Do today's gon na be the first flight test got my Sun kyun over here. He'S gon na help me film. I'M up on Maui Poli Poli, we're gon na start launching here and have it track us into the woods over there. We'Re, actually camping, we're gon na go into the woods and then we're gon na see how far it can track us in the woods with the phone and maybe the module and then we're gon na hop in the truck. We have our truck back there, we're camping in and we're gon na, try to drive and track us out to the road and do some kind of higher speed, tracking and also so 4×4 tracking and see a howl. This works so I'm gon na set this up and let's get started: Music, okay, so for the setup just run through this real quick, since this is kind of the first time, I've done this on camera out in the wilderness for the flight test. As you can see, I have the beacon in the case it comes with. Remember you can get that aftermarket case that you can store a bunch of stuff in, but it seems like the beacon fits in here, but the controller doesn't have the controller over in the truck and we'll. Try that in a later review, but today we're just using the beacon and the phone for all this stuff so take off the sky, do slap on the battery pack remember these are magnetic batteries.

I do have like a 32 or 64 gig high speed card in there for the 4k, and you can see how that just magnetized is right. There – probably a good time right now to make sure that all the cameras are clear. So I just went ahead and wipe those with a cloth does come with a little cloth in the package, so you can just wipe them, make sure they're clean, because these guys are gon na be detecting everything around the drone right. So there are six cameras on the top and the bottom so I'm just going to give those a good little wipe here and then, of course, the front camera right here, use that same cloth and give it a good wiping so that's good to go. Then, of course, just taking off the gimbal lock was basically pulling it down, see how easy that was and turning them on just holding in the battery double you see all those lights come on on the front, pushing and holding it in setting her down I'm gon Na go ahead and record my screen, so you guys can see what's happening and I'm gon na boot up the sky do app right here on my phone and it's automatically connecting because we connected before. If you guys haven't seen the unboxing, I show how to do all this stuff initially. So all we need to do is begin flight, so I'm going to click on it.

There begin flight and it's starting sky. Do autonomy I'm not going to use this little beacon right now, I'm gon na just use the phone, maybe we'll turn the beacon on. If it has some trouble now, it's saying unsafe on launch so I'm going to step back, and you see how just from you stepping back it's saying that it's safe to launch now taking video in 4k, I think this is 60 frames per second. Let me just check HDR we're at 30, let's go ahead and go up to 60 and HDR and see how that all does alright. So here we go, let's go ahead and launch. We just have to hold to launch and automatically starts recording okay, nice. So you see, Allah has a plus on me there so I'm, just gon na press on me and that's gon na track me go ahead and zip up this case. Cuz we're gon na carry this case with us and that's it pretty much. Then all we need to do is start walking, so you can see on the actual um. Well guys, you can see on the actual screen how it has a circle going around me, and I just basically have the sky do bag with me here, and we can do all these adjustments here. So he can increase the range by just pressing the plus C that I think it detected key in back there and what we'll do now is we'll follow from the front so I'm, just gon na press, the F and it should swing around to the front.

Let'S see if it does that let's adjust our height there. We go not sure why it's not coming around. There goes slowly coming around to the front. Let'S go a little higher. Let'S increase our range a little bit there. We go so now it's trying to get around to the front of me cool all right, so let's see how it kind of navigates through these trees, so we're still gon na walk and let's just see what it does so still recording. I have it to try to be in the front of me, but of course it's not working, so let's go left and let's maybe narrow the range a little bit since we're, going through some pretty thick forests, now see how it does this yeah, so it's trying To navigate all of these branches on its own cool, doing good so far, we're gon na kind of see how you know the lighting is to remember it's, recording in HDR mode on the phone Music. Now we're gon na walk through this little cove here and see how it navigates all this stuff. This should be kind of interesting, so it's, giving me from the side let's see if it squeezes in here Wow we're, getting into some pretty tight trees and it's still able to do it. There'S skin, following so it's, also kind of avoiding him and avoiding the branches on its own that's. Pretty awesome. I don't know how much further we can get in this area.

