We waited about. I don’t know since the last ice age. For this to be delivered um you were basically in a queue for ages and ages and ages, but anyway it’s. Finally, arrived – and i think just in time for it to suddenly become available within 45 days, so you probably fare better than us. We were going to use its controller, but what we didn’t realize was it’s only designed for certain kinds of phones, ones with very flat edges or very thin, uh it’s. Very our phone is very sort of well smooth, but a lot of phones are so. I think you need to bear that in mind with the controller, but this doesn’t need a controller it’s, an autonomous drone and we’re going to take it for walkies, Music yeah. So we’ve got the skydio2 and we’re, basically in the park and we’re, going to try and take it for a walk, as you can see, it’s a non foldable drone, so it’s not like um it’s, not like a mavic pro or a mavic air or a femi Or or a mini 2 it’s, a it’s it’s, basically an autonomous it’s got cameras everywhere and it can kind of look in real time at obstacles, so walls, trees, branches, anything people, um, so basically it’s magnetic battery. So it kind of just snaps on so let’s hope. It doesn’t fall out mid flight, but let’s see if we can get this up. So just gon na basically get my phone back out so yeah.

As you can see, our phone is very um, it’s, very sort of um. You know smooth the smooth edges and that really struggles, and so we need to turn on the drone and you turn on the drone by pressing on the battery holding should turn itself on. I think that’s right hang on. Maybe you got ta press and hold. I think you press and hold yeah you press the battery to see what the um uh what the uh battery life’s like. So it should now sort of connect itself back up. I should be able to wait. I’Ve got to basically i’ve got to basically wait for it because we connect to its wi fi and so now it’s automatically connecting within the app um, and we should basically see how we get on. Hopefully, it will connect up yes, it’s saying it’s available. I was going to check my settings. Okay, i want it in 4k, 60 hevc, i think, with hdr on all auto white balance, yep right, so it’s ready to fly so we can begin the flight so starting its autonomy engine. Basically, it’s got like an nvidia chip in it and it is like it’s got cameras all around and it’s, looking at everything and so that’s how it kind of obstacle voids it’s, not i don’t think it’s traditional obstacle avoidance, sensors um. So here we go on the app i’m going to hold to launch hang on. If i can get finger right here, we go sort of quite a quietish drone right, so it’s going up, uh, basically uh what you got to do.

You can move it up and down using your finger on the phone it’s a bit like using any kind of app. You can turn it round right. So hang on sure you want to do. I want to turn it. I want to turn it around somehow. Oh here we go yeah yeah, so here you go there’s buttons on the screen to be able to enable you to turn it round, and then you can basically select a target so i’m going to select me and now it’s tracking me. So basically, i should be able to walk around and it should follow me um yeah, so it should follow me around it’s. It should know that i’m a person, and it should just follow me now – you shouldn’t, have to worry about it hitting anything. Maybe the thinnest branches i’ve seen in videos that hit and you can send it so at the moment it’s meant to be behind me. You can send it to the left of you. So it’ll go around to the left hand, side of you um and you can set where it should do. Maybe you can send it front facing it is front facing so that’s weird uh set it to the back. I don’t know you can set the height as well to send it out, um, send it up and then i can drop the camera down. I think anyone have. I got it right. Yeah hang on where’s the gimbal control on this.

I thought i had this right. Oh yeah, that puts the range that makes a range bigger for you. Does it do a left yeah it does do a does. Do a sort of like side on view as well, so that’s pretty good right. So basically um it’s tracking me now. I want it to go out, it should be in front of me. So if i, if i do this, it should always go try and stay in front of me. So if i walk over here should stay in front of me, i could bring the height down as well, but yeah. Basically, it shouldn’t be able to walk into anything. So i can just keep walking, i can say, go to the left of me and it will swing round to the left of me. I can say go to the right of me and it will swing around to the right of me and avoid the fence and the trees whoa it’s hanging around swinging around like a bit of a crazed. Maniac up there it’s a scary sort of um feeling uh, but basically yeah so right. What will it do now? So it now knows: i’ll turn around surely, and it will try and go to the right of me yeah. It should be. The whole idea of this drone is to have confidence that it won’t hit anything and so far it hasn’t so, but it does, it does sort of fly around and kind of spin around in the air um, so that’s pretty cool um.

It should have the usual features like droney and all that kind of stuff, so we can go into like uh different features and you get you can say, like hang on one shot, so that’s what you do and you set it to droney mode um. So we can basically do a dronie right here we go and see what it does. Yeah so it’s moving away from me just like any old dronie uh on other drones, would work and and it’s working it’s moving away, so that’s completely fine um. So it is sort of like a normal drone, along with an autonomous styler drone and of course you can use the controller to turn it into a normal drone. But i thought it’d be more fun to kind of show you in its autonomous uh state right. So we went into dr you know, so you can. You can you’ve got other features as well like vortex, so and they’re actually quite quite easy to get to, but i mean it’s, pretty cool it’s very easy to get to this, but here we go. It will do like a kind of spiral. Hey there. You go. Yes, it’ll do a spiral and it’ll go up away from me and spin round um, but yeah i’m, not sure, if it’s better to have it in landscape mode or portrait mode. Every video i’ve seen has had it in portrait mode, but i’m thinking. Landscape mode is more natural and it’s just spinning around it.

