I just finished riding the e bike: with the new sky deal sky, do 2 drone it’s a new drone, that’s consumer friendly it’s, actually normally for the military, but they got it going on now. So let me hold it from this side. Yep there we go knock out that finger, so i think you’ll, like the video it’s, not very long i’m, going to speed up some of it, but the drone is pretty awesome. It actually smart the thing, even with the kiave trees and the small leaves this drone was able to avoid all the obstacles. Stop be smart. Speed up go below go over go around. I really got paranoid a few times because it is a thousand dollars and i plan on using it quite a bit with the kelly’s hawaii. So i just wanted to turn everyone on to it, because it’s, a really nice follow drone but i’d still say the mavic uh, the mavic 2, the air and the other one i’m. Sorry, the mavic 2 zoom uh that i think the camera is better. I think the drones a little better for commercial. This is better for follow shots.