So we're, just gon na come up here, see what it does through this little Cove see. If I can try to squeeze through it whoa, it still got me but it's, trying to pick a different angle. That'S cool me, so remember this one analyzes its surroundings and really tries to keep track while moving around to the best route. Okay, I lost me for a second I saw on the screen and now it regained really quickly. So perhaps if I would have been going a lot faster, I would have possibly like been lost for good. You know what I mean, and that might be where the beacon will come into play, where you can actually have the beacon in your pocket and then it'll go above the trees and it'll track you a little better okay, so now it's in the front say I Want to increase the range I'm gon na push plus a bit okay, it's, not gon na go back any further I'm gon na increase the height a bit and there's trees in its way it's trying to avoid them. That'S, pretty cool, increasing the height, alright let's. Try maybe, from this height we're at 64, power, remember looking on the top of the screen there. Everything is recording and says you have all your ten eleven tree up. There one tells your mile per hour the feet which looks like to the home position and it's 20 feet away from us. Let'S see how in negotiating just walking back and see what it does yeah easy for it to get through and remember.

It'S not gon na hit any people, because I can see them all a little bit of low light here. Hopefully I can see the tree nice plus just doing all this on its own. All I'm doing is looking at the screen once in a while and walking around let's see what happens if I go under here. We'Ll, come in kind of tight, see how it's going around on its own and we will follow from the back and then we'll reduce the range so it's coming in kind of tight and let's see how it will not negotiate going through these trees. It may not even be able to do it, but let's just try it Music, it's, looking for a spot to come in let's see if it'll come in nope. It doesn't want to follow me here so I'm gon na press. Okay, you see those little branches hanging down, just doesn't want to do anything. So definitely, oh, it just came in okay, so it's looking for a hole in it, just came in on its own now I doubt it's gon na be able to go this way. Let'S. Just try it still tracking me pretty good, though, for this kind of like in and out of light, I remember I'm, just like walking like really slow well, so it lost me for a second there in the trees. So I guess you don't really want to be doing this kind of tracking, like in trees like this, with it cuz that's as far as it can go, but it still sees me it just doesn't really know how to negotiate these really tight trees because it sees Them so well so we're gon na try to go out here and see if it can come out see what it does lost.

Subject. Okay, so I basically lost me let's see if it'll read track. If I come over here, okay, it found me again, let's see if we can get out of here, nope it's losing again Wow was having a little trouble around this tree here and in this strange light, so I'm gon na press Plus on me again. Okay, it won't hit you can't. You can see how it's, seeing all these branches and just trying to figure out what to do so now that it has a good lock on me. Let'S try to exit this and have it come out taillights getting a little dark. You see that so it's a little hard for it, maybe to see branches, let's see what it does, it's looking for a hole and it lost the subject. Okay, let's use my car over there all right tracking me again. Let'S go this way see if we can come out. Wow lost the subject again: huh there we go here come on out, so these kinds of situations guys this is what it's, probably the worst at, is really tight. Trees like this it's, not gon na hit them, but it seems like it's gon na have trouble tracking because it will lose a subject because it's trying to find a hole. There goes so it found that hole there and we're back into the open. Okay, still tracking let's see what happens if I just kind of run into the trees here.

What it'll do let's go, slow, do a slow jog, and this is tight coming in tight. So I imagine it's, probably gon na lose me pretty quickly and I'm walking pretty slow. Now, that's, not bad, though, as long as you have some kind of a little bit of an open trail. That'S, pretty cool still sees me still tracking. Oh looks like it's. Just about to lose me because it stopped and now it's starting again, oh it's, really close to that tree isn't. It it's trying to figure out a way around that tree and it lost track so it's just hovering there waiting. Let me try and walk back and see if it can get through that's, not really a too precarious situation. It should be able to get through there I'm gon na lessen the range. All the way. Yeah just keeps keeps having trouble let's just see if he can get through this. Some reason who doesn't want to go to it's right at all, because there is a hole there for it come on I'm on through it. Doesn'T want to go around that tree. Weird. You see how it just kind of turned in the camera. I got all weird so now. This is where you can take over if it's kind of funky there's key in there so I'm, just pressing the controls on the screen to kind of get it back on me and then I'm gon na press track on myself yeah.

