Thank you for tuning in to this impromptu livestream. I know it is awesomely crazy out there right now and by awesomely I mean hugely crazy, with people staying home from work and school and all that kind of thing. But I thought I would make the most of it I'm actually here at my office today, along with some of my compadres Thomas, is in the back Manning Wirecast, as he does for me, which is so awesome. Much appreciated and Danny's here actually running our second camera. Can we get a second camera shot here for the for the what yeah? Okay? So that said, we are going to do something today that I'm super excited about I've been waiting for a long time, as have a lot of folks – and I know some of the folks in the in the chat actually have been waiting for a while, and some Have actually received it, but I got my Skye do to it. Just came in. I am super excited to open it up. I was gon na just go home and open it or open it here at the office today, but I thought why not just live stream. It and see what happens and kind of share what's in it. I have had a chance to play with the sky do to a little bit with with Sean and Rick Sean, and I think was actually Rick Skye do but Sean and Edie up in Colorado, but not very much.

It wasn't a lot of hands on time. So it was really just a chance for me to try it out. For the first time I have to say I was really impressed with the obstacle avoidance. I thought Sean was really trying to hey and a five dollar super chat from mr. Harun can, by the way for everyone who doesn't doesn't, know doesn't cover cardboard collisions for everyone who doesn't know Ken's doing a 24 hour livestream on Monday, the 23rd that's this coming Monday, I plan to be on it for 23 of the 24 seconds, no, no for an hour I'm gon na be on for at least an hour. I do think that Ken, as a matter of fact, I'm gon na put a wager out there with folks I'll bet ken falls asleep at some point during the thing. So if you guys want to make some bets some little side bets there as to whether ken falls asleep I'll bet the 5 bucks. He just super chatted me. Thank you by the way, Ken much appreciate it. I'M. Looking forward to your 24 hours of madness, you inspired me to do this today by the way so we're here in Austin. We actually had at this very desk this morning, a fairly famous actor from from he was in what was gon na fear of the walking dead, yeah and – and he spoke he via our studio. He live streamed back to Sky TV in London, which was really cool.

So I figured everything was already set up, we'd go ahead and do it I even have the I even have the teleprompter set up. So I can see all the great comments I want to say: hey to Steve carpenter. I saw Shane in there I saw Mel. I saw Rick in there, of course, ken Haran good to see you guys thanks for tuning in, but I will not chitchat for too much longer. I will try to get down to business, hey what's up art. I will try to get down to business here and reach down for the prize and it's, actually, surprisingly, heavy and I have right, wait a minute hand sanitizer. I think I got the wrong box kidding. You know how I know: it's got the big lipo lipo thing on the side there, so you can tell that it's it's something deadly in this box. So I ordered this. I was in batch two for everyone who's paying attention, and I got the notification about a week ago. Yeah. I guess it was late. Last week when the notification came, this was ready. I had just enough money left in my drone account to pay the difference and it arrived and now we're gon na open it up. So let me see if I can get to it here. Gon na go ahead, and here you want, and by the way I don't, I don't think I haven't seen Chris Hope in there Chris.

I forgot to bring your knife to open this that's. My it is my drone opening knife, but I'm gon na use. This pair of scissors here so and by the way guys, if you have questions about this thing as I open it – I'm really doing this, because I think a lot of people are interested in it and I just wanted to share the experience of opening it. So if you have questions about it as I go, let me know I have had very little experience with it, but I am just excited to to get my hands on it and try it so it's got some sealed air that's really important, and we have spare Propellers, let me just pull them out of the plastic, so we get rid of the shine. I did order one set of spare props. I think it comes with a spare set as well, but I ordered a spare spot set, and I will say this is a nice box that these spare props are in. These are actually pretty pretty pretty swanky I'll set that aside I'll get everything out of the box, so I can sit back down and we have the spare battery. I order spare battery right there we have the oh. I ordered two spare batteries, apparently right there, another one. I ordered the charging station. This is, I think, that's yeah. This is the dual charger for the two batteries, so you can charge two batteries, so I think I have a total of three batteries.

I'M, hoping I can charge one in the drone itself and then two out to the side, and then right here is the remote control which, if everyone's seen this, I do know one thing about it. It looks a lot like a parrot remote control for the anafi and by the way I actually went on their website Skye Diaz and it's made by parrot. So this is a French remote control. It is currently was shipped here that was supposed to be under quarantine, but it's here with us today and then finally, at the bottom, we have the box itself, get this guy out of the way and there we go alright. So this is this: is the size of the box it's fairly fairly hefty. So why don't? We just do the accessories real, quick, first and then we'll get to the box, because if I do the Box first and the accessories aren't going to seem very exciting, I want to just check out the props Brad, hey Brad what's up thanks for joining today and Yes, please, if you, if you do enjoy drone videos, I'd appreciate you hitting the thumbs up and also maybe subscribing if you're not already a subscriber I've been looking at my stats lately by the way and it's kind of funny. I actually get way more views from non subscribers than I do from subscribers, and I know that you know a lot of you guys watch the videos but it's just kind of funny that my stat is way more non.