Hasn’T hit a tree yet so that that’s probably a good thing. So there we go right. So we’ve got 73 battery um. I wonder if we we can take it for a walk around the park. I expect we can, can we uh what i’ll do is i’ll grab its um its base, because i don’t think, let me know it was going to fly right at me then right. So if i give rachel its landing pad now, you can get it to land back on its landing pad returned home exactly the same way. Whoa that seemed a bit crazy, almost flew right up into a tree then, but it didn’t it didn’t. So well, what we want to do now is we want to come out of that uh yeah. We want to be back in motion track, which i think it’s done it’s still following me. When i bring its height down a bit, bring it down so it’s closer to me right and now i want to kind of go out of the park uh now the park out of the sort of basketball court area – and i want to see if it has The ability it’s a very it’s, very unnerving, this drone um, you know i i watch videos and i know it knows pretty much what it’s doing um so i kind of have confidence, but it is truly one of those sort of drones that you set and forget You know that’s the idea of it.

It will now have me in shot um. Oh, i can bring down the range, so i can bring it in closer to me so come on bring it in let’s. Bring you in closer to me. Is that how we bring you in, and i want to bring it in closer to me really does that make it bigger or smaller yeah? I want to kind of make it i want to get it closer to me really hang on forward, maybe forward send it round right so it’s set on the forward and forward of me what happens if i make the range smaller yeah. That brings it closer right. So basically, this is like a cameraman’s camera. You know a cameraman’s drone. You can basically kind of you know: go yeah i’m doing a documentary, it’s really good, obviously not as quiet as some documentaries, because a lot of documentaries you wouldn’t, have a drone buzzing around in the background, certainly not on david attenborough ones that i’ve seen uh. But this is, for you know this is sort of like you know, i’m guessing the bbc don’t here we go, we’ve got a tree. We’Ve got a tree behind it now, so this is going to be interesting. It’S got around it. It’S got around. Do you know you remember, i’m, not i’m, not doing any controls i’m, not doing any controls whatsoever. This drone is basically finding its way around stuff. There’S, no i’ve got no controller.

As you can see, i just got the phone um and it is doing it right. I want it to go to the right of me now there we go go to the right there. We go look at that, so it just follows on to the right of you. Come on skydio come with me for a walk. You know. Basically it can. It can replace your normal drone, it can replace the kids that you take to the park and also your dog, so it’s, quite a good little friend. Although a lot of those um a lot of those don’t need batteries. So you know a dog. You just got ta kind of feed it and it will last for a lot longer. You know during the day than this, whereas this probably give you about. I don’t know 20 20 to 25 minutes uh maximum battery life. Of course, they always claim something. Like 30 minutes, but i don’t think we’ve ever seen that happen. Have we so but let’s get it to go forward again, um yeah and it is, it is doing it. It is doing it. You know it is basically following me. You know i could be talking about, like you know, say you’re, making a documentary, film or you’re making. You know a video of your trip. You know you’re walking along the countryside. Skydio is a great drone for that. You know you can film yourself cycling, you can drive down the dirt track and the thing will follow you and basically it is following us so right.

What i want to do now is gain some height because there’s some people about so i just want to. I want to put it up still going to get it following us, but i want it above. I want to get it quite high. Actually it’s it’s not going up any higher, so i want it to go higher than that really, but will it hit the tree? I don’t think it’ll hit it. I’Ve got confidence in you, skydio don’t. Let me down don’t, let me down and hopefully rachel’s filming everything behind, and we can see that it’s not hitting anything um yeah. I might walk over here right just away from people but yeah. Basically it’s following me and, as you can see, there’s no problems. This drone will just track. You it’ll follow you around the park. Um it’ll follow you. You know through thick and thin like bush. You know basically or follow you through anywhere right. Let’S. Get it to go backwards because maybe oh hang on well, you say through thick and thin, but it’s uh it’s crashed the ab right i’m. Connecting in. I did see that with other um drone um reviewers actually has it connected back to it. Well, it’s meant to be the back of me now so it’s meant to be following behind me. So, hang on i’m going to put the range up a bit yeah, so it just follows away from me a bit right so hopefully now this is going to be interesting, because this is through some densely wooded sort of you know, or maybe i’ll bring the height Down shall i i might bring yeah, i might bring the height down so that we’re not too close to dangerous stuff, but it should follow behind me.

