com here and take your first look at the new skydio 2 plus right there. Now this is not the only thing skadio announced today. They also announced the new keyframing feature which is available on both the scodio 2 plus, as well as the regular skydio2 and ive got an entire deep dive hands on how that all works video up in the corner there. You will definitely want to check out, so there are essentially three hardware changes that are happening on the skydio2 plus now the first one is actually the most obvious one. In fact, you see it on the drone itself, which are these little pop up antennas uh. This pops up like this and now you get more range scadio, says its double the range up to six kilometers with the existing controller. So this control right here and its using newer five gigahertz wi fi antennas that are much stronger than in the past and that, in fact, that carries over into other portions of antenna reception, including the new skydio2 beacon that you see right here. This also doubles the range uh now up to three kilometers from the previous claimed 1.5, though i dont know whoever got 1.5 kilometers of that, but well pretend this gets three kilometers, and now this looks as you can see, identical to the existing beacon, its literally identical, Except inside its got new magic and whats cool is this is compatible with the existing skydio2 as well.

So if youve got that that will increase the range, though skadio says not quite that three kilometers claim, because this obviously has new antennas on top, but it does increase it a fair bit. The next change is the new battery, so this battery right here looks identical to the existing battery, so you can see that right here, except on the back. This one is roughly 60 watt hours, so you can see 59.89 watt hours and the old one is at 48.79 watt hours and they are in fact backwards compatible. Now on the new skydio2 plus, the new battery will get you about 27 minutes of flight time, which scadio says the 20 increase compared to the previous battery. Now i dont have any good real world comparison data, yet there mostly because yesterday in my flights, it was like crazy, windy, 50 kilometers, an hour winds and the winds were shifting in direction stuff. So its not like a really fair time to test batteries. Side by side and see how they work, but i will do that down the road in my full review, the point there being that you can use these interchangeably and thats exactly. I did all day yesterday using just a stack of batteries, both skydio2 plus ones, as well as regular ones in the skydl 2. Without any issues beyond that, though, there are actually no other hardware changes in this drone itself. It is identical. Scadio says things like the camera: the obstacle sensors.

Everything else is the same. They do know there are some tiny, like componentry changes inside thats normal for virtually every company out there over the course of entire manufacturing life cycle. Things like chipsets eventually go out of stock and they put new ones in there that have no meaningful difference to you or the actual experience of the drone itself. Thus, as a result of that, i wouldnt expect this to perform any differently out on the road or the trees or whatever else is the case, because everything is the same. Obviously, there is some slight limited visibility of this top obstacle avoidance sensor, but its pointed in a direction that was already covered by these particular sensors. So certainly scadio has done their work here and theyre saying it. Shouldnt have any difference at all. Next up weve got pricing. Now there are four different kits here: im going to go through my little list number one is the base starter kit. In that starter kit, you get the drone the battery, an extra props and a charger that is 1099. You then get the sports kit, which is 1549 us dollars that adds in the beacon, uh three batteries in total and the battery charger kit allows you to dual charge: batteries above that theres, the cinema kit, thats everything, a sports kit, plus a regular controller, a hard Case and some nd filters and then beyond that theres, the pro kit for 2169, which includes more props a holder and higher end support now youll notice.

I said in their u.s dollars and thats because to the disappointment of everyone here, skadio is still not expanding beyond. Essentially, the us and canada uh, and i asked them why not, and they said its kind of a blend of two things. One theyre focused production, wise and manufacturing facility, wise and capacity wise on the us right now, and they said additionally theres some regulatory issues as well theyre trying to work through in various other countries. They said its still on their radar to do and to get to, but theres no good news there for everyone else that lives outside north america. There is, however, some good news if youre the type of person that happens to crash their drone, a lot with like trees or canals or things of that nature, which is this new skydio care policy now, in a sense, this is identical to what dj has in Their care refresh policy, essentially you pay an upfront fee in the case of the scottie 2 plus thats 150 for the first year or 250 for two years, and then you pay a per incident fee of either 150, the first incident or 200 dollars. The second incident, and if the drone flies away completely or it goes into the water or is gone where you cannot recover anymore. In that case, you pay a 550 dollar fee, which is pretty pricey, but it looked its virtually identical to the pricing that dji has for their air 2s, which has almost the same price as the skadio 2 does now, of course, at this point, youre watching that Little youtube channel on the bottom, going to get pretty close to the end of the video we havent seen this thing fly yet, and neither have i uh theyre having some issues with getting this aircraft to go into the air uh and so in particular, getting it To actually properly start up is the particular issue right there.

Uh skadio is working through that and i think they know what the problem is. At this point, theyre gon na get all sorted out for me in the near future, so once that happens then ill put. It through its usual paces in canals and trees and all the stuff that i always do for drones to validate that what they say that nothings actually changed from an obstacle and tracking and usage standpoint.