Guys so i held off until i got a good idea, so today guys we are back with another drone review, because the last one we posted got like 1.7 k views or something like that. So thank guys so much for blowing that video up i’m really grateful for that. So we’re gon na keep pumping out some drone stuff now because you guys like it and i wan na get views. Obviously, so today guys we have a fpv drone. Those of you who don’t know who what an fpv drone is, i suggest you go watch a video on what it is and then come back. This is not a video that’s going to tell you all about fpv. Actually, this is going to be for someone who knows what fpv is knows what they’re doing and wants a good, cheap ish bind and fly drone, and they don’t want to build a quad yet that’s. What this video is for. So those of you who don’t aren’t in that audience – i am sorry, but this is what this video is so without further ado guys let’s get into this. So this is the sky stars star lord 228 bind and fly five inch freestyle copter. So this is by no means a racing copter. This thing is a heavy it’s it’s beefy like it’s. It it’s got good weight to it, so you’re not gon na be racing. This like at all. This is for those smooth, flowy freestyle shots.

What this is for. So it’s got it’s got some good. Specs it’s got a f4 flight controller in there soft mounted, obviously um xt60. I mean standard um, it comes with this antenna and they give you cr. They give credit to the guy who made it on the back. So that’s nice they didn’t rip. I didn’t rip anyone off that’s, good um. This is by sky stars, obviously, which in the past haven’t made like top top quality stuff, but i’m gon na spoil this video right now. This thing is great: it flies pretty well, the tune that it comes with has got a lot a lot of prop wash not that much where it’s unbearable, but it’s it’s noticeable it’s noticeable that it’s there. So the antenna placement is not optimal on this uh. Obviously, you’re gon na want it sticking out the back here. They did it up the front. I don’t know why they stuck it out the top or whatever you want to call it like that, but um hey, i don’t, know maybe to save money, because this is 180, something dollars with the receiver in it. This model is the fly sky model because i use fly sky radios, don’t care, don’t judge me um, so it has a runcam swift or nano two hold on. Let me check that. Let me fact check that one second, okay, so we have a run. Cam swift, 2 mini that’s, a mouthful camera right in there it’s, not a bad camera.

I think it’ll run you about 35. Outside of this kit, i believe or 45. I have looked that up, but i don’t know it off the top of my head, but it’s a decent camera. I i actually really like the image that that camera produces um. The motors here are 2 207 uh 1950 kv um, so it’s got some power um. These props are dow props. I believe they are 50. 40 props. Yes, so these scream with this like these, these are loud, but they do not. They are more efficient, though than other props, but if you want to change them, i think you have a little bit of room there. I wouldn’t really recommend going any bigger because it seems like that clearance. There it’s not a lot like i can’t i can’t fit. My finger in there at all, even my pinky, if i try nah so i don’t really recommend getting any um different props for that. I don’t know if i mentioned this, but this video is going to be a bit longer than my other videos, because there’s a lot to talk about here now it the box, all that comes in this fancy box, that i have just sitting in the background. Uh, all that comes with it are some spare props, like one set of spare props and a battery strap that’s, literally it it comes with like nothing. This gopro mount is mine. I did not put. This did not come with it, so this thing literally comes with like nothing.

Nothing not even spare prop nuts. Well, it comes with prop nuts, but not spares, as you see this one’s red, because this is my own prop nut, but it doesn’t come with. Anything comes with the antenna, but like literally it’s, just bare bones like what comes with this. No, no nothing. So you can choose to get this with a receiver. You can buy one without the receiver. Of course, like all binding flies um the camera is the older style, camera cage, so you’ve got the one screw to hold it in place, and then you got your angle screw to lock in your angle. Now i’ve been flying this with the runcam 5 orange. On top of here, which fits in session 5 mounts so that’s why this is here. This is the martian brain 3d um gopro session 5 mount, and i will link that in the description below it fits on there pretty tight uh. You got ta bend it because it’s tpu, so you bend it here, bend it. There fits on there, nice and good battery recommendations for this i would go for. If you want to be the cheapest option, would be the china hobby line. 1, 500 milliamp, 100c battery i’m sure you’ve seen this before it’s all over the place, it’s very popular battery choice. My battery of choice, though, are these ovonic 4s um, 1550 100c uh batteries. So these have got great power uh they last a while got good efficiency, and i just really like how these look too they’re, like a nice, shape, they’re very tall, but this pad that it comes with oh that’s.

Another thing to mention it does come with that battery pad. You see right there so that’s nice, but this fits on this quad much better than this fits on the squat, because this is long and if you look, this is much shorter than this battery here. So that is about it for the review section of this video. So let’s get to the flight footage, okay, guys so i’m gon na give you guys a little bit of a flight demo of the star lord 228. Here now. The first thing i want to mention is that i’m, not the best fpv pilot in the world. I’M. Not that good i’m in on the line between beginner intermediates just keep that in mind, while watching this footage now. The first thing i want to mention about the drone is that it’s got a little bit of prop wash um. It would take a quick tune to tune that prop wash out, but i am flying with the default tunes in all the clips that you will be seeing. So just keep that in mind, while watching this uh prop wash it’s not the biggest deal in the world. If you’re not trying to be professional and get those smooth shots, but if you are trying to do that first of all, you should definitely build your own quad and second of all. Then you should already know how to use betaflight and it shouldn’t be a big deal. Now this only comes with acro only acro.

There is no stab mode. There is no air mode, nothing just acro, so you got to know how to fly acro or you got to know how to program beta play now it flying stab. I mean who really wants to fly in stability mode like come on. Who really wants to do that? If you want to do that, it’s easy to do it on betaflight, just search it up, it’s easy! I have it installed in this quad i’m. Not gon na use it, but i do have it installed now. Please turn motor stop off uh. I mean motors yeah a motor stop off, because if you have it on your motors are gon na stop. When you hit zero throttle, you don’t want that, because you almost always hit zero throttle when doing big flippy moves or whatever. And if you hit zero, your motors, stop, you lose all control and you fall and you hit the ground and it’s not a fun day. So put the motor idle to six percent on beta flight now other than that other than the prop wash. This cloth flies great, so it is a little slow, like um in terms of the rates it’s pretty slow rates which, for a beginner, it’s good, it’s, good, it’s, good um. But if you are a intermediate or a pro and you want to go fast, then i would definitely recommend turning those rates up and uh. You know ripping a little bit more out there now i’m flying with a 1550 milliamp ervonic 4s lipo, which is my battery of choice, um there’s, nothing really to say anymore, about the flight.

It flies like a normal quad fight. It flies like a bind and fly that’s it. It just flies: it’s generic it’s flight characteristics. It flies great with a run cam five i don’t know about a gopro, but a runcam 5 works great with this. I will put a link in the description below to the wrong cam 5, as long as as long with a micro sd card that works great with it, because i had a problem where all of my micro sd cards didn’t work with it for some reason, um, But just i recommend getting this one just to be safe, but that is about it really for this review of the sky stars star lord 228 bind and fly fpv quad.