Subscribers there's, the props they are. I really like the color scheme of the whole sky do thing: they are bendable the kind of bendable props and it looks like. Maybe they require a screw to go on. They have a tiny little hole there. They aren't, they definitely don't. Look like they have the kind of latches that a Mavic prop would have. You know to kind of push on or a phantom prop, but but yeah they're there they're actually kind of small too. I was, I thought, they'd be a little bit bigger again I've seen one, but I seem to remember them being a little bigger. So there are those I do like the way they are packaged again. The packaging is all really nice. Let'S. Take a look at the remote real quick which, as I mentioned, if you recognize this from the paradin Alfie it's, because it's basically the same remote control I'm, not hugely wild about this remote. I realized that's, not the main thing about this drone. This drone is designed to be a bit more of a self flying drone or one that you can fly using the beacon and by the way I do not have a beacon they were out when I ordered all this stuff. So I wasn't able to get the beacon if anyone has a beacon and would like to lend it to me for a little while or trade it to me for something I actually would make you a really generous offer in terms of a different drone, maybe trade.

It for a trade it for a Mavic air or a Mavic mini. I have a couple of those and and that those are way more expensive than the beacon, but the beacons just hard to get a hold of. So if someone wanted to lend me a beacon, I would really appreciate it: oh, hey Shane, yeah, don't, don't drive and don't drive and look you're, not missing much with my face so just drive safely and but I'm glad, you're, listening and and actually Shane. I always appreciate when you send me pictures of the ReadySet drone on your stereo. So now the first test you really come across here is getting the remote open it is. It is really sealed in there I feel, like I got the I got the oh. No, no, no, I didn't have that one all the way out – and I don't think I had this one all the way out: okay, that's the problem, this scissors, he says, there's these guys, Danny and Danny and Thomas, and no who share an office the next to This room have the best scissors that's. Their scissors are so good that they have their own space. Okay, you got to really cut that thing to get it open, so here's the remote and again made by parrot it's, not a bad feeling, remote I'm, just not wild about this as a method to hold your phone. I didn't ever feel like this was super secure way to hold your phone, but as far as the and it's actually oh it's on it comes on when you lift this up.

So just like the anafi remote when you lift this up you'll notice this little light that comes on that's kind of a cool feature. I guess, unless you accidentally open this, but keep it closed from now. Has a micro, USB port here in the back? Has the switches up and down for camera tilt and what's the other one, for I don't think there's a zoom on this guy camera tilt? Does anybody know what the second switch is for? Besides camera two camera tilt? Anyone in the chat – let me know at Thomas if you see somebody entering what the camera tilt is what this second switch is for. I know one of them: tilts the camera up and down but I'm, not sure what the other one is for again, not poorly, not poorly made, but just not my favorite way of storing your store in your phone on it but I'm, not complaining. I'M. Super excited to have it, I sound like I'm complaining but I'm, really not so I'm gon na close this, I just noticed something too. Actually, as I opened it, this light came on and I closed it and I hadn't closed it all the way and I was putting it back in the box and the light was still on so that, actually, is probably something if you have this to be aware Of if it, if you're slightly open, you could accidentally leave this on and kill the battery.

So just a little aside, power boost, oh okay. I I wasn't aware it had that feature so I'm excited to try that let's open up the the batteries and the charger real, quick and just check them out and maybe I'll even get a couple of batteries cooking. So I can go fly later or fly tomorrow. We'Ll see how late it gets. It'S super warm here guys right now, our schools are shut down. A lot of offices are shut down. I appreciate these guys coming in here today. We work in a fairly expansive space with not too many people, so it isn't. You know we can keep our social distancing here still and not have any problems but we're also kind of doing fun stuff. Yesterday we raced, we raced RC cars, the the Emax interceptor, which is the fpv car, and actually I have a video almost ready to go on the Emax interceptor. So if any of you guys have the Emax interceptor love to hear your thoughts on it, I will say I have broken one of them and so they're, not the most robust. You don't want to crash them or anything like that, but but they are super fun. Thomas you yeah, I can see it. Thank You Josh. It kind of depends on what you want to get into. I mean I don't know what your firt what's your first drone drone Josh. You know, because you'd probably want to advance from where you are.

