Seeing nick nick is the owner of aloha e foils here on maui. So if you guys are trying to take a vacation here to maui or your local, whatever give him a call, i’ll have the his website linked in the description. If you’re looking at trying to do some, some e foiling actually no that’s my dad. So i thought that was nick because he was doing pretty well but that’s, my dad um. This is going to be his first time out on an e foil, so see him bail right there again, i’m, just flying right now: i’m flying the skydio2 manually with the controller just trying to track the action looking for maybe nick see where he’s at he’s actually Out here, as well there’s a lot of paddlers out here and other activities going on some canoe paddlers, some stand up paddlers, so i should state guys that i am uh. This is in the morning. This is about, i want to say, seven, eight o’clock in the morning uh at the sugar beach kind of kihei, north kieh side of maui and um. I have this video i’m recording hdr on the skydio 2 at 30 frames per second, so you’re gon na see a little bit of ghosting, and so you, i probably should have put it in 60 frames per second, but at least you know what to expect for 30. so here’s my dad he’s out i’m on the beach there’s nick over there, just like like it’s, nothing, the hydra plane.

It is pretty hard i’m still in manual, just tracking him with the camera and steering the drone i’m gon na go into an auto track. Here pretty soon, so you can see how all this works. So my dad there he’s trying to get up right. Then i pressed on him and did track so i’m track following and then on the screen. You have the ability to track from different angles. So i just pressed to the right and there he is. The drone is doing this fully automated i’m, not pressing anything uh. It is kind of having an awkward problem because, as you may know, the skydio2 has problems with kind of stop and go type of tracking. So you want to have the for the best tracking you want to kind of have a smooth kind of object adds some motion in one direction for it to track, because the algorithm, the way it works is the algorithm needs to kind of anticipate where the object Is going to go, and so it has a smoother transition there there’s a canoe group coming in so i went up a little bit just manually. You can take over manual control whenever you want just pushed up and here’s nick getting back up on his board. So this is all manual just to kind of reassess the situation i’m. Looking at the screen – and i got ta say out here at this distance, i was already getting a little bit of strange pixelation breakup and i tried pointing you know the controller at this area.

There goes the canoe to the right there’s my dad getting up again: there’s nick just showing off my dad falling again, it’s really hard to learn how to hydrofoil with these electric ones. These are electric hydrofoils and um, my dad surfs, and this is how much trouble he’s having so. The first thing you want to do is lay down get the feel of the trigger. You have like a remote trigger. Their nick finally fell off and i just started to track him. You see how the drone went right up on him. I had just clicked on him to track him right when he fell so that’s. What it does, and then i took over, went up just to get out of the way reassess the situation manually with the controller went back trying to track my dad, but of course he’s super amateur, so he’s falling all over the place um. What i was saying is these things are hard to ride. There is quite a big learning curve on figuring out, you know the power of the electric motor, these are electric, so it has a motor in the bottom of the the fin a couple feet down. So here we go. I think i just clicked on him to track so it’s tracking from the side. Then i clicked on the right arrow to track from the right side. So this is all automation. I’M on the shore seeing this but i’m, not touching any controls, and then i clicked, i believe, the back arrow.

So this is tracking from the back. Then i clicked the front to track from the front, and you can see that the skydio still has a problem with the camera it’s not entirely smooth, especially with somebody who’s learning how to do sports. And then i clicked to the right again to track him from the right angle and there he goes falling in the water, but he was kind of getting the hang of how to get it up on the hydrofoil, like i was saying, it’s a real, difficult, um Kind of balancing act – you really got ta – do to learn this stuff. So here i am just kind of sitting there. Okay, i got ta get control again because it lost track of him Music and i’m. Just right above him remember. This is hdr 30 frames per second, so i noticed a little bit of blurring on the object, so you definitely for sports. You really want to get into um 60 frames per second for any kind of fast moving sport. So i clicked on him again to track him. This is it doing its stuff all on its own zooming, in towards him he was already coming in already. It was my turn to go out, but you can see kind of the drone shadow on him. That’S the skydio, but he doesn’t know how to fly a drone, so i had to um. I didn’t have anybody to track me so i’m, just you know having the video of him on this one and nick.

I just hit return to home, and this is what the drone’s doing, since it was close to me it just kind of backed in and it did a return to home. It didn’t go up at all and so it’s just hovering over me right now. If you know anything about the skydio2, it will not land, it just gets you to the the area you want to be until you, actually, you know land it yourself, so i was trying to actually trying to land in my hand, right now and you’re gon na See it um i’m kind of pulling down on the stick, but what i should have done was press landing and landed in my hand. It was avoiding me as the problem here, so it kept going up and avoiding my hand because it of course it has 360 obstacle avoidance, so nick and my dad bring in their little e foils here’s a good view of the e foil. And here i am just grabbing it from the bottom, because i finally hit landing and uh just a fabulous time. My dad had learning how to do this stuff, so props to nick from aloha efoil, really appreciate it nick and you guys if you’re coming. You know tourism is back in hawaii, so if you’re coming even with the covet, if you’re here and you want to check out e, foiling and learn how to do it, maybe you already know how to do it, but you you know you can’t bring one.

So you want to just rent one for a certain amount of money for like an hour or two um. This is a great way to do it and see some scenes outside in the water and just have a great time. So anyway, how did the um skydio 2 perform? You tell me it would have done better if it wasn’t tracking somebody that was learning how to do water sports, like this, like the e foiling because remember the the skydio2, has a problem with the stop and go kind of tracking it. Just can’t calculate where the target’s gon na go so that’s when you start seeing the camera jittery issues. When you start changing positions for the auto tracking, you initially see kind of a camera like notchiness, but once it kind of gets in its zone and it’s smoothing out it’s pretty good. So you’re gon na have to cut your clips like that. But this again was just the raw footage of this entire video. I hope you enjoyed that and it actually checked a lot of the boxes on what you wanted to know. This thing could do don’t forget i’m, doing more on the skydio2 and specifically um somebody from maui paintball, the owner of maui paintball, here on maui uh offered to see if i could track him in a paintball match. So we’re gon na see how that all works out that’s coming up i’ll have all the videos to this little skydio2 tracking series linked up don’t forget to check that on the top right.

Have that pop up and also down below in the description i’ll have the links to all the gear i’m using here and also where nick’s website is for aloha e foils. If you’re coming and visiting maui, you want to check it out, don’t forget to give him a holler and see what he can hook.