Just really excited. Never found it before i never had a drone before, but i am going to be using this to get footage for whenever i’m flying this whole few days, i’ve been flying, it it’s been an experience for sure and i’m gon na get right into it. So i can tell you all about my two eventful days of flying. My drone don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to my channel. I do post every single week make sure you stay tuned for what’s next. I like that it is not bulky whatsoever. It’S really light uh very quality packing material by the way inside of this here’s, what the skydio looks like here’s, some extra propellers that come with the cinema package. This is heaven for me, cinematography, heaven very sturdy packaging, very impressed with skydio for this scan disk. Two extra batteries so that’s three batteries, total included in this cinema package. We have a remote controller and i can attach my phone to this and i’m able to use the joysticks. I can fly the drone this way or i can always use my beacon i’m able to point to where i want the drone to go. The drone is smart enough to avoid any obstacles. It can also track me if i have this in my pocket. So these are magnetic lenses, that’s pretty interesting, so i just take this battery and it pops right in now what i’m gon na do is set up the wi fi and that can be set up on my phone look at this charger.

I can charge two batteries at once that this is so genius. Sorry that’s, just gon na sit right there to charge so now, i’m gon na go ahead and go to the park. Get some footage see what i can get for my first time supposed to be super advanced, so it’s not gon na be hard to get really good footage it’s, like top notch. It has three cameras at the bottom: three cameras at the top, so it’s six cameras and then the seventh camera is this gimbal here, which i have the nd16 filter over this camera, and it fits perfectly it’s, magnetized and good to go i’m using the nd 16, Because it is very, very cloudy out so i’m gon na go ahead and put it in this case head down to the park. Hopefully it doesn’t rain and let’s get some really good footage: Music it’s, my first time flying it. Can i get you guys, yeah. Okay, awesome all right, it’s gon na track, you now Music Music. So i end up losing my drone. I didn’t know that when it loses connection, it automatically just goes back to lands where it takes off at probably not smart to do this around water. For your first time, but i was trying to get a shot of a train now by this time i’m on the phone with the representative, we are tracking the drone’s location. It was saying that the drone was further out when it wasn’t.

It was saying that it was in the water, and i was really like about to leave my drone, but it turns out that the drone landed on the side of the road so i’m extremely relieved that it did that it was actually waiting for me. It was like looking at me and then it landed where it was meant to land, but i couldn’t find the drone whatsoever like i could not see it and even on the gps, it was wrong. So at least the gps on the drone is better than on the phone, because on the drone it marks the exact spot where it took off at regardless of if the box is still there, because i did take the box with me because i was freaking out. I drove forward. I was trying to find the drone kind of funny because it was like looking at me and then it looks down and then it eventually lands, so it’s completely undamaged, no scratches whatsoever. So i bounced back fast. I’M. Happy again, i found my drone. I said you know what i’m gon na get more footage, so i do – and this is just simply from using my phone i’m, not using the remote or the beacon, because i didn’t have time to set that up. I really wanted to get this footage. I was just really excited to fly my drone and i thought this place was really cool. I had to pull over and test it out, Music and then the second time around that was my bad.

I thought pushing that button meant that it was going to land in the exact same spot where it took off in yeah, not good. On my part, i ended up spending an hour looking for it. Luckily, there was a guy down the street with a truck, so i thought we could use his truck to get over on the other side to be able to reach this dirt road and here’s, where i do the best sales job. I think i’ve ever done, because this is a lot to ask of a person. There was actually no way we could get his truck to go over there, so he actually went through the mud. I felt super relieved that i didn’t have to get in the water, but i was also really really nervous for him because of the snakes out here. I don’t know what’s in the water and of course i pay him, because this is so nerve wracking because he saved me from losing my drone that i just got so with this drone. I noticed that whenever it went too far – and this was because i was manually flying it like from my phone – i have not used the actual large remote where my phone can actually fit in, so i can have like a better. I guess, control over it. I have yet to do a lot more flying and playing around with my drone, but this is just an unboxing review first impression review.

Overall, i really love it i’m really happy with it. The tracking i’m gon na have to work on because i did notice that it would hesitate a lot as you’ll see. I wish it was a lot smoother with that they did keep sight of me. I didn’t notice anything wrong with that. I still have yet to compare how the beacon works versus using the phone for tracking i’ve, seen, reviews on youtube and some of them weren’t as good. I noticed that one of the other skydio reviewers said that it would lose them during tracking, and i think that it’s, just not as quick and responsive now when it was orbiting around me, it was like perfect. It was really great overall. I really love this drone for what i need it to do now: you’re, probably wondering about the quality of the camera and the coloring, and all that the coloring is fine. I don’t think it captures any like brilliance, but i will say on the app i was shooting the video at 4k and 30 frames per second instead of 60. It tells you in the app what quality, you’re doing that’s really amazing it’s like. Why do i even need the remote and the beacon so i’m still debating on that? But uh you can adjust the white balance. You can adjust the shutter speed, the iso, the compensation and ev. I don’t even know what that is, but, like i said, i have so much learning to do on this and, as you can see, the drone landed in grass.

It didn’t crash, at least, but i pushed to land exactly where it was on accident. There was water around, i thought it was going to come towards me, and land definitely would recommend this to anybody. I absolutely love this drone. This drone is so powerful, 10 out of 10 and uh it’s it’s, definitely smart. I i enjoy using my phone, the most so i’m gon na see what use i can get out of flying with the remote and the beacon but i’m, not sure if i’m actually going to need it now. I have yet to do more flying, but overall i really love it i’m really happy with it, and i can’t wait to use it more for what i’m going to be using for which is flying planes. Whenever i go on these little cross countries that i’m going to be doing so stay tuned for that. If you like this video, give it a like it helps push me through. The algorithm helps my channel out a lot leave. A comment tell me: let me know what you think. Let me know if you have questions be sure to subscribe to my channel. I make videos every single week.