What is up my shred heads welcome back to the channel today were going to be playing with a new drone, the skydio2. So thanks to skydio2 for sending me over this drone, this is actually the second skydio drone that ive had heres a crazy story. So the first skydio2 drone that i had, i launched it in my backyard and i had the beacon connected to it. I had my phone connected to it, so it was my very first launch. So what happened? Is it started tracking me and i was walking between the houses and all of a sudden, the skydio beacon started beeping in my hand, im like what the heck is going on. All of a sudden. I look up in the sky. I see the skydio2 turn around and i swear it was looking at that pond and i was just thinking in my head like no. This cannot be happening. Youre not going in that drink. Are you all of a sudden there? It goes right over the water and it started lowering in slow motion and boom kerplunk sunk down to the bottom. I ended up contacting skydio2. They got me a drone back pretty quick. It was about two weeks so im going to go to a big old field and practice out there with you guys, but before we get started on this video, if you guys do want to support the channel check out all those e bike discount links down below.

I also have a link for the skydio2. If you click on that link and you purchase it through, there use code, shreddy save 50 on your purchase. All right guys so lets go, find a big field and have some fun well see you there all right, big field acquired. I noticed theres power lines around there, but im gon na go scope out the whole area make sure there isnt any power lines anywhere else. All right lets get this guy set up, make sure everythings good and then well see if this thing records with the rode wireless go connected to my phone. Oh there, you are skadio2 part, two all right, so i think im going to use the case to launch it. This time make sure you remove this before flight. I think you pull down there. We go hold that button to turn it on. I think, were on all right, so lets connect check for update software up to date. Okay, let me show you guys this first so check this out. This was the little case that it came in. I dont have a beacon holder, so i just used some hair ties connected it on there and then its being held by my attack, form foam out, lincoln bio. Guys. Im excited to fly this and im a little bit. Scared too. Oh man, theres, no water around. So i feel good tap connect after the lights are all solid, blue, solid, blue.

All right, the gimbal just moved so im going to tap that connect button join. All right now were connected, lets hit done and now were going to hit fly connect phone to beacon. Please connect phone to beacon for a stronger connection. Lets go to the beacon, make sure its turned on connect phone to beacon, wi, fi; okay, all right now im staying ready to fly now. This is saying connecting calibrating im gon na stand back here. That way, you can see me all right lets hit fly now. Please dont go into any crazy trees starting engine. All right everything looks good signals up. 96 percent battery all right hold to take off there. It goes whoa dont hit my bike, wow thats, really cool. All right, so the one thing im hoping is that its recording my audio right now so tap on me. Now its on motion track lets, see we can make it go higher, we can make it go lower. Okay, lets see what this setting is so hit. Motion track so theres motion track, fix, track, orbit, cable and hover, so thats, pretty cool lets hit hover lets see if it stops and it stopped thats weird. It feels like its like, not aiming straight towards me, but on on here it does show that its looking straight at me look make sure it doesnt follow me. I have it on hover mode. I think its just going to keep looking at me.

Oh wow, thats. Really really freaking cool guys. Okay lets do lets. Do orbit see what it does. Hey whats up, drone drone lets see what happens if we move while its doing the orbit? Is it going to still keep its position and still circle around me yeah? It looks like it that is pretty cool. Okay lets see. I think you could stop the orbit like that. Okay, there was like a little x on the top um and then theres. These little controls right here go left right back forward, lets see forward wow thats. So cool all right lets, keep it tracking me lets just do motion track so supposedly this has like better motion tracking from the back than in front of you. So when im going to be going down, that road were going to keep it behind me just to stay safe, so thats freaking awesome guys. This is really cool. Oh, they have one shots. They have rocket droney. You guys want to see a dronie lets see so were going to hit the droney button. Dronie mode lets go Music. Please come back! Oh wow! Look its coming back Music! That is so freaking awesome. Oh my gosh. All right rocket boomerang vortex lets. Do the rocket lets see what happens? There start rocket three two one blast off wow that is so cool im, really hoping that it hears me on the recording here and its back thats awesome. All right were at 79, all right, im, gon na see if it lands on this thing, Music, so were gon na, were gon na, try to bring it right above it with the controls.

Let me turn off motion track and then were gon na push it forward. Music were gon na, go a little bit this way a little bit this way. Okay, so we swipe up to look down all right. Lets find the box its hard to control it with this right. There hold the land lets see if it does it. Land now are you gon na youre gon na land on the box lets see you can do it no freaking way wow. That is awesome. Are you freaking kidding me that is so sick lets go to media, disconnect, beacon photos and video only display when youre directly connected without the beacon, okay, theres the scadio connect. Okay, lets go back, go to the media, its syncing. There we go thats the footage dude. If theres sound coming from here through my mic im going to be so stoked download and preview from vehicle all right, so the one thing what it freaking works – guys: yes, yes, im so freaking stoked. That is amazing. So literally i can like vlog. While a drone is following me, are you kidding me lets hook the beacon back up, uh im gon na switch the battery? Actually, i just want 100 battery just in case, because im going to be driving down the road, all right were hooking back up to the beacon im going to do the rest of the the modes like the rocket mode or theres like a tornado mode on there.

