The skyflash high performance drone is the perfect companion for just that theres a whole host of features from a built in camera, landing pads and maneuver gates its everything you need to start your journey. The drone comes packed with built in features and a host of accessories onboard is a built in camera which can be paired to a smartphone for real time viewing. You can also use this to take videos and pictures. The drone utilizes a six axis gyro for ease of control when flying it also comes with three speed options from beginner to advanced the sky. Flash can even be controlled from a smartphone, and can i even be controlled through vr headset thanks for that, sarge fancy change. Each drone comes with two colored shells, so youll always look fly once youre comfortable flying the drone theres a whole host of advanced techniques for you to master such as speed, changes, flips and rolls then youll really be the top gun isnt that right sergeant, sergeant rick.