You see its ready to go. So what im going to do is put the battery in im just going to slide it right in here you see the lights come on theyre flashing, so im going to slide the battery right into that little area right there. So, im going to slide it in there just like that, tuck it in there and thats good to go alright, so lets see what we got got the so what were going to do now? You see the light blinking and all these lights are blinking its in blinking. Something were going to do here is go up, and that sets it. You see the red light quit blinking here and all i did was go throttle up back thats all i did and what it does it pairs this with that your controller to the quadcopter and see now all the lights are are on theyre, not flashing. So with that being said, see what we got here, i dont know how this going go guys, but all right Music right on my feet. Oh man, i mean its fine, all right, Music. You got to get the throttle adjustment on this thing, so it uh sort of hover right there we go. He wants to come down a little bit or go up im having to keep the throttle on. It got some good power, its not bad. I mean the controllers are really really really touchy and, and the throttle is like you know, really touchy as well like im about three quarters of throttle right there.

It goes up pretty high. I know that oh yeah, i dont know lets go over there, guys not a bad little drone. I mean its fun, you got ta, you got ta play with it, but its not too bad lets. Do one more lets. Do one more all right hold on hold on get your butt in the air? Look at that its not its, not too bad! You just got ta level it out. You got ta play with the throttle, but its pretty cool great for the kids yall im telling you the kids will enjoy the out of this sorry. Oh man thats awesome all right, yall, hey the sky, hornet quadcopter made in flight, not bad. I got to play with it, but man, this thing is not too bad, yall um its fun. I i kind of like it so ive also got to play with it some more and get it balanced out. You know, as far as you know, front and right side to side and a lot of good stuff, but i mean well guys that is the quadcopter not too shabby um, ollies, 25 30 great for the kids. All you got ta do is trim it out thats. What i got ta do i got the little trim tabs here. The trims are right here and what i do is you got up down side to side and they got ta trim it out, but you know we can do were gon na.

We can always play with that, but for 30 bucks the kids would absolutely adore this thing. Guys, thanks for watching uh draw drc were trying all kinds of cool little stuff out.