So maybe a little bit weird in situations like this you're gon na need to like a little bit of a wider trail. So what we'll do is I'll just walk back out because it can't surpass this, and you can see from my hat cam that this is a kind of a narrow hole but it's not too narrow. You know what I mean well, it found that hole and it went right through. I can still tracking me and there's. The CL negotiates all these branches well it's like uh. What do I do like stuck in these branches over there? The only hole it has is right here. Oh I just heard a clip, a branch there we go, so I had one little first little branch Nick. I heard that it seems to be flying. Okay, still here we go found the hole, hole, shot, came on out and it's tracking again cool let's see what we can track on Qian let's see. How do we do this I'm gon na have to go back. Maybe there we go let's track in Sookie and just try to walk that way for a bit while you're filming it now let's see how it tracks you. If I'm holding the phone just keep going back up, the driveway try to jog a little bit quickly. Alright cool well it's tracking here no problem: alright let's increase the range and the height from my phone. Okay, alright, now let's have them come back and see if it'll do orbit a little battery, well it's gon na land.

Soon so let's see what it how it deals with this if it has to land he's gon na run back minute left the flight time, Music, okay, cool, still tracking him, let's get our range in, and our height down and I'm gon na try to capture this Thing so I'll just steer it for me see these controls on the screen, steer it forward and turn it away from me. Let'S try to do a hand capture and if I just hold Cal and see if we can do this there, you go easy. Peasy lands and saying low battery and it stopped the recording all right. Pretty cool let's put the new battery in and hop in the truck there and we'll do some truck tracking and some fara wheeling tracking and see how that does alright guys. So I got the sky to you: I've got a fresh battery in it, and we're just packed up from camping, we're gon na go out here and do some road tracking and also some 4×4 in the forest tracking let's see if it can even launch from the Hood of a car, let that sucker boot up step inside here and we'll kind of take you along the ride with us and, of course, I'm gon na have the sky deal footage up right and all that stuff, and this time we'll launch the sky do app And I'm also gon na do our little beacon here so I've got the beacon here now.

This will give you even better accuracy and it'll kind of allow it to fly even without the phone. I just want to have the phone up, so I can kind of see my you know, video of what it's taking turn on the beacon here. By holding the power there till we get the sky do and Signia on the screen will let that boot up. It should all kind of auto connect there. You go connect phone to beacon, please connect phone to beacon, first, stronger connection, strength, all right go into our Wi Fi settings and instead of connecting directly to the sky, deal we're gon na wait and we're going to connect to the beacon right. So there we go connecting to the beacon calibrating and there we go so now we can begin plate. So I'm gon na just have my phone right here. I'Ll go ahead and begin flight, starting the autonomy engine and, of course, it's kind of slanted where it's sitting on the truck. But it says it's ready to launch and ready to fly on the beacon as well saying zero satellites, so maybe I'll give that a second just to lock onto some satellites. Well, they get kind of prepped to go. Okay, now the beacons got a couple of satellites. Let'S go ahead and launch this thing so hold to fly so I'm holding down this little blue button. Okay, now it's doing GPS tracking interesting, so it's, not really tracking us.

It thinks we're over there all right anyway, let's start moving and see if it can kind of lock on to us so look kind of looking at the screen. As I fly and let's see what it does all right. There we go, so it sees the trough. Look at that so there's a diamond down the truck. What do i do? Do i press on this beacon? Gps is a fish insufficient, okay, so it's gon na, like drop in and out of the beacon gps. So i guess i'll just hold the beacon up here. Like this and so it's following kind of close, i have it at the back cool. So i want to go more of a distance, so i'm pressing this plus button and it's kind of flying away. But i also want to change the angle so i'm gon na go from the left side. Let'S see what it does. Whoa, oh nice, okay, so let's see how far we can go on our distance I'm. Pressing again on the distance. The plus looks like that's about as far as we can go. You see how I'm pressing the distance tracking the truck let's keep spinning it around. This is gon na, be I want to do left front nice, so it's still going around as we're following the truck and it looks like here, you can maybe kind of combine the beacon and your phone let's see if we press up in height, if it gets A little higher yeah see how it's going higher, and then I want to press plus on the range will not do it or on the range let's see okay that's coming in closer, so you can still control it from your phone, which is good to know.

