You guys have already seen my full review video on this drone, but i figured i would try and capture the very first full autonomous flight that i have here so ive already flown this drone actually quite a bit manually, but i havent had the chance to just Do a nice good, old tracking flight here so without further ado. This is the first time well be tracking. With this drone now, ive got to say that the biggest allure with this new drone, the skydio2 plus, is its new wi, fi or sorry wi fi its new radio, as well as the antenna. So it gives us a better connection. Weve actually also got some improved tech inside of the beacon too, so its going to be able to take advantage of that new radio, which is great uh, also something im really excited for. Is this brand new battery so whats cool about the batteries? You can actually use it with the skydio2 or with the skydio2 plus so its backwards compatible. So if you already own a skydio2 youre able to use these brand new batteries, i can just notice right now that the phone screen is stuttering a little bit. But out of this new battery ive been getting some insane flight times when flying just manually using the remote controller. So i found that on the old skydio2 i was getting about like 16 17 minutes, but with this new battery im able to get upwards of 24 minutes, which is great all right, lets put this drone out to our right here wrong way.

Sorry buddy! It is so awesome having this drone track. You it almost feels like you have. I dont know super powers like the level of confidence that ive built up with skydio. I dont want to get dirty here. The level of confidence that ive built up with skydio with the skydio2 and now the skydio2 plus, is pretty crazy. Ive also got the height floor disabled, so the drone is going to be flying lower than 8 feet and that just improves overall tracking. In my opinion, its able to get lower down to the ground, whereas when you have that high floor turned on, i dont know its a little bit limiting. So these antennas give us essentially double the range with this drone double the range with this drone. But you know when were tracking, we usually arent flying all that far away i mean ive got the drone. What 10 10 20 feet away from me almost at all times went flying, but if you do a dronie, i would say that that would actually probably be pretty helpful that extra range, which lets do one i actually kind of forget how to do the droning. Oh well, im just more interested in the tracking um now heres. The thing is with the new skydio2 plus theres, really not all that much different uh i mean the battery is great, but that is of course, able to be used on the regular skydio2 were getting into a little bit more of a tough terrain here so yeah The new battery is great, of course, but in terms of like the actual drone itself, i mean its still relatively relatively the same as the regular original skydio2 weve got the same.

Camera weve got the same navigational cameras right so its not like it has any improved obstacle avoidance. I would just say overall, though, that, having that better transmission system makes me as someone flying or me, as someone whos kind of like trying to fly and be the person on camera, makes me feel better. Uh lets see what would be more difficult for it. I think if we go to the right, itd be a little bit more difficult uh. Now all right, skydia weve got to talk here. Every time you come out the brand new drone its during the winter im out here, freezing in order to make this video work. First of all, thats, my first gripe, but second of all, look at the trees. Theres no leaves so its actually pretty interesting, because the drone has a harder time at seeing you know small little branches, but so far its done pretty good, especially in some of the harder terrains. My one wheel is kind of pushing back on me a little bit for some reason were gon na keep going all right so im having some issues with the onewheel for some reason, its wanting me to push back but were gon na keep on chugging through. So the one thing im noticing and its kind of interesting right because, like we have this upgraded transmission system, the phone live view is a little bit choppy choppier than i choppier than i remember, with uh lets see chop it.

I remember with just the regular skydio2 see its not its, not a good video without any sort of uh drama falling off the board going up. Hills is tough alrighty, so lets look at the battery life weve been flying for what shows our distance as 3200 feet. So weve flown relatively far were only down to 81 on the battery. So again, ive already flown this drone manually. Quite a bit im gon na have to adjust my feet. My grip a little bit once i get up here, nice, so ive flown this drone. Quite a bit manually and the flight time is great – i mean 25 minutes ive been getting out of it. Im just gon na have to adjust my gripping here on my feet. I also might come to a dead end down here. These golf courses are strange already so yeah. The flight time is huge, yo im a mess today and as much as id love to just restart this. So i can look like im a better one, wheel rider. It is too cold all right come on there. We are so if we hit a dead end down here, we might just turn around because id rather just ride on pavement now, whenever im flying a skydio2 drone may have already said this, but theres just this certain level of confidence that i have when its following Me, like i remember when i first started, doing like these tracking videos with the drone following me.

I always felt like i was like looking back like. Oh, is it still there? Oh, is it still there, but now ive built this level of trust in the drone that i feel like i dont even have to look back im like all right its there. I know its there as long as i can hear it were all good and its no doubt that the autonomy has definitely just gotten better through updates, lets, try and put it out in front of us uh you cant help but smile because its so much fun. I hope we dont run out of path here. I also thought this way was going to be a little bit more difficult with more trees for the drone to dodge now. Something that i wanted to do with this drone and dont worry we will be doing – is getting a little bit of uh redemption on the uh out in the pine barrens, where i actually ended up losing my skydio2. I dont know if you remember the skydio2 dive bombed down into the water rest in peace to that drone, but i want to bring this out back to that same spot and give it a try and see if it can redeem itself. It did so good up until the point where it went to the water, but oh well, alrighty so coming up here, weve got a lot of trees up to our left, so i feel like it might be smart to put the drone onto our right side.