If you want to get into fly an fpv, if you want to get into fpv, I definitely would recommend the easy pilot it's so much fun alright. So this is the dual charger, but if you're, if you're going into camera drones, any of the Mavic line is going to be pretty good and if you're, if you're, if you're wanting to save money, the Mavic mini, is a fantastic deal for what it is. So this right here this right here, what does it say? Kelly – is not allowed to carry sharp objects thanks, Mel it's, probably safe. This is the dual charger here. So it's got a spot here where it looks like the multi. Pins will come in and a spot here, and then you put your micro, USB, cable right in here and it's going to charge it. I don't know how fast it charges it and it doesn't come with some. Some drones actually come with a wall plug that give you like a 5 amp. Give you a 5 amp charge in this I'll. Be curious, that'll be one of the things I'm going to test. Actually one of the things I'm really excited to test with this is the return to home feature. I haven't seen any videos about its return to home and I had this idea and if somebody out there wants to steal it go ahead, but I gon na do it too. I want to get like five or six people together and get a phantom all the Mavericks.

You know three or four different styles of Mavericks, this guy, maybe if maybe in a Navi everything it has GPS and return to home, fly them all out in equally equal distance. You know 500 feet away or so to an equal height or slightly equal height, two or three hundred feet up and then hit return to home and AB them all come back at the same time. I think that would be really cool might be chaos. It might be dangerous, but let's get one of these batteries out real, quick and see what it looks like the batteries are pretty heavy I'm, not sure. I think these are 4s batteries. I'M. Looking on the back to see if their respects, I don't see them, anybody know if these are how many cells these batteries have in them and what the milliamp hours are, they usually say on them. Goodness now I do wish you were here to help me out a little bit I'm getting I'm getting razzing text messages on my watch. Never wear your text watch during the livestream, because it's distracting all right there's the battery, and it is a again. The text is too small for me to see it. It looks like it's, a 3s 11 volt 11, something volt 11 point 4 volts anyway. The coolest thing about these, of course, is the way they attach to the drone, and that is one thing that I was able to see when I used Shawn's, which again, I think is Rick's drone, so let's get it out and see so we can actually try It out anybody anybody doing anything.

Did anybody go anywhere, anybody stuck somewhere or people mostly at home? I know a lot of people who canceled Spring Break trips. We we cancelled ours, oh hey, Rick. I can borrow your beacon. That would be fantastic. I would use it for maybe two weeks and send it right back to you. I just really want to try it. I want to compare the beacon versus no beacon, so, yes, Rick let's chat after this Skyy do to battery. Oh, hey, Philip what's up four hundred and four thousand two hundred eighty million powers. So not a I mean most most phantom batteries, I think, are around five thousand milliamp hours so for the size, that's, not bad. I think the flight time on the thing is actually pretty impressive, but let me go ahead and yes Brad. I agree that is very, very nice of Rick to offer here's a nice letter. We are incredibly excited to have you as a sky, do to customer Scotty. O2 represents five plus years of work by our team to build a drone that has enough autonomy and intelligence to make flying drones, more useful, more fun and less stressful for everyone. We hope you'll agree as you get flying so safety guidelines and then for everyone who doesn't know there is an autograph of Adam Bry, the CEO of Scottie. Oh, Thank You Adam, very, very nice of you to leave this personally autographed note in your package. I will say the packaging is actually quite nice, but I don't know why people include these shoulder straps because nobody ever uses them I'm gon na I'm gon na take the shoulder, strap and take it off here and I'm going to has a nice little luggage, rack Kind of thing here, or you know, a tag that you can leave on it kind of like kind of like the kids do with their hats these days, you know to show that it's a fancy hat.

Oh, it has a little tie here that I need to snip to get it open alright. Now this should be unzip Abul all right, big moment. This is Danny's big moment Danny's doing my close up camera so let's see how he does with what's upside down. I don't know: Oh once again there it is that's, the sky do Wow this. It was upside down, but this is pretty awesome. As I said I saw, I saw the one that Sean had. It was in pretty new condition. Oh and I mentioned a moment ago about having a charging plug. So there is a charging plug here and hey good on sky. Do for for going to the future they're using USB, see instead of USBA on their charging plug and I'm gon na bet that this charging plug? I hear myself screaming over there I'm gon na bet that this is probably a 5 amp charging plug. I will say with some of the DJI products, like the smart controller, if you use the charging plug that comes with the smart controller, it charges way way faster than if you use a generic one. So I would guess this is probably the same that it's going to be optimized for charging with this charging plug 23 minutes on the flight time. Thank You, Philip appreciate that and let's see what else I'm still doing. The thing that I was doing before this was staying home and going so well good nice to have you here David.

