What this drone can do. This is the new skydio 2 plus it just was announced it is. I dont even have a word to describe what this can do. It has a feature called key framing and i just ran a key framing mission through all of the steel of this. Let me show you through all of this all right and it it was like im. Just gon na show you im going to edit this im going to show you just a little bit of what this drone can do check this out Music, so isnt that cool now i know some of you are going to say: wow thats, just waypoints, no, its! Not its way better its way different than waypoints, and for those of you that have this guide o2, the original scadia 2. Guess what youre going to have this capability as well so im going to talk about that in a little bit. But this is the two plus, as you can see, we got some little antennas here that are collapsible ill talk about that, but im going to run a few more keyframe missions right now and ill show them throughout this video, but uh. So far. This thing this thing is super super cool. Its got some other improvements that ill tell you about, but uh im gon na fly through inside my vehicle, its freaking cold out right now so im gon na take this in were gon na fly inside and get some more footage at this train.

Trestle lets go Music. It has been two years since skydio introduced us to the smartest drone on the planet and now theyre ready to show us what they have been working on to make it even smarter, hi everyone and welcome to 51 drones. My name is russ and today were going to take a look at the most recent advancements to the skydio2 autonomous drone and ill. Tell you the most significant thing about these upgrades overall at the very end of the video now the skydio2 plus is not necessarily a new drone per se. It is pretty much the same drone as the skydio 2, but with four exciting upgrades, along with a new protection program that can provide even more confidence when flying the worlds smartest drone now skydio is letting me borrow this drone. They have paid me nothing for this. Video and i have no affiliation with them. They want me to share my honest opinion of these advancements with you and if you have any questions or comments, please post them down below, because im pretty sure that skydeal would love to hear your thoughts as well. Now, if you have never heard of skydio or the skydio2 and what its all about, i recommend that you watch this video first to get you up to speed on this drone that possesses all of the features that todays adrenaline junkies long for now. What skydio has done with these four new features is that theyve broadened their market and they have made it more appealing for cinematographers and creators and the commercial users, as well as the adrenaline junkies.

So the first upgrade that the skydio2 plus has is this right here? Its a 5410 milliamp hour battery that provides up to 27 minutes of flight time now, with the original skydio2 youve got a 4280 milliamp hour battery and the best flight time that i got with that was 20 minutes when the advertised flight time on that was 23 And now, when they say 27 minutes its, not bs the best that ive gotten with this drone is 26 minutes and 26 seconds, so its pretty refreshing to actually get a battery life that is advertised now, these batteries are backwards, compatible ill. Give you some more thoughts about that here in just a few minutes, so, in addition to the greater flight time, the scouting two plus now has these collapsible omnidirectional antennas. Now these, along with a new high power, 5 gigahertz wi fi radio, allow the user to get up to 6 kilometers or 3.7 miles of signal range thats nearly twice as far as the previous version now, as always, keep in mind thats in wide open spaces with No interference whatsoever now youre never going to see a range test on this channel, mostly because of the controversy that it tends to cause. But i will tell you that the signal on the scotia 2 plus can travel much further than you ever need it to and im not so much concerned with the distance like how far away i can fly. My drone, as i am with the stability of the signal, so not only does the 2 plus have a more stable connection for more range and better signal, but the new beacon does as well.

Now the beacon was already the best way to fly the skydio, but now with a range of up to three kilometers, it provides even more confidence when youre flying it in challenging environments, and this is an upgrade that im sure many of the adventurists will appreciate. Now, if you thought the software of the skydio2 was amazing, just wait until you get a load of what the skydio2 plus can do with the new feature called keyframing now ive already showed you a little taste of it, but what it does is it allows the User to program a predetermined flight path in real time that can be edited reversed flown at different speeds and repeated now. As far as the repeated like being able to fly the same keyframe mission in on another day or on another flight, theyre, still working on, that im told that thats going to get better as time goes on. But for right now, if you want to fly a repeated keyframe mission like if you run out of battery life, and you want to run that same mission, you have to land swap out your batteries and then launch from that exact same position. So hopefully, that gets improved with time. The skydio2 plus does this. It does that keyframe mission, all while still using its industry leading obstacle avoidance when necessary. So i challenged it right from the get go and i was not disappointed. Okay, so here is how you set up a keyframe mission on the skydio2 plus and keep in mind if you have the original skydio2 youre going to have this feature as well.

So i just want to make sure that you guys are aware of that. So, im going to do this in the most challenging environment that i can think of right now, its at the train, trestle, where i like to fly a lot of the time, because its some beautiful scenery and theres a lot its just a beautiful area to fly And so the reason i want to test it here is because of all of this steel and then also because of the challenging environment, the small spaces, and so what you need to do to do a key frame im just going to do a simple one. At first and then, im going to do a more complex one, youre going to click on the lower right hand, corner here, youre, going to click on keyframe, which is in the lower right and then what you do is you can start adding keyframes and what this Does is it sets a spot in the sky and it records everything, the gps location, the camera position and everything and it records that and so were going to hit click on the add button and right there we have our very first keyframe, now im going to Go ahead and just fly straight ahead: im going to go right through the middle of this trestle, and it should be no problem at all for the skydio 2 plus to get through all of this. Okay. And what im going to do is im going to set a keyframe right here in the middle as well, okay and then were going to keep going straight ahead.

