I think I'm also gon na just use the beacon, just in case it loses connection. I'Ve heard some stories about. Sometimes it just lands way out there. So we're gon na see, if that's the case anyway let's stuff power. This thing up, get it up in the air and see how far we can get with a controller and a range test let's. Do it okay guys, so here we go, have my screen recording just had it sitting here for about a minute and I've had that this is the GPS beacon here and that on and so everything's connected all together with the controller, the beacon and the sky. Do 4k we want to be in 30 HDR yeah, so we'll just do that and to see how it does let's go ahead and launch so I'm, just holding it to launch taking off as normal, okay yeah it's. Turning around oh cool, they got that done pretty good, but we don't want to track herself right. So let's X out a motion track here on the top right. Oh it's, just starting to orbit neat so I'm gon na X out of there, and then it just stops everything so we'll turn around and we will just go straight out that way in my position. How I want and let's just go forward: okay, so I'm, just full stick forward and I'm gon na have this video up on the screen. So you guys can see this maybe go up a little higher okay, so we're only 111 miles per hour.

I did do an update and there's alt there's. Actually another update that you can do, but it looks like that update just solves a crash from Adobe Premiere or something so I'm. Not even going to do that. Update we're, just gon na fly it as it is. We wanted to see if we can turn our gimbal down there. We go so moving the gimbal we're only flying at 11 miles per hour, so we're gon na keep an eye on our battery 90. If anything happens and we still have range we'll just turn around around 50 looking good so far, there's actually some clouds over there. So maybe I'll come down a little bit that's great. We have our telemetry over there in the left top of the screen. I'M. Still full stick 4. There is some breeze coming at us here, so it's fighting little breeze, which is good because when you're doing range tests you want to have be with the breeze on the way back right, um, so I'm, just tilting the camera up and down a little and just Really just looking at the video quality and my screen here on the phone looks like we are going through the cloud, so it might be a little hazy from time to time. We'Ll get through that in just a second, but no obstruction between me and the drone. We'Re at 1600 feet looking good you're gon na slow, now 9 miles per hour.

What it may have done is reset all the parameters to go a little faster in the tilt parameters. So that might be why it's going this slow, I haven't even checked out, but so far so good I'm. Just in pointing this antenna, if you look at my hat cam but it's trying, this is the antenna of the controller. This is basically the in not an avi controller rebranded. This is the antenna up here so I'm, keeping that antenna pointed directly at it as much as possible, pull the camera up so far. It'S doing great, though, still have 83 power, I'm just full stick forward. Fighting some wind and here about a half mile, now, okay, I'm, not seeing any hiccups whatsoever in the video on the screen, which is good, see how I'm moving this gimbal down. Nice and smooth let's get a full downward shot all the way down as we're moving. Slowly over the countryside here so that's, pretty cool. Look at that on the screen. It looks great. A nice HDR shot and let's pull the camera back up that's funny you see that little shadow on the ground there that's, like a little virtual image of the sky, do their going across the ground. Interesting though, Oh looking for sky do so, the beacon dropped out at three thousand feet, guys and it's beeping at me, there's a red light and it's saying if you can see that looking for sky do so that beacon, ain't working no more at 3000 feet.

So were apparently direct connecting to the sky. Do i yes, didn't connect through the controller like I thought it would and now that's saying hovering select for motion track on the actual deacon. So looking for sky do on my screen, though I'm, seeing it still moving at about eight miles per hour, looks like there's a little more wind over here, but it's totally smooth still I'm just gon na keep going out until we hit about 50 guys or maybe Even 60 just to be safe because in the park this thing landed really quick, turn a little to the right there and maybe come down just a tad. So I'm surprised this is great range. I just did a range test on the power vision, power and X, and it was already very choppy here boy we're, going into the clouds aren't we come down a little bit there. We go just on the fringe of those clouds still going strong it's, just going slow, 88 or 9 miles per hour, still trying to move the gimbal okay, a little choppy. If you look at that there on the phone screen, let's get a little choppy when I'm moving up or down well look, I can see the scar do image on the cloud. I think it's sensing, maybe the bottom of the cloud or something you see – that in my phone screen, little image of the sky do dropping in and out there when I pull the camera down, let's, pull the camera back up and maybe turn a little bit to West Maui just try get out of these clouds.

You see to the left there it's a little bit cloudy there so anyway. I am definitely surprised at how much range we're getting this we're hitting a mile now see up on the top left we're at fifty. Two thousand feet so we're hitting a mile and we're at 66 percent, so fantastic better than I thought it would be it's a little bit pick up II when I'm going up and down. You see that pixelation okay, return limit reached all right. Well, you know what just to be safe on my hit return and we went over a mile, that's safe to say we went over a mile it's hard to get really blotchy. When I got to that point – and I really do not want to lose this drone because it's unclear of how good this thing is on it – some ability to return we're already at just over 60. So when I play it safe on this one, maybe I'll do another one and risk it a little more. If I have a better place to land I'm, trying to move the gimbal up and down and it's completely locked, so I can't do any gimbal movement and I'm really trying too hard to look at the screen. Oh yeah that's, right we're, the sky do comes backwards when it returns to home. Okay, so we're coming home a little faster and we're with the wind now so we should be just fine, but I got to say I am a little bit a little bit impressed more than I thought that this is going more than I thought it is going.