It should see the branches um and it should should basically sort itself out it’s looking for a way through at the moment. It will do it eventually yeah. My screen keeps flipping around, unfortunately um, but it should come on skydio. You can find your way through. You can find your way through yeah it’s, not it’s, not comfrey, yet as it oh it has, it has brilliant, so yeah right come on. Skydio come on so it’s following me. Yes, this is pretty cool. I mean something like a mavic air or a mavic pro. You would you wouldn’t trust it. You wouldn’t trust it to do this sort of stuff. It would not make it through here. It would not make it through that it nearly hit that tree, but it didn’t um. You know you know i’m, hoping that you’re seeing some of this stuff, hopefully rachel’s getting a good shot of it in some ways. Ah, right, okay, so it should be following me: i’ll send it to the front again, so you can just say: go to the front or what have you you know? Remember. It’S still got features like droney it’s still got features like you know, waypoints and stuff. So it’s still got a lot of the top features that other drones have got so and it’s following me. Yeah i keep. It keeps going back into portrait mode but i’m trying my best to keep it in landscape uh. My hands are very, very cold right.

I’M. Going to gain some height because of people, so i want to try and avoid people. If i can so now, it should go nicely over everyone and it shouldn’t be possible to hit anybody. So yep we’ve gone past people quite safely. All right switch it to the back again. Look at the bat it’s, a very fast drone as well. You know you can do something like 30 odd miles an hour and and when it goes to switch its positions it’s, you know scarily fast you’re, sort of thinking. Oh it’s going to fly into that tree and it doesn’t. Now this is going to be interesting for it down. Here we are going to go down by the river now and let’s, see if it’s going to make it down. I’Ve got 34 battery. So i want to kind of get round and i want it to like kind of make it round that way. Right, so will it come down below me? Yes, it is yes it’s following me right, it’s doing it it’s doing it, so we should be able to take a detour across here to get out the way of people, and it should follow me should follow me down around the corner. Yes doing it he’s doing it, hasn’t hit a tree still hasn’t hit anybody. It keeps switching to portrait but that’s more my fault because i’m, not not paying attention. I should have locked it in orientation uh, but basically, as you can see, it’s still following me still behind me: let’s set it to go to the front again, set it to go to the front it’ll, try and find its way through it does you know it Does does find its way through it’s um? Oh it nearly it nearly hit the branch, but it went down, it has omnidirectional sensors and what that means is it can see all around itself, so it should be able to see up and around and to the side to the to all around it.

So you should have no problems with any kind of uh obstructions. It will figure itself out. Those are quite thin branches, it’s, looking to see if it can get through, can it get through it can get through yeah yeah it’s made it right yeah. So basically, it should solve all the problems for itself. It should know where to go, and it should try and get back to the front of me, but yeah we’re, going to run our battery soon. So let’s hope that it does it all before we get out of this wooded area, but yeah basically set it to the back it’s one of those things you can kind of set and forget it. It just kind of works and i think i’d be more worried. If i was on something like a bike, then it would have to make fast decisions, but at the moment it doesn’t have to make massively fast decisions, so it’s finding its way. Through no problems i mean i should be able to take it down into like difficult areas like down here: more branches dog following us, but yeah it’s going pretty well it’s following us, it ah no i’m trying to keep away from people but yeah. Basically, it follows: ever: it should follow us Music, huh what’s, that yeah yeah. It just follows your phone yeah yeah yeah. Well, i think it’s following my phone yeah, it should be following the phone i’m. Sorry i was just explaining to someone who was kind of perplexed by the drone and yeah.

It just follows your phone, so yeah that’s, pretty cool. I mean what do you think of that that’s, a good drone that basically will follow you around it’ll go out for a walk with you. Just like your faithful, family, pet and um. You know, i think. Basically, you know we probably better get it to land now, because it’s, basically down to 18 uh, so rach uh. Basically, i think that’s it. I think we’re going to basically land it. What do you reckon yeah? I think it’s pretty good right anyway. I hope you enjoyed that video. I hope you now see what the power of skydio is and now let’s see if we can figure out how to get it on the floor. So what i want to do is i want to kind of land it. So how do i do that? I thought i knew how to do it right so i’m going to turn it off motion track. I just want to land, but i don’t want to land. It hang on hang on. No, no, no cancel. I want to bring it. I want to bring it over yeah, so you’ve got like controls. I want to bring it over and then i want to land, i think that’s a good spot to land it now, but yeah it’s, gon na land on the ground, Music, brilliant, brilliant, so that’s. All good right so you’re saying calibrating anyway, we managed to walk around.

We didn’t hit anything i’ve, seen a lot of reviewers hit stuff but they’re, usually on bikes. And what have you? But you know as long as the the foliage isn’t too thin and and you know it you know it’s. Basically it can avoid most stuff. So you know thanks very much for watching. I hope you enjoyed that. I hope you know that it helps you to make up your mind whether you’re going to go for a cardio or not, but as you can see, it’s a really good drone, but thanks very much for watching. Take care.