There is a little bit of wind today, so itll be interesting to see how it does as it runs this mission all right had a little bit of trouble getting through there, okay and then were going to add a keyframe right here, all right and then what Im going to do is im going to come back around im, going to go up a little bit im going to set a keyframe here. I think the more keyframes you set, the better. It just helps with the smoother motion. You want these keyframes to be cinematic. Uh you want them to look nice, you want them to be nice and smooth. The skydio does tend to jerk around a little bit when it changes direction. So i think adding more keyframes helps with that, but click on add again and then were gon na go ahead. Just one more spot here and add right there. Okay, now im just going to run this mission, but look at that. It shows you right in the sky where these keyframes are. It shows you the path that the skydio2 is going to take to get there isnt that so cool its so cool. You can see there. There is a little bit of wind today, so this will be interesting to see how this goes all right. So now, when youre done clicking your keyframes, when youre done setting that up youre going to click on done, okay and then you can choose, you can see the bottom of the screen there.

You can choose some options. You can choose the speed im going to keep it pretty slow right in the middle. The maximum that you can go is 11.2, but im not going to do that. Just because i am a little bit concerned about the wind today, im gon na set it to six, and then you can choose any of these keyframes, so im just gon na tap on that. Second, to last keyframe and its gon na position itself to where i set that keyframe, so you can position it to wherever you want it to you can play it in reverse. You can click on that lower left hand, corner triangle there or if you want to start from the very beginning, you just click on that first keyframe and its going to find itself back to the position where the first keyframe is. Oh, my god, it is so so amazing, so amazing you guys holy crap. It just went backwards through there. Okay, so now, im gon na run the mission im just gon na hit the play button. I have the auto record set on, so i recommend doing that. You guys have your skydio2 or skydio2 plus set on autorecord just so you dont miss anything all right. Im gon na hit the play button and its gon na run through this mission. Oh my gosh, no hesitation, no hesitation whatsoever, so so incredible. Its gon na go up and around just like.

I planned it its heading to the second to last waypoint position and then its finishing off on the very last one. So this is so so cool. You guys – and i know some of you are going to say well – dji has had waypoints forever with the mavic pro. Well guess what the dji fly up does not have any kind of waypoint thing and you can get the lichi out, but thats, not even close to the abilities of the skydio keyframing is the future for cinematographers. It is so so cool so um so yeah. I just cant believe that so fun Music. So, as you can see, the new keyframe feature really expands upon what the skydio can do and that, along with the increased battery life and improved connectivity, offers so much more for a broader range of enthusiasts. The skydio2 plus is no longer just a drone for snowboarders and people that jump over exploding cars. Its a drone that can now be used to capture beautiful imagery, not only with ease but with incredible precision. Now also with the skydo 2 plus comes an optional new protection plan called skydio care, which offers rapid replacement. No questions asked coverage for accidental damage like collisions, water damage, unrecoverable landings and more so you thought you could fly a skydeal confidently before. Well, now you have the option to fly completely stress free now, im so happy that theyre offering this, because even if a drone is smarter than people, its still never going to be perfect, so its nice to have that security.

So what are the opportunities for improvement? On the skydo 2 plus, in my opinion, first of all, i cant get over the controller. I just dont, like the feel of it, and i dont like the paddle controls and i dont like how my iphone sometimes pops out of it like that is the most frustrating thing every once in a while. My iphone will just pop out. I think it needs to be secured better. Now it does work. Fine, the controller works great and you really do need it to get the best range out of the skydo 2 plus, but i hope the future brings a whole new remote controller design. Secondly, concerning the keyframe feature, there was one time that the skydio2 plus deviated from the keyframe path that i had set it just kind of went off by itself. All right, we had one little deviation there uh im, not sure what happened. I did not tell it to go that way at all, not even close to that so were going to clear these keyframes. All right were going to try this again well. Do it a little bit differently this time now? I do need to test this a little bit further, but i think what happened was i had the keyframe set too far apart, like the last keyframe and the second to last. Keyframe were just way too far apart, and i think maybe thats why it went off by itself.

So it seems like the more keyframes that you set the better and thats, also going to make your footage more smooth and thats. The last thing, even though its better, even though keyframing is great, it allows you to get cinematic footage with the scouting 2 plus, if its avoiding obstacles it doesnt matter. You know how good how good the key framing is as far as making it fly smoothly, because the priority for the skydio2 is to avoid obstacles. So when i was flying it through the railroad bridge there, there were times where, even though the key frame was set kind of in the middle of where all of that steel was, it still had to jerk around just a little bit like its barely noticeable. But its still not completely smooth, now keep in mind that it works great out in the open, like its its gon na youre gon na get awesome cinematic footage with this thing, but just know that if you set it in a challenging environment like i did youre Still gon na have some of that jerking around because of the obstacle avoidance. Honestly, i prefer that the softwares priority is on obstacle avoidance, but just know that that might happen so other than those things. I am truly impressed with the improvements on the skydio2 plus from the original skydio2. So what is the overall best thing about this drone, its the backwards compatibility? So if you have the original skydio2, you can use these batteries and also youll have the keyframe feature and the enhanced beacon will work on your drone.

Now it wont have the same range as the two plus, but it will be better than the original beacon. So, by introducing the skydio2 plus, what skydio has done is they did not make your drone that you may have just purchased like over the holidays. They had a big sale and im sure a lot of people bought it. They made it so that drone isnt obsolete they actually made it better and thats awesome. They have managed to appeal to a broader market while at the same time bringing more functionality to their existing customers and, i think thats, a business plan that more companies should adopt. So, as i stated earlier post your comments and your questions down below as im sure that the skydio team will be reading them and if i cant answer something, hopefully they will be able to. Also, let me know what else you want to see with the skydio2 plus im, not sure how long i get to use this, but if i do have more time with it, i will certainly do some comparisons and some more testing with this drone now ill put A link down in the video description for the skydio website. If you want to purchase it, they have four package options and if youre wondering what package to get, i would recommend the sport package for most people. It has everything that you need, and it seems to be right in that most comfortable price range, so click on that thumbs up button.

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