I want to go as far as away as we can that looks like that's, a kind of about it. Let'S get on the road here and get up a little bit of speed and you can see on the phone if it if it kind of loses track, or it thinks it's better for it to track with this beacon. It kind of switches on its own that's kind of neat, so we'll come down here. Maybe I want a different angle coming down here, let's see now. This is a good angle. Come straight down. This is pretty steep right here. Whew doesn't, look steep on the sky. Do camera but it's pretty darn steep steep enough for my back fender to kind of scrape a little bit okay, we're just gon na keep on going and the sky do is going to follow Music thanks let's, give it some different angles: let's go from the left, See how it kind of deals with the mountain and everything cool, letting this car pass. This is kind of neat man. The sky deal is doing really really good. Let'S try to pick up some speed and switch some angles here, so I just switched to back left. Remember it's, looking at the hill too and flying that's, pretty cool let's go strictly in the back of us I'm. Only going about 20 miles per hour, let's go back right, switch in nice, okay, it's doing good! So far, let's yell! It negotiates these trees.

There we go let's, follow from the front right, real, quick, it's negotiating very, very well so far, now it's up on the hill on that side, member that's, the hill side and it's it's, knowing to avoid the hill and everything that's pretty cool. I do have one more. I chose up the second battery too, so if we need to land it and do another battery, we can changing positions really easily with a beacon as I'm holding it in my hand, and just watching my screen here in the truck cool. So it's, following from the front whew that's, pretty cool, that's kind of freaky, hey guys, what's up we're in the front driving you see that key on the screen. There'S the in taking this video, ok let's, bring it up. Let'S bring it around from go in here, because we want to get some off roading done here. Whoa, oh there's, a chicken right there and on the side of the road look jeans. Can you see that tonight you see that chicken right there well a bunch of chickens? Okay, so following let's do we don't want to do back left cuz that's in the trees we want to do the other side. Oh that's cool. I didn't even realize that it's changing on the screen of the blue see how to avoid these trees right here. Okay, now it's right in front of us it's changing really well it's changing positions awesomely. This is awesome.

Okay, here we go we're gon na go in these trees and I'm having it right in the front of us. Look at those trees, let's see how it avoids them. Whew it's clean around them. Oh nice, sweet okay, see what it does. There'S, a bunch of low hanging trees right here, there's dust, it's, pulling away it's still filming whoa and I'm peeling out. I need some crawl control. Let'S hit our crawl control on there. There we go crawl control on no problem. Let'S get to the front right. A little bit more so we can see this angle all right, a little farther to the right we'll go this way a little bit faster. Oh, this beacon seems like it's working really good. I want to kind of get it a little farther distance. Oh I'm, pressing the plus button there what's our power 52, all right, let's, get it back over to the front of the truck, get it going up this hill now I'm selected directly in front man. This is a pretty good Skycam man, pretty awesome. Of course, it's gon na try to avoid everything, quick turn let's see how it deals with this. I wanted to get around to the back, so I'm just keep hitting it until it gets to the back nice all right, and I hope this magnet holds my phone let's – try to get it from the back left where the trees are let's, see what it does.

It avoids these trees, see those trees right there in camera, nice it's, avoiding them didn't I'll. Kick you back to the front and I'm gon na cross over a branch here then fell down ooh, sorry, 445 percent power. To close, I want it to go farther away. I'M, pressing the plus button okay: this is the hairy spot right here. Look at this I'm gon na, keep it in the front of the truck. Well, I do this really tough situation, so we're doing crawl control. Oh boy, wait! I want it to get the truck. So it looks like it's going behind the tree, so let me go over to the right side and get this. This will be kind of cool and I want it to be a little closer let's see if it can do that. Okay, so you might have to wait for it to kind of position itself and I want to get it a little farther away, not that far, maybe this far a little closer there, I kind of want the front right spot there. Okay, let's go so this should be crawl control. If we can get over this mm holy smokes. Well, oh man boots doing it and the foreigners doing it, that's a tough spot right there, okay it's, avoiding those people, and we want to avoid them too. Coming around this tree, let's get back on point now remember this is super obstacle avoidance, so it seems like it's doing really well whoa hold on guys let's get that crawl control going in.