Thank you for joining us today. So USB see, it's got a USBC. Cable comes with a nice little sky. Do logo wiper here. So I guess, if you're gon na sneeze, you could sneeze into this, maybe just one time and then throw it away, but it's too nice to do that, so I wouldn't sneeze into it. It has some little cards getting started with your sky. Do very simple! I appreciate that ones that don't give you a lot of paper, because you can always look stuff up online and what did brad say? I was something oriented correctly: oh, it was Orion correctly, okay, so that's. I guess it opens with the oh you're right, you're right, because the batteries go on the bottom. Thank you yeah and again the coolest thing, and I only know this because, because of my experience in Colorado, this is a magnet. I love that. I love that. That thing, just just literally pops right on just like this: hey what's up Nabi fpv, how you doing Tim Jackson, hello, yeah it's. I think that can be problematic. Of course, if you crash and the thing pops off, but as far as not having to so often getting the battery in and out of a drone can be a bit of a pain so pop this guy on there. This is the battery that it came with. So I do have three batteries says, remove and discard. We will pull that off, whereas dana williams, when I need him, oh goodness, I need to start peeling all these little things off.

So I bug Dana so that so doesn't come with too much. It comes with the USB C cable, USB C plug the propellers and let's, see how many there are there's one. Oh okay, so there's two spares and there's already four on it, so it only comes with two spares. So I have. I have six spares now, including these two, which is good, because I tend to damage some props sometimes and then comes with a barcode or a QR code. Here on the top, which I assume is the place to go to get the app. And then it comes with its Wi Fi name and password don't. Look at my Wi Fi password. You know in case you're flying near me or something it looks like these are the sensors here on the top. I know Ken's got kind of scuffed up when when he was flying there is a gimbal guard. I have not I've yet to play with the gimbal guard or take it on or off so I'll. Try to take it off here and see how that how that does what hey Phillip look at super chat. Look a super chat! Thank you, Phillip, you're such a good example. I appreciate that buddy. So how do we take the gimbal guard off anybody? Anybody? No! No! There we go okay, it's, not too bad, so always been fascinated with this gimbal, because it's split in half it's got two parts kind of a left and a right side, and it it rotates this way in this way, and I believe you can get a full Fully straight up and a fully straight down view with this gimbal, which is really awesome so sensors here and here these must be part of the cameras that actually do the 360 sensing and for everyone who tuned in who doesn't know about this drone and why it's Such a big deal is, it is designed to fly pretty well autonomously, meaning that it actually will avoid things very well, unless you happen to be going really fast on a motorcycle and it runs into a power line which I know someone out there did that I Would say a power line is small enough and that motorcycle was going fast enough that it just didn't have time to react.

But as far as tree branches building stuff like that it's definitely going to miss it. Just a heads up to watch Dustin done he'll set up video. Oh thank you Rick! Actually, yes, and you know what I've been trying to get Dustin to come to spin up for a long time. Hey Chris hope, good to see you thanks for tuning in I've, been trying to get Dustin to come to spin up for a long time and I'm glad. You mentioned him because I haven't reached out in a while, but I I will reach out to Dustin and and watch his video and and again he seems like a really nice guy. Haven'T met him in person yet but glad to know that's the one to watch. Yeah let's see what else so I'm gon na actually pull one of the Chargers out or pull the charger out and plug a battery in and see what happens here so let's get the dual charger, which is. This is a this is the empty battery case. This is the dual charger, so we'll take the dual charger and what another one who is that is, that is that 480 L said Mel. Can you scroll back down? Okay, oh thank you. Mel let's appreciate it. Another super chat, so I'm, just curious. If there is anything else you have to do when you're charging, besides just plugging this bad boy in, I don't think so I think it's just as simple as plugging into this little device here, and I will say one thing that I really appreciate is the fact That they make this charger small, pretty streamlined, hey, Oh mappers, that's John.

