I ordered the skydio2 and i actually did a video showing you some of the stuff that i had ordered during black friday and i had ordered it because i had the thoughts or i it was. I had the possibility of getting a little job that the skydio2 would have been a really good option for having that autonomous flight. I ended up not getting it so they decided that they wanted to do it in in house, but i ended up canceling canceling the skydio2 order. Now, of course, just so, you guys know they shipped pretty fast. So, even though i canceled the order it had started its shipping phase already and the skydio two arrived, i contacted them, they did an rma form. I sent it back uh. It has now been with them, because i had a you need to sign for it when it receives. It has been there now, for, i probably say getting close to two weeks and still still no refund so im and no contact ive sent emails to them still have heard nothing so im a little whats going on anyways. Not the point of this video. The point is im kind of glad. I returned it because they put this big black friday sale on right at the end of the year, uh dropping the price of the skydio two down. By about you know three four hundred dollars and for or from someone that used to work in retail a lot of times – and this is was kind of also crossing my mind – was that when a company decides to drop their price pretty substantially on a product.

One of two things is that the products not selling very well or two uh, a new ones coming out new ones coming up so today, today, at nine oclock uh eastern time, i believe it was skydiving did an announcement. You can see it ill. Put some clips up here, you guys can actually see the skydio2 announcement, but i do encourage you guys to head on over to actual skydios youtube channel, to take a look, because if youre going to be looking at a skydio, 2 theres now a skydio 2 plus And its only about a hundred dollars more than what the skydio 2 costs, and that was the sky due to when it was on its blowout sale. So it was 9.99. I think it was 9.99 949 down now to 1100.. So again, you have some kits here same kind of kits as the skydio 2 head, but theyve now upgraded to the skydio 2, plus a few things that it says here that it has added. Two big ones. Is the flight time itself 27 minutes a flight time which is good uh and the skydio two plus beacon extends the range up to three kilometers, which is good. Now, if you dont have the beacon or the controller the range hasnt upped, because that has almost everything to do with your actual cell phone wi fi and if you get the controller its now up the distance up to six kilometers, so thats, a big big difference.

Now the one thing that i was hoping for that they didnt do was that they uh would revamp the physical controller itself and not just use the old parrot controller, but you get that extra distance. Now the big thing that looked like it got added was actually a a software piece now i dont know why or if this could be added to the original skydio. Maybe it is something that would be uh able to be added with a firmware update or a software update, but they are really pushing it here with the uh skydio2. The scottie 2 plus story. Uh is that it has this keyframe, i think, thats, what they call it yeah here it is keyframes. So if we tap on this keyframe, it lets you or allows you its kind of similar to some of the features that they had before, with like the cable cam and things like that. But instead of just having two kind of points of reference, it looks like you can put numerous points of reference you can be like. I want it here in space, and then i want it over here. Looking this way and then once its there fly up its like adding a whole bunch of weight points. But the bonus is that it uses its uh autonomous flight modes, which means that it wont fly in anything which means that you can get it to kind of. Come around trees or come around anything to get to the point that it needs to, and basically you map point one hit point two hit point three hit point four hit the hit the play button and just kind of let it go.

It definitely looks like its now going to be a well its going to be a better drone for sure, and i kind of feel i feel because i was almost that person. I feel for anybody that bought the skydio 2 during this black friday slash holiday sale because they were, they were blown out old stock that was it blowing up old stock um. This this definitely looks like one that im considering again, as as you know, i was considering the skydio 2 and this one just better. I think that uh new feature that keyframe feature is uh is kind of nice, maybe maybe skydival.