This is what i want to play with today: the skydio 2. um. When i bought this thing, i had 440 in mind its got a jump track called chinese laundry. No trees should be perfect. Now. Do i love this thing? Well, actually, at times it can be an absolute, not good, came here last week, couldnt get it to start needed a software update couldnt. Do it anyway managed to get it going so anyway were going to see if we can use this to follow us down. Uh chinese laundry today so um weve got some of the guys with us, so come join us and today weve got lindsay there and full body. Armor weve got zach im, not sure what hes doing to the back of lindsay there. Hopefully, hes going to keep his shirt on today when is it going and brent who joined me last week for a session here is going to do some more laps of chinese laundry. Now i normally fly the skydio with the drone and the beacon, however, believe it or not, the beacon just wont connect today. Sometimes it can be problematic, but today cannot get it to connect so im gon na fly with just the phone. I have done this before, but normally, as i say, prefer to use the drone in the beacon together, pretty easy to take off, always usually take it off from my hand and then set it up as im setting up with the phone okay zach just ride past Me and see if it hopefully it doesnt, even take notice of you yeah its.

Not all right lets see if it follows me: okay, oh my motors not on fire. Okay, that wasnt the cleverest start on the e bike and turned itself off. While we were getting the drone set up um, so a bit slow getting going now, im, not an expert with the skydio at all. Ive had about six months and ive been using it a while um but, as i say, im, not an expert with it. Its a bit funny when youre riding down a track like this, because you keep looking for the drone all the time, so youre not paying attention to the jumps. The other thing that i think is a bit funny its a great jump track this, but the drone makes it look as though youre riding along a flat track, whereas the jumps are actually reasonably big. Now ive got it on a fixed tracking um. So i think this one here is just flying from the same angle the whole time. Sometimes you can have it directly behind you or in front of the side, but this is ideally just i think, flying from on our right hand, side so worked reasonably well, and the drone is uh sitting waiting for us, which is good Applause. Now, riding back up the track, its uh, its pretty good for this sort of footage. Actually, the drone cops very well when youre riding um pretty much in a straight line and not at a great speed when you get a lot of speed up, especially if you keep changing directions.

Sometimes the drone can get a little bit confused, to say the least. Hows it going 76 percent of battery thats, not right so where the others gone, lets bring the height down a bit Music. Well thats! Maybe a bit low Music range in a bit lets bring it in front of us a little bit go for it now. I must admit i havent used the drone as much as i would have liked. Um you basically have to get in new zealand. You have to give the landowners permission to fly. The drone ive got permission to fly today, but not everywhere is easy, obvious as to who to get permission from and also in auckland and other places like rotorua. A lot of it is controlled flight space as well. You will notice in a few space uh places along the video. You actually see the propellers of the drone im, not too sure what thats about. Actually, you would think that that shouldnt happen, but yeah theres a few times where you see the um, the propellers. Now whats the drone gone and done its gone and got itself lost, hasnt it um its lost me for some reason went around the corner and it just hasnt managed to stay with me, which is a bit frustrating wheres. The drone up there is that the good thing is the drone is usually sitting there waiting for you um its quite good, like that. It tends to just stay in one place and you can sort of manually take back control of it again saying that i did once do um a down a track and i was uh heading uh down and i suddenly realized the drone was heading back from home.

I must have absolutely freaked out, luckily had the beacon and managed to bring it back under control um and bring it back down the hill, but it does have a flyback to home uh feature which i must admit if someone knows how to disable that uh. That would be awesome if they could leave that in the comments cool that was a better run. Oh dont go that far come back, oh, where you going come back, my phones annoying because you know you have to go and re log back in and pretty cool, though, did go into a little bit of a panic mode there for a minute um. The drone had got incredibly close to the trees it didnt hit them. It was just hovering there, but yeah. It does make you nervous when it does that well see what its like almost directly in front. Eh weve got 49 of battery, so probably get down and then back up and ill land it all right. So the final run down weve. So this is an excellent track to do this on, because literally weve flown it um down the track and then literally just rode back up, and so we havent landed the drone in between time get about 20 minutes. I think about a flying time. Um. It comes with three batteries, so um yeah, you can put it up sort of multiple times. I generally put it up sort of one one flight per battery and then put the next one and you never want to really get it really low.

On the battery. Interesting on this shot, as you see how wide its come out um its coming back in because it started in fairly close, so it does sort of kind of do its own thing, a lot of the time which is kind of cool um. But yes, i say its not like someones, actually controlling this thing, um it kind of at times feel as though its its just doing its own thing now. The weird thing here is that the end of the track it sort of swings around and then again its got itself right in amongst the branches of this tree and it cant work out how to get back to me. Um, i must admit its. It is quite good the skydio i must admit, because youre panicking, because youre thinking this thing is literally just a you know a short distance off of disaster, but it it does seem to have pretty good obstacle avoidance um in as much as it doesnt crash. But i do have to go and bring it back under control, and there is always a little bit of panic there that your expensive drone is going to have a nasty crash really good for these sort of shots. I reckon um get close up shots um again, riding uphill um, its its ive got it below the um height ceiling. You can set up a height ceiling that it wont go below, but i like to allow it to go right down to the ground depends if there are people around um, but generally speaking, you can get some pretty cool shots with the thing just flying.