I want a front right shot, switching it to front right there we go and that was kind of a slippery spot right there. I, like this front right angle, that's really good for before bite for him we're already only at 31 power let's get our distance a little further, all right, cool and it's, avoiding everything man I'm, probably gon na – have to stop it up here pretty soon and switch The batteries that may be what's a little bit to be desired for this one here is the battery life I'm, just going to do kind of a circle going from the side back right strictly from the rear, let's try to see what it does negotiating these trees Right here, it's gon na run into these trees because I'm, bringing it around the right and see what it does whoo. Okay, did you switch the GPS tracking cuz? Those cheese got in the way all right, it's trying to figure out what to do come on up and over buddy there we go nice I'm gon na go strictly to the left side, where all the trees are and see how it negotiates this we're getting low. On power, 25 let's go to the left front. What I'm noticing is sometimes it doesn't take. So you got to keep clicking the button big branch right here. Okay, now this is kind of a hairy spot, let's see yep, so it's trying to get up and over I'm gon na change from the front view.

So what I'm do you guys get out land it yeah? Okay, crawl control turned off when they put it in park I'm gon na land, it guys and I'm gon na switch. The battery cuz see that 18 percent. I don't want to do this extra length with only that much battery power and pressing negative to bring it in close, okay, lissa it coming close. So say you only have your beacon right here and I kind of want to land it right here. So I'm gon na press, red and just land, it put my hand right under it really carefully. You should probably be doing that from the back, but there we go so that worked pretty well, so launching three two one that's awesome how it syncs up to the phone. I love that whoo kind of slid down the truck hood a little bit, yikes all right back in business tracking it's, finding the truck all right. We need to start moving because right now thinks it's in the back of the truck, so maybe a little bit funny. How it thinks it's in the back of the truck right now, let's go on the side here. Okay, this is like a really hairy spot, where I couldn't get up without using my locker this. This 4runner Pro has a locker on it. So we'll just keep getting these shots. I want to get it a little farther away. That'S a tad too close. You see that up there guys can take a look at that on that hill with the camera.

This is gon na, be nuts right here. We'Re gon na definitely be slipping and let's just try the crawl control. First, let's get this thing going around the side, so we can really see what's happening with the wheels whoa yeah, so we're, just totally slipping with the crawl control, see that we've gotten like no traction so I'm gon na stop it and kind of reverse whoo yeah. That was nuts. I thought it was small. Those small buttons were orbits those circles there. Okay, there we go there's orbit. You see how I'm pressing this on the screen, guys I'll have that up. I'M gon na hit orbit and it's. Is that a little bit fast? I don't know we'll just try it I'm gon na slide it down to a slower type of orbit and we'll raise our height up a little bit. So we can see the wheels there. We go all right so I'm not going to be able to get up this let's. Try it one more time with just the crawl control. Little backing drive crawl control. I'M gon na take this left line here, a little bit further to the left. It'S just really wet yeah. This is even using the crawl control and there's like no way I'm going anywhere. Hopefully you guys can see just these tires. Just spinning like that see so we're, just spinning all right, so we're gon na go down here. I think I do have it on orbit, but it's, not it can't orbit, because the trees in the way that's, probably what's happening let's try orbit the other way all right here we go so we're gon na put on the the locker so where's the locker.

Where is our locker there's, our locker, so we'll just press it in on the top there you go sorry locker, just clicked. In now, I'm gon na try the crawl control let's see if we can get up this thing. We'Re still super spinning tires it's too wet. I can't get anything I can't get nowhere even with the locker huh. Oh my gosh, okay, well, I'm gon na have to bypass that or just go fast up it. The locker is on and we will just try to hit it a little faster okay, I'm gon na kind of floor. It up hold on guys. Oh come on, come on, come on come on. Oh we're, stuck right here come on, come on! Oh okay, a little better and I think we can make it. I think I just got to pick a different line. We were getting stuck right on that little lump up there, okay, so I'm, not I don't, know the orbits not working here, because there's trees, I'm, just gon na, do a motion track and just have it on a certain. You know side of us let's do the front. Okay. Here we go. Let'S share this again. Well, ooh it's trained, attract whoa don't hit the truck that was pretty cool. Okay, I'm gon na floor it now here we go hold on guys. We can do if we can do it. Son of a gun man. This is the hard hardest core I've ever done.