The beacon is so handy and so clutch for this now you guys might see that im having im holding both my phone and the beacon the phone is nice to be able to kind of make sure that the drone is seeing you, of course, for this video Sake im also, you know what im gon na have it follow from behind um for this videos sake. I also want to make sure that im doing a screen recording so that you guys can watch darn down, goes frasier all right, so im not even mad that that happened. I think it was uh, something that had to happen a nice little crash to start off. The tracking video, like i said these small little thin branches, its its tough for the skydio to see if there were some leaves on these branches itd be a totally different story like that pine tree back. There really easy for it to see and dodge, and it still even does a good job at dodging those little thin branches, but sometimes it seems to just get a little bit far ahead of itself. Itll trip up on a branch, and next thing you know its tumbling down to the ground, but heres a couple of things that i can say now after seeing that happen, you know it probably took like a 10 foot fall smack down onto the concrete here and Its flying were totally cool, none of the props even broke, which is great but uh.

The one thing that i was wondering in terms of durability with those antennas sticking up is like well hey. If you crash the drone whats going to happen with those antennas, will they break off? Are they are they fragile? I mean look it held up during that that little crash right there alrighty, so i figured lets see weve got about 65 66 battery left weve flown. Quite a good distance here the battery has 20 percent more capacity inside of it again, its the same exact shape its in the same case. So you can use these with your skydio2 plus with your skydio2. You can even use the older batteries with the newer drone. So like, if you wanted to upgrade your drone and you had some extra batteries laying around you could still use them. You wouldnt get the same flight time, but you know its cool to still be able to make those batteries work and use them. If you have a extended day worth of flying, so im excited to see like the final flight time total when i get home and when im editing this video to see how long the drone was in the air. For because look, if you can give me a drone with better range and better battery life, better flight time sign me up thats a drone i want so they take a drone. I mean look the skydio2 in terms of like the body and in terms of like the autonomy is already great.

So the fact that theyre, just kind of tweaking the body itself is awesome to see all right, theres some thin branches here. What youre gon na do go under them? There you go all right, so i fell coming up this hill. Hopefully i dont fall going down the hill, taking it nice and slow. If you guys remember, i had a skydio2 video when i was on my boosted board and i just totally ate it all right. This dude is right here, hoping it doesnt uh decide to go. Haywire, hey hows, it going good alrighty, so lets head on down here. Well make a right: this is kind of the route that i took. If you guys remember, when i did my mavic 2 pro active track test versus skydio 2 active track test – and i mean look quite frankly – is this: uh? Is this tracking flight any better in the skydio2 plus than it was on the skydio2? I mean not really, but as ive just been saying having that extra battery life and having that extra range is great, i also want to make sure ive got enough. One wheel battery to get home because i do not want to be carrying this so um. I guess let me ask you guys. I mean what are your thoughts on the skydio 2 from what youve seen so far. Sorry, the skydio2 plus, because, of course this video is coming out after ive, already been flying it for a long time um.

You know ive posted my full review, video so like from what youve gathered. If you are a skydio2 owner, would you want to upgrade to the skydio2 plus is like the extra range? I mean really thats thats the big allure to buying this drone, because if you had the old skydio2, you could save some money just pick up some new batteries and get that extended range that extended flight time. Sorry, an extended range, the extended flight time more battery life. Also, let me just say uh. This is like totally unrelated to tracking, but i use the skydo2 for drone deploy, missions and im really looking forward to being able to use this drone to uh or the new batteries to run. Some drone deploy mapping missions because its just going to be able to let me map for longer bigger areas now seeing like the little upgrades they introduced here with the skydio version 2 right i mean this is kind of like a mid cycle refresh. I keep calling it the version. 2. skydio, 2 version – 2. skydio, 2 plus you know its kind of like a mid cycle refresh giving us these new antennas things like that. But it just makes me wonder, like whats, in store for skydio. Three lets put this in front of us: get something a little different going on here. It is so awesome how like, when you tell it where you want it to go like hey.

I want you to move to the front its like. You got it and it makes its way there as fast as possible. Sometimes i get a little bit confused with the uh, the beacon controls, like the the uh arrows keys here and thats. Why sometimes, i actually like to just use my phone and touch like hey. I want to go straight forward straight back, like i find myself like accidentally hitting the wrong way all right, so i dont think theres too much more stuff up here i mean this is just like a random neighborhood. So well do a quick. U turn here and run it back flight time check or battery check 49, so weve killed half of this battery and i feel like ive, been flying forever. I mean you think about extra battery life when it comes to the drone flying itself. Its not like right now on my one wheel were going like considerably fast. I mean what this thing only goes like 14 miles an hour at its maximum speed, and i keep getting this push back on it. But youve just got to think that, like, if youre using this on, like a ski slope, if youre using this while youre inside of your truck and its tracking you if youre on a jet ski and its tracking, you i mean like its really annoying to have To get out of your truck land, the drone and replace the battery or, if youre, on a jet ski, its a jet, ski or or a snowmobile, its annoying to have to like totally stop what youre doing change the battery out.