I want to try that out too dude im so stoked that my rode wireless go 2 works with it. I tried it with the rode wireless one and it said something about too much power getting taken out of it, but it works with the rode wireless 2.. If you guys are interested in the rode wireless 2, i do have a link down below that supports the channel. All right lets hit fly now, starting skydio autonomy engine all right hold it take off fly, i say: fly Music, wow dude. I love you. Drone skydio youre, a badass, dude, youre badass, so right now were on motion track. So lets do the one shots again, so we did the droney. We did the rocket all right next is going to be the vortex lets. Do the vortex start vortex lets freaking go vortex, um in a tornado that is so badass dudes. What that is so cool, yes, Music! Look at that guys! That is so freaking awesome all right, its still doing it. I guess it. It has like a set amount of time that itll vortex lets see lets just see how long it does it for do. I have the height enabled yeah high floor enabled all right that was it its returning now. Okay lets do another one shot. We didnt do the boomerang yet so lets. Do the boomerang start boomerang Laughter? Oh, what are you doing that is so freaking cool guys? Let me know what you guys think about that down in the comments below this drone is freaking, crazy and im, just so stoked that the rode wireless works with this thing is that it? What are you doing? Wow and its done boomerang complete all right were at 55 battery, so im gon na land it and im gon na switch the batteries on it so were gon na turn off motion track straight.

Oh lets look down Music straight down all right straight, and this way a little bit this way a little bit lets see hold the land there. It goes and landing come on. You can do it. You can do it. Look at that guys! Look at that Music! Yeah lets go scottyo dude. Are you kidding me? This thing is so badass, so luckily i have three batteries with this. I only brought two of them, so all right switch it out to another battery 100. I should have brought the third battery just in case yeah. What the heck, oh its, killed, a bug and it got guts all over the battery thats disgusting. All right got everything packed up now were going to hook back up to the drone with the phone and were gon na. Try launching it by hand. Lets lets hope it doesnt kill me im scared to actually catch this by hand, ill launch it by hand, but i dont know about catching it by hand, thats kind of sketchy dude. I cant believe this thing killed a bug: hey little murderer. All right now were going to hit fly now, starting scotio engine. Let me just make sure all the satellites are good. Looks like all the satellites are good. The batteries at 97 percent hold these two blue buttons on the beacon to fly, so were going to try to do everything from the beacon now what now its going to turn around and find me okay, it has found me now.

It has a little blue thing around me were going to keep it tracking me from the back im going to make sure to stay away from any kind of wires, so i cant go out that way. Theres wires, like all around i see wires here. So i just want to make sure that i stay as far away as possible from any of that crazy stuff. All right lets see make sure its following me, its a robot, oh wow, guys, look at that. Are you kidding me? They say that the best way to get tracked is with the beacon and the phone connected together. All right lets get a little more speed. Are you freaking kidding me, look around, make sure theres nothing crazy. Its gon na try to my drone out of the sky. All right, no cars coming still tracking Music, all right now, thats following me, when theres like not too many trees, ill see, if i can put it to the front height lets, get it higher. That is amazing. Are you kidding me Music? This thing is tracking me. So good make sure theres no cars behind me wow guys check it out all right so lets see if i can put it in front of me, lets go to the front now its switching around lets increase distance. All right lets go back to the back. All right im going to pull it over right here and just stop because, like theres, like a main road up ahead of me, theres more cars than theirs here, normally wow, so motion track, dude guys that is freaking amazing dude.

This drone is really freaking cool. I like it, i like it a lot. I think it works pretty well again, guys, like i said if you guys, are interested in getting a skidio of your own check out, that link down below im gon na try to land it by hand. I guess i dont know lets see well land it swipe straight down all right Music hold to land Music. I did it wow. That is super cool guys. Let me know what you guys think about this thing. Im definitely going to be having a lot of fun with this drone thats, so freaking amazing, at what it does. This thing is capable of a lot of cool things. Man. Well, i guess theres no better time than right now. Are you guys ready for another cheesy music video brought to you by shreddy and skydio too, Music Applause, Music Applause, um, Music Applause, Music, Applause, im, foreign Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Applause, Music? Could it be Applause Music? I cant believe Music Applause? Music were not ashamed of what weve done: Music Applause Music, all right guys, that is the end of that cheesy, music, video and thats. Also the end of that video. That was a lot of fun so far. That drone is pretty awesome, im stoked it didnt crash or anything, but so far, so good im definitely enjoying the drone. Let me know what you guys think about the drone down in the comments and again guys, if you want to support the channel, please check out all those e bike discount links down below if you guys are interested in a skydio2 drone check out that link down Below use coach ready, save 50, if you guys are interested in the aerial rider.

Grizzly also check out that link down below use coach ready, save 50.