You know. Just about your head height, to be honest there you can see it just just ahead of me. There um nsa tracks, you pretty well at slow speeds, its great at high speeds, with lots of turns not so good landing it now. I always landed in my hand. I always figure this is the safest way to do it, Music, all right. Well, after playing on chinese laundry for a while, we decided to do an uptrend called anti gravity and have a little play with it. Uh here i think, actually up tracks is probably where the skydio is actually better its um. As i say it, it struggles. I think, to keep up with you when youre going really fast and also changing direction a lot of time. Some sometimes you do a hairpin turn and the skydio loses you completely and, as i say, you have to redirect it dont have the beacon today and im really missing it, because one of the cool features about the beacon is, you can literally point um at the Skydio and drag it to a different position and if you want to get sort of different um different uh views, uh its quite nice as youre riding along to just drag it into a different position. And i must admit often with the skydio. I sometimes literally just have the um the lanyard ive got attached to it, just wrapped around my wrist as im riding, and i can kind of readjust it as im going coax reasonably well with these hairpins here, following the guys you can see, it is a little Bit confusing for it, it thinks youre going one way and then suddenly you loop background the other way.

Again, as i say in slow speed it does it pretty well. What im showing here actually is the second rider zach ive actually managed to lock on him. Im. Writing at the back um, but the skydio has now ive literally on your phone. You just click on the writer. You want it to follow and it tracks them and that so thats pretty cool. If you want to get uh views of a different writer whos effectively, not you so that that works very well, unfortunately, um were coming up to the uh tree line here. Um, as i always hoped, it would be able to ride literally follow me through the trees but im not even going to attempt it im going to land it just up here, all right again and relaunch the scotia on the other side of the trees. Quite a cool set of hip and bins here, its again its now locked back on me, but doing a reasonably good job, as i say its pretty confusing for the poor thing when im literally going um back and forward um in succession. Sometimes you get some weird angles, i must admit um but yeah. You say i guess it depends what you want to edit and you you can edit the bits and that look really good. All right were coming to the top here and we decided to just want to show you a couple of other its got. Some quite cool features with the skydio.

This is called the dronie literally press a button, and it goes up into the sky and its looking down at you, and it just kind of gives you a bit of an overview of where you are and then it basically comes back down again. You can obviously do this manually, but its kind of nice and theres, virtually lots of other kind of it – can do circles around you and all sorts of other kind of cool features, the other one i quite like and ive used it as well as the linear Path, basically, you make point a and point b and it flies between the two of them, which is what im doing here, and you can do it at different speeds as well. I think this is as fast as it goes. I use this actually in this next clip in the forest heavily watered. Basically, you wouldnt. Let the drone fly itself in here, but ive flown it between two points and, as i say its literally, it got some riders going underneath it and so yeah its its kind of a cool way of flying the drone in trees. When you just its too too heavily wooded, if you like, for it to fly itself, i also use the hover function as well. This is just hovering in one place, its not tracking me, but you can get a shot of myself going over a jump from a different angle and this one here, its actually tracking me its hovering so that the drone actually doesnt move anywhere.

So i know its safe, but it can actually film me same thing here i go underneath the drone. It swings around and gets another shot just to show you can ride it, sort of in the trees. This is me on a fire road again getting a pretty cool shot, its underneath the canopy um. But again you wouldnt try that at any speed at all, i think or, as i say it will crash. In fact, i did crash the drone on my first attempt at this forest and uh yeah. It was covered in mud, took forever to clean all the clay out of the propellers and everything and the and the camera and everything, but luckily didnt damage. Anything which was was really fortunate. No, this is not in slow motion. This is me attempting to ride on down a track. This is when i first got it, but it just the drone is really not up to this sort of riding. I think it it rapidly. Um gets lost and confused and, as you can see, it sort of swings out wide and mixing theres trees between me and the um. The drone, and now it cant work how to get back to me and im, of course, having a bit of a panic at this stage, trying to work out as to whether the thing is going to crash. But you can see its avoiding everything, but it its pretty much stuck. This is uh where it drones.

Quite good, though, is to say i just want to show you something so come around the corner. Again, it tracks me around the corner and then coming up uh further up ahead here: theres actually um some trees, um and, as i say, it goes and its going straight towards them and then just kind of swings around them goes over the top, but yeah it Keeps on me the whole time, the other thing thats quite um good, as well as, if theyre, just small trees, and you can get the drone to fly over the top all right. Well, i hope you enjoyed the video im going to finish the video with an edit of the chinese laundry. I hope you like it. If you do like the video and you havent subscribed love it. If you did that one and well see on the next one im ready man, Applause, so Applause, Music, im shaking the game Music is – is waking up Music.