So this is just going to give you less battery swaps. I mean thats the way that i look at it. I mean again look im on my one wheel, so i can just jump off and land and its really no biggie. But if youre in that situation, where youve got like a long ski run with the extra battery, youve now got that opportunity to go further, which is nice all right. So what do you guys think so far of the skydio two plus i know i asked you the same thing as i was riding up this hill. Oh uh. We were talking about like whats in store for skydio three right. I see a car coming up here. If thats the case, we will enable the height floor uh, just to give you like a heads up right: the height floor yeah. So here comes a car well move over to the side so that it doesnt nail my skydio2. So, just to give you guys, like a heads up for what im doing here – oh boy hold on so im like enabling the height floor right now, so that the drone is able to fly above. What is it um eight feet because i just dont want it to hit the cars so that height floor is, is pretty much put in place for the safety of others around. You like, if youre say on like a trail with other people or in my case in my case, if you cant ride a one wheel, properly righty come home, all right cool.

So now we will uh turn the height floor off because theres nobody around us there. We are so yeah, i mean you know. The skydio is great at seeing like fixed subjects so like trees that are stuck in place, signs that are stuck in place, whatever its gon na do good job at avoiding those. But if youve got a car coming straight head on at you, uh its its kind of difficult, like youve, got a head on collision, almost waiting to happen there. If the drone is flying too low, so always good to be able to uh, you know trigger that. That height floor, if you need it thats. Another reason i enjoy having my phone handy is because its super easy to just run in there disable it enable it whatever you need to do um all right. We keep getting sidetracked, but i want to talk skydio 3, like what is in store for this next generation drone, which you know they do a mid cycle refresh. You might expect to see like a brand new drone like maybe what a year a year and a half later i mean release cycles are always different depending upon what company youre talking about and also what product uh you know, things can be delayed, things can be Changed whatever, but youve got to wonder like what to expect from that. Of course, i would say like a better navigation camera system, so weve got six cameras on this drone.

Could we see more? Could we see higher resolution cameras? Could we see a beefier processor? Could we see, i think we would almost definitely see an upgraded camera? I mean it seems like this this one sec here. Let me move out of the way she uh she yelled at me. Alrighty, i think, were running a little low on one wheel battery here. Whats going on dude alrighty, nothing like a good old nose dive moving on so like what are we going to see in this next scadio right? I think that for this this particular like sector of drones being like a somewhat uh intermediate sized drone, its not like fully professional but its. Also, not you know a uh, a small little mini drone. I think weve got to see an increase in the sensor size. One inch sensor potentially id also like to see a higher resolution in terms of the photograph, so weve got a 12 megapixel sensor on this drone 12 megapixels is great but im always a fan of higher resolution images coming from a drone because youre further away from The subject that youre shooting so like with an iphone its okay to have a 12 megapixel sensor because youre taking a photo of a person thats directly in front of you right, but with a drone, you could be 400 feet in the air, so that resolution definitely Helps now ive got to say this has been a fairly action packed video.

While i have almost killed myself a couple of times i havent and the uh, it seems like the drone battery is gon na outlast the one wheel battery i kind of took a peek down and it looks like ive only got about maybe like 15 left in The one wheel, this is the pint, so not the new pintx, but weve got 26 battery left by the end of the video ill know how long the flight time is ill, obviously need to like sit down and kind of edit. The video and see like when i first took off to when i landed and cut out the crash time, but yeah its going to be really interesting to see what my full flight time was from this battery and, as ive said, if youre a skydio2 owner looking To get extra flight time, youre able to do so by just purchasing the new batteries and using them so whats great, is now with this drone uh, you know im able to make use of the old skydio batteries that i have, which is nice. I wont get the same flight time, but its good to at least be able to use them and thats whats great about skydiving. I think i started saying this in the beginning, but even some of their software features right, like weve, got this new keyframe feature, which i didnt even talk about in this video, because were just kind of doing tracking um.

That new keyframe feature is coming to skydio2, which is really cool to see. I probably shouldnt be wearing white shoes when im doing this so yeah like these. All these like features and upgrades, are coming to people that already own the drone, which is really awesome to see, and i hey look ill give it to the drone. I had what three crashes on the one wheel and the drone four crashes, all right. Look im ending the video there im, paying too much attention talking and im almost going to kill myself on this one wheel. Thank you guys for watching. Let me know what your thoughts are on the skydio2 plus in terms of its autonomous tracking here um next is going to be tracking. My car at the pine barrens were definitely going to get some redemption there. Uh and also ive got some other sky youtube videos coming out, skydio 2 plus.