This thing we can GPS insufficient. You get not once in a while. Ok last line here we go hold on tight Ian whoa. Okay, haha hold on you guys why we need the rear to spin around to the front. Just hang on okay, we've straightened out. That was freaky. I think we're gon na be done with this. This one right here that was super freaky. We went sideways and it felt like we were gon na flip over we're just burning drone power aren't. We there we go whoa it's, really wet right here, that's like super wet. Let me get this crawl control on and see if it can do it come on crawl control. Go whoa, nope, okay, reverse, okay, I'm done trying that hill it's just too wet for it. Whoa don't rip my fender off. Oh, my gosh whoo, oh boy, light on the fender, oh crap. This is kind of nuts, then maybe getting stuck try to get us out of the sitch. Here we go yikes. Oh man, we're, like on a hump. I feel like I feel, like my fenders, are tweaking. Let me take a look real fast. This is nice: oh crap, the rear, fenders poppin off. I really screwed us up. By going up there, I'm gon na have to go slowly like this Music and kind of back out of here. Okay don't rip my fenders off okay, I think we're good whoo, my goodness gracious those knots okay out of here now, we're at 34 power let's, get it kind of out of the road.

I got. Ta assess my fenders real quick yep, a little bit of damage. Their rear, fender and man that sucker was way on there. That looks like that's about it, though front fender, well, good, everything's, okay, on the front, just that left, rear, it's found weird all right. Well, let's get somewhere. We can kind of part and assess this. Let'S drive up and will see how it does here following little faster on the hillside, ooh a little bit orbit here on it to be on the right front, all right, working well, everything's still working front. Do you follow from farther away let's see how it negotiates those trees behind it? Seatbelt panic attack all right I'm gon na pull right over here on the side. I'M gon na go behind it, so it's out of people's view out of people's way and I think we're gon na land it here all right there we go all right. What am i deal? Let'S get back inside the car here and do our final assessment. What do you think guys is that nuts do you think we're gon na flip over? Are you okay? Okay? Oh we did it let's kind of do our final pros and cons on this whole trip. We did the forest kind of walking and we also did the truck the truck tracking, the car tracking and we got kind of in a precarious situation. I thought I was gon na be able to go through that with the Locker I've done it before, but it seemed a little more wet today.

So hopefully that was kind of fun. For you, guys, I'm gon na have to the only thing that I'm, a little worried about, is my back left fender kind of popped out a little bit enough to assess that. But everybody survived, we didn't roll over sorry, you guys. That was a little crazy, but it seems like it's kind of hard to land with just the beacon. As far as the phone went, though, on the sky do app. That was pretty good. Of course, we didn't do any long range flying yet a couple of pros and cons in the forest. It did good if it has a little bit of an open trail. If you get into really type forest it's gon na stop and it's, not gon na be able to follow you. It did Nick a twig one time, but there's obviously no damage at all. If you don't want to use your phone, you don't have to throw this. Like in your backpack, if you're on a bike – and you can go ahead and do that or like maybe mount this on your bike – and you can change your situations, your air, your angles, this does turn into a menu and then you can choose more of those Options, but if you did want to just use your phone, you could always just use the motion track switch between motion track. You saw those other modes briefly when I was recording it, so at least you can do it that way, but if you're on a bike I'd recommend just having this with you, if you want it to be as hands free as possible, it did really good if There was at least you know like a car sized opening it could it could kind of negotiate it it's, just gon na stay there if you're, just using your phone if it gets lost, but if you are using the beacon, that's what's so awesome about it.

It will fly up and away, and then it will know where your position is with the beacon and it will try to get back into visual tracking and then track you again. So that was pretty awesome flight time, maybe a little bit to be desired. I'Ll have the numbers up on the two flights. I did actually the three flights that's kind of the only thing for me is the flight time when you're trying to do all these things and track yourself. Just remember maybe get a couple of batteries because it seemed like it was maybe only 15 to 20 minutes of flight time like real world, because what it's trying to do is it's trying to give the motor power bursts and fly around to keep that position and Avoid obstacles so there's a lot of processing power onboard here so it's going to use quite a bit of power. Remember I do have the controller that you can put your phone in and I'll be doing range tests and all kinds of stuff on that to seeing how the obstacle avoidance is on the regular controller, so stay tuned for that. This was just like the first flight test video, and I really wanted to run it through a lot of these paces that it's touted to be able to do as far as tracking moving objects and avoiding obstacles was my main objectives here, and we also saw kind Of how it can deal with bright and low light situations like in the forest anyway, thanks for watching guys, I'll have the links in the description of where to get the sky to you and also don't forget to check the pop up here.