigger boats. I review I'm really liking this little 8 to 100. Imagine if there was no chop it's kind of fun in the chop. Actually, it really holds its own, so I've been full throttle for the last minute about getting a little bit weaker, but just barely just keep it going until you run out of power loads of fun tracking a little bit to the left. So what I'll do is I'll trim it. A couple of notches to the right with the right trigger let's, see how it tracks now could also be because of the wind. You know: yeah it's tracking, a little bit straighter now. I'M surprised it's not dropping on a range earlier whew. I was right close to the shore.

Getting a little weaker let's see what happens. The battery dies and those left turns are sharp. Just keeps going. Try to remember what the milliamp hour capacity is on this battery, but when we come in I'll go ahead and open it up. Oh, not no throttle because it's, Oh a little bit of throttle, I guess I've got a little drop on it. Just keep going winds. Really coming up now and it's, just some long run time tell you what I'm gon na go way up. There let's really see what the maximum range is. Oh I'm hearing some beep in wow that's cool, ok, it's telling me when to come in that's awesome. You hear that beeping on the controller and the blue lights flashing on the right, I feel it losing its power and see just what happens if I just keep holding it it's getting really low see if we get a cut off yep. So I just cut off. Okay, it's gon na, let me get home, though you see how it cut off. Oh no, I should have heeded those warnings. Let me just let it sit for a second give it a little bit of reverse thrust, so it did a low voltage cutoff. Let me just give it a shot to the front there we go, so it still lets you give a little burst. I hope that's not destroying the battery, but it seems like it cuts off when it knows it's low enough.

You know what I mean Lisa, you hear the thing beep in you come home drive around for a bit and it's got a fail, safe, so that's real cool, I'm gon na turn. The controller off and let's see what this thing, how much water it's got in it and then also. I want to see what the battery capacity was, because I totally forgot about that. So just open that real, simple pop open the top – and I am seeing some water, so there's looks like there's about 2 tablespoons. Maybe you can see how much water is coming out here about two tablespoons but that's, not too bad. I mean you. Don'T want to run this in salt water. This is fresh water here you know you just don't want to run this in salt water, because salt water will get in there. You can probably do some work and put some silicone in the spots that are coming in and put some rain grease this isn't rain grease in here, so you could probably seal it up nice and tight. So really no water goes in, but for what it is man. I was really impressed with this. I'Ve never had a little brushed boat like this before, but then I give this one: the seal of approval, so the h1 on 100 sky tech let's see what the battery was. I'M. Sorry, I've totally spaced out what the milliamp power of the battery was so let's go.

Look at that real, quick, real, easy with the battery. You see how it just on clips, pull it right out. It'S, a lithium ion 600 it's, only a 600 mailing out 7.4 volt, and you saw how long that run time was man. That'S impressive control was good range was excellent. The speed was awesome, um self righting feature, but he just you know, pressed up and down on the stick and then you give it some throttle and itself right also has that little safety feature where it won't turn on unless there's water. Somehow you know on the conductive surfaces, so that's pretty intelligent too for kids. I definitely get this one for my kid. If there were like small, you know like under ten years old, it seems like a really good one to start off with, but anyway, I'll have up on the screen. I'Ll go ahead and have the run time up on the screen. I'Ll go ahead and compile the video, and so you can see what the total run. Time is I'm. Just going to put this thing back on, so you got to kind of give it a steep angle, push it in and then push the back down, and it does give a good nice little seal, lock. So there's, probably some water coming in over here. I can see it kind of blowing up a little bit there and there's – probably some water coming in here and possibly a little bit through the shaft, but for what it is man it's.

I was really impressed with this anyway guys we'll have this one down in the video description. There will be a link where you can get this check. It out see what the current pricing is and see more in depth with the specs are, but you got to say I'm really impressed with this for a boat. I don't do many boats. I think I've done two or three or four. I think I'm going to be doing definitely more boats, because this is super fun forgot to mention it does have cooling around the motor. So you have this little opening here, where the speed of the boat pushes water up into this tube goes around the motor and it shoots out the side here. The boat has to be going because it's using force pressure to move the water there, but really impress here with the sky tech h100 little racing. I almost said drill a little racing boat anyway guys.