I should say with a clean picture, really wish we could do some kind of movement when we're coming home. Now, though, I can't move the gimbal or do anything we'll, just let it come home and see where it lands so or see how far it closely gets. This one's kind of weird because it doesn't seem like it really lands back. We took off it comes where you're at and it just waits for a command when it gets close to you. So I do have good video it's very clear. I can't move my gimbal again coming out back at 10 miles per hour, and what is it it's only six feet high. Is that what that means up there on the top left yeah? But it should be okay, because six feet high, where I'm standing is clearing. Everything you know what I mean so there shouldn't be an issue there once right turn the head, nothing so no head. Turning what? If we try to push forward on the stick? Let'S see what happens. Nothing still coming home at the same rate, pull back on the stick, so it basically locks out all your controls when it's returning home, FYI, okay and that's fine I'm just gon na. Let it do that we're at 51 and we're coming back at 9 to 10 miles per hour, so that's perfectly fine. I have no problem with that. So far, very impressed guys, camping up here at Puli Puli, we just camp, my kids are actually over in the tents down in our camping spot.

This is a great place up here on Maui to see the views and do some camping, especially in the situation here, because you can really distance yourself from people. You know, and you know you can keep your social distancing and nobody really bothers you. You can see there's one truck way over there. I can see here's some people way down there, so yeah, and these weird times you just want to this is a great place to be anyway. It'S almost like. I can hear it coming back. That picture looks really nice and it's just been coming back solid. This is doing way better than I thought it would so congrats guy tou. He did a good job at well, at least in no interference areas. They did a good job at giving you a nice clear picture, great control and we went past a mile. Remember no! That was a car. I think I heard not the drone, so the return to home is working great and the battery scale looks like it's. Also doing good because we're still up 41 and we're just over 1600 feet away, so it is coming back. Nice and slow let's check out our Maps real, quick guys while it's coming back there we go. So we do have nice quality maps it's using my phone data click on that and we look it out. We have our satellite imagery, so that's all pulling in and working great again I was saying I did just at a range test on the powering X and they still having trouble with their Maps that's unfortunate, this one's working great.

You just hit that and there we go so we can do hybrid with street names. We can just do a street map and hit it again and you just have a satellite without street names, so that's great, for whatever reason you want. Okay, now I'm definitely hearing it gon na tap on the video screen again just about 700 feet away and I'll have had that member that 4k HDR footage up there, while I've been talking – and you guys have been joining me on this journey – see these capabilities. But I want to say just over a mile again when we hit that return to home spot. I will have that have had that range pop up in mileage and footage and then when we do a pros and cons. I'Ll probably also have that pop up. But there we are so I'm seeing it my hat cam yeah, maybe a little higher than 5 feet from my location but that's okay, it seems like it's, pretty accurate for the height 100 feet away. Oh, it just got lower. Oh dodged, that bird that was cool. The bird flew right over it; they just see that and went down a bit unable to return. Oh and then check this out. Flying to Waypoint is what the beacon says just beeped at me: it's only got 30 power left that's weird so anyway. This is where the sky do decided to return to see that. So I know what it's doing right now, but it just exited everything and I just pushed up so fantastic.

We got 29 power left I'm gon na go ahead and land it here guys. If you do want to see all the other stuff, this drone can do. It'S pretty amazing cuz it's got like six cameras on it right and see all this stuff. It can do. Let me just click on my truck real quick. This use up a little bit of the battery here. You can do all kinds of orbit and tracking all these kinds of neat things so I'm, just pushing to the right with my controller. Stick theirs, look how amazing this thing is, and the cool thing about this is you don't have to like dodge anything. It does everything for you full stick to the right and you see how just keeping that truck locked in there fantastic. If you guys do want to see my um. If you do want to see my own ex, this see how you can ex up here, then you go back into normal flying if you guys do want to see like my 4×4 trip check that out, because we went four wheeling and I was tracking the truck Through the trees, it was amazing that's also in the playlists on this one, so I'm gon na land. It here manually, doesn't really want to move around too close, because remember this does have obstacle avoidance let's, have it land pulling down nope we're, just gon na have to press land on the screen. Sorry about that, I totally forgot pressing land holding land.

You can still move it around a little if you want to if you're off and you have to adjust it but that's. It guys awesome and this day is just getting more beautiful. Look at that what a nice day! Okay guys! So what do you think for sky do to range test here remember this was a totally clear line of sight flight with no interference in the area. All I had on my phone was the the data I had Bluetooth and I had Wi Fi off on my phone on that flight got us down to 15, but I'm surprised did better than I thought we got over a mile again. I'Ll. Have that exact? Those exact numbers pop up when we did turnaround the exact distance, it was going kind of slow, but you can adjust in the settings. You can adjust the attitude on this and you can make it fly faster. I think, since I did the update it reset all that stuff, they had very smooth video all the way up until it wanted to return home, and I just kind of did it that was its own, like calculated return to home, as you could see up on The screen it was saying, I think it said only enough to return home so better safe than sorry on that, especially with one of these expensive drones. But I may push it a little farther. It gave me the option to cancel that if I wanted to – and we did get back in – maybe around 29 30 percent.

So we could have tried to go farther, but when it did have that warning up remember it did get really really pixelated and it looked like it was gon na be dropping out anyway, a little over a mile. So anyway that's the sky do to range test. Guys and don't forget Oh somebody's, flying a race wing cool don't. Forget that I will have the sky do playlist pop up here. If you want to see everything from the unboxing to my initial flight, with just the phone tracking and also with the beacon tracking, when I tracked my truck that was in my maiden test flight, then I needed a park flight with the controller. So you could see how it really all works with the controller, and then this is finally the range test. Definitely gon na do some more I'm, not really done with this. I want to do some faster tracking and stuff. You guys probably have seen a lot of bit and do my own kind of fast tracking stuff on this too, because it's really good at that and just amazingly awesome and avoiding obstacles well I've had that HDR video.