Drones may be somewhat new technology, but they have become trendy lately. Drones, allow you to either record or photograph in angles that you could never get a few years ago with them. Skyline x, drone is a new product that has just reached the market. If you want to discover whether this is a good purchase or not read our review to discover more about its pricing advantages and limitations, what is skyline x, drone skyline x drone is a new model of drone. It has a few interesting features, such as easy controls. A flying speed of over 60 feet per second and the controlling device can transmit up to four kilometers two comma five miles. So you get a lot of control over this gadget, even over long distances, its an excellent product to record your memories during a trip in high definition with its 4k camera, you can also get cinematic shots in slow motion from excellent points of view. This way, you will take your photos and videos to the next level easily. If you are a professional photographer, you have nothing to lose by acquiring it, as it will take your work to the next level. People interested in aerial surveillance can also benefit from using the skyline x drone. Its cameras and apps can be combined to give you a birds eye view of an entire region, which will add a lot to your security. How to skyline x drone works its essentially effortless to control the drone.

It would be best if you read the manuals first and get acquainted with the controls. After that, all you need to do is control it using the app which was specially designed to be understandable. Even for people who are not tech savvy, the flying controls are straightforward. If you ever used a drone, and you can also use it to take shots simultaneously after you use it for a while, you will have no problem recording or taking shots simultaneously. When you fly it, this product uses rechargeable batteries, so its great for using outdoors as long as you dont forget to charge it the batteries last a whole hour or more before you need to recharge, which is above the average expectancy for this type of gadget. The skyline x drone is also foldable and compact, so you can carry it with you in a bag and take it anywhere. You wish skyline x drone specifications. These are the official specifications of the product, 4k camera 500 and capacity excellent trajectory flight control via apps 3.7 v, 500 mah battery that lasts for a long time compact and durable splash proof, skyline x, drone features 4k, full hd camera, one of the main perks of The new skyline x drone is the excellent 4k camera. It uses a 5g wifi connection, so you can take amazing photos in real time without worrying about connection issues panoramic shots. You can also use this product to get 360 degree panoramic shots with the excellent 4k camera at any time or place.

It covers over 3000 feet slow motion mode. The skyline x drone comes with a new slow motion mode that will make your videos look even better when you can see so many details in it gravity sensor. The drone uses a 6 axis sensor to stabilize your photos, so they will not be blurred. Even if you take them, while the drone is currently flying long battery, the battery of this drone holds up to 60 minutes, while flying several models currently available in the market. Dont last that long as most of them are discharged before even half an hour has passed. Durability, this product was created to last a long time, its made of very resistant plastic, so it wont break easily if it falls its also splash resistant, so it can get it wet without issues. However, mind that its not waterproof so heavy rain or immersion inside the water may damage it portability. The skyline x, drone is very portable, the structure is light thin and you can fold it so its easy to carry it in a backpack. This makes it ideal for traveling or carrying it for long distances. Skyline x, drone pricing, all right, the skyline x drone seems great, but how much does it cost? It must be a fortune right wrong. You can buy a single unit at the official website for only 99.99 readers can purchase the skyline x drone directly from the official website where they can receive multiple discounts depending on how many units they purchase.

The price breakdown is as follow. One drone for 99.. Three drones for 197 six drones for 297, the official price listed on the site is 149.99, but at the time of writing you could snatch it with a great 33 percent discount. If you bought three units, the discount is even better 56 because you get a single unit for free. You pay only 197 and get three models. What do you want even more drones? In this case you can pay 297 and get five of them. A whopping discount of 60, according to the website, all products can be paid using the most popular credit card, such as mastercard, visa or american express, and you can also use paypal if you want theres a 30 day money back guarantee too. In case you dislike the product, each package comes with a drone, a transmitter controller, a rechargeable battery, a charging, cable and the manual conclusion. This seems like a good drone for someone just starting. It has all the basic features that you expect in a product like this plus some other quality of life adjustments, while it doesnt have some of the fancy features that professional models may have. It costs only 100 per unit, so youre getting a good value for that price. The skyline x drone is ideal for amateur and professional photographers who want to share beautiful images on social media people who want to upgrade their security systems with drones, or even anyone who wants to get a new flying gadget that will let them explore their surroundings.