Thank you, John for for super chatting good to see. You appreciate appreciate that. But you know what oh here's the downside. This is an old school, an old school charger, so I'm not going to be able to plug into a not gon na, be able plug into one of these USB ports, but that's where this will come in handy so I'll plug that in I'll, plug in the Usb see and again I know some people don't have USB C yet, but I will say it's so nice that we're going to it because it's so much better alright, so I just plug this in it's charging. Now, as you can see, it just turned blue see if it turns blue again: oh it turned blue for a second okay, it blinks a couple times. Then it stops interesting. I wonder if it is planning to charge or if it is charging and it just blinks, to acknowledge at first and then stops, but again, because it's magnetic it's so easy to pop on there. You don't have to worry about it kind of. Does it itself you it's just so I'm, going to take the other one that's not on the drone and charge it it just pops right on so I don't know. I know 23 minutes of flight time. I don't know what the charge time on these things is. I'Ll explore that fairly soon guys. I really appreciate you guys joining today with the crazy world we're in these days.

It is nice to be amongst friends online and off. So thank you guys for joining all right this. This right here is blinking as well. All right now, this one is constantly blinking. So I wonder if you have to plug it into one side first and it has to charge that side before the other, or maybe this other battery is already charged. I don't know but that's what it looks like when it's charging I'm sure there's some software that has to be downloaded. Interestingly there's, not really any landing gear. On this thing it looks like it pretty much just sits on the battery when it lands. Hey thanks, Brad. Another one you guys you guys are awesome, and – and thank you for tuning in this is this – is uh yes Rick it is. It is flashing, blue right now on, Oh on both of them. Actually, yes, I stand corrected, so the top one and the bottom one are flashing, blue, so it's dual charging so yeah that that's a that's, pretty cool that it'll do both at the same time now, I suppose, if you're gon na charge the actual drone – and I Will I will watch Dustin's video as well as read you probably just plug in to this USB C port right here on the top of this thing to charge it up and then the remote control, I'm gon na guess is also gon na charge via USB C Cuz, I remember it that was the case with my naffy, so it charged right here as well.

Everything is USB C in this package, which I appreciate, because it really is the future and might be a bit of a pain to deal with now for folks who don't have it but believe me once you try it, you will not want to go back to Us ba all right anything else. You guys have on your mind any questions. I think that I was hoping that bill bill with Metro drum works would be in today, because I sent him a package. He was our subscriber the month. I do want to congratulate bill with Metro drone works for being the subscriber of the month. I sent his package a couple of days ago. I sent it to him to david thompson who won the Potenza 830, as well as a third person who won a t, shirt who went by the name: Austin Powers he's, a Canadian guy cost me cost me way more than the cost of the t shirt to Send it to Canada, but oh I've got somebody ninja ninja nape. I hope that Snape is asking: how old are you that's, an excellent question? Hmm I'll just leave it for you to you to guess how old are you ninja nape? So if everybody would please Oh question, are the props quick release, excellent question? Let'S see I don't know Rick anyone anyone? How do you get the props on and off great I'm? Sorry, I didn't think to do that to try that props props props.

I feel like this is one of the things I should have read before I or looked up before I tried to do it Rick. How do you do the props? Any any suggestions let's see, I don't know if they're quick release or not I'm looking at them. I don't see don't, see anything obvious as to how you would take them off yeah. I really don't, know that's. So actually I would be happy to sign something for you. Ten. It was Tim, but I generally don't sell any of my drones because I usually use them for giveaways during First Friday and other contests and stuff, and a lot of them were given to me. So I don't feel I don't feel like I should sell them. So not not to be all high and mighty, but yes, but I would be happy to sign something for you. Tim hit me at Kelly at Ready, Set drone, comm and we'll we'll see. Maybe I could send you a t, shirt or a sticker, or something like that. I was waiting for Rick to come back on since he's, the only one I know that's in the chat, that's or if Ken is still there, who's flown one of these, how the preps come on and off. I really want to know how does that work and again maybe Dustin Dunhill covers it in this video. I don't want to break anything here, but they don't seem to be.

They don't seem to be just like easily popping on and off that's for sure I don't know that's a really great question how these come out. I will figure that out and get back to you guys. I hope you guys are safe out there. I hope you're brave out there. I hope you're spending time with your family and taking advantage of the opportunity to do some things that maybe you wanted to do that wasn't necessarily in your daily agenda before you guys are awesome. If you want to know more about drones yarn, are you subscriber please hit the subscribe button thanks for tuning in for this unboxing, I will get my act together and figure out how you do stuff and then put a video together about all of it, and if You have suggestions for me on what kind of videos you'd like to see in terms of how this thing behaves. I don't intend to do the following video. Like everybody, else's dunks there's, a lot of those out there. I am planning to do a video. That is a little bit more about flying it with the remote control and then maybe just some of the special features like return to home camera comparison stuff like that. But if you have other ideas, please send them my way. You guys are great, really appreciate it. I'M gon na sign off now I want to give a big shout out to Danny and Thomas and Noah, for helping me out today really means a lot.